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Ray Torres is the director of the short film

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The film is available for groups to show. Contact Ray at 215 753 9022


Pampered Chef cooking supplies and treats.

My own "man-style" recipes (Very straightforward and easy to prepare).

I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

Brief history of PRAWN

PRAWN's mission is to:
  • Network groups, organizations, and individuals to stop the repression caused by "never ending wars" at home and abroad, by the US corporate military state
  • Support organizations having common ground
  • Educate and activate the general public

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will CONTINUE to be held at
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration
Tuesday evenings, 6:00 to (at least) 6:45 PM
6900 Stenton Ave. (Stenton at Gorgas Lane), Phila 19150

Bubbies & Zaydes (Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East - Peace Vigil

Held at the corner of 19th & JFK Boulevard

1st & 3rd Fridays of each month - all are invited to attend



Drone Free Horsham

Next protest: 26 December, 12:00noon to 2:00pm

North corner of Horsham Air Base
Intersection of Easton Road & W. County Line Road

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YouTube - Living Under Drones

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Senate Intelligence Committtee Torture Report

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Anti-Drone Protest at Horsham Air Base.

climate march

Climate March NYC / Comments from reporter Naomi Klein. / The significance of the march

Rally for Michael Brown

rally for gaza

Rally for Gaza


Gay Pride Parade - Vets For Peace and FUMCOG contingents


May Day 2014


Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett arranges to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

drone protest

Anti-drones protest

group photo

Syria strike protest

Horsham Air Base

Protest at Horsham Air Base about proposed Drone Command Center

Anonymous protests

Last (?) Protest on behalf of Pfc. Bradley Manning

gay pride parade

The 2013 Philly Gay Pride Parade

Brad Manning demo

Demonstration on behalf of Bradley Manning, whose court-martial begins next Monday.


May Day USA 2013
May Day 2013
Horsham Air Base drone protest
Protesting drones at Horsham Air Base
Sandy Hook Vigil
Vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School
Visual essay on event and on the gun control issue

near Liberty Bell

National Gathering Facebook page
Live-blog of National Gathering

in front of school board
Rally at the School Board to defeat the Knudsen Plan

May Day Rally
Also, same problems that apply to privatized schools apply to prisons as well.

Decarcerate PA
march & rally story

bellringer with vigilers in background
The "Final Friday" vigil concludes

Dilworth Plaza

Occupation of Dilworth Plaza, Philadelphia

Protesting War in Libya

Declare Peace
Declare Peace & protest of interception of Boat to Gaza

Mt Airy Day
Mt Airy Day 2011


Philadelphia's Take Back The Night annual march and testimony

two groups
UNAC opposed to the wars abroad

Lafayette Park
Noting the beginning of the 8th year of the Iraq War. Also, protest of how Pfc. Bradley Manning is being treated.

At Love Park
Two protests in support of the citizens, workers and unions of Wisconsin.
MSB Plaza     Love Park

rally for Egypt
In support of the Egyptian people against their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Update on situation. Videos of another protest shortly afterwards.

Vets protest

Veteran-Led Civil Resistance to U.S. Wars
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March & Rally to End the Wars

Protesting Islamophobia at Temple U.

around reflecting pool
One Nation Rally Washington DC Oct 2010

Don't [eff] with our activists!
Protesting FBI intimidation of peace activists. Pieces on PhillyAgainstWar blog 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.

ship to gaza
Fundraiser for US Ship to Gaza

Gay Pride Parade
Philadelphia's second annual Gay Pride Parade

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Heh! Good idea, make gun purchasers leap through same hoops that women seeking abortions have to go through.

Reports like this make me wonder if humanity will survive until 2100.

Ooooh Noooooes! "Prayer-shaming!" because Republicans offered "prayes and sympathy" in response to a mass shooting. No, the "shaming" was over the fact that prayers were all the GOP offered. Democrats were offering actual solutions.

Reactions to latest mass shooting. Cnn says that "a holiday party with about 80 guests had been underway in sdan Bernardino, CA, when two people armed with semiautomatic rifles and pistols walked in and sprayed the crowd with scores of bullets. Fourteen people died and 21 more were wounded. The names of the dead were released Thursday." Very interesting to see distinction in reaction by political party. Any evidence that the attack was a planned or oranized one? Any evidence of Daesh (ISIS) involvement? No. And, uh, no. Just because the shooters were American does not mean they weren't terrorists.

