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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Ambassador Taylor provides a detailed narrative as to how the "shakedown" of the Ukrainian President was conducted.

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"Access Journalism Is Killing Us"
Back during the Iran-Contra mess, someone pointed out that during the Watergate hearings, Congress had some leverage over a few witnesses. If the witnesses didn't talk, Congress could bring charges against them. They had no such leverage in the late 80s, so no one got busted. Same problem with "access journalism." The President and his people are under no real pressure. The journalists want the interview more than the administration does. No leverage means no useful or meaningful answers and a public that, at best, gets the illusion of accountability.

Great rant from Senator Kamala Harris on AG Barr trying to drop charges on Mike Flynn! Really looking forward to her being the US Attorney General this next January!

75 years ago today, Nazi Germany surrendered. Good commentary on what V-E Day meant.

"No, Bill Barr. We Will Not Let The Trump Regime Write Our History"
The Attorney General demonstrates precisely why alternative media (blogs, twitter, other social media) exist! No, we will not permit the Trump Administration to write our history, now or in the future!

"New York State Farmers donate 34,000+ pounds of milk, beef and produce to NYC families in need"
This is a very good thing and farmers should be commended, but farmers shouldn't have to pay for this distribution out of their own pocket. The Department of Agriculture should be spending billions to buy produce from farms and to get it to market. Absolutely no question that Democrats would cheerfully under-write such an effort.

I saw a piece earlier that blamed persons like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Stacey Abrams for not supporting Tara Reade and that darkly suggested they had ulterior motives. I think that's very unfair to Gillibrand and Abrams. This piece is from a reporter who has been on Reade's story for two years and he finds that her story has a great many unanswered questions.
Reade is not politically neutral either. She's a fan of Senator Sanders and would clearly like to see the Democratic primary's second-place finisher replace the party's first-place finisher.

"DOJ drops case against Flynn, despite his earlier guilty plea"
Sure hope the Republican senators who voted for William Barr to become the Attorney General are proud of themselves. He managed to shield the President from having to pardon an obviously guilty perp from having to serve any prison time.

Not quite sure the Attorney General has much of a case here. The AGs idea here is that Michael Flynn was perfectly in the clear to be calling Russian officials without having informed any Obama Administration officials.. Kind of a problem with that was that Flynn did so secretly. He could have made those calls from within the State Department and would have been provided with note-takers and advice from the Obama Administration officials who were still, in charge of US foreign policy.

Rural white folks are nowhere near as safe from the pandemic coming to their neighborhood as they seem to think they are.

Lengthy reading on the pandemic:

Rural Americans are more likely to be obese, to smoke, and to have high blood pressure than Americans who live in cities. They have higher poverty rates, have lower rates of health insurance coverage, and are generally less physically active. All of these factors make them more likely to suffer serious complications if they are infected with the coronavirus.

"Report: Melania's Be Best Foundation Has Failed to hit Most of its Goals"
Yeah, the whole "Be Best" effort was always a very modest, boutique operation that will quickly collapse as soon a the current First Lady leaves the White House. It always had the problem that the President made a complete joke out of it. The students of Parkland once appealed to her as right-wingers were harassing them online over the gun safety issue. Melania Trump went to complete radio silence, meaning her efforts were not meant to contradict those of her husband.

It took 10 weeks for the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year old black man, to become widely known. The blogger looks at how different demographic groups engage in physical activities such as jogging.

Black men living in predominately white neighborhoods, however, were far less likely to engage in physical activity in the areas surrounding their own homes.

President hems and haws about how the Arbery tape looks bad, but hey, y'know...
Reminder: After Charlottesville, the President made it clear that white supremacists were his people.

The Swedes figured they'd sacrifice some citizens but save the economy by not locking down the way the rest of Europe did. Oops! They achieved the worst of both worlds. They sacrificed the lives of citizens and they suffered a crippled economy!

"Nurse exposes Trump to key information he didn't want to hear"
This was a problem that German commanders had with their Fuhrer during World War II. He kept engaging in wishful thinking instead of responding to what the facts were.

NY Times writes piece about how "we" are respondingto the pandemic. Problem here is that there are some stories that are partisan. There are stories where it matters whether one is an R or a D. Mainstream media is far too polite about such things. They shouldn't be.

