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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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Representative Cori Bush spent the night on the steps of the Capitol (She was once unhoused) to dramatize her proposal to ending homelessness.

Details on her proposal.

America can have the filibuster, a Senate tradition that was not part of the original Constitution and not the result of any sort of formal legislative process or we can have the For The People Act and a better democracy. This is not a “both-and” choice. This is an “either-or” choice. Can’t have both.

The best way to know if someone is vaccinated is who they voted for. If they voted for Biden, they’re probably vaxxed. If for Trump, then probably not. So Don Jr. imagines forcing liberals to get vaccinated! Kind of some weird thinking there.


After the latest news from Florida.

"Florida reports 21K COVID cases, breaking single-day state record"

Re-upping this: From the Arkansas Times: Gubernatorial candidate Sarah Sanders thinks

"Ron DeSantis is doing a great job in Florida, where COVID is out of control."

Is the new Georgia Voter ID law truly fair and are "free voter IDs" really what they appear to be or is the law another segregation-era "separate but equal" kind of thing where the "equal" was more in theory than in practice? The office that was supposed to issue the free IDs ran out very quickly, so it was more like segregation than like a new era.

"‘Seditious Conspiracy’: Trump Critics Stunned After Mark Meadows Mentions ‘Cabinet’ Meetings at Bedminster"
This is quite disturbing and fits the dictionary definition of sedition.

At the same time, the WaPo wrote up a piece about what Trump got right (Actually a pretty unimpressive list).

"Patience with the unvaccinated is out, vaccine mandates are in"
Two things about this piece:

1. Corporations and corporate power are not always bad things. Big corps like Google and Facebook are leading the way in encouraging vaccinations.

2. The Republican Party just more and more resembles the Jim Jones death cult. They just seem to want more death!

The Republican Party is going all-out against pregnancy choice. Good thing to keep in mind is that since 1995, people who wanted to stop abortion in almost all cases have never gotten above 50%.

Are people with children better or more mature and responsible than people who don’t have them? First off, Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins are both childless. Also, I knew some sailors who had children and who were “unsat.” Those sailors just didn’t like working and were generally lazy and disrespectful. I also knew many sailor parents who were “sat," mature, responsible, etc., so it’s ridiculous to generalize.

Cool! The Shang-Chi movie from Marvel is due out in early September.

Fu Manchu was created in 1913 and was the subject of a whole series of novels. Manchu was Shang-Chi’s father in the Marvel Comics series. From the movie preview, it looks as though Manchu didn’t survive to make it into the Shang-Chi movie.

Why do Republicans seek the widespread death of Americans?

Texas' Rep. Dan Crenshaw, another grievance performer from the right, joined FoxQ' Tammy Bruce to direct Americans to refuse to adhere to any new CDC mask guidelines.
The medicine Republicans are prescribing for their constituents is to just ignore the Delta variant.

People defending the Former Guy’s tax returns don’t have a legal leg left to stand on. They really never did. Just as the President has great power when it comes to foreign affairs, so Congress has great power when it comes to investigations.

Woo hoo! As the Taliban rapidly advance, the first of our endangered Afghan allies are in the US! Hope we get the rest out!

Many years ago, I went to a march in New York City. I took a picture of an attractive woman who was clearly dressed for a performance and wore a gold-colored outfit. I would have looked better if she had gold slippers to match, but she had heavy hiking boots instead. Priorities. She very sensibly put the health of her feet above her performance. Same for Simone Biles. She wants to perform well, but she recognizes good priorities. Do we "celebrate" that? No, but we recognize it and honor it.

Chuck Todd of MSNBC appears to be engaged in performance art. He verbally recognizes that "BothSides" is a problem in mainstream journalism but doesn't appear to want to do anything about it.

I realized at the time that my concern for the art treasures of Iraq that were lost to either nameless looters or to just destruction was something that had to take second place to the destruction of Iraq overall. The real problem was that the planning of the 2003 invasion by the younger George Bush and the recently deceased Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld only went up to the occupation of Baghdad. By their complete failure to plan for the preservation of bureaucracies and museums, they did immense damage to historical treasures.

Might Bush and Rumsfeld have been pursuing a “shock doctrine” that was intended to produce a more compliant population? Naomi Klein makes a strong case that the destruction in Baghdad was entirely deliberate.

