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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Speaker of the House puts out an Impeachment Fact Sheet,

detailing the charges against the President as regards the attempt to make the Ukrainian President Zelensky provide the Trump Administration with campaign assistance.
Ambassador Taylor provides a detailed narrative as to how the "shakedown" of the Ukrainian President was conducted.

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Very cool news about Oklahoma, the Creek and other Nations and SCOTUS.

The President's REAL base!

Not working class white people but rich yuppies who adopted "redneck" as a personality during the Bush administration.

"Trump commutes Roger Stone's sentence"
Roger Stone was found guilty on all seven counts that he was tried on. He was just a few days from reporting to prison. The only fact that had any bearing whatsoever in Roger Stone's case was that he was a long-time, close buddy of the President's. Everything that the President cited was nothing more than noise.

A few quotes here from Republicans, just enough to prove the corruption goes all the way down. There is no floor, no bottom.

Proof the President is guilty as %$#@!!!

What really, really annoys the President was that agents of the US Government were investigating him and his cronies in the first place. He's also really ticked off that Stone's defenses weren't simply accepted at face value.

Heh! Remind me of "Ya throw a rock into a pack of dogs. The one that yelps, that's the one you hit!" New York City paints "Black Lives Matter" on the street and the President regards that as a personal attack. How very, very interesting that he'd think that.

Whoa! Da fuq?!?!?! A bit under 120 days until the election and the Trump team is already making accusation so disgusting (the fellow here suggests that Biden is a pedophile) that the Fox News host has to cut him off.

"Supreme Court rejects Trump's argument in key tax-return case"
One very positive aspect of this rulings was that the argument that the President enjoyed "absolute immunity" was decisively squashed by all nine Justices.
The President then attacks the Senate Judiciary Committee for failing to come to his defense.

"Biden-Sanders Panels Unveil Progressive Policy Blueprint"
As I said, Senator Sanders didn't need to engage in any delegate manuevers. Biden knows full well that he needs to appeal to younger progressives.

The Flynn case that the DOJ wanted to quickly and quietly dismiss is just not going away!

Florida Governor DeSantis makes an incredibly ignorant assertion:

"If you can do Home Depot, if you can do Walmart, you can definitely do the schools."

To which our commenter responds:

hell yeah I'm always spending 7 hours a day at Walmart. I eat a couple meals, sit in 10 different chairs, use the community computer, complain about the lack of air conditioning, it's rad even in quarantine

Tweet from CBS News - "The U.S. is running short on masks, gowns, face shields and gloves — again." The US invaded the island of Guadacanal on 7 Aug 1942 and cleared it of Japanese on  9 Feb 1943, six months and 2 days. For the US to run short of critical supplies now is like the US in 1942 not being able to secure Guadalcanal because it couldn't get food and ammmunition to its troops.

President's getting more and more delusional and prone to wishful thinking!

Trump complains to Hannity that the media reports on spiking coronavirus cases: “In most cases, they automatically cure. They automatically get better.”

David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He has endorsed Trump for reelection and Fox News host Tuclar Carlson for his Vice-President. Both men have, of course, rejected Duke's endorsement.

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, a columnist complains about "The media’s mischaracterization of Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech..." Problem is, I'm not sure the speech was "mischaracterized." The President did indeed toss in a number of pro-black people, anti-slavery statements, but when it came to tearing down statues, he skipped past figures like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis and went straight to figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This is an "elephant in the room" because the Charlottesville incident, which significantly shaped liberal views of the President, started over a statue of Robert E. Lee. Trump simply can't skip over this question and have anybody think he subscribes to the common view that Lee was a traitor to America. No, the media didn't mischaracterize the President's speech at all.

"Masks and other protective equipment 'running low again' as pandemic hospitalizations surge"
The problem is not that the US couldn't have produced the supplies we needed, it's that idiots in the chain of command made overoptimistic projections.

Back in the 60s, there was a Batwoman in the comics (as opposed to Batgirl). In 2011, DC brought Kate Kane to the comics as the new Batwoman. The new Batwomn appeared in her own live-action TV series in 2019 after doing some appearances in other CW shows. Now we get a whole new direction as she'll be played by a Black actress

In contrast to the incumbent, Biden actually has a plan to deal with the coronavirus!