So Turkey appears to be directly supporting Daesh (ISIS) by purchasing their oil. And people wonder why I so strongly support changing from an oil-based economy to one of wind and solar.

Blogger goes through several ways in which his family saves on water without it impacting their standard of living. It's not at all difficult to cut down on excess water usage. We were concerned about that in the Navy, too. A ship on a voyage can only make so much fresh water, so low-flow appliances are good to have.


Retailers who insisted that employees work during Thanksgiving experience disappointing sales.

The sheer and utter dishonesty of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on global warming is astonishing in its brazenness.

Did David Daleiden deliberately, consciously, with malice and forethought, intend for his highly edited videos of Planned Parenthood persons, for people at PP to be murdered? As the NY Daily News makes clear, this is hardly the beginning of the turmoil that the deceptively-edited videos have released. Daleiden should have expressed remorse quite some time ago. So, out of the three people that were killed in Colorado Springs in a Planned Parenthood clinic, the three of them, between them, had six children. Way to go, anti-choicers! Way to support that "pro-life" message!

Right-wingers say that Donald Trump's statements concerning "thousands and thousands of people cheering" the fall of the WTC were verified by a 17 November 2001 interview by high school senior Emily Acevedo. Acevedo is located by MTV and re-interviewed. Nope. What she saw was yer standard, basic gang violence that very clearly had nothing to do with anything outside the Paterson, NJ neighborhood.

Three dead people at the Planned Parenthood office after the terrorist act by the lone white male shooter. Is there any sort of bright side? Why, to the anti-choicers, of course there is!

Heh! Jeb makes a funny. "Echoing his brother, Bush added that, at least in his mind, there’s 'a difference between enhanced interrogation techniques and torture.'”
I would like to assure Jeb that the distinction between enhanced interroation and torture is entirely imaginary>. In real life, there's no meaningful distinction.

The Blackfeet tribe received great news when the Obama Administration announced its plans to cancel an illegal oil drilling lease on their sacred land, called the Badger-Two Medicine area, near Glacier National Park in Montana.
Thirty years ago this sacred land was illegally leased for oil and gas development. Since then the Blackfeet tribe have built an active movement fueled by the collective outrage over the oil industry’s demands to drill such a treasured landscape. For more than 10,000 years this land has provided strength, subsistence and cultural identity for the Blackfeet, and today’s government action offers hope that future generations will be inspired by its beauty.

Agree wholeheartedly! Trump's indifference to someone getting beaten up in his presence makes him nothing less than Nazi-like. The fact that Republicans seem to be okay with it is doubly disturbing. Good to see that traditional media outlets are finally following the lead of the bloggers, who had Trump correctly pegged from the start.

It's very painful for me to say this, the words are sticking in my throat as I speak them, but Bill O'Reilly is absolutely correct. Yes, Donald Trump is responsible for what he says. A Captain can take advice from a Seaman, but the if the advice is stupid, then the Captain should know better than to take it. Rep. Michele Bachmann was stupid to take the word of some completely anonymous, non-expert lady that vaccines were harmful. Yes, the lady was obviously sincere, but it was Bachmann's responsibility to check out the lady's story and to not just go blabbing it out all over the place without checking it with people who, y'know, actually knew what they were talking about. Trump is 100% responsible for everything that goes out under his name!

Cool updates on Comet 67/P.

Hmm, I said I thought Trump tells us what he thinks is the truth, but his statement on Arabs in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center could possibly be a hazy recollection (A few Arabs on TV celebrated, but they were on the West Bank, in Palestinian territory) but more likely is a deliberate rile-up-the-yokels lie.

Kind of an interesting piece on Dr. Ben Carson. He apparently wasn't aware of police just coming up and shooting black people. I don't think he's lying about that, just that he lives in a very comfortable right-wing bubble of news and information. Of course, it doesn't help when he dismisses Black Lives Matter as silly and inconsequential. He bears a great deal of the blame for his lack of knowledge

Good heavens! People are actually passing around the video here as some sort of warning/lesson about toddler jihadis.

