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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Totally and absolutely unacceptable! A Miami police officer wears a mask with the name of the President on it.

Of course Matt Schlapp, who works in the White House, backs the officer up.

But the Police Department of Miami does not.
(20 Oct)

How much of a "pathological liar" is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff? Well, Schiff made a large number of accusations during the House impeachment inquiry. Republicans had blocks of uninterrupted time (some blocks as long as 45 minutes) and the Republican-led Senate had the option of holding a trial for the President. Nowhere did the GOP present evidence that Schiff had ever told anything but the truth.

This is a very, very old argument!

Tiffany Trump says her dad can't be a bigot because her 'best friends are gay'

It used to be used to refer to Black people. "Some of my best friends are negroes" racists would exclaim. What it means is that bigots like her daddy "promote" their gay friends to "honorary straight" status.

"...illegal extremist Israeli squatter settlers..." hack, burn and destroy Palestinian olive trees.

Y'know, if I were a Republican, I'd be very deeply concerned that my President was really falling off the deep end. Trump is very upset that news media isn't taking what's obviously a Russian influence operation as objective and trustworthy news.

We're number 1!
Not in any sort of good way, of course.
Brazil and India are the only two other countries where the COVID-19 death toll is above 100k.
US - 220k, Brazil - 154k, India - 114.6k. 

Blogger figures the most likely route to getting Hunter Biden's emails was his smartphone. Can we trust anything that was obtained in the resulting pile of documents? No. It very likely contains lots of other material that were added later.

Hmm. Yup! Sure sounds like Sudan has agreed to pay the US and in return, they'll get removed from the terrorist list.

This piece was printed in our local paper today. It talks a great deal about the economy and how great the President has been for it. The problem with this thesis is...why? Nowhere in the piece does the author explain which specific policies led to this great improvement. My own hunch, of course, is that Trump simply inherited a good economy from the last president.
The piece also discusses lockdows vs a freer economy with bars, restaurants and concert halls being opened up. How are people supposed to improve the economoy if they're dead?!?!?! BTW, Sweden is abandoning its looser approach because it just isn't working.

Yet that Coen Brothers crew of Rudy/Bannon/etc are crowing that they have a ton more...

Yeah, I agree that if they've got any further October Surprises, it's too late. Between early voting and voting by mail, they can't possibly do anything that will "move the needle" enough in time.

And if there are "hidden Trump supporters," why don't they show up in money contributions to the Trump campaign?

Hadn't heard about this part of the Senator Cornyn interview. I've paid intermittent attention to trade policy under Trump, but never got the impression that things were going all that well.

Sigh! Dr. Anthony Fauci, our chief epidemiological expert and we’re right now in the middle of a pandemic, has his life threatened and so has to do his runs with bodyguards.

States that got slammed with the coronavirus early are doing better than the states that said they had nothing to worry about and so didn't have to take precautions 'cause, y'know, COVID-19 was a "Blue state problem."

The arms embargo on Iran that was negotiated by the Obama Administration expires today. Russia can now legally sell Iran an S-400 air defense system. US can still apply unilateral sanctions, but can’t get any other nations to join in. If nothing else, we’ll see increased military cooperation between Russia and Iran. The two countries have a mutual problem with Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Update (16 Nov): Russia has brokered a truce that has left Azerbaijan happy, but Armenia infuriated

Yep! Noor Bin Ladin finds it harder to be a Trump supporter than to bet he niece of Osama bin Laden!

WTAF?!?!?! It’s far from clear that the President played any meaningful role in the arrest of people who wanted to kidnap and execute Governor Whitmer. His words and actions and those of his people have been hostile, full stop.

Yeah, very interesting how NY Times does a story on Hillary Clinton being unpopular in 2016 without once acknowledging their own role in making her unpopular by harping on "Her Emails."

An official under Governor Whitmer of Michigan wants to discuss the violent extremist in that state. The head of the RNC wanted to discuss "court packing," the desire of Democrats to compensate for the judges put into courts over the past several years on party-line votes.

