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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Hmm. Trump campaign asks very detailed questions about voting security measures. Wonder why?

As expected, no apologies from the President from an act of terrorism carried out by followers of his (Forcing the Biden campaign bus over to the side of the road). 


Not quite as bad as the Nebraska rally where Trump people were left stranded. It was 34° then and 41° now, but yeah, it's after dark and Trump supporters don't know where the buses are.

Republicans want to throw out 100k+ votes because of the manner in which they were cast. That is, they were cast in such a way as to be safe for the voters!

Very disturbing! Trump supporters in cars try to run a Biden campaign bus off the road. Neither Biden nor Harris were on board. Campaign events for the immediate area cancelled.

Awww! Very sad to hear that actor Sean Connery has died!

President suggests doctors profit from treating COVID-19 patients. An ER doctor has some thoughts on that.

Authoritarianism vs People Power. With the complexity of modern society, climate change being a really big problem, we just can't afford authoritarianism. Humanity as a whole desperately needs for people power to win out!

Authoritarianism vs People Power and Pregnancy Choice.

Blast from the very recent past (A month and a half ago), White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that the Trump Administration would have 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine by now. Oops!

And if we had a vaccine, would it make that much difference?

The President "answers" Biden's taunts with tweets. Problem is, his accusations would sound a lot more convincing if he wasn't the incumbent! He's had 3 1/2 years to tackle these problems and in most cases, hasn't made a single inch of progress. What has he done about the outsourcing of jobs? Nothing. How has he tried to bring back auto jobs from Mexico? He hasn't.

Postmaster General DeJoy needs some prison time for this! Videp shows piles and piles of undelivered mail.

Aww! The WaPo cartoonist Tom Toles has retired? He did lots of good stuff!

Don Jr. tells Laura Ingraham that deaths from COVID-19 are way, way down. Jim Acosta points out that the number of infected persons in the US is the highest it's ever been! In the US, 30 October deaths were 1,030. 

Wow! Senate Majority Leader McConnell is an evil, evil, horribly, viciously evil person!

Yeah, this person gets all snarky and judgmental over Representative AOC wearing nice clothes for a photo shoot. Never seems to occur to the person that those clothes might be on loan.

This is completely, utterly and absolutely wrong! Many people were planning on sending in their mail-in ballots, thinking they had plenty of time. The deadline was just moved up! Absolutely inexcusable! This is far too late to make such a significant change!

The Trump campaign is trying really, really hard to sell the Hunter Biden story. Problem is, the evidence for it is so shaky and unreliable that no relisble news organization will report on it.

Ah, okay! Now I understand why Glenn Greenwald was fired from The Intercept! He based a story on the "Hunter Biden emails," a very highly dodgy set of emails of very uncertain origin that don't really prove much of anything even if we grant that they're true.

Blogger reviews photos of Hunter Biden and concludes it’s a mix of real and fake photos. Very important point, while there are no obvious photos of underage people naked and/or performing sex acts, it is highly illegal to be in possession of such photos. Your motivation for having them? No one cares.

More on the Hunter Biden story. The people here, who both work for Rupert Murdoch owned properties, wonder in a dark and suspicious way, why privately-owned media companies are refusing to run a highly (to use a British term) "dodgy" story. It's not that the story is clearly false or clearly a pack of lies, it's that it's far from clear where the "evidence" comes from.

There's a reason I always think of this guy as "grumble, gripe, %$#@ing Chuck Todd!"

I don't agree with Erick Erickson at all on this. If you're supposed to get your ballot in so that it arrives before Election Day, then there should have been a very clear and explicit warning that ballots mailed after a certain date will not be counted. You can't just make that decision informally and expect everyone to know that!

Good! Some Evangelicals are becoming less certain that Trump deserves their vote.

Really? Seriously? Is this really the message the President wants to go with in the final days of the campaign? "with 80k new COVID cases and a 940 point decline in the Dow," still pushing stuff on Hunter Biden! 

Pretty bad when a Supreme Court Justice has to be corrected by a state Secretary of State.

Update: It’s a new day when a Supreme Court Justice makes such an egregious error that he has to be publicly corrected, but it’s good to see SCJ Kavanaugh do so.