I've been saying for years that if we switch from carbon-based fossil fuels and use wind and solar, etc., instead, That we'd benefit economically. Well, here's the proof! This study estimates that, after we lose all of the fossil fuel-based jobs, we'd gain a million new jobs by 2030 and another million by 2050.

One of the problems with the Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign to replace Senator Mitch McConnell was precisely her failure to inform Kentuckians that Kynect and Obamacare are one and the same. In this case, both the Democratic candidate and Kentucky's right-wing media failed to inform citizens properly that, by voting for the Republican candidate for governor, they'd be signing a death warrant for Kynect.

Does electronic surveillance work to prevent attacks such as happened in Paris last Friday? Well, keep in mind that France's surveillance is much less restrained than it is in the US, so it's actually far from clear that more surveillance would have been any more effective. Also, hey, how's that ol' terrorist watchlist? Y'know, that thing that prevents people from getting onto airplanes? What good is it doing us? Wel-l-l-l, not a whole lot. Problem is, it has hundreds of thousands of names and the criteria for putting someone on it are so fuzzy (See Philip K. Dick's Minority Report and "pre-crime") that no one ever uses it. So, basically, it's just a huge use of computer resources to accomplish nothing.

Why does Daesh (ISIS) exist? Nothing terribly complicated about it.

France decides to express its feelings about the attack in Paris!

Daily Kos wondered aloud why on Earth anybody in the Democratic leadership thought people would watch a debate on Saturday night and, sure enough, it's apparent no one on my FB feed did. Neither did I, but according to TPM here, it was a very solid, substantive debate where everybody got their facts right and delved into serious issues.

Secretary of State Kerry proposes plan for Syria.

And yes, the Muslims of the world would prefer that we not think of the attackers in Paris as "Muslims," but as "Daesh" (IS, ISIS, ISIL), becaus it was a highly specific group that did this. Also, there's a great deal that can be done to dry up Daesh's finances.

The attack on Paris, an awful tragedy that should be commented on, memorialized and honored by the US or something that happens every day in other parts of the world? Obviously, it's both. Yes, Iraq & Syria suffer similar attacks all the time, but Iraqis and Syrians are no less human and no less deserving of being honored and memorialized. The attack brought to mind Mr. Rogers' advice, to “Look for the helpers,” there are always people trying to help and to mitigate and/or repair the damage. It also brought to mind the blogger Juan Cole's observation that even during the worst days of Lebanon's civil war, people still went to the beach. Then and during Iraq's civil war/insurgency during 2006 and 2007, when the violence reached a horrible peak, people continued to try and carry on a more-or-less normal existence.
Yes, the attack on Paris was awful and yes, the attacks elsewhere are equally horrible. The best we can all do is to carry on and try to do the best we all can.

Very happy ending to the child custody case where a judge decided that two lesbian parents were unfit to raise a child. After lots and lots of pushback, the judge realized that nobody supported him and backed down.

As a Republica economist says, the GOP has a real "data problem." Their economic predictions never seem to work out while Democratic policies appear to be quite successful, and this is on a per-year basis going all the way back to Jimmy Carter. They showed during their latest debate they had no answer for this.

Pretty laughable to see what people come up with as constituting some sort of "scandal." A woman mentioned by Obama as a girlfriend in his book was actually a composite character. We've never seen Obama's grades from Yale. Bill Ayers was a late catch in the campaign (Obama said he knew and worked with the fellow, but didn't know anything about Ayers' notorious past). I mean, seven years into the guy's term and is THIS all you've got?!?!?!?

Falsehoods from Republican candidates are quite serious and deserve real and sustained attention. It doesn't help when the NY Times plays the "both sides do it" game by stre-e-e-etching to include Hillary Clinton highly controversial "falsehoods" just to appear to be fair.

Hard to believe that someone could be this completely stupid and yes, I mean both Art Laffer for sounding like a moron and the interviewer for treating his words as though they were meaningful or backed up with any sort of evidence.

Now, keep in mind that this video, taken by a citizen (I do notice the police are making no attempt to stop the filmer, which is indeed a good thing!), is being featured by a foreign TV station and is thereby going out all over the world. What does a foreign citizen see? A swarm of police, brutally arresting people who were caught *gasp* jaywalking! Is this really the image of America that we want to see broadcast all over the world?!?!?!