"Murder hornet munchies: The horrifying insect makes a tasty treat"
Good to know. Requires extensive marination.

Why does the President reject oversight from the House?

"Because the House is a setup. The House is a bunch of Trump-haters. They put every Trump\-hater on the committee. The same old stuff."

Oh, so if the oversight is "friendly,"that is, run by Republicans, then it's okay.

"Trump vetoes resolution to curb war powers against Iran"
Unfortunately, the vote in the Senate was only 55 to 45, so the veto will stick as senators couldn't muster a two-thirds majority. Glad to see many Republicans voted for it.
President feels insulted? Tough %$#@. The aerial assassination of Major-General Qassem Soleimani was a really stupid thing to do that damn near started a war. If the 2002 AUMF was used as a legal justification, that's a really good reason to repeal that.

Details on the War Powers resolution and Iraq.

Asian countries are largely over the coronavirus. Nothing mysterious about why. They did the right thing and they kept it up. The US cannot presume that our recovery time will be similar.

Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two vigilantes on 23 February. Recently, the leak of a video that had been available from the very first day, forced police and the Georgia Attorney General to take action. Arbery was jogging and the vigilantes allegedly suspected him of having been involved in a robbery.

President tells us he was too busy with "things" to prepare for the coronavirus. Coudn't "walk and chew gum at the same time." He's utterly and absolutely unqualified for the post he holds.

With all of the happy talk about the country coming out of the woods and pandemic cases declining, please keep in mind that while cases in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT) are indeed declining, they're growing everywhere else!

If the President gets a second term, you can pretty much kiss the New Deal/Great Society programs (Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid) goodbye!

IF there's intelligence pointing to the coronavirus being created in a Chinese lab, the President and Secretary of State absolutely should share that intel with the intelligence committees! There's absolutely no reason to hide that intel from the them!

More on the alleged "wonder drugs," chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Whuuh?!?!?! Fox News host Sean Hannity gets something right? Armed protesters occupied the Michigan statehouse and Hannity thought, corectly, that was a dumb and dangerous idea.

"Hip hip hooray! The Obamas will hold virtual commencement ceremony for graduating seniors nationwide"
Well, that's pretty cool! As high school seniors all over the country have to make do with virtual graduation ceremonies anyway, the Obamas are going to conduct one for everyone!

To the surprise of probably no one who has paid attention, turns out Jared Kushner is a hugely overrated worker who has surrounded himself with equally out-of-their-depth amateurs who have no clue as to what they're doing. Oh, and the President depends heavily on Kushner!
Rachel Maddow was infuriated tonight at the utter incompetence of the Trump Administration and Lawrence O'Donnell assured us that we weren't missing anything by not ever seeing the President's briefings anymore.

"Trump was watching Tucker Carlson last night when 'Mourning in America' played."
Kind of interesting to read the President raging and storming and fuming about this (very true, very accurate) ad. At no time does he address any of the very real and substantive criticisms that the ad makes!

I understand why cruise ship lines do what they do. They want the best of both worlds. They want the loose regulations of third-world countries while getting bail-outs from wealthy first-world customer nations. Doesn't mean we have to cater to them. Should we help out the employees? Of course. But there's no reason we should support their stock prices. They want bail-outs, they should register with the countries where their customers are.

Between the President's declaration of a pandemic emergency in late March and a week ago, how has the White House been doing? Poorly. No plan, no strategy, reacting in a too little, too late fashion.

It's absolutely crystal clear from the President's answer that he know from little to nothing about the coronavirus issue in meatpacking plants and nursing homes and that wishful thinking is his primary response. He's not responding from any detailed knowledge of the situation.

All the world over, people want to concentrate on saving lives rather than the economy. Well, duh! The economy is a resilient thing that will survive whatever we toss at it. Ya can't recover from being dead!

"Stupid Things Trump Said: 'I'm Treated Worse Than Lincoln'"
Think the President is actually talking about Lincoln's press coverage, which was truly awful. But my problem with statements like this:

"You’re there, you see those press conferences. They come at me with questions that are disgraceful, to be honest, disgraceful, their manner of presentation and their words."

is that the President never gets any more specific than that. He just makes these really sweeping generalizations, so it's impossible to judge the accuracy of anything he says.