We've now learned from Bob Woodward that
Jared Kushner said “Trump was ‘getting the country back from the doctors’" as though that was a good thing. It wasn’t. It was an absolutely disastrous decision! He said in April that “I do believe that last night symbolized kind of the beginning of the comeback phase.” This was a hugely premature statement! In October, the US is still nowhere near any sort of “comeback.”

Good! Supreme Court makes good decision!

Oh, okay. We now know that Former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor was "Anonymous" who wrote an op-ed for the NY Times.

Yeah, this pretty much sums up my feelings on Miles Taylor, the new "Deep Throat" (Watergate Era whistleblower). I'm pretty "Meh" bout him.

This is very concerning. The President wants to cut off the counting of ballots at a particular time/date, knowing full well that it'll take time to do that. MoveOn is setting up several protests just in case. They've designate 400 protest sites so far. Nothing on their website yet, they're just sending out notifications now.

So the President held a rally in Nebraska. With the Trump Administration's usual, standard, piss-poor planning, thousands of MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters were out in the cold for as long as three hours before they could get back to their cars. It was a three mile walk for them to get back to their cars.  The President wanted to hold the rally right where his plane could be parked rather than in town.

Later, we learn that the VP has extensive medical safeguards to keep him safe. Regular folks who attend Trump rallies?

The American people have the right under the First Amendment to peaceably assemble, too."

You’re a Trump supporter, you’re on your own!

Sadly, the second wave of the coronavirus is in full swing in Europe.

Good! Richmond VA removes a statue of Robert E. Lee. Not a complete solution to racial problems, but a good beginning!

Hmm, could be a problem. A heavy iron and nickel asteroid about 1000 feet at it’s longest, has a 1 in 150k chance of hitting Earth in 2068.

Even though voting in Wisconsin has been made more difficult, not by voters but by the Trump-appointed Postmaster General, the Supreme Court has ruled that the postmark date on a ballot is meaningless. It must get there bu Election Day. Basically, the USPS would get a veto over the right to vote by just monkey-wrenching delivery times.

Speaker Pelosi tends not to get too far ahead of her caucus. She doesn’t do “vanguard” politics, where she stakes out a far-left position and persuades her followers into joining her. If she’s frankly saying that judicial reform to compensate for Republican court-packing is on the table, then Republicans could see all of their efforts over the past decade evaporate.

Neil deGrasse Tyson surveyed his Twitter followers and found his audience is young and well-traveled and interestingly, they skew heavily towards being liberal.

One fourth of you identify as politically Centrist with more than half identifying as Liberal. So the Conservative voices that arise in my threads, though ardent, are a small minority of all followers.”

Erm, has Ivanka Trump ever, y'know, met Donald Trump? Does she have the vaguest clue as to what he stands for? Since when has her daddy ever engaged in “respectful debate”?

Right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro is shocked! Shocked, I tell you! The new Supreme Court Justice wears a skirt. For some baffling, strange reason, feminists aren't supporting her! Very, very strange!I recall that just before the 2008 election, Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was complaining that hey, she wore a skirt! Why weren't feminists supporting her?

Fellow here proclaims that "Elections should happen on Election Day, and at no other time" which was a great idea before the mid-1800s. I understand that our election system was built for small towns in the late 1700s up until the Civil War, but even though the model still works for many of us, the model has become increasingly irrelevant and actually harmful to getting the full votes of all citizens!

*Sigh!* We are not "rounding the turn," there will be no noticeable change on November 4th.
And what the %$#@ does "99.9%" even mean?!?!?!

Wow! This is completely insane!!! The Trump Administration declared the pandemic "over." No. Not even close. In fact, the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations have reached a third peak, higher than the previous two!

Very angry and depressed to be passing this on, but he's right. If you haven't returned your ballot yet, vote in person. It's too late to be trusting the USPS to get it there on time.

Yes, it would be nice to get therapies and vaccines and even a cure for COVID-19, but non-wealthy, non-technologically advanced countries have correctly recognized that they didn't need to sit around and wait for such things. They took action and saved lives.

