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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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[19 Sep] Jeanine Pirro makes a good point about "Notorious RBG" being a bit of a judicial activist. Thing is though, she was never in a position to simply insist that the Court follow her lead. She had to persuade people she was right!
BTW, if judges are expected to check their opinions at the door, why has the Republican-led Senate been working so hard to install right-wing judges over the past several years?

Wow!! The President makes a pro-Robert E. Lee speech! Absolutely murders historical facts, of course. That's to be expected.

US is in about the top 40% in terms of COVID deaths per million, but is off the %$#@ing chart for total deaths!

Update (22 Sep): US deaths from COVID-19 reach 200k. Total deaths for world on 30 Sep was 1.01 million.

From a strategy post: “We need to inflict massive political pain for an act that will produce minimum Republican gains.”

Very sad to hear of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She will be missed.

RBG's legacy.

Demonstrating all the principles of a hungry jackal, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of course wants to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice right away. It was in February 2016 that Justice Scalia died, about eight months before Election Day, it's now about seven weeks until Election Day, but ehh, who cares about principle?

Schumer Throws McConnell’s Words On SCOTUS Vacancy Right Back At Him

Of course RBG's seat should be filled by the next President!

I take a look at why the Trump Administration failed in it's response to the coronavirus so badly.

People have asked the question: "How violent were the BLM protests after the murder of George Floyd?" Out of about 7,750 separate protests, 93% were completely peaceful and there were 38 serious incidents.

Yeah, the likelihood of having a vaccine produced, tested and ready to go by the end of October (That is, right before the election) is very unlikely in the extreme. The idea of producing 100 million doses by then is even less likely. A reporter who just uncritically repeat what the White House Chief of Staff says is worse than useless.

Historians aren’t in the business to be cheerleaders, historians write books to explain why things happened. They have no interest in the President’s new project, to write books as celebrations of American history.

Gee, it’s almost like the President copied his Executive Order directly from what the meat industry executives provided him with.

Right after I finished reading this, how it matters that there’s a strong Republican anti-Trump group but no corresponding Democratic anti-Biden group, I saw this other item about Olivia Troye, someone who was in the room for the first several months of the Vice-President’s coronavirus task force and who strongly urges us all to vote for Biden!

Good! The Chief Judge of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Washington has ruled that the reforms put in place by the Postmaster General have caused great harm to the 2020 election and must stop immediately!

So what are the anti-choicers up to now?!?!?!
Important item to remember, they're also against birth control! That's not a bug in the movement, that's a feature.

The Republican Party has a new platform for 2020, but "many of the 17 points are commitments to keep doing the same thing both parties are already doing."

Oh, okay. The press briefing is told that many stakeholders within the Trump Administration are working on a new health care plan. A reporters names one important medical official who hasn’t heard anything about any such plan. The Press Secretary says the reporters will simply have to get a job in the administration to find out what the plan is.

Jared Kushner said in an interview:

"When we got to Washington, President Trump had never done this before and I think it took him a while to figure out who were the right people that he wanted to have around him in his administration, but I think over time he's really figured out who was with him, who was not on his agenda."

Clearly, what Trump wanted were sycophants and yes-men. He wanted people who would give crisp salutes and who would do as he told them to, regardless how bad an idea it was.

What we can see here ("Laura Ingraham Whines About Trump 'Ambush' By Undecided Voters At ABC News Town Hall") are the results of having that sort of team. Faced with a critcal audience, Trump was completely flustered.

CNN's Dana Bash is just shocked to see that the President prefers to be surrounde by sycophants and yes-men.

Another Moon landing planned for 2024.

The agreement signed yesterday between Israel and some oil-rich Gulf states does not mean peace between Israel and Palestinians.

Not really sure why Antifa would start forest fires in California. Why wouldn't they do that in Republican states? Anyway, as far as forest management goes, a senator mentioned something yesterday. If you clear-cut, just raze a forest all at once and then let it regrow, it grows back so that trees are too close together and they're all the same height, thereby making it really easy to burn. Good forest management would involve the selective cutting of trees! That would be more complicated and expensive, meaning free-market capitalism will never do it, but it would be better in the long run.

When will life go back to normal? Ehh, we'd better stop hoping and dreaming and better start knuckling down and start seriously working at making that happen.