This is really quite sad. Lara Trump (Wife of second son Eric) insists she's not trying to diagnose Biden from afar. But very clearly, that's exactly what she's doing! Good for Jake Tapper for cutting her off!

How insane is QAnon? JFK Jr., who perished in an airplane crash 21 years ago, is believed to be alive!

Not good. Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the Southern part of what used to be Russia’s Caucasus region and bordering on Iran, are fighting and the conflict is spilling over into Iranian territory.

Where did the President’s bizarre statement on mask-wearing and catching the coronavirus come from? Misinterpretations, sloppiness and a feedback loop.

Woo hoo! USPS agrees to reverse destructive "reforms" that Postmaster DeJoy put into place.

Charles Pierce, whose comment follows Scott Walker's, is correct. Any Republican who ignores the year-long refusal of the Senate to do its job and that then refused to confirm Merrick Garland is doing nothing more than shedding crocodile tears when they speak of balance on the Supreme Court.

The Pesident says that if he doesn't win Florida, he'll fire the governor. Do you think he's kidding? I don't think he's kidding. I think he's absolutely dead serious. Keep in mind that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been especially sycophantic toward the President, permitting widespread deaths from COVID-19. Florida has over a quarter of a million infections and almost 16k deaths out of a population of over 21 million.

The war on Yemen by Saudi Arabia is in its fifth year.

A third of Yemen’s infrastructure has been destroyed, mostly by Saudi and UAE air strikes, and over 100,000 have been killed.

Good! Rudy Giuliani had set it up to be the big “October surprise” that was going to upend the race. Actually worked like one of those exploding cigars you see in cartoons all the time.

Looking into the “scandal” of the emails of the Biden sons. Seriously, does anyone believe these fellows are going to use some computer repair guy out in town? They’re not going to have enough technology in their organizations to have their own in-house repair shop?

Mainstream Media (Bloomberg) confirms lefty blog conspiracy theory that Republican senators, as a group, are uninterested in spending anything to help the economy because that would make it harder for them to adopt their usual austerity stance after Biden (as expected) takes office.

Good! The head of the Census Bureau, Wilbur Ross, appears to be determined to go out honorably! Census data will be released to the President and the public at the same time.

My essay on why the President does not deserve a second term! Do I hate him? Not as much as I think he's incompetent and can't do the job.

Very good point! When the President leaves his usual cocoon of sycophantic yes-men and ventures into more real-world programming, people are astonished "OMG! Where do you get this crazy information?"

I think Biden has the better long-range plan for America and frankly, the world.

On the second Biden-Trump debate. The two candidates did separate TV appearances.

Gee. Modest expectations much?

He didn’t spend the whole time yelling, he didn’t piss himself… so this was as best as we could have hoped for.

Joe Biden drew about a million more viewers than Trump did, 14.1 as opposed to 13.1. Piece also looks at Nazis and social media.

Good point! “You Don’t Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism"

Still more news on the unbelievable toughness of tardigrades.

North Korea has run circles around the amateur President. After his term ends (Hope, hope, hope! Knock wood!), we'll look back on his relations with NK and declare it to be a total failure.

As Abraham Lincoln said in his re-election campaign "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream." Unfortunately, that's exactly what the Trump Administration did with data from the CDC! They introduced unnecessary and confusing reforms, trying to fix a system that was delivering reasonably satisfactory results.

Washington Times:

Protest leaders have said the marchers were peaceful and did not threaten the couple.

How do we know the protest leaders are correct? The complete lack of news concerning damage to anybody else's property! No one's property in the neighborhood suffered any damage, meaning had the McCloskey's remained inside or had they simply watched quietly from their porch, then no damage of any sort would have been done. They overreacted.

So the great unmasking "scandal" ends with a whimper and, in fact, a great deal of secrecy. There was simply no "there" there.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett explains originalism:

“I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it. That meaning doesn't change over time…”

But meanings do change over time! The phrase “all men are created equal” means something different today. “Equal” hasn’t changed, but “men” most certainly has. It no longer refers to just white men who are landowners.