There are actually very substantive differences between the Never-Trumpers Cheney and Kinzinger and liberals.

“What's the difference between Democrats and Never Trumpers?" Well, in the case of Cheney and Kinzinger, the differences are overwhelming: these two House Republicans believe in democracy, and recognize the threat the former president poses to our system of government, but on matters of policy and governing, Democrats, Kinzinger, and Cheney have very little in common.

The blogger examines the proposed funding mechanism for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It's very seriously unsatisfactory, especially when you consider that the 2017 tax cut produced pretty nothing for non-millionaires.

How they're paying for it is a mixture of stealing from COVID-19 relief and vaporware.

For Israel, the problem with Ben & Jerry's refusing to sell their ice cream within the occupied West Bank is that it highlights the Constitutional basis for the BDS movement. As the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 to 1956 showed, you can't force people to purchase a product that they have a moral objection to.

How desperate is Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) to defend his conduct on 6 January? Brooks gave a speech from the same stage that the then-President Trump would use to incite the crowd to attack the Capitol. Brooks
claims he

...was acting as a federal employee, and the law shields officials from personal liability so long as they're acting within the scope of their office.

And no, the DOJ did not agree!

And yes, this is quite interesting. Brooks was wearing body armor!

"DOJ Fires Fresh Warning Shot At States Curtailing Voting Rights Or Considering MAGA Audits"
Sorry, but as the Arizona “fraudit” continues, I’m going to think any “warnings” about more such schemes are completely toothless. If the DOJ takes meaningful action against Arizona, then I’ll believe they’re serious!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene asks somr questions of Speaker Pelosi.

1. Speaker of the House controls the Capitol Police along with the Senate Majority Leader. She does not control the National Guard.

2. Very, very interesting that Representative Greene gets the date wrong for the pipe bombs, the pipe bombs were found on 6 January, not the 5th.

As I've said many times, the NY Times is a very tone-deaf paper when it comes to politics. The fellow mentions the CDC and then proclaims: "This is some serious nanny state stuff..."
I trust them on many things, scientific subjects especially, but when they talk about politics, I ignore them.

Martin Shkreli was the owner of the one and only, single copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album. He sold it to pay off his fines. It had to have sold for at least $7.4 million as it was said to have paid his fines in full.

No question that Afghan women will be very hard-hit by a Taliban take-over. But the title of the book below suggests that the US can't do much about it.

"Imperial Overstretch: Is the American Empire going the way of the Soviet Union?"

"Five Takeaways From The First Jan. 6 Committee Hearing"
Points 1-3 were very understandable. Point 4 was very highly interesting, that many of the terrorist rioters were carrying concealed firearms, and that Capitol Police recognized that and that they feared that starting a gunfight would end in their being mowed down. Point 5 is also quite interesting.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News compares apples to oranges when he contrasts Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone being beaten to the point where he suffered serious trauma to some person committing arson at a Washington DC church last year.

Seems pretty clear that Representative Jordan is trying really, really hard to neither lie nor to say whether he spoke with the former president on J6. Jordan needs to be on the witness stand!

More on that.

Congressional views on the Saudi Arabian war against Yemen completely fit the dictionary-definition of bipartisanship. Our President should support this bill wholeheartedly

Yep! The former president can claim all he wants that China is to blame for COVID-19, but his actions left the US and the world far less prepared than they should have been. The Republican House and Senate, of course, did absolutely nothing to try and compensate for Trump's failure as president.

The question is: Do voting rights mean anything if the election can be overturned several months later?

Ken Bennett, Arizona's former Secretary of State, shared data about the Arizona “fraudit” with officials of the election. Turns out the so-called “audit” reached a conclusion very close to what Arizona officially reached prior to 6 January, when the election results were turned in to Washington DC. Good news? Not for the people trying to “prove” that Trump actually won!

The driver, a candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, claims that he didn't cause the accident. Okay, but he drove for several miles with the motorcycle stuck to the front of his car, which makes him involved in a "hit & run," I think this disqualifies him from being Governor.

Hmm. Yeah. Don't think "The Taliban agrees with me" is quite the slam-dunk, mic-drop argument this guy seems to think it is!