What he means is "herd immunity" and it's an absolutely insane way to deal with a very deadly and highly communicable disease.

"Trump Now Claims Biden-Harris Are Both ‘Fascist’ and Antifa"
This is, of course, a complete contradiction in terms. So the question is, is the President stupid or is he secure in the knowledge that his audience is? Or is it that when you're at a rally, critical thinking is beside the point and an audience member is just primed to cheer what ever Our Glorious Leader says?

Some cheerful polling data for y'all! What was the effect of the Black Lives Matter Movement versus that of the President's "Law 'N' Order" messaging? The effect in Wisconsin, the site of the last confrontation was that the President's message fell completely flat!

President claims he read Woodward's 466-page book last night. Fellow here is right! Ask President to prove it!

Especially starting at the 5:45 mark, Kushner just engages in sheer, utter historical revisionism. He portrays a picture of the Trump Administration's response to the coronavirus that's just completely untethered from reality.

Yeah, this post had a "laugh," "anger" and "sad," all of which are richly deserved.

"...Donald J. Trump has been tested as few other presidents have and is the proven leader to confront these dangers."

Has he been tested? Sure. "proven leader?" Ha, ha, ha!!! Not even close. We're not even on the same plane of reality with the fellow who wrote that, let alone members of the same universe!

Life on Venus? There's a gas that's produced by biological processes. The atmosphere of Venus is hostile to that gas, so something living must be producing it.

This was a story that painted the BLM movement in a very negative light. But we have an active set of people who produce the news and the truth will eventually win out. This is why I rarely credit initial news reports. As I find is thoroughly typical,  the story is not completely false. It was initially reported that a whole group of people were chanting that wounded police officers should die.  The truth was that just one idiot said that!

I was Navy, not a ground-combat kinda service-member, but as a former military person, I know the value of having good intelligence on the enemy, in this case, the coronavirus. Trump's people actively interfered with getting and disseminating good intelligence of what COVID-19 was up to, thereby hurting efforts to combat it.

Yeah, people protesting players kneeling was never about flags or veterans or anything like that.

President make himself clear, he's the candidate of white Americans!

No attempts at social distancing and not a mask in sight after Bob Woodward showed that the President doesn't care about people dying unnecessarily.

Woodward goes into detail about the President's COVID-19 failure of leadership. And yeah, it's tough to have "alerted the authorities" about the President's failure when the President was "the authority."

Does the US "lead the world" in the coronavirus pandemic? Well, yeah. But not in any good or positive way.

Woo hoo! Belarus keeps pressing for democracy! Yeah, this may be us if the Trump Administration keeps going the way it's going!

The man in the video being tackled, his face pressed against the ground and left unconscious-looking with a bloody nose was a passenger in a Lyft vehicle when the driver had been stopped! What was the problem? The driver has been stopped for a moving violation. The passenger didn't have any ID on him! 

Not really clear, did the President order an extra-judicial killing, did he simply encourage it or does he limit himself here to justifying it after the fact? We don't know enough to judge. This requires a serious investigation.
The death penalty is bad enough. We shouldn't have that in the first place. An extra-judicial killing by government forces is necessary?!?!?! I think they call that "moral bankruptcy."

CNN's Jake Tapper does a good job pushing back against Peter Navarro. And he's right, Navarro never answered the question. The thing that really bothers me is that Navarro says twice that the strategy was to "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." Preparing for the worst never happened! To have prepared for the worst would have meant to get production lines up and running, it would have meant a national coordination of supplies, not state-by-state scrambling and driving up prices because everyone was bidding for the same equipment. No, the Trump Administration failed very badly.

Ronna McDaniel's (RNC Chair) response to the accurate criticism that the President essentially slacked off and didn't do $%#@ by engaging in "whataboutism." That is, she asks "Well, what about...?"

Bob Woodward's book covers a conversation between Senator Lindsay Graham and the President. Graham comes off like a sane, rational adult, Trump as childlike in his thinking.

It's crazy that Rudy Giuliani is openly colluding with Russian agent Andriy Derkach, but what's even crazier is that US Senators and Congressmen are working with them!

Good! Biden takes a clear and unequivocal, pro-science stand on wildfires and climate change! 

How schools around the world are welcoming back students.