Dr. Ben Carson says it doesn't matter that he's not an expert because he'll have good advisers. I have a major problem with that assurance here because G.W. Bush said exactly the same thing. Obama, OTOH, was one of the few senators who put in long hours at committee hearings, precisely so he could understand the issues. Seeing how the two administrations turned out, I much prefer a president who deeply understands the issues because that also means he'll understand the good from the bad advisers.

Yeah, this is pretty much my attitude, “Poppy Bush tells the truth, many years too late to matter.” It's great that the elder George Bush is speaking out, but it would have been far better had he done so about 15 years earlier. At this point, big whoop.

Very cool! President Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline!

Now granted, when Senator Marco Rubio charged $10,000 for a family reunion to the Republican Party, he was getting an interest-free loan with no deadline to pay it back, not from taxpayers, but from Republican Party donors. But his comparison of his situation to Donald Trump's bankruptcies is an apples and oranges comparison. Trump was guilty of, at worst, poor business judgement, Rubio is guilty of corruption.

NPR ombudsman agrees that, as, y'know, the story on ExxonMobil concerns the survival of the human race that, y'know, maybe we ought to cover it (Exxon knew climate change was a real and serious problem back in the 70s and chose instead to cover it up).

Heh! Senator Barrasso is very, very gloomy about the future of the ACA, which he feels is about to collapse at any moment. "A year and a half ago, the Wyoming lawmaker was identified as the leader of a Senate 'working group' responsible for crafting a Republican alternative to the ACA. Here’s a question to ponder: which do you suppose will come first, the release of the Republican health-care reform plan, which has been in the works for over six years, or the 'collapse' of the Affordable Care Act?"

Silly piece on how Carly Fiorina is “redefining feminism,” if you of course completely ignore the fact that she's not nearly influential enough in feminist circles to redefine anything. Whatever she's “redefining,” it isn't feminism.

Ahmed Chalabi's dead. He certainly will not be missed, but I disagree with the suggestion that, without Chalabi, the invasion of Iraq would not have occurred. Bush came into office wanting to invade. Chalabi provided, at best, a little extra push. 

As is the case with in-person voter fraud (where having an ID card to vote would be necessary), the "evils" of Planned Parenthood as "revealed" by highly edited and misleading video tapes is largely nonexistent. Alabama tries to build a case against PP built on lies and gets smacked down.

Yeesh! Call the wa-a-ahhmbulance! Republicans sure have been whining and bawling about the CNBC debate. As Smerconish says, the debate was pretty much identical to what Fox News asks. It's great politics to bash the media, Carly Fiorina uses bashing to avoid answering questions to very good effect. Good for her, anyway, not so good for voters seeking information. History of right-wing misinformation, the latest GOP debate and how they don't dare allow any light in. Jeb Bush scolds Democrats in his new stump speech: "Frankly, the last thing they want is a Republican challenger who takes them out of their comfort zone of forced indignation and PC platitudes." Actually, the same blogger reproduced the questions from the Democratic debate. See if you can identify Democrats as people in a comfort zone who exchange platitudes. And Obama smacks them for being a bunch of whiners.


So what were the exciting new developments from the latest data dump of 7,000 of Clinton's old emails? Hmm well, Blumenthal called Boehner a drunk...and...well yeah, that's about it.

The conventional wisdom is frequently wrong. In this case, the CW is that Jeb is toast. Is the CW wrong this time? Ehh, probably not. It might be completely correct this time.

Unfortunately, this is a common enough problem that there's a term for it. It's called "mission creep." Police were put into schools in response to school shootings and slowly developed into a disciplinary force. People find too many uses for something they happen to have on hand anyway.

The Democratic Third Way group thinks fairness is overrated. Actually, fairness is the key to winning electoral victories for Democrats.

Wow! And I don't mean that in a good way. Carly Fiorina opposes the Fair Labor Standards Act (passed in 1938 and established the minimum wae and maximum hours per week). She doesn't just want to go back to the 1950s, she wants to go back to at least the Great Depression, pre-FDR era. Y'know, there's a reason that we consider Franklin D. Roosevelt to be one of America's great heroes.