A writer on Twitter compares how the President is treated by the press today and how the press treated Lincoln back in his day. Still no comparison

Cool stuff! A team-produced WFH (work from home) fight video!

Woo hoo! Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice opens up the flamethrower and lets the Trump Administration have it! Trump and his people wan to blame Obama for their shortcomings. Rice won't hear of it!

"New DHS Report Claims China Hid Virus' Severity To Hoard Supplies"
This might very well be true, but really, who the %$#@ cares?!?!?! What truly matters right now is that our leadership is majorly %$$@ing up the response and our front-line health care workers are desperately short of needed supplies!!!

Round-up for today shows that the world and the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Tri-state region are doing well, but the rest of the US is seeing an increase in the pandemic numbers.

"George W. Bush: 'We are not partisan combatants' in fight against coronavirus"
Haven't forgiven or forgotten many items in the presidency of the younger George Bush, but I'll cheerfully give him three hearty "Hip hip, hoorays" for this!

As we're going to have to wear face masks for the foreseeable future, here are 30 online sources for them.

The piece makes it clear that "inspector general" is a trigger term, a phrase that immediately causes the President to bring to bear all sorts of suspicion and paranoia. As the blogger said: "These are people who check your numbers and report when you’re lying. And Trump cannot tolerate that."

"Threat to Sea Life: Scientists find 1.9 mn. pieces of Microplastic from our Clothing on 3 Sq. ft. of Deep Ocean Floor"
Under constantly-moving ocean currents, plastic items break down, but the resulting microplastics aren't safe.

President predicted that, by June 1st, we'd be over the worst of the pandemic and on the way to recovery. Efforts to figh the coronavirus are shifted downwards.

Update (June 12th): In the second chart here, "New cases per day in the U.S., "  there is a peak for the country in April, but the coronavirus has spread to other areas and hospitals in those areas are overhwelmed. No, we are by no means ready to take our foot off the gas.

The NY/NJ/CT Tri-state region is improving. Field hospital in Central Park packs up and leaves.

President vs the 50 governors in PR terms. President is running behind ALL 50 governors in terms of who's handling the pandemic better!

Well, whattaya know? A White House Press Secretary actually held a briefing today! The last such briefing was by Sarah Sanders last March. "Her successor, Stephanie Grisham, didn’t hold a single on-camera briefing during her tenure, and her only public appearances were on Fox News."
So how did Kayleigh McEnany do? Her answers about Jared Kushner's delusional assessments and the gun-wielding protesters in Michigan were highly unsatisfactory. She made a promise: “I will never lie to you. You have my word on that.”

Update: McEnany started with a bold assertion, saying "I'll never lie to you." Just 15 minutes after saying that, she claimed that charges made against Supreme Court nominee (Now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh were "verifiably false." No, they weren't. The Republican-led Senate simply chose to install him anyway. There were further problems after that.

Biden firmly denies that he ever assaulted Tara Reade. Says that had she ever made a particular report, it would be in the National Archives. He's challenged the Archives to produce that report. Very interesting, Biden says he's never asked anyone to sign an NDA. As we might recall, this was a major issue with Bloomberg as well as with Trump.

Blogger brings up a very good point about Biden and Tara Reade. Does anyone remember any time when we were unpleasantly surprised or shocked by anything that an Obama nominee or appointee did? I can remember lots of that happening with other presidents, but I agree with the blogger. It just seems very highly unlikely they would have missed something like what Reade has accused Biden of.

President was asked about his plans for economic recovery. What he made very clear was that he has no plans of any sort, just "feelings."

This is an extremely important characteristic of the pandemic.

A pattern is emerging... the largest clusters in the US are in people who live or work in crowded conditions and can’t just “stay at home.” Meat packing plants. Prisons. Nursing homes. Outbreak control must start there.

Cool! NASA develops a ventilator for coronavirus patients!

The new machine can be built faster, more easily and with fewer parts than a traditional ventilator, the space agency says.