The President chose an incompetent ideologue to be his White House Chief of Staff and now that decision's come back to bite him in the ass.

This, I feel, is the way to deal with what lawyers call a “hostile witness!” The host Chris Cuomo takes the time to deal with the other guy’s points one by one and clearly knows the details so he can “bring the receipts!”

Senate is now adjourned until after the election. Meaning they were never serious about passing Covid relief.

D'oh! The "handler" (Putin) contradicts his "asset" (Trump)! Even Putin got tired of the Hunter Biden "scandal."

The President's son-in-law demonstrates why the diplomatic successes of the Trump Administration have been so few and far between. When you begin by heaping blame on the other side and by not taking any responsibility for your own side, negotiations have a tendency to go nowhere.

After the President walked out early from his
"60 Mnutes" interview, Press Secretary McEnany presented the interviewer Lesley Stahl with what she claimed was the Trump Administration's health care plan It was no such thing. The heavy volume contained Executive Orders and Congressional proposals, but no health care plan

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. Senate Majority Leader claims:

“A lot of what we’ve done over the last four years will be undone sooner or later by the next election. They won’t be able to do much about this for a long time to come.”

We'll see about that.

Yes, wind turbines are deadly to birds. About 300k die from them annually. But, cats kill about three billion birds! Also, we're developing technology to make turbines safer. Birds can see the turbines, but aren't quite aware that turbines are dangerous, which is why birds running into cell phone and radio towers kills about 6.8 million of them annually.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sums up what Democrats are all about these days.

We’re fighting for American lives and freedoms.
The right to affordable health care.
To make your own private medical decisions.
To join a union.
To vote without impediments.
To love.
We will not stop fighting.

Problem with shortages of critical needs like insulin is: Does it cause unnecessary death and injury to Iranians? Of course. Will it result in policy changes on either side? Nah. Iran won't surrender and the Trump Administration will stubbornly and blindly continue a vicious, deadly policy.

This is very, very good news! The commenter points out that Fox News has already devoted 30 hours of coverage to the Hunter Biden "scandal" and...yep. No one's picking up on it.

The Trump Administration thinks therapeutics and vaccines are the answer. In the meantime, South Korea got their first Covid cases when the US did and as of 26 October, they've had fewer than 500 deaths. On just one day, 28 October, the US suffered 1,044 deaths. This is failure by any conceivable definition.

I've never favored the idea of term limits for legislators or governors, but as Supreme Court appointments have gotten more contentious and younger candidates get appointed, I like the idea of term limits there.

Olivia Troye quotes Jared Kushner:

“Cuomo didn’t pound the phones hard enough to get PPE for his state..."

Why in the $#@% should governors have to "pound the phones" to get what the US should have supplied for them?!?!?! PPE was a 50-state need! All of the states needed it! We should have had a national program to produce the supplies we needed!!!

Truly amazing to go through both of these messages. In the first, we have a chart that shows empirically that wearing masks will lower your risk of catching the Covid. Period. No two ways about it. In the comment is a really horrifying message about how the President's team is going to rely on therapeutics and vaccines, all of which are far off in the future and very expensive. They're determined to sacrifice a short-term, highly certain and proven answer for a vague and fuzzy, far-off answer!

Again, the President shows, nearly four years into the job, that he simply cannot do the job with any degree of competence. He makes a comment that practically starts a war in Northern Africa. 

President slanders health care workers.

What’s absolutely amazing is that Dr. Fauci’s statement, thinking that, y'know, maybe masks should be mandatory, is considered the slightest bit controversial.

Worms frozen in ice are living after being thawed out. They're 32k and 41.7k years old.

Two-minute video on family separation policy.
Please note here that the President was asked about this, he had plenty of time to think about his answer and all he could come up with was to point out how clean the prisons were.

I agree. My reaction may make me a humorless old grouch, but Mike Huckabee, in his description of how he voted multiple times under different guises, isn't being funny in the slightest.

Good piece! And yes, I agree with her. I refer to her as "Representative AOC" rather than just AOC as the AOC simply refers to her name and doesn't include her official title.