Good piece on what a complete crock the whole theory of "originalism" is. I was unimpressed by it when I first heard of it an have never seen it as anything other than a rhetorical stick that conservatives use to whack liberals with.

Yeah, sheer numbers of answers to media questions doesn't mean anything when the President just makes up "answers" off the top of his head!

If Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett would not carry out Republican plans to tear apart the Affordable Care Act because she's a mom and that would be immoral, doesn't that say something about those plans that the whole Republican Party supports?

Yeah, negotiations on Covid relief is really not a "BothSides" issue! Democrats have had their $%#@ together this whole time! It's the other side of the aisle that doesn't have any coherent proposals or strategy.

Hmm. So the President says he needs the support of suburban women (He was told not to use "suburban housewives" as that sounded too 1950s-ish), so his appeal is: "I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?" Erm...uh...okay.

So what does he mean by that? Ah, okay.

HUD revokes Obama-era rule designed to diversify the suburbs

Here's the video of the President's "ask." As someone pointed out, he usually talks to those who wear MAGA hats and are 110% on his side. He's not used to trying to persuade people who don't already agree with him.

The President promises a great health care plan! The Republican Party's been making exactly, precisely this boast since 2010 and Trump's been repeating it since 2015. This newer and better plan ain't gonna happen! Computer people call this "vaporware," software that's a great idea in theory, but just isn't happening.

Good! Amy McGrath kicked butt in last night's debate! McConnell is an old, washed-up, useless fellow who can't get anything done.

Update (2 Nov): McGrath lost 57.8% to 38.2%.

Yeah, why is the DOJ handling a purely personal dispute between the First Lady and a former friend of hers? Where is the national interest here?

For those who were awaiting economic relief from this President, ehhh, looks like you'll be waiting for a while.

A number of conservative right-wingers on Fox News and elsewhere were very enthusiastic about Sweden's looser, more casual approach to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the studies are all in, it looks to be a lose-lose proposition all the way around.

Yeah, such a tough choice! [/snark]

This election is a tough call because one candidate was endorsed by both the Taliban and the KKK and the other was endorsed by a broad bipartisan coalition and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Tch, tch, tch! People ask the President what his second-tern agenda is! Don't people know that that's a terribly unfair question? Sure, every president running for reelection since George Washington has been able to answer that, but hey, y'know?

From March, but yeah. What exactly does Ivanka do in the White House?

How much of a case does the President have that he's doing a great job with Covid? Well, when he feels obliged to misrepresent Dr. Fauci, ehh, he clearly doesn't have much of a case.

So the second Covid wave is now hitting Europe at a point where they're fatigued from having battled their first wave.
The US, of course, never got past their first wave, so it's hitting us when we're even less prepared!

So, Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman is set to play Cleopatra. Seen a few films on Cleopatra and did some reading. Was unaware of the recent research that says her mother was African. So she was probably someone of mixed ancestry like Meghan Markle as opposed to someone White like Gadot.

I recorded this PBS Frontline show on the federal government providing supplies for the pandemic. What particularly infuriated me was when the President had a "meeting" with regular doctors (Around the 30 minute marl in the episode). With Trump sitting down, everybody else standing and everyone facing the camera (Trump had to crane his neck back to talk to people), it was crystal clear that the "meeting" was intended to be nothing more than a quick photo-op. The President clearly had no interest in getting input from the field.

Hmm. I watched the first few shows of The Boys, abusive out-of-control vigilante super heroes. Seems their new antagonist is a crusading Representative AOC-analogy who's trying to use federal investigations to rein in the rogue super heroes.

The President is asked where he might have picked up the coronavirus:

"They had some big events at the White House."

As though he wer some far-off, disinterested observer.

The President conducts a rally on the White House lawn.
The Hatch Act that requires federal employees to be politically neutral and that says federal property shouldn't be used in a partisan manner, doesn't apply to the President or Vice-President, so it can be argued that this campaign rally wasn't technically in violation. It did enormous damage to the animating idea of the Hatch Act!