"Vaccine opponents appear increasingly confused about HIPAA"
HIPAA does not offer 5th Amendment-like protection against people asking about your vaccination status! What it means is that if you make your health informaton known to a health care provider, that provider can't reveal anything wthout your permission.
There are many people and institutions that have a legitimate interest in knowing what your vaccination status is. Nope, can't hide behind HIPAA.

Israel is trying hard to establish an illegal squatter settlement in the West Bank village of Beita. Palestinians are making a settlement there as difficult as they can.

Concerning disputes about the Olympics: Look, whether women’s athletic outfits are too sexy or not sexy enough, guys...just, seriously! As a guy myself, just let it go! You want to look at sexy women, that’s what Hollywood is for! There are women in show biz who deliberately and consciously want to look sexy! Let everybody else just focus on the practicality of their outfits.

Representative Banks proves that he's hopelessly biased and has no buiness being on th 1/6 Commission. He says that he is very interested in the role of the Capitol Police and the Speaker of the House during 6 January. He doesn’t appear to be at all concerned with what other actors may have been/not been doing. For instance, the National Guard was missing from the scene for several hours. Why? How closely was the President watching the scene from the TV reports? Why didn’t he issue any condemnations? There’s very considerably more to the picture than just what the Speaker was doing.

Senator Pat Toomey charges Democrats with trying to keep the 6 January attack on the Capitol in the headlines by going ahead with their commission. He’s concerned about “partisan staffing.” This is called “Crying over spilled milk,” as the House Minority Leader could have appointed a more responsible set of people to be on the commission. Instead, he appointed a set of bomb-throwers.

[Senator] Rand Paul tells me re: Afghan allies seeking visas: “I think those who speak English and are our friends should stay and fight for their country,” Paul said.

This is the sort of weak-arse BS you get from someone who "never heard the sound of a shot fire in anger," never spent a day in uniform, etc.

The former president’s comments are getting increasingly delusional. "I came up with the vaccine." Uh, no. He may have approved giving money to people who did, but he most certainly played no role whatsoever in actually developing the vaccine.

There have been a few justified complaints about women’s sports uniforms at this Olympics. Namely, they’re usually excessively skimpy. Women can wear a bit more and still have the freedom of movement needed to compete. Laura Ingraham of Fox News thinks they should just all shut up and focus on just playing the game.

This is kinda cool! For the Olympics, Japanese artists portray each country as an anime samurai wearing outfits based on the colors of their flag.

First, check out Miami CBS saying that Covid cases for Florida under Governor DeSantis have jumped way up. After a peak in January and a bump in April, they're on the rise again. Next, listen to Sarah Sanders, promising more of the same for Arkansas if she's elected Governor there. Yep, she sees DeSantis as a role model! 

Cool! Michael B. Jordan, who played the villain in Marvel’s Black Panther, is slated to play a Black Superman.

Jordan’s project will star Val-Zod, first introduced in 2014 as a Kryptonian from Earth-2 in DC Comics’ vast multiverse who took on the mantle of Superman after the Kal-El of his reality was killed in an invasion of Earth-2 by Darkseid and his army of Parademons.

"Poll: Most in GOP see voting as a 'privilege' that can be limited"
This is troubling because mandates and legitimacy have always been very important throughout history. If legitimacy doesn't come for a democratic society through majority votes, then where does it come from?

During and after TFG's term, Iran spent $2 billion to move oil to a terminal on the Gulf of Oman, right outside the Strait of Hormuz. That makes it harder for the US to restrict oil sales from Iran. Iran wasn't willing to just suffer passively.

*Sigh!* People getting tired of coronavirus restrictions. The. Disease. Doesn't. Care!
If don't get vaccinated and take precautions, you're gonna get sick!

Good! Some people tried to start an Arizona-type “fraudit” here in PA and PA just isn't having it!

Yea, quite difficult to feel any sympathy here. This guy built a three-mile section of wall and now appears to be stuck with having to pay for it out of his own pocket.

Yeah, I think the "Reasonable Beltway Pundit Class" is among the most useless groups ever. Senator Kyrsten Sinema has really just destroyed her own appeal among Democrats in her state and been applauded by those pundits for doing so.