Good! We like it when the President burns bridges and offends allies! Does Fox News host Chris Wallace hate Trump? Ehh, I doubt that, I think Wallace is more just an old-school newsman who likes facts and dislikes “Dear Leader” sycophancy.

"'Antifa Arson' Hoax Rumors Spread About Wildfires In Besieged West Coast Areas"
1. QAnon is, as with their pedophilia charges, not only useless to law enforcement, but actually hurt efforts to fix the issue.
2. This idea fails my WWDDD test. What Would Doctor Doom Do? Why would the good doctor start fires in liberal areas? Why aren't Louisiana and Alabama burning?

You can tell Greg Gutfeld's a (self-defined) "comedian" because he mugs for the camera a lot. Interesting viewpoint that liberals should be aware of. I don't buy that liberals will react violently to a Trump electoral victory because, as Bette Midler says "What are we going to do? Smack them with our PBS tote bags?"

Hmm. So Senator Collins appears to be trying the Trump-lite approach (Just like Trump, but not quite as crazy). Ehh, the Reagan-lite approach wasn't very successful for Democrats. Let's hope Trump-lite is just as useless for the GOP.

A rather revealing paragraph:

According to Business Insider's report on Woodward's book, the author also asked Trump if he believed MBS's denial about his alleged role in Khashoggi' murder. After hedging, the president eventually replied, "He says very strongly that he didn't do it. Bob, they spent $400 billion over a fairly short period of time."

Why would a non-morally bankrupt politician put these two concerns (the killing of a reporter and money from arms sles) in the same sentence?

In answer to Ms. McCain, if the media wasn't telling the truth about Republicans, it'd be easy to mock and/or ignore. But yes, the media is successful at making the Rs look bad!

September 4th was the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Xena, Warrior Princess.

Federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy abruptly quits US Attorney John Durham’s Russia investigation. Indications are that she had gotten pressure from AG Barr to complete her investigation in time to impact the November election.

Heh! Three top-selling books on Amazon are all anti-Trump books!

During his nomination acceptance speech, Joe Biden promised to be a President for ALL of America, not just those who vote for him. This tweet shows why that promise resonates so powerfully for me.

For Israel to annex parts of the West Bank looked like a sure thing for a while. An examination of what happened.

The President's complete denial that Black people are feeling any sort of pain or anguish appears to be the product of his being inside the Fox News bubble, which is self-reinforcing as he then adds his own commentary to it. He's in a hall of mirrors, but thinks he sees the situation clearly.

Rachel Maddow commented last night that, of all of the books that have been dropped about the President lately, this was the one she was really looking forward to. Good, informative interview.

Senate Majority Leader fails to get "skinny" COVID-19 relief bill through. Not at all surprising. Only possible way to get another COVID relief bill through the Senate is to combine the Democratic minority with a minority of Republicans. McConnell's strategy of just getting the Republican majority to sign off is never going to work.

The price for politicizing the CDC is and will be a steep one. For the CDC to be effective, it absolutely requires public trust!

The President's son-in-law Jared Kushner has been uniquely useless and consequential within the Trump Administration. He has been given a big role, but sees himself more as a cheerleader than as a leader.

President rattles off list of alll the Fox News TV shows he watches. What an incredibly dull, empty, impoverished life!

Aww! Very sorry to hear that Diana Rigg has died! Saw a lot of her Avengers* appearances and in Game of Thrones.
*The British spy series, not the superheroes.

As I said, we have to realize that the NY Times is an anti (Capital-D) Democratic paper and pro-Republican one.

"When you've lost Matt Drudge..."

From piece on Woodward's book "Rage."

Trump talked to Woodward 18 times for this book, a decision many are now questioning.

But Bob Woodward isn't the problem! The problem is that the President isn't and never was qualified to do the job! We dirty effin' hippies told everybody that in 2016! But sigh, no one ever listens to us!

Trump: "We don’t want to jump up and down and start shouting that we have a problem."

But the country did have a problem! There was a fire in the crowded theater and the President chose to let people burn rather than to alert them!

Bob Woodward defends his silence up until now.

A newswoman is just absolutely horrified that a senator can be so completely indifferent to the President openly lying about COVID-19. Good for her!

Soledad O'Brien's right. This is how good reporting is done!