The piece makes it very clear that the rally on the White House lawn was a massive violation of the Hatch Act!

Yeah, gee! Funny how these “mistakes” occur! Someone who’s up for a Supreme Court nomination keep “forgetting” that she spoke at events and took part in groups that both show in an extremist light.
Kinda like how Jared Kushner had to keep revising his financial disclosure statements time after time. 

Very sad. The Secretary of State and the President both appears to really, really want a war with Iran. A very strong argument to vote these clowns out!

Woo hoo! The President wins that all-important endorsement! The Afghanistan Taliban wants to see him serve a second term!

Yeah, the President keeps pushing these completely evidence-free charges of voter fraud, obviously to serve as an excuse when he loses the vote in November.\

After the President said he had Covid, people wished for him to die. Twitter said it was against their policy for people to say that on their media platform. "The Squad" and many other Black and Brown people said "Oh really? You've had such a policy? Since when?"

The Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was essentially shut down by mid-2017.

The worldwide pandemic did nothing to slow down Israel’s repression of the Palestinians.

In 2002, the younger George Bush started up the whole concern about voter fraud, the idea that individual voters would vote more than once. By 2005, investigations showed that such a thing does occur, but at a microscopic rate (A study of a billion votes cast from 2000 to 2014 found 34 credible charges of voter fraud), but the President has frequently charged Democrats with using voter fraud to get people into office and to deny Republicans their rightful victories, he praised VP Pence’s debate answer that cited voter fraud for mail-in ballots.

Mike Pompeo’s War On Iran

I agree. To say that what the President is doing constitutes a “strategy” is to enormously overstate it.

MODOK's a Stan Lee-Jack Kirby creation from the 60s presented in stop-motion animated series and saddled with all sorts of problems that, of course, never even occurred to the original character. Looks pretty fun!

Again, the NY Times is not a friend to liberals! They're good for publishing leaks and science stuff and specific reporters with specialized sources, but they're treating the President's interview with Rush Limbaugh way too nicely!

Exactly! If VP Pence were a true Christian who actually followed the teachings of Christ, no one would have a problem with his alleged "faith."

Good twitter thread on poverty and terrorism. I recall back in college that we teased a buddy on how it's always the colonels who launch coups. Colonels are wealthy and powerful enough to have real influence, but are small enough to be ambitios for more. 

And the President is still strenuously pushing a failed policy that's doing nothing but infuriating Iran.

Heh! Vice-President debate post-motem: The single most important thing that VP Pence had to do was to win over suburban women. By talking over both Senator Harris and the moderator, Pence reminded every woman of every man who had ever interrupted her or talked over her!

Again, with the ngotiation over a stimulus bill, the President relies on his usual playbook, demand everything now! and give nothing to the other side. Yeah, for some odd, puzzling, mysterious reason [/snark], he keeps ending up empty-handed!

Yeah, remember this cute little message (17 April, Trump wrote "Liberate Michigan!") that suggested that a violent uprising was just what Michigan needed? The blogger in a piece here draws a direct connection between this message and the attempted kidnapping and execution of the Michigan governor.

Yep, President’s really upset that the FBI

“...foiled a dangerous plot against the Governor of Michigan. Rather than say thank you, she calls me a White Supremacist…”

Well, yeah! The thing that inspires the President to complain is that he’s part of the problem! He’s not part of the solution. He probably knew nothing about what the FBI was doing until it was done.

Good work by the FBI in surveilling and infiltrating the group! Very interesting to see how the group was inspired by the President's encouragements.

Of course, blaming Governor Whitmer isn't exactly helping matters.

Update (14 Nov): Biden won Michigan by 2,795k to 2,649k or 50.6% to 47.9%.

Whooo-weeee!!! In one of the clips provided here, the President thinks he absolutely mopped the floor with Biden! Delusional much? In this CNN piece, the polls are very much saying that Biden gained from the debate!

Yeah, I'd classify this as a journalistic failure. Peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of democracy.

So how are we doing on the coronavirus? Ehh, not good. Not good at all.

