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Study guide available from Christian-Jewish Allies:
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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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PRAWN's mission is to:
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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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An examination of the latest ranking of US president by historians. Trump comes after the presidents who came immediately before and after the Civil War (41 out of 44), Reagan and Obama are 9 and 10. Grant has improved his standing whereas Jackson had declined.


Former Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld is dead. As they say "If ya can't say anything nice..." so I choose to be very quiet on his passing.

Some early assessments of Donald Rumsfeld upon his death.

All of the Ds voted for an investigation. All of the Rs save 2 voted not to investigate 6 January!

Bill Cosby was promised by the fellow who was one of Trump's impeachment managers that he wouldn't be prosecuted back in 2005, so Cosby walks today. E. Jean Carroll, who is conducting a rape case againt the former President Trump, says: "THIS is why women do not come forward."

Further comments on Cosby and why women don't come forward.

Problem with Melania Trump getting good press is that she never made a name for herself as anything than that guy's wife. She's completely disappeared from public view since his presidency ended because she never developed any role or function other than to look glamorous next to him. Jill Biden has a status other than being the wife of Joe.

Side note: I notice how the two conservative talkers keep talking over the liberal one as though they're afraid the liberal will make some really good point that will make them look bad.

Some Republican Representatives and Senators have taken a bit of an interest in stopping human-caused climate change. Two solutions they recommend are 1. planting more trees and 2. nuclear power.

1. is certainly unobjectionable, but will not be sufficient. 2. requires quite a bit of heavy infrastructure. A wind/solar/battery combination can be scaled from a single household up to a large town without any need for heavy cables or power distribution stations.

Further complications of using nuclear power to escape the human-caused climate change problem.

A quickie survey of the status of Critical Race Theory at this time.

Uuh. Whut?!?!? A private donor rents the South Dakota National Guard to tackle a non-existent border problem in Texas?

Heh! Tucker Carlson of Fox News compares the credibility of various anonymous whistleblowers to that of the head of the FBI and the president. Uh-huh.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has accused the NSA of spying on him (Carlson’s accusations were quite vague and relied on anonymous sources). The NSA denies this. Is it possible that 1. NSA is telling the truth and 2. NSA got recordings of Carlson's conversations? Yes, if Carlson called foreigners without going through proper diplomatic channels.

Yep! The woman who replaced Representative Liz Cheney as the number 3 Republican in the House tells a series of flat-out, straight-up lies!

Dems’ manta “Defund the Police” was one of their top policy & messaging points in 2020.

Including Biden who said “Yes, yes” about defunding the police.

There werw a few Democrats who said "Defund the Police," but most of them, including Biden, thought it was terrible rhetoric that made Dems look bad.

Absolutely, positively in 100% agreement with Representative AOC! Senator Sinema's reasons for supporting the filibuster are pure horse-pucky! 

Yeah, I think former AG Barr and “candid interview” should never be in the same sentence. Barr is an entirely cynical and utterly calculating SOB.

Pretty depressing pair of pieces about the complete lack of accountability in Washington DC these days.

Good! The project of Roman Catholic bishops to discipline the US President has crashed and burned, thanks in part to the Pope saying that that's, uh, not such a good idea.

This was to be a really huge overreach on their part. And I’m sorry, but to use any justification to say that Biden is worse than Trump is absolutely inexcusable!

Cool! Madame Xanadu will be in a TV series. She started in DC Comics in the late 70s and is one of those off-and-on characters who's in a series for a few years, she'll disappear for awhile, will reappear in another series or join up with a group for awhile, etc.

Lengthy piece examining a real blind spot with the FBI regarding right-wing threats of violence. There was plenty of evidence prior to 6 January that the attack would take place.

Condominium building collapses in Florida. Seems there was advance warning.
Unfortunately, it’s pretty normal for there to be plenty of advance warning for these types of things.

There was no excuse for the Governor of Florida to take 17 hours to declare a state of emergency over this!

Huh! Don Jr. has been posting on Instagram. Hmm...looking at his posts...nope. Haven't missed a thing!