"Tulsa Official: Trump Rally 'Likely Contributed' To 500 New COVID Cases This Week"
The President stopped off in Tulsa about two weeks ago. Takes about that long for infections to turn into cases. Sure hope those people had a real good time at that rally!

I understand that Lt. Col, Vindman doesn't want to be a pawn in a political game, but this is an infuriating situation. The Army could have handled the situation much better. This is essentially a self-inflicted wound.

Good analogy:

Every single problem we’re dealing with now stems from the fact that we never actually suppressed the virus and then put the infrastructure in place to keep it suppressed. It’s like we’re trying to figure out a way to live in a burning building. It doesn’t work.

"Trump Health Secretary Says US Healthcare Workers 'Don't Get Infected' With Covid-19 (94,000 Have Contracted the Virus)"
We also knw that at least 760 health care workers have died from the coronavirus.
Medical personnel are at a little bit less risk because they know how to protect themselves, but again, we come to the complete and utter failure of the Trump Administration to produce adequate supplies for front-line health care workers. This failure is especially tragic because this is something the federal government could have very easily done.

"Claire McCaskill Dunks On SCOTUS Birth Control Decision: Doesn't GOP Want Fewer Abortions?"
The ACA/Obamacare prevented abortions by providing birth control and family planning. That's exactly what SCOTUS just took away from women!
Piece ends with hilarious video from the blogger, who acts as a "sidewalk counselor" just as anti-choicers do!

"cc: everyone who told me about how great Sweden was doing."
Yeah, I remember right-wingers talking about how Sweden was doing it right and how those who wanted to shut down their states were doing it wrong. Oops!

OMG!!! This thing about people driving cars into protesters has really got to stop!

The blogger wrote a book about the GOP being a "post-policy party." The President, for obvious political reasons, wants schools to re-open in the Fall. But he wants to brush aside all questions about safety, figuring the pandemic...y'know...will away by then. Yeah1 That'll work!

The POTUS and the VPOTUS are both being perfectly clear: They want to re-open schools, period! If that means sacrificing your children or grandchildren, hey well, whatevuh. They're perfectly willing to do that.

"Too Much and Never Enough"
Donald's niece Mary writes a book about him.
Everything we know so far from the Mary Trump book.

But Mary Trump, who got her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2009, claims her uncle expresses all nine clinical criteria for a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.

Not terribly surprised to see that the UN has concluded that the aerial assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport on January 3 was unlawful.

The Republican senator who runs the Senate Homeland Security Committee appeared pretty confused about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic back in March. Now that the situation is vastly worse, he appears even more confused and out of it.

As the President refuses to stick to a position on the Confederate flag, his acting Head of the DHS can't take a position either. CNN's Brianna Keilar keeps trying to nail him down anyway.

"WH's McEnany: 'The world is looking at us as a leader' on pandemic"
I presume the Press Secretary is accurately representing the President here. She and he are very seriously delusional if they think that the US is leading the way in any way on the pandemic.

These two things happened in America at the same time. An Asian man was attacked for "Bringing that Chinese virus over here" and a young Asian girl sees an Asian actress on "Hamilton" and exclaims "That's me!"

"Televangelists, Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in pandemic aid"
The idea of the Paycheck Protection Program is so that small businesses can get by during the pandemic, but hey, "Free Money!"

The Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, a conservative-allied group headed by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, took Covid-19 small business relief funds from the federal government, according to data released Monday.

How in the heck the Roman Catholic Church managed to benefit from the Paycheck Protection Program.

"Iowa's Ernst has wildly different standards on Ebola, coronavirus"

It's a genuine shame to see what brazen partisanship can do to someone's perspective.

Interesting to see how Senator Joni Ernst describes Obama's "failed" response to Ebola:
...the Democratic president was "apathetic" about Ebola, and was "just standing back and letting things happen." The Iowa Republican added that, as far as she was concerned, Obama hadn't even "demonstrated" that he "cared" about Americans' safety. The reality is that Obama was on the case from the very beginning and only two people died.

"Int'l Students Taking Online Classes Because Of COVID Can't Stay In U.S., ICE Says"
Just a cruel, heartless, vicious, completely unnecessary measure.

