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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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Historians agree that 2020 was the sixth worst year ever.

New Senator Madison Cawthorn says there are "thousands" of recent examples of voter fraud. Funny, because in around 60 cases that the Rudy Giuliani-led legal team initiated after the 2020 election, they couldn't identify a single such case.

As Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are fully aware of how badly their public images have deteriorated, they've recruited the NY Times to try and rescue them.

Is there anything Dolly Parton doesn't do well and with flair and class? She's deserving of special notice this year as she was an early contributor to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

There was a 7% drop in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, but that wasn't the result of deliberate policy. We need to do better.


President suddenly decides to leave Mar-A-Lago New Years party. Hmm. What's he up to? What villainy is afoot?

"New York Times Joins Trump's Anti-China Crusade"
NY Times actively takes the side of the Trump Administration at the expense of world peace. They suggest that China deliberately and consciously helped to spread the coronavirus.

The off-going President leaves a disaster behind.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

“The Senate is not going to be bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need the help.”

Would wealthy people like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates get a $2k check? No, over a certain income, you won't get a check. Would they benefit from the checks? Sure, indirectly. People would spend their checks on necessities and the money would bubble up to them.

Usually, companies under-promise and over-deliver. They'll promise you'll get your package on the 4th, and they get it there by the 2nd. It's a good practice, but the The Trump Administration tends to do the opposite. Overselling the Covid cure had a cost. It made some people overconfident and careless.

And please keep in mind that the Trump Administration had several months of advance notice that this would be the last memory that people would have had of how they performed in office.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what you get when the President is AWOL on his job and leaves everything up to the states.

THREAD: I generally abstain posting about my own personal experiences or those of my family, but what my parents are seeing and experiencing in SW Florida with the vaccine rollout is a disgrace.

Problems with getting the vaccine out were systemic and deeply rooted. They could have and should have been addressed many months ago.

NY Times inappropriately romanticizes the off-going President’s call to overthrow democracy and to install him as a dictator.

Update (6 Jan): NPR gave live updates to "Insurrection at the Capitol."

Yeah, I have absolutely zero use for “Deficit Hawks.” In order to get us through Covid, we need to spend major amounts of money.

A look at a dying Alabama mall and dying capitalism.

Good! Very glad to hear this! This means Biden can go back and make sure the Census results are accurate.

This piece reminds me of my favorite quote from Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner:

"What this President did is he represented an outsider who came in, brought in a ton of people who never would’ve been in Washington before who were not ‘qualified’ by conventional standards..."

Clearly what Trump really did was to bring in an assortment of clownish, utterly unqualified amateurs who were hopelessly out of their depth!
The scientists who were charged with developing a COVID-19 vaccine did their job with great competence. Those who have been tasked with getting it into people's arms? Ehh, not so much.

Of course they want to make mail-in voting impossible. Our voting system was designed for small towns in the early 1800s. For much of the population, it's still an adequate system. For many others, it's old and outdated. For Republicans, they like the fact that, for lots of people, it's difficult to use and reduces Democratic turn-out.

Aww! Sorry to hear this! Dawn Wells, Mary Ann On ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Was 82. Dies of COVID-19.

In 2014, when police officers were confronted by a 12-year old with a toy gun, they very, very badly overreacted, presuming that he was some really dangerous person and unloaded into young Tamir Rice, killing him. Wow! No charges for that?

With many days until he formally takes charge, it's funny, but the President-Elect appears to have already taken charge!

The President's niece, Mary Trump, commented on this. He seems to think that just because he refuses to take responsibility for getting a job done, he's somehow escaped any responsibility for it. Nuh-uh. Doesn't work like that.

"The Pleiades are composed of hot blue stars less than 100 million years old."
By comparison, the Earth is around 4.54 billions years old. 100 million years ago was Earth's Cretaceous period.

At that time our now-temperate planet was a hothouse world of dense jungle and Sahara-like desert overrun by dinosaurs.

Our VP-Elect appears to be wearing two masks, an N95 that's really proof against a lot of virus and a more fashionable black mask to go over that. Cool! Better safe than sorry!