Did the US "dodge a bullet" by voting The Former Guy out of office? Yes, but he caused a lot of long-term damage to the country with his reliance on amateurs and idiots and with his tendencies towards wanting to use violent solutions to problems that really didn't call for any such thing.
"'Just shoot 'em'—New book details Trump's orders to 'beat the f*ck' out of racism protesters"

Good! Derek Chauvin got 22 ½ years for the murder of George Floyd!

Wow! When did you ever think you’d see a headline: “US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland does a photo shoot?” But she does and there’s good reason for it!

"At Last, Rudy Giuliani's Law License Suspended"
'Bout time! People kept saying Giuliani was risking his law license. Glad to see it finally got taken away from him!

If, in the very highly likely event Rudy Giuliani loses his law license (his license is suspended for now), he'd be the third lawyer to work for Donald Trump, after Roy Cohn and Michael Cohen, to have lost his license to practice law!

Iran has a sort-of democratic system and has just put into place a new president (Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei still has the final say, even if the president has day-to-day control). The new president is a reasonably okay fellow as far as US interests are concerned.

This is really excellent point. If Jared and Ivanka (I refuse to use the term “Javanka”) really wanted to separate themselves from Donald Trump, there’s a very easy way to do that. They could say: "Biden won the election and it was a fair election" The fellow on twitter then notes: "They have not done that."

These two are so adorable! They spend four years right by the elder Trump’s side, making bushel-basket bundles of cash and now, when ol’ dad gets embarrassing they’re like “Donald who?”

It's pretty clear here from the blogger's snarky "CNNs crack investigative team" that the sources for the CNN story were exclusively Jared and Ivanka and that CNN did absolutely no other research whatsoever. Tell me again about how having lots of editors is better than bloggers working by themselves?
Pretty hilarious snark here.

Not that anyone but the extreme MAGA folks would believe that comes out the Arizona "audit" in any event, but there is no provision in the Constitution for being reinstated. If you produce evidence that you were cheated, you can run for reelection while saying "I was cheated." That is the complete list of all the  things that Trump can do if he can prove he was cheated..

Y'know, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is really, really good at lying. With a completely straight face and complete control of his voice, he said "The biggest lie being told in American politics in recent weeks has been that the states are involved in a systematic effort to suppress the vote." The blogger goes through the evidence that McConnell is completely full of it.

So Maggie Haberman, the NY Times correspondent who probably talks with Ivanka Trump at least twice a week and Donald at least once every two weeks, is now on Sean Hannity’s hate list as a “liberal.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) feels the For The People Act (S1) is bad because, among other things, it “Bans state voter ID laws.” Are voter ID laws bad? It depends. Does a state allow hunting licenses but not college student IDs? If so, they’re using IDs in a partisan way to favor one political group over another. If they allow a wide variety of IDs, then they’re still not necessary, but they’re tolerable.

Seriously, who could have been surprised by this?
"Republicans Use Filibuster To Block Debate On Democrats’ Major Voting Rights Bill"

"Trump-appointed judge dismisses almost all claims involving driving protesters from Lafayette Square"
I still have a really major problem with the idea that the violent clearing of Lafayette Square was done to "protect" the President. He didn't have to be there. He wasn't carrying out any sort of important mission. He wasn't trying to meet any sort of scheduling deadline. His reasons to take a walk in the park were entirely trivial and could very easily have waited. This whole defense is very troubling.

Within the past week or so, I read some CNN people talking about their civilian equivalent of the "chain of command," the layers of supervisors who approve the stories that get aired. In cases like this, the CNN chain of command fails very, very badly and they produce this utter trash. Ashli Babbit was a terrorist who deliberately disbeyed a direct order not to proceed!

CNN framed the report as a Both Sides one: Supporters see Babbitt as a patriot, while liberals see her as a terrorist.

Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema thinks that "...the filibuster helps protect the country from wild swings back and forth between opposing policy poles."
The only issue where I can see that the US Government swings wildly between parties is in the pregnancy choice area. There were strong positions staked out by Clinton, then the younger Bush, then Obama and then Trump. I don't see any need to freeze those positions from one administration to the next. Obviously, as a Democrat, I'd like to see the Democratic positions set in stone, but just as obviously, if I were a Republican, I'd strongly object to that. There is no compromise. You're either pro-choice of you aren't. The 60-vote threshold is not a solution to anything.