Update (15 July): After lots of pushback from US colleges and universitis, this rule was abandoned.

This piece on the President's appeals over the weekend reminded me of the recent movie "Jojo Rabbit," a film about the last days of Nazi Germany. Germany was still, even with the Allies storming the gates, concerned with purging and purifying "bad" elements. They were still hanging "subversives," groups at a time.
The enemies list of the President has grown from foreigners trying to get into the US to

...the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who, in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing....

And if you think that list won't expand, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya, cheap and on an easy payment plan!

*Sigh!* Back during the 1918-1919 pandemic, people understood the importance of wearing masks to slow the spread of the disease, but the lack of celebrities willing to popularize the wearing of masks caused many, many deaths.

This piece has an extensive excerpt from an NY Times story on the President's ugly and horrible speeches over the July 4th holiday.

Georgia's Stone Mountain has several large Confederate memorials. It was occupied by peaceful, but heavily armed Black protesters. The blogger comments:

Gotta admit, these guys are hella more organized than the usual straggly mob of Threepers, "free speech libertarians", Boogaloo Bois, and ammosexuals the media obediently documents threatening female governors and random public-health officials for the cameras.

Senator Marco Rubio criticizes governments that "jail people who criticize those governments & its leaders."
Has he met our President?

Senator Joni Ernst is asked about how the President is handling the pandemic. Ernst filibusters away.

The GOP Chairwoman celebrates the President who speaks of equal opportunity and equal justice. But the Atlantic has a piece on how black voters wait an average of 45% longer to vote than white votes do. When Latino voters wait 46% longer, it’s clear this is not coincidence.

Good! Business appears to be increasingly getting onboard with green energy!

Did the President create a "strong wall" in the early days of the pandemic? Ehh, not so much.

The idea of Israel annexing parts of the West Bank has been around for several months. They're getting lots of pushback on it.

Washington is also reported to be cool on an idea that would endanger relations with America’s moderate Sunni allies across the Middle East, and risk unrest in neighbouring Jordan.
Notes on anti-annexation rally.

Fox News is trying hard to pretend the pandemic is getting better. It isn't.

Good summary of President's messaging on the pandemic. One of the problems it notes is that Trump thinks the governor's needs are satisfied. But several governors spoke with VP Pence and said there were many things they needed.

The US Government's message is that we "need to live with it," but Europe didn't. The difference was not anything magical. It was mask-wearing and social distancing.

President shows anger about the pandemic, blames China. We can argue about how the pandemic started, but there's no question that it was thoroughly botched by the President's actions and lack of actions. My advice to the President: "Forget China and do your own damned job!"

Just watched a bit of MSNBC where host Ali Velshi interviewed Trump Administration economist Peter Navarro. Navarro wanted us to stop blaming the President and to focus on China because that's were the coronavirus started.
But the point is that the coronavirus is already here! Where it originated is of historical interest, but is irrelevant now. The point is, what is the Trump Administration doing to solve the problem now?!?!
Navarro says the President is encouraging the wearing of masks. Velshi pointed out that at the Mount Rushmore fireworks show, he's not going to wear a mask himself, he's not insisting that anybody wear masks and he's not even encouraging social distancing!

Looking at the Republican minority's wildly irresponsible and excessive use of the filibuster from 2007 to 2015, Democratic senators are highly inclined to simply do away with the filibuster altogether. Senate Majority Leader McConnell is showing his nervousness about holding on to a majority in the Senate by defending the filibuster (Which, BTW, is not in the Constitution).

Since 1999, we've had a law that limits the amount of public housing in the US even though the number of people who need such housing has grown. Thanks to AOC, the amendment that was holding that back has now been repealed!

Senator Tammy Duckworth is holding up 1,123 senior armed forces promotions until she is assured that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman gets his promotion right along with everyone else. There's been suggestions that the Pentagon will delete Vindman's name before the list of promotions gets to the White House. Duckworth is saying no, if Vindman is to be denied promotion, let the denial get blamed on who is actually to blame. a vindictive President!

Update (8 Jul): "Lt. Col. Vindman retires as a result of his testimony."

Eric Trump proves, yet again, that he's "the stupid one" (not that Don Jr. is a whole lot smarter). Yes, there was a relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend and the Clinton family, but as people on Twitter very rudely reminded the younger Trump, there was much more of a relationship between his dad and Epstein!