The blogger is 100% correct here. Instead of saying "Biden accuses Trump...," the WaPo should determine whether or not the accusation is accurate. If it is (a very highly likely proposition), then just tell us what the off-going President did, adding that Biden is also saying that. Don't make the story a "he said, she said."

Even Boston, the originator of First Night in 1975, is having a virtual celebration this year. Yep, I'll be celebrating First Night in my slippers this year!

Blogger hilariously quotes right-wingers who thought the off-going President's "strategy" was brilliant.

"He had little choice. President Trump held out as long as he could to try to get a better deal..."

Actually, a smart strategy would have been to read the bill that Democrats passed back in May, to set out what he had to have and to confidentially tell his negotiators what he could live without. He might have actually gotten something done.

Heh! Yeah, that's a very good question! What the hell is "second-hand experience" of living in a communist or socialist country?!?!?!

When I gripe about “BothSides” journalism, this is what I mean. When the press treats both sides the same, when misbehavior is overlooked or “balanced,” there’s no reason to behave. Why bother to do the right thing if the press won’t call attention to that?

$#@%ing NY Times demonstrates its anti-Democratic Party bias again!

Transition not going as well as it could. Lots of Trump people putting up roadblocks at OMB and DoD.

Contains spoilers if you haven't seen WW84 yet. I agree with the main point the writer makes, that the film stands by itself without any need for knowing anything else about the DC Comics movie universe.
The one gripe I have so far is that Marvel is much better at plotting, at getting all the details right so as to make a tighter, more plausible story. And yes, there's a plot element that takes directly from Orion 13 in 2001. The comic did it better of course, but that's because they had plenty of time to develop the storyline.

Great news! The GOP has tried and failed five times to suppress the vote in Georgia! Woo hoo!

Gotta wonder what the color of the sky is in the world that these guys inhabit. The host claims that people won't spend their stimulus checks, they'll just save them. Erm, is he aware that millions of people lost their jobs because of the pandemic?!?!?!

Excellent, on-point assessment of how Trump's presidency will look in 2080 and why. Author figures the andemic and how he handled it will be the most memorable thing.

"BREAKING: Trump Signs Stimulus Bill, Well After Unemployment Benefits Expired, But Before Government Shut Down"
Thanks Heavens for extremely modest favors!

I agree with the economist here. This game-playing with people’s unemployment checks and possible government shut-down was not amusing or harmless! Millions of families, food-insecure to begin with, had interruptions in an already-stretched budget!

Agreement says they'll focus on "very substantial voter fraud."
Oh, please! The off-going President has been deeply concerned about in-person voter fraud for his entire term. Not once has he produced any evidence of any such thing! Also, a really big problem is that he tried negotiating long after the bill had to be signed!

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy:

"Nothing good happens with bills when you're up against deadlines like this," she opined. "You're saying, if you want your measly $600 of crumbs, you've got to pass all these other..."

First off, treating bills like Christmas trees that you pile more ornaments onto is a tradition that goes all the way back to the Founding. Also, Democrats passed their bill back in May, so Republican senators and the President have had since then to engage in detailed horse-trading.

"Business as usual is over," Cain said. "Donald Trump has scrambled that idea."

No actually, he hasn't. He might very well have done so, had any of his legislative strategies been successful. But they weren't. They were all crash and burn failures. Nope, "business as usual" has not been discredited in the slightest.

Yeah, when even that corrupt piece o' dung AG Barr agrees that there's nothing to the Hunter Biden "scandal" after two years of investigating, I'm pretty inclined to believe there's nothing there.

It's not just that people are getting the coronavirus, it's that hospitals are feeling severe stress.

This summary hugely overstates what the off-going President has done for the US! The Supreme Court Justices were far more due to the Republican Senate than to him, ISIS was well on the way to defeat when Trump entered office. “Mideast Peace” Whaah?!?!?! Hardly. North Korea? Nothing’s been accomplished.

The off-going, one-term President defends the $2k per person stimulus. Great! But then he adds: “Also, stop the billions of dollars in ‘pork’.” Okay, now the negotiating process will drag on forever, at the expense of the people who were getting unemployment checks! He could’ve been responsible, he could have just pressed for one thing, but no-o-o-o!!!