Also, this is a truly stupid argument because it completely ignores what happened with the ACA/Obamacare. The bill was passed with only Democratic votes. Republicans didn’t like it, so when they got into power, they tried to repeal it. Guess what? It was too popular to repeal! With many millions more signed up for it, repealing it now is just a pipe dream. Doesn’t mean Republicans won’t try for repeal yet again, but that’s clearly not going to happen.

And yeah,

With this logic, what’s the point of elections where a party wins a majority?

Did people use CGI to fake the moon landing? Well, remember that the video Dire Strait - Money for Nothing was state-of-the-art CGI in 1985, almost two decades after the Moon landing!
Also, keep in mind that the computer memory used to conduct the entire moon landing could fit into a single 1995 486 computer! A smartphone today has 100s of times more memory than that!

Maria Bartolomo thinks that because not many guns were confiscated (as the blogger points out, there were a few) during the 6 January attack on the Capitol, then that didn't count as an "armed" insurrection. That also depends on how you define "armed." Richard Barnett, who was seen with his feet up om Speaker Pelosi's desk, had a stun gun on him. Is he considered "unarmed" just because he wasn't carrying a firearm?

Bartolomo also lists a set of "lies:"

Russia "hoax:" Nope, it was real.

"Impeachment with no crime" Language in the Constitution describing impeachment is fuzzy for a reason.

Hunter Biden: No scandal there.

Origin of COVID-19: No one cares. Fact is, Trump did a terrible job of countering it!

"Armed insurrection" See above.

We're able to examine the strength of forest fires going back 100k years. These last few years have been the worst fire seasons for 2k years. And yes, it's due to human-caused climate change.

Lengthy and very interesting thread. Goes well beyond mere fact-checking to examine Tucker Carlson of Fox News and his whole approach.

The physicist Stephen Hawking came up with a theory on black holes back in the 70s that has now been confirmed!

Good! Vatican tells US bishops not to make abortion an issue with the US president. Abortion involves sex and families, neither of which involve celibate bishops! Seriously, bishops need to stay in their lane and stick to issues that they’re directly involved in!

The blogger adds lots of political background and detail.

Seriously, for Roman Catholic bishops to focus on abortion right now is also just politically stupid as there are actually quite a few Catholics who approve of abortion choice.

Again, the Arizona "audit" is such a dodgy, sketchy sort of scam! What the #@^% is this guy up to?

Seems that one of the OAN "reporters" (She had no reporting experience before being signed up) who has unusual access to the "audit," is also supplying a great deal of cash to finance it all!

With 8.2 million sign-ups in 2021, The ACA/Obamacare is getting even more entrenched!

A while ago, FB asked me in a survey whether I trusted various mainstream sources. I don't presumptively trust any mainstream sources and the below is an example of why. The WaPo puts out an article that concerns both Democrats generally and the Biden Administration in particular, while quoting exclusively from Republicans!

Also -

… did … did an NYT op-ed writer just say it was a "coin flip" as to whether it would be a good idea to abolish the filibuster?

Progressives are trying their best to humor Senator Manchin and to not be accused of sabotaging him. But again, his proposals are a complete crash and burn failure.

*Sigh!* Yep, as someone comments, this is museum-quality ''BothSids" stuff that does far more to muddy the voting-rights issue and to make it all fuzzy and murky than it does to illuminate anything.

The car wreck began with the headline: “In Congress, Republicans Shrug at Warnings of Democracy in Peril.” Making clear that the article would view the topic through the eyes of the GOP, the headline stressed that Republicans were unconcerned about the issue at hand, which is exactly the message Republicans want to portray — it’s no big deal.

"‘Lab Leak Theory’ Is About Giving Trump A Pass For 600,000+ COVID Deaths"
Our World in Data does a graphic that shows the top 10 countries for Covid deaths. The only Asian country to appear there is India. Other Asian countries all adopted masks and social distancing and thereby kept their death rates really low. The point is, it doesn't matter how COVID-19 originated. What really counted was how countries reacted to it!

Our blogger quotes Biden at length as he describes his meeting with Putin.

1. Biden's meeting with Putin was absolutely a success!
2. Pompeo has absolutely no successes to speak of. Why is Ingraham asking him for comment?