Looks as though the "Great Dealmaker" Trump has sealed a deal with Serbia that the leader of Serbia doesn't appear to have really understood.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen confirms what I've strongly felt for several years, that the President really, really wants to be a dictator!

By prioritizing political good news (such an early vaccine) above actually getting results, the CDC has reduced its own credibility.

President tries out a few new lines on his audience, the “Green New Nightmare” and “If Biden wins, China wins.” Audience is baffled and silent. We've got less than two months until Election Day.

"Trump Claims ‘Sophisticated Friends’ Say He’s ‘Most Innocent’ President Ever"
Yeah, one really has to wonder how real these "sophisticated friends" are or whether they're the kind of friends a seven-year old boy usually has.

“most innocent guy ever to hold this office”

Let's recall that the President was impeached and that nothing was ever disproven. The Republican-run Senate voted for him out of sheer party loyalty.

In response to the Trump campaign's money troubles, I've been posting the Lincoln Project ad that was designed to cause bitterness and hatred within the campaign. It apparently worked, because the target of the ad, Brad Parscale, was demoted a month later.
Update (9 Oct): Parscale's fallen on some really hard times!

In return, someone sent me this, which details that the Trump family, like a parasite that sucks up so much blood that it kills its host, is hoovering up so much campaign cash, the campaign can't survive!

The blogger comes up with lots of solid criticisms of the President posing as a peacenik. Did the military lobby on behalf of launching the Afghanistan or Iraq Wars? Former General Colin Powell made a very melodramatic speech in favor of the Iraq War, but he spoke long after most Americans had already made up their minds. The younger George Bush was former military, but he served some “skate” (neither dangerous nor strenuous) duty during the Vietnam War. Vice-President Dick Cheney received several draft deferments. Donald Rumsfeld supported the Vietnsm War from the safety of a seat in Congress. So no, I’m not really sure that Generals and Admirals played much of any role in getting the US into the two “Endless Wars” we’re now fighting.

Russia and Syria being pressed to find ways around US sanctions, making US pressure increasingly irrelevant.

Yep, looking like the Trump campaign is seriously broke! With the President's usual care and strategic smarts and attention to detail (/snark), his campaign is in easily predictable trouble.

Based on the number of horror movies that occur on holidays, which holiday is the most terrifying? Halloween was number 2.
And yes, there was a horror film for Hanukkah.

We knew back in March that many voters had been improperly removed from the voter lists. The AJC piece explains how the voter purge worked. The C&L piece says that nearly 200k voters were improperly removed.

It seems that unrest would automatically help the President, but if the population blames him for the unrest, then no, not so much.

"Trump Claims ‘VERY High Marks’ For COVID Response As Death Toll Approaches 189k"
Yeah, TPM asked who exactly was assigning the President "high marks." The White House declined to comment.

Friday's demonstration.

Trump attacks the sixth-richest woman in the world for her ties to The Atlantic
I reviewed the news between the time the President was acquitted of his impeachment (he wasn't cleared or proven to be innocent) and the time he declared the coronavirus to be a national emergency. He essentially spent the whole time attacking people that he felt were his "enemies." As we can see here, that's still his top concern.

"REPORT: Louis DeJoy May Have Broken Campaign Finance Laws AND Lied To Congress About It "
Yeah, I think Postmaster General DeJoy needs to be busted with maximum speed and for maximum penalties. The more time and attention he has to turn from sabotaging the Post Office towards his own defense, the better!

Wow! Unemployment is improving a bit, but 27 million people are unemployed and need to go to food banks for basic sustenance. The Senate and President don't that this is an urgent problem!

Advice from someone who has lived in Putin's Russia and can relate it to what's happening in the US now.

One thing to be aware of and prepared for is that with absentee/mailed-in votes, election officials can't start counting them until Election Day, so the results may take a while.

The blog Daily Kos has mentioned this, the apparent evidence that the Trump campaign seems to be broke! They aren't running TV ads where they normally would.

The perils of being a conservative writer and having to justify the current President's performance.

For birds to have fatal crashes into wind turbines is a legitimate criticism of turbines. Naturally, right-wing anti-science, pro-fossil fuel people have used this as a reason to not have wind turbines and to go backwards to using just fossil fuels. Science, as always, has just kept on moving to find solutions. Painting a single blade (out of three) black, keeps a lot of birds away. 