Ben Shapiro, a strong anti-choicer as far as pregnancy goes, ponders and muses about people of certain ages dying in the current pandemic, thereby saying some lives are worth more than others.

"Trump threatened to pull US Security Umbrella from Saudi if it didn't raise Oil Prices to Help US Frackers"
Wow! Is there any industry on the face of the Earth that's less deserving of government assistance than the fossil fuel industry? Let them all go under!

So the question for Jared Kushner is, if the last few months have been a success,

...the U.S. death toll reached 60,000, the total number of U.S. infections topped 1 million, economic growth retreated to levels unseen since the peak of the Great Recession, and 30 million Americans filed for unemployment.

what would failure look like?

There is no scarcity of food. There's plenty of food. What US producers and consumers lack is leadership. We need to have the Department of Agriculture buy food from farmers and to move it to those who need it.

"China Says We're a Joke. And, Alas, We Are.
China uses LEGO figures to make case.
Couple of odd accusations, but generally an accurate picture of US paranoia and irrationality and blame-shifting.

Deep dive on Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden. Very serious questions about Reade's veracity and motivations. Major problem is the motivations of the very few people and groups that are supporting her.


"GOP senator issues stark warning that both Georgia Senate seats are in play"
Lot of good schadenfreude here!

A space rock 1.5 miles wide came within 21 light-seconds of Earth (3.9 million miles away). Perspective: The Moon is about 1.3 light-seconds away or 237,674 miles.

Stacey Abrams defends Biden against his accuser. And yes, we must recognize that Abrams would really like to be Biden's Vice-Presidential running mate. Ehh, we'll see what happens.

"Car Crashes Plummet As The US Sees What It's Like To Shut Down"
An unexpected bit of good news.

This is why we consider Chuck Todd to be a complete, blithering idiot! You'll notice in his talk he mentions three disasters: "...whether it's on WMD's, the great recession, or this (COVID-19)." Notice anything about these disasters? That's right! Democrats had nothing to do with any of them! At worst, one can say that Democrats played an extremely minor role by not warning us or by voting for the AUMF. The problem is far more specific than just "politicians."

Can COVID-19 be contained? Yes, Vietnam has done so quite successfully.

The blogger looks at Jared Kushner's boast: "“We have achieved all the different milestones..." and wonder what the hell he's talking about!

"Trump Walks Back Huge Goal For Tests After His Own Testing Chief Said It Was Impossible"
See, here's the problem. The President wants to brief the nation as to what's going on with the pandemic. It kinda, y'know, helps if he knows what's going on himself! His habit has been to not attend the task force meetings, and to then go to the podium after two or three minutes of reading a summary of what the task force discussed. That means that he has questions himself or just plain doesn't know the answer to a question that he's asked. And then he wonders why he gets criticized.

So Jared Kushner says his father-in-law has been conducting a successful effort? (I trust Italy's figures more than I trust China's)
Italy's population last year was 60.36 million, the US was 328.2 million.
Italy's COVID-19 deaths have been 27,682, US have been 59,692.
Italy's deaths have been 0.046% of their population, US deaths have been 0.18% of the population.
Italy's new cases have been declining since late March. US new cases have been up and down but are essentially level (30k give or take 5k) as of the beginning of April.
Sorry, but Jared's either smoking some mighty powerful wacky weed or he's lying.

BTW, No states have met the guidelines for safe re-opening!

"Trump's press secretary won't stop lying about pandemic — so New York Times toasts her with puff piece"
The NY Times does a puff piece about the new Press Secretary. How can they do that? Well, it requires lots of selective reporting, a lot of overlooking of lots of scandalous behavior, quoting only friendly sources (no critics and/or Democrats are quoted) and generously applying lots of friendly adjectives in describing her.

I had some people strongly advocating the widespread use of chloroquine /hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. The piece here says Bayer has donated a large number of tablets so that testing can begin. The people said various foreign countries had achieved good results. Reminds me of when I joined the Navy. "Yes, your doctor may think you're in great shape. We don't care. We want our doctors to make sure you really are in good shape!"

Yep. Just can't imagine why calls to poison control centers are climbing. Such a mystery! A real puzzle. Hint: President suggested about a month that drinking disinfectant might an effective cure for the coronavirus.