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, who recently replaced Representative Liz Cheney as the number 3 Republican in the House, makes a very casual assertion that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee routinely leak classified information. This is an absolutely libelous assertion.

Every Senator and pretty much every Representative supported making Juneteenth a federal holiday. One of the white, male dissenters speaks about why he didn’t support it.

Had Juneteenth been officially recognized during the last administration, the hypocrisy would have been blatantly obvious as Trump is quoted as saying

“I’ve done all this stuff for the Blacks ... And they all fucking hate me..."

To me, recognizing Juneteenth is like taking down Confederate monuments. It's a good thing to do, period. Is it sufficient? Can whites just roll their sleeves back down and have a beer, saying that was a good day's work? Nope. It's a start.

An infrastructure plan without a pay-for? They want to spend $1.2 trillion without raising taxes? Bzzt! Wrong answer! Back to square one!

The former Senator Joe Lieberman and the group No Labels are involved in Senator Manchin's efforts to sustain the filbuster. Lieberman was not just completely useless in te stimulus debate of 2009, his efforts did far more harm than good. 

The 80s cartoon, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, is updated to be more team-oriented and inclusive.

QAnon may pose a threat of violence. When you assume that you’re dealing with dark, Satanic forces, when “Donald Trump is secretly at war with nefarious forces of evil,” it’s obvious that you’re permitted to strike back in kind.

Yeah, sorry. Not the slightest bit credible. I can’t believe for a single moment that the violent clearing of Lafayette Square was for any purpose other than for Trump to get a photo-op.

"DC Says Batman Can’t Go Down On Catwoman Since ‘Heroes Don’t Do That’"
This was in response to a scene where Batman was performing oral sex on Catwoman.

I notice that DC Comics has kind of a safety valve of sorts on that. They’ve put out stories on the Crime Syndicate about once a decade, going all the way back to 1964, with Ultraman (Superman), Superwoman (Wonder Woman), Owlman (Batman), etc. These villainous duplicates of the heroes are very greedy, ill-mannered and also very sexually active.

Justice League director Zack Snyder had his Twitter feed censored over this.

Juneteenth is now a holiday! That's a good beginning!

It's very nice that Texas Governor Abbott has signed a bill to fix the power grid there, but wow! Texas had a major blackout way back in February where millions were without power in the middle of a really cold spell and he's just producing a bill now?!?!?! And keep in mind, this is not fixing the power grid, this is just the bill that provides for financing and instructs the governmet on how to fix the grid!!!

Yeah, Project Veritas does not do “bombshells.” They do maybe, possibly true stories that are usually pretty dull even if true. Yep! Their project was a bust!

Very cool! The former NSA translator, Reality Winner, has been released from jail. As the blogger says: “Long overdue, IMO. She did the right thing, and paid a heavy price for it.”

Yes, the new scandal with the Justice Department spying on members of Congress and many others is officially worse than Watergate.

In a school textbook, two slave-owning women have it tough during the last years of the Civil War. The author of course, expects us to sympathize with the white women whose slaves are freed. A number of the slaves didn't immediately go North, but they did expect to be paid for their labor! 

Oh, good grief! Ironic or just ridiculous? The House Freedom Caucus (long-time really right-wing group) says they’re starting up “the Campus Free Speech Caucus.” This is, of course, at the same time Republicans are going absolutely crazy over their desire to stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory. 

A truly awful idea from the other side. They want to take so-far-unspent funds from the American Rescue Plan and to use them for infrastructure. Let's hope this idea gets tossed out in the conference that will occur after both houses pass heir version of the bill. 

Aww, that's too bad! Actor Ned Beatty has passed away (his death was NOT Covid-related).

No, there is not a double standard for Republicans and Democrats concerning lies. The bloggers refers to pieces that detail Kayleigh McEnany's many, many lies!
What's the name of Obama's last Press Secretary? No one can answer that without looking her name up. You know why? Because she never lied!

Former Secretary of State Pompeo: "There is an enormous amount of evidence that there was a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. There's a pile of evidence 100 feet high. I have high confidence that that's the case."
Also from him: "...We got very close to being able to make a laydown case for what actually happened and how this virus came to..."
In other words, Trump's people have absolutely zippo in terms of proof. Nearly a full year and NO evidence was gathered!