"Remember when Politico said DeSantis 'won the pandemic'”?
This is very sad because it was absolutely crystal clear at the time that the mainstream media was wrong and that Florida Governor DeSantis was not dealing with Covid successfully! Why they ever thought he was a success just utterly baffles me.

What the $%#@?!?! 45 Palestinian college students make a solidarity visit to a family whose home in Turmus ‘Aya had been destroyed by the Israeli army the previous week. 45 students were arrested, an outrage in itself, but 15 of the students remain in detention!

The Fox News panel also seems to think climate change simply means a gradual rise in sea levels. Nope! It means more hurricanes, more massive rainfalls, Canada being 100-plus degrees, etc.

This sounds to me like best of both worlds for Democrats. The Speaker made an offer, the Minority Leader made an unacceptable counter-offer, she rejected only part of his counter-offer and now he's taken it all off the table. Woo-hoo! Win-win!

Erm, it's hardly the fault of Speaker Pelosi that Minority Leader McCarthy decided to appoint a group of crazy bomb-throwers to the 1/6 Commission. Why is she being blamed for making the commission politically irrelevant?!?!?!

My Congressperson is correct. Speaker Pelosi did exactly the right thing with the 1/6 Commission and Minority Leader McCarthy's "I'm taking my ball and going home" tantrum.

As Speaker Pelosi will obviously not change course and seat all five of Minority Leader McCarthy’s choices for the 1/6 Commission, Republicans will not take any part in the commission.

Yeah, very poor headline from the WaPo. The 6 January investigation didn't "fall apart." The investigation has a quorum and a Republican member. They can carry on. The only thing that "collapsed" is the ability of the House Minority Leader to appoint people to the commission that weren't at all serious about , y'know, actually investigating!

95% of Arizona Dems approve of Biden & 75% of Mark Kelly but only 42% approve of @SenatorSinema

Good! Let's hope Senator Sinema starts worrying more about her career than about the $%#@ing filibuster!

Early during the Trump Administration, there were a couple of strange things happening in the Middle East that didn't make any sense at the time. Turns out, they were happening because of people putting profit ahead of good policy.

I heard in college history class that Senator Joe McCarthy had the same attitude, that politics is all a game, that nothing he does "in the arena" matters. This attitude results in really terrible, awful legislation!

Maybe it's just the focus of the news, but sure seems like the focus this year is of men telling women what they can't do, can't wear, etc. Maybe there are a few women in management who are agreeing and enabling, but sure smells like rampant sexism to me.

Two billionaires take short space flights. What does that prove? That the billionaires are way undertaxed! Of course the flights will advance science a bit, but they're essentially re-doing the flights of the early 60s.

Why does Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, think Trump actually won California?
...dead people voting, illegals voting, nonresidents voting, minors voting, people with seven ballots voting.

Erm, okay. But all of those votes can be weeded out, well before or during the election. If any of that had happened, we would have long since known about it.
Government agencies of all levels that deal with voting have legitimate reasons to know about dead and minor voters, nonresidents won't have the necessary paperwork to register and the spectre of "people with seven ballots voting" has been an unsubstantiated, phanton menace since forever.
Oh, and Biden won California by 29.2%.

"'No ice cream for you' – Ben & Jerry’s ceases distribution to Israeli Squatter-Settlements in Palestinian West Bank"
Good! I like their ice cream anyway. Good to see them on the right side of history.

A look at the Ben & Jerry’s case in the Palestinian West Bank. Unilever, a multinational corporation, owns Ben & Jerry’s and its actions are actually consistent with European requirements.

From 680 prisoners in 2003 to 39 now, we're slowly grinding the number of Guantanamo prisoners downwards to the point where it costs American taxpayers about $13 million per prisoner, per year. "Fiscal sanity," anyone?

Justice Department has a bit of a dilemma here. The corruption of TFG is a problem because it makes justice look like vengeance. But just letting Wilbur Ross and others walk risks corrosive corruption.

As former military myself, yeah. I agree. I'm rooting for vaccine-resisting officers to simply resign. If I were a hiring manager, would I hire them? Hell, no! 

[Brandi] Love, a self-branded “conservative porn star” who is a contributor to The Federalist, found herself besieged by the combination of white supremacists and moralizers...