I was just past the age of 10 when Nixon slapped on his wage & price controls, so I had some awareness of it. I was into Mad Magazine, which had a generally cynical view of Nixon and the song "Ohio" also shaped my view of our president at the time.
This piece says: "The success of Nixon’s actions is still debated today. What can’t be debated is that Nixon took action [with his wage and price controls]—unlike Donald Trump [wih his weak actions against the pandemic]."
*Sigh!* Yep, that villain Nixon is now a hero compared to Trump.

It is acknowledged that the President Daily Brief (PDB) contained a notification that Russia was paying the Taliban bounties for dead American soldiers. Fox & Friends says hey, the PDB is so thick, the President couldn't keep up! Erm, isn't that disqualifying?!?!?!

The blogger and I are both confounded that

...more than 100 newspapers demanded Bill Clinton step down from office because he uttered a single false sentence under oath about his extramarital affair,

but Retired US Army General Barry McCaffery on MSNBC said (about the Russian bounties paid for dead American soldiers and the President's apparent indifference): "It's sickening on so many levels." But those same papers are not calling on Trump to resign! Why not?

Joe Sinnott, an inker for Marvel Comics, passes away. I recall him inking for the Fantastic Four a lot. Drawing a comic book was (and in many cases remains) a multi-part process. The penciller would draw the actions of the story, the inker would go over the pictures so that the drawings would show up for the printer and then the page would get colored. Inkers often have a distinct and easily recognized style.

"Rambo Who Pointed Guns at Protestors in St. Louis Now Claims His Life Is Ruined, Hires 'Self-Proclaimed Expert' Lawyer"
Considering that none of the nearby houses suffered any damage as Black Lives Matter protesters passed by on their way to make speeches in front of another house, I kinda suspect that if the couple had just remained inside or watched quietly from their porch, they wouldn't have suffered a single trampled blade of grass.

The planned theft of land from the West Bank was supposed to begin yesterday. The coronavirus is either a reason to put it off or is being used as an excuse. Delay is good as that allows opposition to build. Biden is on record as opposing it.

President is convinced virus will disappear on its own. We call this "wishful thinking"

Good! Biden knows damn well that the President is going to try every trick in the book! Biden is pulling together a team of hundreds of lawyers to keep a sharp eye on how the election goes.

Pennsylvania now requires masks in all public spaces.

"Healthcare voters prevail in one more red state: Oklahoma votes for Medicaid expansion"
This is seriously bad news for those politicians who wanted to eliminate the ACA/Obamacare and really great news for the rest of us. People realize that the choice is between the ACA and a return to the bad old days.

"Sanders, AOC, Tlaib Threaten to Cut Israeli Funding if Netanyahu Annexes 1/3 of Palestinian West Bank"
Good! This is a good response to what would be a blatantly illegal act.

"House Dems reject Trump's 'hoax' talk on Russia, bounty scandal"
Both Rs and Ds left with lots and lots of questions about Russia allegedly offering cash to the Taliban for dead American troops.

Looks like the story has been advanced a bit. Secretary of State Pompeo "said that his department had responded in 'precisely the correct way' and that U.S. and coalition forces were 'postured appropriately.'” I'd very much like to know precisely what this "correct way" was.

The story is kind of a mess right now.
The Trump administration has insisted that the intelligence on the bounties was unverified and its credibility in doubt as an explanation for why it didn’t reach Trump’s ears. However, per the Times, it was significant enough to have been shared with British intelligence last week.

Update (30 July): State Department response was allegedly to tell Russia in secret that there was potential for blowback if the story ws proven to be true. Trump Administrations claims that information was not credible enough to take action on.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida a while back:

“We’ve succeeded, and I think that people just don’t want to recognize it,” the governor said outside the White House on May 20 — as the deaths in his state plateaued at around 40 per day.

National Review then chimed in “Where Does Ron DeSantis Go to Get His Apology?”

Update (July 12th): Biggest one-day spike in COVID-19 cases is 15,300 infections.

Oh yeah. Gee. This is definitely the sign of a totally innocent group of people! No one needs to hear about foreigners assisting a presidential campaigns!