Good questioning by CNN's Brianna Kellar. The fellow here makes a truly stupid statement and she gives him plenty of rope to make himself look ridiculous.

Trump Still Won’t Condemn Navalny’s Poisoning
Of course not. Since when does an asset accuse his handler? That’s like having a Petty Officer 3rd Class try to scold a Chief Petty Officer. It just isn’t done.

Yeah, it’s time to make Facebook a public utility. Zuckerberg has demonstrated he’s not capable of handling it.

Wow! This is absolutely the most moronic, mindless idiocy! Does Chris Cillizza really think the President’s denials are the slightest bit credible? On what possible basis should we grant him the benefit of the doubt? When even Fox News has admitted to the truth of the accusation?!?!?!

Ahh! First time in a long time for seeing a movie in a theater! Good flick! Been awhile since I read the comic, so it took me a while to recall what all the characters could do. Fellow audience members were a whopping grand total of a couple that sat way down front. Think the whole theater had 15 to 20 customers.

Bwah-hah-hah!!! This is hilarious! Hmm, does Antifa have submarines, did they sabotage dozens of boats or did bad weather combine with incompetence?

Update: No one was hurt or drowned and it was the wakes of bigger boats that sunk the smaller ones that had less-skilled pilots.

A WaPo columnist does a Twitter thread on his column. Essential problem is that violence may not help the "Law 'N' Order" candidate if citizens think he's part of the problem.

Well heck! There we go! If Osama bin Laden's niece thinks Trump is the greatest, what can I say?  Noor Bin Ladin also likes QAnon and the website "Prison Planet" run by Alex Jones.

Y'know, when you have to make up a story about 1,700 fraudulent ballots (the story involved one such ballot) to support your claims, you've got some pretty weak claims.

The token liberal on the Outnumbered panel gets some good points in!


FENCING: The Perfect COVID Sport *Masks *Gloves *If anybody gets closer than 6' of you, you stab them!

Good! Sounds like the President got some good, strong pushback on his latest wacky idea, that of shutting down the newspaper Stars & Stripes!

The President won about 2/3rds of the military vote in 2016. He's now behind 41% to 37%.

Serious problem with the NY Times enabling the President during the lates scandal. What the Times did is called "privileging the lie," putting the obvious lie first and not featuring any serious counter-arguments until nearly the end of the story (it took 14 paragraphs to get to any serious counter-narratives). 

*Sigh!* Commander-in-Chief reveals his true feelings about the military and those who serve.

Details on the Battle of Belleau Woods.

President doesn't even understand that his stated feelings are appalling. He does know that his comments put him in political hot water, though!

Former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says that the President didn't disparage troops in the way that The Atlantic reports. Yeah, kind of a problem with that is that Sanders has a really lengthy and extensive record of lying.

See, the problem here is that former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is trying to convince viewers that, behind the scenes, the President is really a warm, caring person. But she said:

“I've also sat in the room when the president had to make the most difficult calls of his presidency: when he had to let a parent know that their son had been killed in the line of duty.”

But the president doesn't make notification calls. It's up to the service to make those notifications in person. So that blew her credibility to smithereens!

You can tell Greg Gutfeld is the "comedian" of Fox News because he's pictured here wildly mugging for the camera. Gutfeld desperately tries to excuse and/or minimize the President's comments about US soldiers, but it's a pretty hopeless task.

US applies sanctions against the ICC for doing its job.

Russians made plans to discredit Biden. The report on that should have been provided to federal, state and local law enforcement partners. We, the American people, are entitled to know if someone's messing with our elections!

"So Much For The First Amendment: Trump Chief Of Staff Tells Fox 'Arrest Protestors'"
Yeah, yeah, Constitution, First Amendment, yada, yada, blah, blah!

Problem with the AG's assertion is that counterfeiting ballots is considerably more complex than just having a good printing press. It requires lots and lots of deeply detailed, accurate, up-to-date information and that no one tries to vote in their own name after a fake ballot has been submitted with thei name on it, which would thereby create duplicates. No, "logic" does not support foreign countries counterfeiting ballots.

Thing that really amazes me about the First Lady’s explanation for the “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket is what appears to be  her extreme gullibility, her utter willingness to believe what the authorities tell her about the children who were being imprisoned at the border.