NY Times wrote piece that provoked Fox News host Sean Hannity to threaten to sue them. NY Times refused to apologize.

We've collectively made a wrenching change from physical travel (air travel is down 95%) to electricity used for things like tele-meetings (up 775%). Is this the beginnig of the end for oil?

Again, forcing imigrant and non-union labor to produce meat for consumers is not what the Defense Production Act is for!

What exactly does Hope Hicks do in the White House these days??? The blogger suggests Hicks is "Trump's emotional support human." Great snark in this post!

The Vietnam War U.S. Military Fatal Casualty Statistics counts 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War. That's from 1956 to 2006.
US deaths from coronavirus is, as of 28 April, now 59,266. The site starts counting cases from February 15th. The site also makes it clear that this is a 50-state problem. The number of cases is not levelling off.

"Pence Visited Mayo Clinic Without Mask, Violating Policy"
"Aw, c'mon libruls! Don'cha know rules are for little people?"

Update: Pence claims he wanted to look people in the eye. Erm the masks in question cover the mouth and nose, not the eyes! Also:

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) added yesterday, 'When you don't wear a mask, especially inside the Mayo Clinic, you are not being brave. You are showing that you think the rules don't apply to you. And you are setting a dangerous example by ignoring experts.

"Karen Pence Claims Mike Was 'Unaware' Of Mayo Clinic's Mask Policy"
The Second Lady is clearly under the impression that the viewers of Fox News are brainless morons. Y'know, I tend to think of myself as fairly oblivious to social signals, but if I was in a room with about 20 people and I was the only one not wearing a mask, I would think I'd notice that.

"Trump to Order U.S. Meat Plants to Stay Open Amid Pandemic"
I really don't think the Defense Production Act was meant to be used in this manner.

"Who Makes Life-Or-Death Supply Decisions For Your State? Jared Kushner?"
The President has been informed about the COVID-19 pandemic by our intelligence agencies since at least January. Mid-March, he declared it to be a national emergency. Who's in charge of getting supplies to front-line health care people? After all this time, that's still a complete black box. No one outside the Trump Administration knows. The piece has several action suggestions.

This is very good news! The main lesson here is that the Supreme Court is not going to do the dirty work for the Republican Party. If they want to kill off the ACA/Obamacare, there's going to have to do that themselves.

More expendable Fox News hosts get tossed overboard. "Diamond" and "Silk" are now unemployed for speading conspiracy theories.

AG Barr wants to make sure there's no "overreach" by state authorities, but as these lockdowns SAVE LIVES, it's far from clear what exactly constitutes overreach.

If the US wants to re-open safely, we are well short of the testing that would be necessary to do that. One of the problems is that people can be aymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. With testing, we can find out who can come back to work and who should stay at home. .

"Mike Pence Suggests America Is Too Dumb To See What A Great Job Trump Has Done On Testing"
VP Pence is really good at slingin' the ol' BS around, but if the American people misunderstood, then that's the fault of the Trump Administration. That's a major PR failure on a massive scale. Was the system broken or inadequate in any way? Highly doubtful, but if it was, it was their responsibility to use what was there and to then work to improve it, y'know, to "walk and chew bubble gum" simultaneously.

So what has Jared Kushner been doing these past two months? Very few people actually know, but he seems to be getting a lot of his buddies employed, duplicating a lot of work the government was already doing, to zero good effect. His grifting operation is going full speed ahead of course, so we can be sure he and his buddies are raking in lots of money.

President appears to have a very rich fantasy life as far as the pandemic is concerned and his own performance as president.

Why the small business bail-out was, and remains, so urgent.

Now is not the time to build up the national stockpile, now is the time to use it!!! If that medical equipment is being saved for a rainy day, guess what? It's raining!!!

Trump called it the "Noble" Prize when he obviously meant "Nobel." After all of the mockery and disdain about that, the President tries desperately to bluff his way out. He asks in the last sentence of his tweet if sarcasm ever works.
No, Mr. President. Not for you.

In the President's rant on the "Noble" Prize, he claims he was innocent on  "Russia, Russia, Russia." Not quite. It was shown that the President kept enormous amounts of material evidence out of the hands of investigators. He was cleared but not exonerated.