From a Republican consultant who's part of the Lincoln Project:

But I never feared for the country if the Democrats won.
This year, for the first time in my life, I’m helping out the other side, because I very much do fear for the country under an even more unrestrained Donald Trump.

Case in point: "Trump Campaign Chief Calls US Rep. Ilhan Omar 'Dangerous'"

Hospitals are short of drugs and personnel to deal with the pandemic.

The Justice Department is still having a really hard time showing that Michael Flynn is innocent!

I agree with this. Where news is published, by which outlet, is important, but that’s not the determinant of whether it’s credible or not.

Last month, it was announced that there was evidence of life on Venus. Scientists weigh in on whether life really does exist there.

Interesting contrast between what the Attorney General thinks Antifa is doing and what the Boogaloo Bois are actually doing! A big "tell" is that the AG refers to "Antifa-like tactics." There are no such tactics as Antifa isn't a violent group or even a violent set of groups.

The President has been promising for years that his "great, new" healthcare plan is just around the corner.

MSNBC's Joy Reid gets pretty heated about the 1994 Crime Bill. Biden saw it and sees it as a public policy issue. Trump just sees it as PR. Biden is willing to go back and change things. Trump just wants to use it as a stick to hit Biden with.

Again, there’s simply no question on the biggest issue of all, climate change, which candidate is better.

This debate answer shows a compete and total lack of understanding of public policy. People can be locked up for lengthy periods, they can get really bad cases of cabin fever, but they can recover from that. You can’t recover from being dead. To correct his figures, it's true that 97% of people recover from coronavirus. 3% of them die. About 20% suffer serious complications

Megyn Kelly wants to know if COVID-19 is Trump's fault.

1. The coronavirus is a natural disaster, like a flood or a hurricane. no one started it, not China and not the President.

2. Would it have come to the US under a different leader? Of course. As Trump points out, it's worldwide.

3. Did the US death rate have to be as high as it is? No. Vietnam and Germany, among many others, have had a far lower number of deaths. that's what he's responsible for!

Date of Kelly's question: 23 October,
US suffered 6,555 deaths just on the 23rd.  Vietnam lost 35 total.
Germany lost 10,090 total. 

I find the President's whole "strategy" on handling COVID-19 to be quite murky. We allegedly can't "live in the basement," but that's how other countries have had such a low death rates. The very worst possible outcome is to die! His "strategy" means lots and lots of death!

By "media blackout," I presume Dinesh D'Souza is talking about the NY Post Hunter Biden story. As the British would say, it's a very "dodgy" story, full of holes that need explaining. Many folks are convinced it's a Russian influence operation.

I understand people don't like to speak ill of the dead, but we might,, before Limbaugh actually passes away, talk about how vile and destructive he was, how full of hate and viciousness and how he contributed to the pandemic by downplaying it. And yes, I still consider him partially responsible for encouraging Timothy McVeigh to conduct the Oklahoma City bombing.

Gotta wonder about where the President gets his scientific information:

Moments later, Trump added, in reference to mask-wearing to stop the spread of the virus, that he doesn't have a problem with masks, but "some people don't like it scientifically."

Woo hoo! The landing on the asteroid was successful!
The asteroid is about as wide as the Empire State Building is tall.
Context: Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun, Mars is 133 million miles, the asteroid Bennu is at 105 million miles.

The problem with being run by a dictator, part zillion and infinity! President's people have to walk back a hasty and ill-considered tweet.

Autocracies and theocracies have a really hard time dealing with epidemics as dealing with an epidemic/pandemic requires respect for science and a free flow of information.

"Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by the Trump administration"
Alledgedly, supposedly, theoretically, QAnon cares very deeply about keeping children safe from pedophiles, sex trafficking, etc. Will they care about these children?
Update (28 Oct): There's a “Save The Children" subgroup within QAnon, but it's not clear that they're doing much of anything about migrant children in particular.

Totally and absolutely unacceptable! A Miami police officer wears a mask with the name of the President on it.

Of course Matt Schlapp, who works in the White House, backs the officer up.