GOP senators who were at the WH this morning are defending Trump against claims that he didn’t read the PDB. “How thick is that?” Sen. Johnson quipped, referring to the PDB. “It was not to the level of verification that it was highlighted in the president’s daily briefing.”

Wow! That is! That's an amazingly weak excuse! Let's try this: If it's in the President's Daily Brief (PDB), it has been verified! The PDB is the Intelligence Community's best judgement and most conclusive, verified information they have! The blogger develops several likely scenarios going forward. We can expect AG Barr to be brought in to find the leaker.

"Sarah Sanders: More People Could Have Died from Coronavirus 'If Donald Trump Hadn't Been President'"
When we say that the President deserves a grade of "F" for his pandemic response, that doesn't mean he spent the whole time sitting around, feet up on the desk, twiddling his thumbs and staring at the ceiling. It means his actions were less than 60% correct. He largely spent February and March purging the government of anyone who might investigate his actions. He was responding to his recent impeachment by trying to make sure all of the potential whistleblowers were stomped out.


The Trump Administration supports taking down the ACA/Obamacre under the apparent presumption that they can easily replace it. But y'know, it would sure be nice if they understood the ACA in the first place!
Here's the Press Secretary:

McEnany went on to argue that the Affordable Care Act represents a "government takeover of health care" (that's not true), that the White House has "put forward solutions" (that's not true), and that Democrats are moving toward "eliminating Medicare" (that's not true).

Democratic leaders were briefed by members of the Trump Administration on bounties to the Taliban for dead Americans, not by any members of the Intelligence Community! All spin, no substance.

"How Texas Blew It"
Learned about libertarianism back in college. Thought it was a pretty stupid idea. Think even less of it now that it's resulted in a massive spike in coronavirus cases, meaning lots of needless death and suffering in Texas.

No question that Iran is right to seek justice under international law for the aerial assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. They'd of course need to hire someone like Boba Fett or Django Freeman or the lead character from La Femme Nikita in order to enforce it.

"In a surprise, Court smacks down Louisiana abortion restrictions"
Very good news on the pregnancy choice front! Chief Justice John Roberts honored the concept known as "stare decisis" whereas Justice Brett Kavanaugh made Senator Susan Collins look like a fool by sweeping stare decisis aside.

"‘He Just Floored It’: Detroit Police SUV Plows Through Protesters"
Good Lord!
No apparent deaths, but “'multiple people injured' were receiving treatment at local hospitals."
Police car rear window "busted out?" No sound of breaking glass in video, even though screams were clearly audible. Another video shows no damage to the rear window.

Now that there are big spikes in COVID cases in Red (Republican) states, all of the sudden, masks aren't seen as wimpy anymore. As Speaker Pelosi puts it, this realization is long overdue. More on mask-wearing and masculinity and "owning the libs," etc.:

So, the Trump Administration has held a briefing on Russians paying a bounty for dead American soldiers to the Taliban. Problem is, the briefing was for Republicans only. There will now be a briefing for Democrats today. This has rather obvious problems as far as presenting information that both sides deem to be credible. If you give two separate briefings, how do the Ds know they're getting the same information as the Rs?

One of the problems with living in a land with really ancient ancestors is that Poland was in the middle of building a road when they discovered a cematary from the late 1600s-early 1700s. Christianity wasn't firmly established yet, so many of their mouths contain a coin for Charon to take them across the River Styx.

Okay, so someone very clearly shouts "white power" 10 seconds into the video in question, but the President didn't hear that and feels that, gee, for some reason (can't imagine what that reason could be), the people who shout "white power" are "demonized." Hmm. Yes. Quite a mystery.

Speaker Pelosi calls for an all-House briefing on the bounty that Russia allegedly placed on American troops. The White House claims to have set up a briefing, but as Pelosi was not invited to that, that was clearly a meeting of co-conspirators rather than an attempt to inform lawmakers.

VP Pence produces a lot of nice words about respecting Civil Rights figures of the past, but if he can't even get behind taking down Civil War statues, what new Civil Rights measures can he possibly get behind? Where is he willing to push for any sort of progress if he can't even support taking down some of the statues that were erected during the later Jim Crow period (1900-1960)?