Love brings up many valid points about freedom of speech and how conservatives allegedly don't like to interfere in peoples' private lives.

More on conservative free speech hypocrisy. Conservatives complain, on a platform that is accessible to the general public, about being suppressed and silenced.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy just gave America the middle finger by choosing as all of his 1/6 Commission members, people who voted AGAINST creating the Commission in the first place.

Y'know, it's all very fine and well for the GOP to say they support being bipartisan about an infrastructure bill, but the lack of a serious "pay-for" raises very serious questions about how seriously they really take infrastructure!

More on that.

Vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers is not a serious debate!

Interesting piece from a propaganda perspective.

Was it the president’s latest attack on state voting law reforms, which he bizarrely called “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War”?

Yeah. Gee. Who in their right mind would ever complain about "voting law reforms?" What's up with the president, huh? Y'see, in order to understand what the columnist is saying, you have to have some background on the issue.

Former AG Bill Barr was way too much of an enabler to try and pretend now that he had any sort of distance between him and TFG.

A Covid "truther." Very bad for everyone's health.

It’s kind of ridiculous to say that Facebook comment are being “monitored” as such comments are public to begin with! Press Secretary Jen Psaki, very accurately, calls Peter Doocy’s question on that “loaded and inaccurate,”

Oops! Arizona “audit” has to release names of funders.

"It is difficult to conceive of a case with a more compelling public interest demanding public disclosure and public scrutiny," Judge Michael W. Kemp wrote at the end of a seven-page decision.

Senator Manchin appears to want to try a tactic that didn't work the first time. In 2012, there was a school shooting where a large of very young children dies. Democrats worked hard to come up with a plan that was sufficiently pared-down that Republicans would pass it, Manchin and Senator Pat Toomey were the final two people to work on it. Even that skinny, watered-down bill failed to pass. Manchin doesn't appear to have learned anything from that.

A real problem with people fighting authorianism behind the scenes is that such fighting is usually ineffective.

It would also kinda help their case if people warning about fascism weren't so damned selective about it!

The same people who screamed fascism about people going door to door offering them free vaccines....


The AZ audit came up with nada so now they want to interrogate voters door-to-door.

Trump is fond of the “stab in the back” theory, a theory that der Fuhrer used to great success.

"New book excerpt paints Ivanka as saint, Trump as incapacitated, and Mike Pence as America's hero"
Heh! You can tell Ivanka Trump is the author's main source of information as "...the most surprising thing is that Ivanka never got her golden halo caught on any of the White House chandeliers..."
Clearly, this is a very partial, slanted version of the story.

Aww! The Former Guy misses having a twitter account! Gee, I feel so sorry for him! 😁

Ah yes, I recall the "scandal" of the "Ground Zero Mosque" in 2010. Mainstream Media made it sound as though it acted like the Eye of Sauron, dominating the landscape. In reality, if you were at Ground Zero, it was quite difficult to find the Muslim-owned building as it was not only a block away, but was about the same size as every other building.
Why is Critical Race Theory a thing? Because the media is enabling it, just as they did with the "Mosque" in 2010.

The Israel Prison Service refuses to permit a mother (a political prisoner) to attend her daughter's funeral.

Ashli Babbit has become the Horst Wessel of today's Republican Party (Wessel was a Berlin Sturmführer who was killed by Communists in the early 1930s). What's really interesting is that the person who shot Babbit has not been publicly identified, but the Republican Party has fingered a Black person as the "culprit."

It’s nice that an aide to Ken Starr finally saw the light, but it took 20 years and quite a bit of damage was done before she woke up to it.

Hmm. Did the MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell say TFG would be restored to the White House on 13 August? Ehh, not really. He suggested that evidence would be produced that would be so overwhelming that everybody would want to restore Trump as president. He predicts now that the Supreme Court will rule 9-0 to put him back into office. I am prepared to be extremely underwhelmed.

Note: There is no Constitutional provision for reinstating a president. Very best case scenario is that Trump can run again in 2024, saying "I was cheated."

Updatr (12 Aug): Complete and utter bust! No evidence of any sort was presented.

"Don Jr's Latest Delusion: 'Act Of God' Destroyed George Floyd Statue"
Note the propagandistic language here:

"This will drive some people nuts but oh well."