But the Police Department of Miami does not.
(20 Oct)

How much of a "pathological liar" is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff? Well, Schiff made a large number of accusations during the House impeachment inquiry. Republicans had blocks of uninterrupted time (some blocks as long as 45 minutes) and the Republican-led Senate had the option of holding a trial for the President. Nowhere did the GOP present evidence that Schiff had ever told anything but the truth.

This is a very, very old argument!

Tiffany Trump says her dad can't be a bigot because her 'best friends are gay'

It used to be used to refer to Black people. "Some of my best friends are negroes" racists would exclaim. What it means is that bigots like her daddy "promote" their gay friends to "honorary straight" status.

"...illegal extremist Israeli squatter settlers..." hack, burn and destroy Palestinian olive trees.

Y'know, if I were a Republican, I'd be very deeply concerned that my President was really falling off the deep end. Trump is very upset that news media isn't taking what's obviously a Russian influence operation as objective and trustworthy news.

We're number 1!
Not in any sort of good way, of course.
Brazil and India are the only two other countries where the COVID-19 death toll is above 100k.
US - 220k, Brazil - 154k, India - 114.6k. 

Blogger figures the most likely route to getting Hunter Biden's emails was his smartphone. Can we trust anything that was obtained in the resulting pile of documents? No. It very likely contains lots of other material that were added later.

Hmm. Yup! Sure sounds like Sudan has agreed to pay the US and in return, they'll get removed from the terrorist list.

This piece was printed in our local paper today. It talks a great deal about the economy and how great the President has been for it. The problem with this thesis is...why? Nowhere in the piece does the author explain which specific policies led to this great improvement. My own hunch, of course, is that Trump simply inherited a good economy from the last president.
The piece also discusses lockdows vs a freer economy with bars, restaurants and concert halls being opened up. How are people supposed to improve the economoy if they're dead?!?!?! BTW, Sweden is abandoning its looser approach because it just isn't working.

Yet that Coen Brothers crew of Rudy/Bannon/etc are crowing that they have a ton more...

Yeah, I agree that if they've got any further October Surprises, it's too late. Between early voting and voting by mail, they can't possibly do anything that will "move the needle" enough in time.

And if there are "hidden Trump supporters," why don't they show up in money contributions to the Trump campaign?

Hadn't heard about this part of the Senator Cornyn interview. I've paid intermittent attention to trade policy under Trump, but never got the impression that things were going all that well.

Sigh! Dr. Anthony Fauci, our chief epidemiological expert and we’re right now in the middle of a pandemic, has his life threatened and so has to do his runs with bodyguards.

States that got slammed with the coronavirus early are doing better than the states that said they had nothing to worry about and so didn't have to take precautions 'cause, y'know, COVID-19 was a "Blue state problem."

The arms embargo on Iran that was negotiated by the Obama Administration expires today. Russia can now legally sell Iran an S-400 air defense system. US can still apply unilateral sanctions, but can’t get any other nations to join in. If nothing else, we’ll see increased military cooperation between Russia and Iran. The two countries have a mutual problem with Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Update (16 Nov): Russia has brokered a truce that has left Azerbaijan happy, but Armenia infuriated

Yep! Noor Bin Ladin finds it harder to be a Trump supporter than to bet he niece of Osama bin Laden!

WTAF?!?!?! It’s far from clear that the President played any meaningful role in the arrest of people who wanted to kidnap and execute Governor Whitmer. His words and actions and those of his people have been hostile, full stop.

Yeah, very interesting how NY Times does a story on Hillary Clinton being unpopular in 2016 without once acknowledging their own role in making her unpopular by harping on "Her Emails."

An official under Governor Whitmer of Michigan wants to discuss the violent extremist in that state. The head of the RNC wanted to discuss "court packing," the desire of Democrats to compensate for the judges put into courts over the past several years on party-line votes.

This is really quite sad. Lara Trump (Wife of second son Eric) insists she's not trying to diagnose Biden from afar. But very clearly, that's exactly what she's doing! Good for Jake Tapper for cutting her off!

How insane is QAnon? JFK Jr., who perished in an airplane crash 21 years ago, is believed to be alive!

Not good. Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the Southern part of what used to be Russia’s Caucasus region and bordering on Iran, are fighting and the conflict is spilling over into Iranian territory.