Again, it’s far from clear that “spying on a campaign” is a scandal, let alone “THE BIGGEST OF ALL POLITICAL SCANDALS (IN HISTORY)!!!,” but yeah, the fact that the President made that the  centerpiece of his re-election argument in the first place shows an enormously weak case for re-electing him..

People have been wondering why Susan Page, the moderator of the Vice-President's debate, is giving VP Pence so many breaks. Appears she has a serious conflict of interest in having helped out a protege of Pence's.

Heh! The Merriam-Webster Dictionary site reports that during and after the debate, "Searches for 'smarmy' are up 5000%"

Love it! By 10:30, the Biden campaign already had a meme out of the fly landing on VP Pence’s head. Noticed comments about flies being attracted to crap. It had occurred to me that flies like corpses.

This is one of the reasons I like MSNBC interviewers. They ask lengthy, detailed questions, so it’s more difficult and obvious when politicians dodge them and answer what they want to answer.
Also, saw a poll on choice/abortion. Since 2003, the percentage of people who want to ban abortion have consistently been about 30%, give or take five points. VP Pence appeared to acknowledge this by dodging a straight answer to a question on choice. 

Senator Harris didn’t have a lot of real zingers, but she methodically hit all of the targets she was aiming at.
Harris pointed out that out of 50 judicial appointees, 7 were Asian-American and just one was Latino. Not a single one was Black.

Great parody of "Evita!"

A look at how Yemen has been faring lately.

The President's "plan" for dealing with the coronavirus shows us why dictatorship is a terrible idea. The President clearly wasn't thinking straight and, unlike Ronald Reagan during the later part of his presidency, Trump didn't have anyone like Nancy to realize that her husband wasn't up to the job. and to take appropriate action.

The President really, really wants to appear to be a leader. Problem with that is that if your commands are chaotic and contradictory, no one's going to follow with any confidence.
Senate Majority Leader McConnell appears to know what he's doing, not that anyone should take comfort in that.

Nah, the coronavirus just exposed a person who was never qualified to be in the Oval Office to begin with. Trump was just fundamentally incapable of doing the job.

Sigh! The "Great Dealmaker" tosses in his jersey and heads to the showers long before the game had even reached half-time. No negotiations on any further stimulus.

Sounds like the President is "suffering" a massive attack of common sense and straight thinking!

Ah well. The grand strategic decision lasted ... three hours?

Eddie Van Halen passes away. He was 65.

A bit over three minutes, a really, really excellent ad!

When a plastic item is tossed into the ocean, it breaks down into micro-plastics. Micro-plastics can b found in oceans all over the world! There's up to 14 million tonnes of the stuff!

Please take note that the advertised Frontline PBS report completely and totally contradicts the recent White House talking point, that doctors were well-supplied.

"Grilled On Fox News, WH Aide Insists Misleading The Public Is 'A Common Medical Practice’"
But "raising confidence" isn't the doctor's job! No, the doctor isn't reassuring some nervous spouse. He's supposed to be giving the American people some straight information about if the President can do the job he's hired to do!

Patti LuPone weighs in on the President’s balcony performance last night.

Kyle Rittenhouse to be charged with first-degree intentional homicide. Wisconsin doesn’t have the death penalty, so Rittehouse is looking at life in prison.

Pretty cool! People 300k years ago using low-temperature fire to aid in precision cutting of rocks to make tools.

"Aughh! The stupid! It burns!"
Aide to the President gives us a lot of nonsense.

Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20:

"We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here… isn’t that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama?”

Oops! She's now caught it as well! As they say "That didn't age well."

Ana Navarro a Republican Never-Trumper, delivers a good, heartfelt, righteous rant!
Hear! Hear!

Good! The polls are in. The President’s debate performance was absolutely disastrous for him!

On the President’s 5 MPH drive around the block, or “What happens when Hope Hicks isn’t around to talk him out of doing stupid things.”

Keep in mind that the President is very highly contagious at this point!