"Astroturf Group FreedomWorks Applies For $300,000 In COVID-19 Small Business Loans"
FreedomWorks is a group that was behind much of the Tea Party protests during the early Obama Administration. In no possible, conceivable way, shape or form do they constitute a business, let alone a "small" business.

FEMA is doing vastly more harm than good by interfering with supplies. The cost is measured in the lives of veterans. Again, ensuring adequate supplies for our front line health care workers is by far THE most important priority the President has!

Brutal piece from the NY Times. Kinda reminds me of another national leader who spent a lot of time in a bunker. A quote from the piece:

But the president’s primary focus, advisers said, is assessing how his performance on the virus is measured in the news media, and the extent to which history will blame him.…

But obviously, he's very highly selective as to the channels he watches. Trump clearly takes care never to expose himself to too much negativity. And hey, if that means he gets useless and delusional advice, hey well...

Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked who he'd like to have play him. His choice was Brad Pitt. Pitt tthought that was a great idea and played Dr. Fauci on Saturday Night Live!

Alicia Keys sings for the heroes of the pandemic. Grocery store clerks and others had no intention of being heroes, so she sings for them anyway.

Historical perspective on plagues and how some towns handled their outbreaks better than the US is doing today.

If the "wonder drug" hydroxychloroquine wasn't dead before, it certainly is now. FDA rejects it.

Unfortuately, this was an entirely predictable result:

Well, it’s started. Instead of being asked about how we improve our #COVID19 response in the coming months, doctors are being asked to comment on why people shouldn’t drink things like bleach or isopropyl alcohol. This has to stop. This is the problem. This has to stop.

"Celebrate Hubble’s 30th Birthday by Gazing Into This Shimmering Stellar Expanse"
30 years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope was a huge technological advance.

CNN is not buying the President's BS about his "joking." I agree with the blogger. Good for them!
Also, a really amazing conversation that Governor Cuomo has with a constituent.

Good piece on the bill that spends roughly another $500 billion on the coronavirus. Total spending is about $3 trillion now.

Tweet from the NY Times:

At a White House briefing, President Trump theorized-dangerously, in the view of some experts-about the power of sunlight, ultraviolet light and household disinfectants to kill the coronavirus

What we have here is "The exception that proves the rule." The NY Times struggled for 12 hours to get out the truth that following the President's advice is a really bad idea. This is a one-sided issue that isn't open for debate. That's why the Times is floundering and uncertain. They're far more comfortable dealing in shades of grey, where both sides have a point.

So of course, the Press Secretary says the press corps is taking the President out of context running the entire press event in full, and then showing clips depicting the whole sequence of Trump’s proposal to treat the inside of the human body like a kitchen counter top.

Why does the Presient say such crazy things as to suggest using Lysol in the body? Well essentially, the reason the President gives briefings where he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about is that he doesn't attend the task force meetings. He spends that time watching TV. He gets the sheets that summarize what the task force has discussed minutes before going on the air.

As the whole hydrochloroquine idea seems to be pretty clearly dead, our carnival-barker-in-chief had to come up with something new! Why are networks covering his press conferences?!?!?!
"Trump goes Peak Batshit Crazy, Urging UV Irradiation and Chlorine Injections, and Cable TV Greedily Broadcasts it"

What he said:

President Trump is asking whether there can be some sort of disinfectant injection, "almost a cleaning," in people's bodies to fight the coronavirus. "It would be interesting to check that," he said. He added, "The whole concept of the light. That's pretty powerful."

This was posted in response:

PLEASE do not inject anything into your body or ingest anything at all to kill the coronavirus. There is NO SUBSTANCE that will disinfect your body of the coronavirus from the inside. Don’t inject or drink bleach, soap, don’t do isopropyl alcohol, lysol, or ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

President talks about how the US has done more coronavirus tests than everyone else in the world combined, ending with "You people aren't satisfied." Erm, the US has performed about a million tests, the rest of the world combined has performed over 19 million.

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas made such a bat$%#@ crazy comment, he got his own entry on Snopes, saying essentially "OMG! Did he really say that?!?!?!"