President gives an interesting talk on statues. Problem is that people like John C. Calhoun, Braxton Bragg and Robert E. Lee are the ones at issue. Trump defends George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who aren't really the issue. Other people should "learn history?!?!?" $%#@!!!

100% behind the Speaker on this!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Sunday said that it’s “definitely long overdue” for a federal mandate on wearing masks.

A vaccine looks promising. A test with 30k people will take place. If all goes well, we might have a vaccine next year.

"Mississippi Legislature passes bill to eliminate Confederate symbol from state flag"
Good! It's a symbolic action, but gotta start somewhere!

Heh! The Fox News host asks why the President's poll numbers are so poor. The Trade Adviser won't answer the question and instead talks about all sorts of other things. The President is NOT running a winning reelection campaign!
My own answer would be that the federal government has historically been very good about getting front-line people what they need in order to get the job done. Under Trump, our medical personnel are still lacking essential supplies!

The AG puts out a policy on Antifa. Slight problem is that there's no such organized group.
As "Antifa" is short for "anti-fascist," isn't that kind of a "tell"?

Ridiculous side-by-side comparison.  Everything was fine, according to the VP on the 16th, but disastrously bad on the 27th.

"Congress stalls on police reform"
This piece was featured on page A15 of today's Philly Inquirer. A classic example of "BothSides" -ism, where it take until the 15th paragraph to begin to suggest that the problem might actually be a bit more one-sided than that, that maybe just one party is the problem and it isn't the Democrats!

Heh! Fox News host Lou Dobbs says poor, poor, Roger Stone (I kid, of course) is now suffering “Soviet-style justice.” Erm, Stone was tried under the standard judge and jury system and found guilty on all seven of the charges that he was tried on!
Oh,, but that's right! He's a Trump crony, so any real justice is impermissible!

Vice-President engages in idiotic-sounding happy talk: “We have made truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward”
Piece shows that US is handling the COVID-19 pandemic very poorly.

"100 degrees in Siberia? Top 5 ways burning Coal, Gasoline is causing Astonishing Transformation of Arctic"
The Laptev Sea, which is usually covered by ice and is where many polar bears live, has a lot of areas where the sea is open to the air.

"Appeals court: Trump can't raid Pentagon budget for 'wall' funds"
Good! I felt this was an open-and-shut case from the very beginning. I know schoolchildren get MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) when "Power of the Purse" is mentioned, but this is a very important issue.
And yes, back during the old days, before pockets and wallets, a "purse" was a man thing.

Aww! The President is realizing he might lose in November. Giving a rambling, focus-less answer to the question as to what he might do in a second term was certainly not a help.

...Trump took to Twitter just before midnight to reignite a losing PR battle over his failures to manage the coronavirus pandemic. He declared that only "embers" remain...

This is simply not true. New York State may be "on the other side of the mountain" as Governor Cuomo put it, but the US as a whole most definitely is still climbing the mountain. No, we're not dealing with "embers," the blazing forest fire is still consuming hundreds of acres at a time!

This is pretty shocking. Several months ago (March), we discovered that Russians were paying bounties to Taliban fighters in Afghanistan to kill Americans and their allies in that country. As we know, less than a month ago, the President had a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin about Russia rejoining the G7, long after he was informed that Russia was essentially at war with the US. Our blogger details the steps that the US should have taken back in March.

Press Secretary says neither POTUS no VPOTUS were briefed on Russia offering bounty for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan. This is, of course, not the slightest bit credible and adds yet another obvious lie to the Press Secretary's list. Comment:

Why on earth would the WH wait 24 hours to respond with this given how damning the story is?

Blogger examines some possible reasons as to why Russia would have put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

One of the issues Rachel Maddow brought up last night was this Republican Never-Trumper ad by the Lincoln Project that slams the President over his handling of the coronavirus. She says that if Trump loses the 2020 election over this, that's a reasonably good issue over which to decide a presidential election.
I agree and thought of the Swift Boat Veterans of 2004, who were a substantial factor in the election between Senator John Kerry and the younger George Bush. There were bigger issues, but newspaper headlines in August of that year were dominated by (completely bogus) charges from that group and those charges clearly cost Kerry a lot of veteran votes. This was detailed in the book "Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over For Bush"

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