Wow! Incredibly sad! The MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell appears to have actually believed that his event was going to get a fly-over from military jets! Note: Only the actual, currently serving president can order such a thing.

NPR’s “left right and center” currently has as reps of left and right... Liz Bruenig and Ross Douthat.

Ross Douthat is a long-time conservative commenter, but I wondered "Who is Liz Breuning?" Went through Breunig’s Twitter feed for a bit. Not sure I’d describe her as a liberal. Heck, not sure what, if any, discernible political views she has.

Language used to describe Israel-Palestine is very outmoded and unsatisfactory. Piece suggests a range of substitutes.

I usually like NBC, but our blogger feels this interview with Putin was a mistake that unnecessarily hurts our president.

An examination of Russia’s “low intensity war” against the US.

NYC Mayoral Frontrunner Eric Adams:

“With new technology you don’t need school children to be in a school building with a number of teachers. It’s just the opposite. You could have one teacher teach 300-400 students.”

Nope! They were pressing for remote television-based learning back when I was a lad! Teaching is an extremely labor-intensive profession precisely because it can't be done by just sitting students down in front of a TV set. TV is not irrelevant, but students need to discuss the shows in order to really grok them.

Senator Manchin wants a process on voting rights where Democrats "bring Republicans along," but

"I [Jennifer Konfrst] don't see anywhere where Republicans are inviting Democrats along, or inviting Democrats to the table."

Problem here is one of definition. Who exactly does Senator Graham consider a "bad guy?" Putin certainly had no fear of Trump, nor did Kim Jong-Un, I can't think of any dictator who worried about Trump opposing him.

Good! Now that the US is well on its way to herd immunity, Biden is seeing to the rest of the world!

“And, because police are in the minority concentrated areas, the perception is that Blacks are being hassled over minor violations.“

Actually, that’s not just a “perception.” There’s nothing coincidental or accidental about police arresting Black people for things like minor traffic violations.

From Harvard:’s the first step of mass incarceration, the initial net that sweeps people of color disproportionately into the criminal system....The implications of this enormous net of police and prosecutorial authority around minor conduct is central to understanding many of the worst dysfunctions of our criminal system.

Nah, sorry. The timing of the violent assault on the peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square and TFG’s photo op are far too close to be any sort of coincidence. Also, the actual assault on Lafayette Square jumped the gun and ran ahead of the Park Police.

Another mainstream media news service, ABC News, utterly disgraces itself by being completely credulous towards this claim.

BREAKING: Police did not clear Lafayette Park area so former Pres. Trump could hold "Bible" photo op...

Sorry Glenn, but I agree with Morning Joe that the IG Report "clearing" Trump of ordering the violent clearing of Lafayette Square is very, very highly implausible!

Woo hoo! Keystone XL Pipeline is dead! Took a decade, but it’s down! Let’s keep going!
Next target: Line 3 Pipeline! The oil, keep it in the ground!

The Keystone XL pipeline being shut down was just the beginning! (Insert villainous chuckle here)

With tax increases ruled out, Republicans do not have any sort of “pay for” for infrastructure.

Senator Lindsey Graham expresses the hope that a new theory as to how COVID-19 emerged will change people's view on The Former Guy. Heh! No, views on TFG were baked in long before the pandemic hit!

CNN is moderately useful as a news source and they often do good pieces. But their commitment to Both-Sidesing a former President and a wannabe Fuhrermakes for a very muddy piece with no clear conclusion. Is it accurate to say that "Obama and Trump intensify their battle over democracy?" No, Trump isn't fighting for democracy.
In Bertolt Brecht's Galileo, our hero says something to the effect of: "Scholars like to insinuate in Latin. I prefer to speak in plain German."

If CNN were to market this piece honestly, they’d call it “Republican opinions on the Democratic Vice-President’s trip,” but that would get very few clicks as the contents would not be very credible and would also be highly predictable, so they adopt a worst-of-both-worlds approach by assembling just such a piece, but by then dishonestly marketing it.