Where did the President’s bizarre statement on mask-wearing and catching the coronavirus come from? Misinterpretations, sloppiness and a feedback loop.

Woo hoo! USPS agrees to reverse destructive "reforms" that Postmaster DeJoy put into place.

Charles Pierce, whose comment follows Scott Walker's, is correct. Any Republican who ignores the year-long refusal of the Senate to do its job and that then refused to confirm Merrick Garland is doing nothing more than shedding crocodile tears when they speak of balance on the Supreme Court.

The Pesident says that if he doesn't win Florida, he'll fire the governor. Do you think he's kidding? I don't think he's kidding. I think he's absolutely dead serious. Keep in mind that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been especially sycophantic toward the President, permitting widespread deaths from COVID-19. Florida has over a quarter of a million infections and almost 16k deaths out of a population of over 21 million.

The war on Yemen by Saudi Arabia is in its fifth year.

A third of Yemen’s infrastructure has been destroyed, mostly by Saudi and UAE air strikes, and over 100,000 have been killed.

Good! Rudy Giuliani had set it up to be the big “October surprise” that was going to upend the race. Actually worked like one of those exploding cigars you see in cartoons all the time.

Looking into the “scandal” of the emails of the Biden sons. Seriously, does anyone believe these fellows are going to use some computer repair guy out in town? They’re not going to have enough technology in their organizations to have their own in-house repair shop?

Mainstream Media (Bloomberg) confirms lefty blog conspiracy theory that Republican senators, as a group, are uninterested in spending anything to help the economy because that would make it harder for them to adopt their usual austerity stance after Biden (as expected) takes office.

Good! The head of the Census Bureau, Wilbur Ross, appears to be determined to go out honorably! Census data will be released to the President and the public at the same time.

My essay on why the President does not deserve a second term! Do I hate him? Not as much as I think he's incompetent and can't do the job.

Very good point! When the President leaves his usual cocoon of sycophantic yes-men and ventures into more real-world programming, people are astonished "OMG! Where do you get this crazy information?"

I think Biden has the better long-range plan for America and frankly, the world.

On the second Biden-Trump debate. The two candidates did separate TV appearances.

Gee. Modest expectations much?

He didn’t spend the whole time yelling, he didn’t piss himself… so this was as best as we could have hoped for.

Joe Biden drew about a million more viewers than Trump did, 14.1 as opposed to 13.1. Piece also looks at Nazis and social media.

Good point! “You Don’t Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism"

Still more news on the unbelievable toughness of tardigrades.

North Korea has run circles around the amateur President. After his term ends (Hope, hope, hope! Knock wood!), we'll look back on his relations with NK and declare it to be a total failure.

As Abraham Lincoln said in his re-election campaign "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream." Unfortunately, that's exactly what the Trump Administration did with data from the CDC! They introduced unnecessary and confusing reforms, trying to fix a system that was delivering reasonably satisfactory results.

Washington Times:

Protest leaders have said the marchers were peaceful and did not threaten the couple.

How do we know the protest leaders are correct? The complete lack of news concerning damage to anybody else's property! No one's property in the neighborhood suffered any damage, meaning had the McCloskey's remained inside or had they simply watched quietly from their porch, then no damage of any sort would have been done. They overreacted.

So the great unmasking "scandal" ends with a whimper and, in fact, a great deal of secrecy. There was simply no "there" there.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett explains originalism:

“I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it. That meaning doesn't change over time…”

But meanings do change over time! The phrase “all men are created equal” means something different today. “Equal” hasn’t changed, but “men” most certainly has. It no longer refers to just white men who are landowners.

Good piece on what a complete crock the whole theory of "originalism" is. I was unimpressed by it when I first heard of it an have never seen it as anything other than a rhetorical stick that conservatives use to whack liberals with.

Yeah, sheer numbers of answers to media questions doesn't mean anything when the President just makes up "answers" off the top of his head!

If Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett would not carry out Republican plans to tear apart the Affordable Care Act because she's a mom and that would be immoral, doesn't that say something about those plans that the whole Republican Party supports?

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