“The kids I met were brought in by coyotes, the bad people who are trafficking, and that’s why the kids were put in shelters."

Erm, no. Not at all.

"Fox pushing NY Post story alleging unvetted claims of widespread mail-in ballot fraud by anonymous Democratic operative"
My dad gets the New York Post and I saw this story when I visited over the weekend. I was extremely unimpressed for the same reason the blogger is, no source of information other than a single anonymous person. No reason whatever to believe the source is being honest. Nevertheless, right-wing media ate up this story and reported it as though it were proven fact.

"New poll shows Trump's apocalyptic anti-protester message is failing, big-league"
Very pleased to see Americans are a group of people with common sense! 3 1/2 years into his term and people are not buying into the idea that he's not responsible for the terrible state of affairs in the US!

After 3 1/2 years into the Trump presidency, how can the press possibly look at the results of his policies and see a "Law 'N' Order" administration?!?! But amazingly, some press outlets are describing it in just that way!

Heh! But seriously, the White House says 100 out of 175 arrest were of people from "out of town." No breakdowns. Were they from the region? Did they come from further away? It really doesn't take that long to drive or take the train. No one needs to be "funding" people to go to where the fight is.
And the young man with an AR-15, Kyle Rittenhouse, was driven from a short distance away, even though he too, was from "out of town."

Update (Sep 25): Rittenhouse, an Illinois resident, is fighting an extradition order from Wisconsin, the state where he shot two people and wounded another.

Good! Senator Ed Markey wins his primary against Representative Joe Kennedy. This is the first defeat for a Kennedy in Massachusetts.
As Senator Markey had recently been "promoted" from Representative to his current office, I didn't see him as one of the "good ol' boys" like the fellow that Representative AOC replaced or that super-strong supporter of Israel, Eliot Engel.

*Sigh!* China lectures the US on international law and they're 100% correct to do so. China is also imprisoning and killing off Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, but the US has no moral credibility with which to criticize them.

First Lady Melania Trump's former BFF was also interviewed on Rachel Maddow last night. Yeah, I remember hearing about the missing $40 million from way back when. It's still under investigation.

The question now is: "Why has the First Lady received such gentle, uncritical coverage for the past 3+ years?"

Seems the sabotage of the political and balloting mail has been slowed for awhile.

Under a competent government like what most of the world has, the US should have only lost about 40k people to the coronavirus. With the government we've got, we've lost 185k.

Erm, again, there is no single organization called Antifa! There are many group that use the name. There is no central location where records are kept. It would be a major task to do what Senator Paul suggests, to round up and question Antifa records.

President talks about anarchists stockpiling and pre-positioning cans of soup as they make for better throwing than bricks do. If they get caught? “Why this is just soup for my family.” Someone commented that that was an excuse straight out of Oliver Twist (written in the late 1830s, I saw a movie version of it in 1968).

"Donald Trump says he would be 'irreparably harmed' if Manhattan prosecutors gets his tax returns in bid to get subpoena for them stopped"
Sounds like the President is saying that his taxes contain information that the American public has every business knowing about and every right to be aware of!

Fox News host Laura Ingraham realizes immediately that the President made a really stupid comment, comparing a golf tournament to a police shooting (Sixth screen down).

Gaah! How dare people try to teach a professional development class that teaches objective facts about how Israel and the Arab world interact!

President puts himself wholly and completely on the side of the young murderer who crossed state lines to "defend" white people.

Donald Trump continued his lifelong trend of supporting racists, Nazis, domestic terrorists and straight up murderers, this time by defending Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old high school dropout who crossed state lines with an AR-15 (that he illegally possessed) that he used to shoot 3 unarmed people, killing 2. From videos, one man is holding a plastic bag, the other a skateboard. These are the "threats" that Rittenhouse felt he had to defend himself from?

Very good news! Michael Flynn suffered a crushing defeat in his plea to dismiss his case!

Let's please understand what "herd immunity" means! With about 183k deaths now, we'd need about 2.3 million deaths to get to herd immunity!

One of the stories in this book is that the President offered the fellow who later assumed the position of White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly the position of FBI Director in exchange for a pledge of absolute loyalty. Would have been nice to have known this at the time. Had people been aware of this in early 2017, that might have energized efforts to get rid of this very dangerous President.

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