Governor Bobby Jindal is absolutely convinced that his economic stewardship has been great for Louisiana. Actually, Louisiana is in horrible economic shape, thanks to Jindal's massively incompetent stewardship.

Kind of disturbing that the science deniers subpoenaed documents that scientists were freely handing over anyway. They seem to be determined to detect some sort of scandal here. For a long time, people who don't believe in global warming have claimed that the warming was pausing, government wrote a paper saying "No, it really isn't" and so now they're investigating the government.

So Trey Gowdy, who runs the Benghazi Committee, says he preferred the closed-door questionings of targets of the probe. How did the Democrats feel about the other closed-door meetings that took place earlier? Mmm, yeah, they didn't like them so much, describing the information coming from the other side "as a series of 'selective leaks of inaccurate and incomplete information' amounting to a political assault.

There are reporters who consider Paul Ryan a budget wonk. Unfortunately, they don't have the vaguest clue as to what they're talking about.

This piece paints a very disturbing picture, especially in the very last paragraph, of a political movement that really doesn't believe in the right to vote. Problem is, in the 1930s, people seriously argued that dictatorships were more efficient than democracies, but the US proved that democracies get "buy-in" on decisions and that people step up and "own" decisions more if they feel they took part in making them.

Collection of social media clips on the effects of monster storm Hurricane Patricia. Wind speed was 322 km/h, that's enough to get an airplane up into the air. Good to hear that damage was less than expected.

Example A on why nepotism is a very bad thing. Yeah, Tim Russert was a highly respected journalist. His son? Ehhh, not so much and for good reason. Seriously, Li'l Luke should never have been promoted up to any sort of media job and should have gone into some field where has talents (whatever they might be) would actually be appreciated.

Every now and then, I'm tempted to feel the slightest twinge of sympathy for Speaker Boehner having to deal with such extreme radicals in his caucus, then he commits an unforced error like this. "Hey, even though all of the outstanding questions about Planned Parenthood have long since been answered, let's investigate them again anyway!"

Republican House Benghazi Committee interviews Hillary Clinton. At this point, the Committee is helping Clinton far more than they're helping Republicans! So, after 11 grueling hours of testimony, what did we learn? Erm, not sure we learned much of anything. They asked the same old questions, she gave the same old answers. As far as Republican reaction to the hearing goes, this tweet stood out:
"Outside GOP cloakroom tonight many Rs subdued as they discussed BenghaziCommitte. No celebrating. Priv say Clinton formidable."
Uh, yeah. Why on earth would they be celebrating? Everybody now sees Committee as partisan waste of time and money. Seriously, shut the Committee down!

Whoa! KIC 8462852 is a "mere" 1500 light years away (Our galaxy is around 100,000 light years wide and 1000 light years thick) but might very well have living being-made awesomely massive objects around it. And yup, we're already pointing some really cool observational equipment towards it.

Columnist is correct. It's long past time to dissolve the Benghazi Committee. The Committee interviewed Clinton's former aide Huma Abedin. As she didn't play any direct part in the Benghazi incident, it's difficult to explain the interview except as a partisan fishing expedition. Republicans on the Benghazi Committee didn't want to release Cheryl Mills' testimony because it made Hillary Clinton look good, so Democrats went ahead and released it anyway.

Heh! "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" are now required by the State of California to, get this. NOT LIE and to tell customers/patients honestly that they don't have any medically licensed doctors or nurses. Christians who staff these centers are beside themselves with rage.

1500 military analysts and billions of dollars in surveillance equipment in Tampa, FL alone and yet, our military keeps getting caught flatfooted, keeps getting taken by surprise.

Alabama 1. has a Voter ID law that requires a driver's license to qualify as a voter, 2. the state is closing several DMV offices that issue driver's licenses, 3. those offices are largely in heavily African-American voting districts, and 4. there are about 250,000 voters who do not have a drivers license with which to vote. The governor really hates the idea that Alabama is being seen as suppressing the votes of African-Americans and claims he doesn't want Alabama to be George Wallace's state. Okay. I have a suggestion for him. Dump the Voter ID law. It's specifically designed to suppress minority voting and serves no other purpose.

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