Trump pushes voter fraud claims despite contniued failres in courts. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I worried would happen. The off-going, one-term President is trying to create a "stab-in-the-back" theory as to why he lost. Never mind that his approval polls were consistently within 5 points of 40% throughout his term.

"Trump slams US fashion magazines for not giving Melania a single cover shoot while he has been in office"
Problem is, any article on Melania would have to be more than just pictures. She once wore a jacket that said "I really don't care." Her point, she said, was that she didn't want people to focus just on her clothes. If she had picked some subject other than online bullying (which was a subject her husband violated non-stop, kind of like if Hillary Clinton had chosen marital fidelity), which she then never bothered to really study. Wouldn't a fashion shoot have just emphasized how useless a First Lady she was?

Also, the First Lady never sat for an interview during the four years of her husband's presidency.

Hmm. Yeah, I gotta say, I'm not aware of Ivanka Trump ever having done any of this stuff. I guess my real problem is the phrase they keep using, "economic empowerment." What does that phrase even mean?

"Democrats Try and Fail to Jam $2,000 Payment Through House"
Revolting and disgusting to see such a headline from the NY Times. They're showing their partisan loyalties early, before Biden even takes office!

"Deficit Hawks" tend to be extremely short-range thinkers who don't appreciate the impact of long-range investments. Please let's ignore their "wisdom" when it comes to tackling human-caused climate change.

Yeah, Kimberly Guilfoyle is definitely the most memorable part of this year's Republican Convention!

Back in the day when capitalism was first founded (mid-1700s), the theory was that people were lazy and had to be forced to work. Given their own druthers, workers preferred to sit around doing nothing. This was an experiment started in 2015 that showed that, given the right incentives, people are very willing to work!

How people are dealing with the pandemic all over the world.

When Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, Ford went to great lengths to make it not appear to be a quid-pro-quo (That is: "I'll appoint you president if you pardon me"). It's up to the Supreme Court to decide, but the pardons of alleged co-conspirators like Papadopoulos, van der Zwaan, Flynn, Manafort, and Stone sure does look an awful lot like "You scratch my back (Help me get elected) and I'll scratch yours (pardon you)."

The Sussexes (Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and (their son) Archie) wish us all a very Merry Christmas!

Congresswomen AOC and Tlaib moved very quickly to call the off-going President's bluff (He allegedly wants everyone to get $2k as opposed to just $600). Here's hoping he was serious! People can use the extra bucks!

Pro-Trump people are getting really desperate! 138 ballots in a single drop-box I can believe. 138 thousand in one drop-box?!?! Erm, don't think so!

Trump believes he can do anything because Republican senators have told him as much.

Another Mars rover. This is pretty cool:

The rover will also deploy Ingenuity, a tiny helicopter that’s poised to become the first human-built aircraft to take flight on an alien world.

Gotta say, anyone who's favorably impressed by Senator Rand Paul should read this twitter thread and see how utterly illiterate the guy really is. About the best and most concerning case he makes is about missing drones over Afghanistan. Kind of a problem with that is that there were two disappearances during the younger George Bush's time and two during Obama's. Waste? Or just ordinary wartime losses?

Heh! Problem for the two Republican candidates in Georgia is that the President outranks the Senate Majority Leader, but Trump is only in office for less than a month, so Perdue and Loeffler are seriously torn! McConnell is supporting their run for re-election, Trump doesn't seem to really care. But the President supports the popular $2k checks while the Senate Majority Leader doesn't.

This is very, very good news! The Trump Administration has given wholly inadequate explanations as to why it "had" to rush the Census. Judge wants the completion date delayed so that an accurate count can be made.

The people on the Fox News show Outnumbered compare the off-going President's interview style to that of Biden. They like Trump's style better. But Trump lies! All. The. Time. What good does it do to have a cheerful interview if you get lied to?

Whuuh? Jupiter has that many moons?!?!

"Pennsylvania Man Charged With Registering Dead Relatives To Vote For Trump"
The easy part about using dead relatives to vote is that you know a lot about their demographics. Not so easy when there's a chance that a person you're voting in the name of shows up or has already shown up to vote.

The President could get a deal together if he cared about it. Another problem is that he's used up all of his political capital trying to overturn the election!