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick: "There are more important things than living ... I dont want to die, nobody wants to die but man we've got to take some risks"
His idea is to sacrifice in order to open the economy back up.

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo Bulldozes Mitch McConnell For 'Dumb,' 'Vicious' State Bankruptcy Idea"
Really excellent speech by Cuomo. Last few minutes are very good as he compares New York's contribution to federal taxes with Kentucky's.

President makes prediction about the recurrence of the coronavirus after it's been defeated and the economy re-opened.

First, the whole idea of reflecting on whether or not the deadly virus is going to "come back" is ridiculous when it's still here. Thousands of Americans are still dying from the virus every day.
Emphases in original.

Again, this is the problem with "crony capitalism," a capitalism that's based on personal relationships rather than objective criteria. Crony capitalism simply can't handle a 50-state pandemic. HHS Secretary Alex Azar appointed a buddy instead of someone who could do the job.

Meat plants are vulnerable to the pandemic as meat workers typically work very close to each other. This gives pseudo-meat vendors an opening.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News pushes back on reports that Fox has been pressing for a drug that's actually more deadly than it is helpful. My own takeaway is that Fox News and their chief fan, the President, need to not talk up a potential cure until it's been thoroughly tested.

Joe Biden's got a problem. The youth vote is not locked in. Young Democrats may hold their noses and vote for him, but it would be far better if they were enthusiastic about voting for him.

Good, lengthy piece on how the President's son-in-law approaches his job of being kind of a "shadow minister." Kushner is very good at handling problems via "crony capitalism," a system based more on personal relationships than it is on objective criteria. The thing is, the pandemic is a 50-state problem. It's wildly unrealistic for 50 governors and hundreds of mayors to all develop close, personal relationships with someone they never even heard of until a just a few years ago.

One of the real problems with the coronavirus is that it's a "sneaky" disease. It's contagious long before people are aware that they have it. "More than 4 in 10 coronavirus cases are spread by those not obviously sick, a study suggests."

Our planet is around 4.543 billion years old. Plate tectonics has now been dated to have started around 3.2 billion years ago.

Facts vs wishful thinking. Mayor of Las Vegas refuses to believe COVID-19 is more contagious than a list of other diseases.

The Governor of Nevada responds quite reasonably to the Las Vegas Mayor's nutty idea of offering up her city's citizens as a "control group."

"Obama administration asked for funding to tackle future pandemics but Republicans refused"
I recognize the partisan aspect to this. Republicans wanted to sneak away funds that would be needed in a pandemic and then blame Obama for a bad response, But this is also the vital distinction between big and small government. Big government is willing to make investments that don't have an immediate payoff. Small government isn't. Small government saves wealthy people money, but is unable to handle any significant event, such as a pandemic.
Texas doesn't have cities that were built with central planners. Great, but when Houston was hit with massive rainstorms, they found out that, oops!, excess water has nowhere to go as the city never set aside any ares to act as drainage.

Found this piece from exactly a month ago concerning how the Trump Administration had come up with this “great” new method of supplying our front line health care workers. A month later, here we are! The US supply of necessary equipment is in poor shape. The New England Journal of Medicine says the DPA can be very useful, but the supply chain has to be really mobilized.

Nurses protesting the complete mess that is the US supply system for front line health care workers.

Truly insane to see this weeks after the US declared the pandemic to be a national emergency:  "EXCLUSIVE: The Long Strange Trip Of One Shipment Of Millions Of KN95 Masks"

"New study shows drug Trump promoted as 'game changer' in COVID-19 is a bust"
Oops! Turns out hydroxychloroquine isn't the magic, wonderful cure-all that the President promised it was. To quote the President: "What have you got to lose?" Turns out, your life.

Mainstream media, being lazy and irresponsible as usual. The anti-social distancing people are Tea Party II. As with Tea Party I, the media confuses them with a real and meaningful social movement.

"White House's case against World Health Organization crumbles"
Not that anyone really believed the case to begin with

A survivor of COVID-19, a news host, describes what it was like.

President is very upset that governors are buying tests from South Korea and elsewhere. I sorta suspect it isn't the governors who are misinformed about the availability of tests.

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