"Brad Blakeman: Trump Was Put On Oxygen Because He's 'Like A Robust Quarterback On The Sidelines'"
Erm, the President sits around watching TV and tweeting most of the day. That, plus being as old and as heavy as he is, puts him in a very high-risk health group.

Used to be (1979-1990) that during the summer, the ice in the Arctic would shrink from 16 million square kilometers to 7 million. Now (2020) it’s gone from a little over 14 million to under 4 million!

It’s not just that the President was irresponsible, it was that his staff also didn’t do anything to protect American national security either!

Let’s not overlook the role that Fox News played in the President catching the coronavirus.

Okay, so there's a balance between "hiding in the basement," (That is, wearing a mask and proper social distancing) and between being outright and being in crowds and shaking hands without having a mask on. Obviously, the President was wrong and was too casual and cavalier!

The President just couldn't care less who in the White Hose complex catches COVID-19. "Ehh! Bunch of peasants want to work someplace that's safe. Sucks to be them!"

This is what we mean by “Both Sides-ism.” An article that’s about the GOP and the coronavirus and how the GOP has handled it so poorly is about “Washington DC” and “Politicians.”

This fellow’s Twitter feed is well worth reading. Lots of righteous outrage.

Blogger feels that the update on the President's health (He has the coronavirus) feels very "Soviet." Authorities are like "We will tell you what we feel you need to know."

Iran has spent on influencing events around the Persian Gulf roughly what they spent on the Iran-Iraq war in the 80s. An examination of costs and benefits for Iran.

QAnon is a group full of crazy whackjobs. Why is it so difficult to denounce them?

The delusional nonsense has become more politically relevant of late, in part because at least one of its adherents will soon be elected to Congress, in part because of the president's deeply unfortunate rhetoric on the matter, and in part because a House Democrat this week started receiving death threats from QAnon followers.

I like this! Future President Biden focuses on the important part. Good priorities!

Right-wing stuff that shows up in my spam folder. Kind of interesting. The cyclist gets tangled up with foreigners who take exception to his pro-Trump statements. The piece quotes a comment:

"...I refused to cheer for anyone who supports a racist, hateful fascist like [the US cyclist] does. I am officially rooting for everyone else.”

At no point does the piece explore why foreigners consider our President to be a "racist, hateful fascist!" They focus entirely on showing that "our hero," the put-upon American, is a victim of the racing association.

How did the White House handle coronovirus testing? It was careless, slipshod and thrown together in a ramshackle fashion. Yep, sounds typical for this White House.

Have seen Steve Cortes on clips from CNN a few times. Just strikes me as a total creep who has zero credibility, so it was a pleasure to see Ayman Mohyeldin from MSNBC verbally smack Cortes around!

President says he has no idea who the Proud Boys are. CNN's Brianna Keilar brings the receipts!

Yes, Barack Obama and Donald Trump both used the phrase "stand by." What was the difference? Context.

Awful lot of the President's language seems to be directly lifted from der Fuhrer.

Huh! Untrained poll "watchers" (who have no idea what they're supposed to be "watching") are being prevented from entering certain areas. And yeah, we're getting lots of false reports of "misconduct."

Sorry to hear that Presidential aide Hope Hicks has COVID-19. The Trump Administration has, of course, been wildly irresponsible in how they've handled the pandemic, both among themselves and as far as public safety has gone.

President caught it too.

Thoughts on the President catching COVID-19: I posted a pictured of a member of a Texas boat parade for Trump who is in great distress. The water was warm and relatively shallow, no one got seriously hurt and safety was within easy swimming distance. As the quote from Voltaire went: "Lord, make my enemies ridiculous." We liberals had a good chuckle over this.
I really wish people would simply recognize that the President is a wannabe fascist dictator. I'd rather he not die of a deadly disease. I'd rather that people simply wake up and realize that this country is doing very poorly with him in charge.

President Trump's criticisms ofJoe Biden's 1994 crime bill were good ones, but what has Trump done about the bill over the last three-plus years?!?!?! This is the very first time I heard of the President having anything to say about the quarter of a century-old bill.

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