Good! Happy to hear that Dr. Birx will retire rather than seek a position in the Biden Administration. Her involvement with the CDC was pretty much entirely negative. Her efforts ultimately hurt the US response to the COVID-19 crisis rather than helped it.

President issues a whole set of pardons, most of them connected to his own crimes and misdeeds, or at least ideological allies of his.

This is very, very bad! The off-going President's pardons to the killers of Nisour Square is a fundamentally racist act.

Stone, Manafort and Jared's dad are the three big ones who were pardoned yesterday.
Piece contains an update on Edward Snowden.

Heh! People who worked for Trump creating a non-profit specifically for the purpose of providing employment for themselves. As Trump never created any policies, that's the only possible purpose it can serves.

So what's the essential distinction between the coup in Bolivia of about a year ago and what Trump is trying to do today? Well, basically, the coup in Bolivia had outside help by the US and the OAS. What Trump is trying to do is more of an autogolpe, or self-coup, one where he takes over his own government.

J.M. Keynes was the theorist who pointed the way out of the Great Depression. Senator Paul argues for a pre-Keynesian economics that would have left the US dirt-poor after disasters of all kinds. Paul does point out the utter hypocrisy of those who pay lip service to his ideas, so there's that.

The galaxy GN-z11 just might be the furthest away and oldest galaxy ever recorded, clocking in at a full 13.4 billion light-years away! Universe is around 13.8 billions years old. Light began around 240k to 300k years after universe began.

An economist for the trump Administration, Peter Navarro, has very energetically blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus. A major problem with doing that is that COVID-19 was already on the way well before China imposed any secrecy.

This is something that a couple of right-wing politicians have done. They were all heartily skeptical that COVID-19 was a real thing, until a vaccine became available! Then they were all like "I must set an example for my fellow citizens." $%#@ers!!!

BTW, Dr. Fauci is working as an active, in-the-field physician, so he's getting the vaccine, but he is not jumping the line.

"Newsmax And Pro-Trump Media Walk Back Voting Conspiracies After Legal Threat"
This isn't the slightest bit shocking or even surprising to liberals as it was clear to us that pro-Trump people were trying to "flood the zone" with hysterical accusations in the hopes of creating a "stab in the back" myth that they could use in future elections. Problem is, they named specific legal entities (voting machine companies) that could take legal action against them.

Good! Michigan AG Dana Nessel is seeking to hold the lawyer Sidney Powell professionally accountable for her lies about the 2020 election.

Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) issued subpoenas to HHS and the CDC for information on how the pandemic has been handled.

"Barr refutes Trump on Hunter Biden, voting machines, Russia hack"
Ehh, this is good. I'll award AG Barr a few points for this. On a scale of -10 to +10, this brings him up a few points to about -5.

This is significant because the Vatican is admitting that pregnancy choice/abortion be subject to cost-benefit analyses, the way just about every other human activity is.

The off-going President's own aides are concerned about him doing something crazy.

Also: "Trump Threatens SCOTUS with 'Disruption' If They Don't Take His Case"

Update (6 Jan):  "There was no peaceful transfer of power; Trump goaded mob into an attack on U.S. Capitol today"

The “peace deal” was actually an arms deal. The UAE was never at war with Israel anyway.

Summarizes a lot of what I’ve seen on the internet lately. Fortunately, Trump and his co-conspirators are too incompetent to effectively launch a coup, but that doesn’t mean they won’t cause a lot of damage trying.

*Sigh!* Pretty gol-durn sad that, when it comes to democracy, the US compares poorly to Iran.

Pretty good summary of what each party stands for.

I agree with her exasperation. Senate Majority Leader McConnell is trying to make it sound as though he and his party bear less than 100% of the responsibility for the hold-up in getting Covid relief to the people.

Woo hoo! Covid relief bill passed.

A Muslim observes how we Westerners celebrate Christmas.

The younger sister of “a little Hillbilly singer” Dolly Parton tells us how she feels about selfish, tight-fisted politicians and televangelists.

People wish to develop a 247-acre parcel in Arizona. Navajo Nation and others are concerned about cultural stereotypes that are planned.
Note: Native Americans of the Great Plains used teepees, but the Indigenous people of the Southwest didn’t, so the planned teepees of the development would be out of place.