Your crazy for the day. Vaccines cause you to get magnetized! It makes car keys stick to your forehead! (Even if the shot is all metal, it's too small to contain enough metal to produce that effect). As the fellow here points out, none of the anti-vaxxer crowd even blinks. They totally believe every word!

Why does business hate government regulations? Because it costs them extra money. Why do we have govt regs anyway? Because disasters occur and they're far worse when business has not been compelled to add safeguards.

Native Americans/First People dissatisfied with sexuality education for young people. They're looking to make improvements. 

Does Iran have free and fair elections? Ehh, they're better than most. They're definitely freer than many others, but they fall short of US and European standards. At this point, they've disqualified so many candidates, Iranian civil society is looking for solutions other than elections.

Yeah, this is a seriously moronic point. If TFG was right about the lab leak theory for how the coronavirus started, that wouldn’t change the fact that he handled it very, very poorly!

Technically, Senate Minority Leader McConnell is absolutely correct when he says: "...the Supreme Court concluded the conditions that existed in 1965 no longer existed." What he failed to mention, of course, was that the Suprme Court was very clearly and obviously wrong.
So yeah, this is a real problem for Senator Manchin.

Brian Stelter is correct in saying that Fox News and their right-wing competitors have a great deal to do with spreading Trump's Big Lie, but Soledad O'Brien is also correct in saying that CNN is certainly part of the problem.

I’m utterly and absolutely baffled as to why the AG Garland DOJ would take over the E. Jean Carroll case, especially when the government was defending TFG over a rape accusation!

Yeah, I'm really not the slightest bit impressed by AG Garland's arguments here. I continue to believe he's in over his head.

Bwah-hah-hah!!! The Colonial Pipeline was held up using "ransomware" software and the bad guys got $4.4 million in ransom. But they had the money in the form of Bitcoin, and that could be retrieved, so the bad guys lost half of the money!

The blogger has complained about this frequently, but he's absolutely right to do so. The newspaper does not know what people believe, it can only relate what they claim to believe. Does Ms. Johnson genuinely believe that Trump truly won the election of 2020? She claims that, but there are many reasons for her to be lying.

Senator Manchin waxes poetical on the virtues of comity and compromise. There are many, many instances where you're better off going all-out on one path. The piece here is one example. Compromise was made in the 1890s, but at the expense of Black people. Another is the stimulus of 2009. We would have been much better off without watering it down!

Here's the problem with having unprepared reporters. Jake Tapper couldn’t respond with the appropriate scientific facts. A baby needs to be at least 22 weeks old (around five months or well into the second trimester) in order to have any chance of living outside the womb.

The Dr. Fauci emails are pretty much a nothingburger. This makes the rhetorical and threateed phtsical attacks on Fauci all the more disturbing. 

Hilarious thing about Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's demand that the president investigate Dr. Fauci is that she wants an answer by 31 June! *Sigh!* Attention to detail, people!

Cool description of the creation of the Chicxulub crater by the meteorite that slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula (about 66 million years ago).

The blogger Digby covers TFG’s appearance at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention.

Hmm, so TFG is saying he managed to walk down a ramp that was gradually inclined without falling. Yeah. True enough.

One of the really sad problems is that Trump’s fans have been turned against vaccines, so even when their Glorious Leader says to get vaccinated, it makes them confused.

Chris Wallace of Fox News says that he’s looked through the emails of Dr. Fauci that were revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request. No smoking gun of any sort.

Good Lord!

"Like the Swiss Army Knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon..."

In a world like that of the original Mad Max movie (1979) this statement might make some sense. In our world, erm, wouldn't a six-round handgun do just as well?

Good! I've long agreed with this! No one should be able to make you buy anything that you reject for moral reasons. If you refuse to purchase goods that were made in Israeli settlements on the West Bank, no one should force you to buy those products.

When it came to the 1/6 Commission, it meant that we were testing Senator Joe Manchin’s vision of how government could work. Manchin’s vision failed that test badly. Manchin is now doubling down on that vision rather than concede that the filibuster has to go.

Yes, agreeing on infrastructure should be easy, but from 2011 to 2020, the GOP held the House, the Senate or both and no infrastructure bills were ever passed. So observers have admitted that the Republican Party is perfectly happy to have our infrastructure collapse.

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