Meaning that his political opponents are all irrational and unreasoning.

"...I’m not sure turning him [George Floyd] into a deity and a role model for our children..."

Erm, who has done any such thing? Floyd may have been portrayed as a martyr to white supremacy, but no one has suggested he's a deity or a role model.

"...there’s statues of him [Floyd] going up all over the country..."

Not aware of even one.

"State Republican chairs become the 'chief enforcers of Trumpism' "
During my tweens, I read a number of paperbacks on World War II. I was very aware of one thing that separated the Western Allies from the Nazis and the Soviets, the latter had what were called "political officers" or "commissars," people whose primary job was to see to it that ordinary soldiers were loyal to "Our Glorious Leader."
I looked at what Trump was doing in between his impeachment and before the coronvirus got so bad that he had to pay attention and found that working to build a corps of political officers was his main activity then.

It’s just truly amazing how Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota is trying to sell her COVID-19 policy as having been a good one! It was utterly disastrous!

As I said, Republicans have become a death cult. Guns can now be sold to people who are between 18 and 21.

"Ousted Social Security commissioner locked out of agency systems"
So with everyone working remotely, they couldn't have someone sitting in the old guy's chair after he was fired, but they could change all his passwords! Yeah, he tried logging in. Nope!

Fortunately, the Social Security Administration commissioner who was fired from his job doesn’t appear to have much chance of getting it back.

Bill Cosby may be free on a technicality. That doesn’t mean that privately-owned comedy clubs have to let him perform there.

The critical question here in every single case was did the “Kraken” team vet any of the affidavits? Did they verify any of the details? The team couldn’t answer “yes” in any of the cases!

Cool story about how Texas Democrats outmaneuvered the Texas Legislature and Governor.

"Trump says after his second impeachment, 'I became worse'"
As Maya Angelou once said “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

How does Florida Governor Ron DeSantis feel about citizens protesting their government? Wel-l-l-l, it depends. which government are they protesting? If people want to drive cars into liberal protesters, that's okay. If you're a liberal protester, then not so much. 

Black Widow, an exellent flick, BTW, appears to have marked an end to people staying away from movie theaters as the movie breaks all sorts of financial/atendance records!

Update (11 Aug): Unfortunately, we've since seen a massive upsurge in the Delta Variant of the coronavirus, so BW appears to have coincided with an extraordinarily fortunate window of time. The Sturgis, South Dakota Motorcycle Rally was a super-spreader event last year, causing  a spike of COVID-19 all across the region. This year, it looks as though we'll see a repeat of the same as pretty much no one who attends will have been vaccinated.

Ben Carson claims that Black people had strong families under slavery. Strong families were not possible under slavery because families were broken up. All. The. Time! It was a regular thing to have husbands, wives, sons and daughters sold off.

Matt Schlapp doesn’t seem to understand the difference between potential fraud and between actual, proven fraud. He has proven absolutely nothing.

Yeah. Wow. Representative Boebert is spouting some awfully crazy stuff here. I just can’t grasp why people need to “make their own decisions” about a life-saving vaccine that’s already been administered to 159 million Americans or 48% of the population.

How credble is TFG when it comes to crowd numbers? Well, he estimated that on January 6th, he spoke to about a million people (His January 2017 inauguration crowd was under half a million) and NBC News reports that the initial rally estimate was for 10k people. The Park Service estimated that the crowd grew to 30k. It was a big crowd, but it was noshere near that big. The rest of his talk is similarly credible.

FBI’s got some pretty weird priorities these days. For instance, “’Abortion-Related Violent Extremists,’ described as including both sides of the abortion debate…” Never heard of a pro-choice killer? Neither have I, but the FBI is on the lookout for them as well as for anti-choice killers, which actually DO exist!

Woo hoo! The statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were taken down in Charlottesville!

Back during the administration of the younger George Bush, Hamas did win the Palestinian election to control Gaza. They’ve been administering Gaza ever since. Why are we still calling them “terrorists?” Calling a group of people terrorists suggests that they're non-state actors, that they don't control any territory. 

I appreciate this. President Biden asked nicely for this guy’s resignation. Andrew Saul, a Trump appointee to the podition of Social Security Commissioner, refused. Biden said “Fine. You’re fired.”

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