Huh! Didn't know this. Not only is Space Force ripping off the comic book/movie Guardian of the Galaxy with the name of "Guardians," but that's also the name of the theocratic thugs in Handmaid's Tale.

Two pieces on the Russian cyber-attack. Yep, the off-going President is in full denial.

How a “supply chain” computer attack works.

Representative AOC is definitely one of our national treasures.

One of every 56 people in the US is now infected with the coronavirus.

It's made pretty clear here that problems with "Operation Warp Speed" (vaccines) are entirely in the Trump Administration. The attempt to say that governors merely misunderstood their directions is especially insulting.

I disagree 100% with the former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. No, very few people who served Trump were “decent people.” Very few of them deserve any sort of praise. They were generally thugs, creeps, grifters, sycophants, assholes and yes-men. Only exceptions would be people like Dr. Fauci, who politely but openly disagreed with the President or Chris Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity, who worked hard behind the scenes to secure our election. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was also honorable.

Lou Dobbs of Fox News has been airing wild, hysterical, fact-free claims about Smartmatic voting machines. After they threatened to sue, he put out a show fact-checking and correcting his earlier statements.

Dean Baquet is the Executive Editor for the NY Times. Here he proves that his reporting doesn’t come up to the level of a cub reporter fresh out of Journalism school.

Update: “Caliphate” story turning into complete cluster#$@%!

Woo hoo! The other vaccine is approved! We now have two effective and workable vaccines!

Not only has the off-going Trump Administration called a halt to proceeding the the transition to the Biden team, they're lying about it! This is concerning.

Sent on by a fellow progressive. The right-wingers idea is obviously "Live and let live." Sample statement: "I never cared that you were gay until you started shoving it down my throat." 
But the problem with ignoring the difficulties that Blacks and gays, etc., are suffering is that we aren't just all living on separate, self-sufficient islands.
Few months back, I saw a picture of the two fellows from "Brokeback Mountain" just chllin's and enjoyin' being out in the wilderness. But they were wearing city-made clothes and carrying city-made six-shooters. They were preparing cattle to be sold to the city for money that they would then spent largely in the city.

A fond, nostalgic look back at the deep, dark past of...(checks calendar) less than a year ago!

Rudy Giuliani's son gets another useless, high-paying job (his last one was to supervise...hmm...something to do with sports people).
Him and more grifters at the link.

Good! US Government response may have been crippled and incompetent (How much money do we spend on cyber-defenses?) but a big private enterprise company is filling in for it!

Huh! Amazing!

Pfizer says they have MILLIONS of unclaimed vaccines waiting to be distributed with no additional instructions on where to deliver.

Ya mean the Trump Administration has proven itself to be utterly incoompetent at a task they had months to prepare for? Nawww!

States are reporting all kinds of problems with vaccine distribution.

Of course it doesn't really help that the President appears to be more concerned with his life after the presidency than he is with his current day job.

Native American Representative Deb Haaland to head the Interior Department. Very cool! And she's a strong environmentalist!

The Bureau of Indian Affairs was initially part of the Department of the Interior and had a mission in 1849 to “Civilize or Exterminate” Representative Haaland's people. Now, she's going to run it!

Biden puts out a statement on the Solar Winds cyber-breach. Still no word from the sitting President about that. Department of Energy, the bureau that takes care of nuclear weapons, was also breached.

Heh! Senator Paul "says the quiet part out loud!" First off, when you say "[Democrats are] mailing everybody out a solicitation to vote by mail," that just means Georgia is sending everyone ballot applications. But he really gives the game away with;

"I'm very very concerned if you solicit from typically nonvoters that you will affect and change the outcome."

Again, humoring the off-going President and putting up with his wild claims that he "actually" won, is having very bad consequences.

One of the more idiotic "scandals" of the day. Really hope the Biden people are aware that the media is not their friend!

...incoming White House deputy chief of staff Jen O'Malley Dillon referred to Republicans on Capitol Hill as "f--kers."

The CDC was, in the past, a world-class disease-control organization. The damage done to it will take years to repair.

It's far from clear that Dr. Birx's behind-the-scenes rapport with the off-going President had any real effect. Kinda like saying Ivanka or Melania Trump had any appreciable influence when the cameras weren't documenting. I much prefer Dr. Fauci's style of politely, but firmly, making it clear that he disagreed with Trump. Fauci now has credibility whereas Birx has to defend herself as having been relevant.

I stopped by a mall the other day. Food court is still serving, but all the chairs and tables have been removed, so it's all just take-out. Biden's people are not going to conduct a big inaugural anyway, so they're actively urging people not to try and get to Washington DC.

Essential legal problem with the off-going, one term President using Mar-A-Lago as his home is that, for tax purposes, he earlier transformed it into club. If he were actually a welcome presence in Florida, his neighbors might see fit to let him slide on this.

Rather interesting that the off-going Secretary of Education seems to believe that she's been battling a "Deep State" for the past four years and that somehow, she's inspired her own Deep State that will now battle on behalf of her favored policies.

Ahh! The salty, bitter tears of right-wingers who still believe the off-going President was cheated out of a second term! Delicious!
Am I the slightest bit concerned about the Senate Majority Leader? Nah, this is happening because he stood by silently for six weeks. He egged them on and now he's leaving them.

Dr. Fauci and the Trump team aren't even talking to each other at this point. Don't think America is missing anything.

Yeah, this is a moronically stupid argument. All building on the wall on the border with Mexico needs to stop dead on January 20th.

Actually, spreading Russian disinformation is exactly what Senator Johnson did!

For all intents and purposes, Trump sees limited loyalty as no different from wholesale betrayal. It's a lesson Barr, Kemp, and Fox News are learning.

Back in college, I took a course in Nazi Germany. The way in which they instilled fanatical loyalty was that their demands on citizens went well beyond the reasonable. Going beyond what was necessary or reasonable was the whole point.

The House might object to the vote for Biden to be President, but Senate Majority Leader McConnell pled with senators not to insert themselves into the fight.

"Betsy DeVos Tells Education Department Staff to ‘Resist’ Biden: Report"
Yeah, I kinda get the impression that her imprint on the Department will prove to be a very shallow and temporary one. I strongly suspect everything she did will be erased within half a year.

Well, that's pretty cool! The ex-wife of the billionaire Jeff Bezos figures she doesn't need her whole alimony check, so she gives her excess money to nearly 400 organizations.

Seen comments from right-wingers lately saying (words to the effect of) "Our Glorious Leader the President cares so much for us common people, he is trying hard to Drain The Swamp!" Of course, if he really wanted to do some real swamp-draining, he'd take the side of Representative Katie Porter against the Senate Majority Leader!

In the very highly likely event that the off-going AG Barr starts receiving tongue baths and puff pieces from the media, let's please remember how really, really terrible an Attorney General he really was.

There we go! Now that Trump’s good buddy Vladimir has recognized Biden as the President-Elect, will Trump be far behind?

Hmm. Very, very interesting! Shortly after Vladimir Putin comes out and admits Biden is the President-Elect, Senate Majority Leader McConnell does the same.

This episode showed there was no “internal resistance.”
I recall kids being put in cages and staffers in the Trump White House thinking about their mortgage payments and how they had bills to pay, even though kids in cages really called for them to resign.

The truly awful curse of “BothSides!”

Woo hoo! The Electoral College has officially voted and Biden has won!
Yes, yes, that makes it several times he's won, but hey.

President-Elect Joe Biden gave a very good speech tonight after the Electoral College confirmed his landslide victory.

Kayleigh McEnany sent this from her personal account as opposed to her official Press Secretary one. To answer each of her charges: 1. The Russia investigation uncovered a very considerable amount of Obstruction of Justice, which goes to explain why it didn’t immediately kick off impeachment. Can't build a case if you've been prevented from getting evidence.
2. Nothing in the actual impeachment was ever disproven.
3. Trump’s legal team has completely and utterly failed to prove that the election was in any way “rigged.”

Passing out flyers for Philadelphia Unemployment Project.

Yup! Flat-out, straight-up, unquestionable quid pro quo! Julian Assange assisted Trump getting into office, Trump repays him!

Very cool! Critical Care Nurse among first to get vaccine!

Good! Even Donald Trump, even that guy, recognized how incredibly insensitive and tone-deaf it was to put White House staffers at the head of the line for vaccines!

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