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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Yeah, I agree that the idea of the President-Elect consulting with Republican senators on his appointment to office is an incredibly moronic one.

Trump lawyer Joe DiGenova has some rather bloodthirsty views as to what should happen to his critics.

A deepthink piece. People pointed out in early 2020 that authoritarian systems don’t work well with pandemics. Turns out just plain US conservatism doesn’t, either.

Yeah, the off-going, one-term President has always had what they call “anonymous validators.” People who always ask the most convenient questions or make the most convenient statements that just happen to fit right into his stories like a hand into a glove. Funny how that happens!


Happy to report that Dr. Scott Atlas has resigned.

He will not be be missed; the reactions to his resignation are a mix of relief and anger at the damage he has caused during his brief stint.

A Republican president never happening again is something I can live with. I'm not at all clear what reforms are needed for mail-in ballots as no one identified any specific problems with such ballots this year, despite having had a month since the election to identify such problems.

Update (23 Dec): The off-going President is still trying to litigate his electoral loss! He's still using an argument that was debunked before voting even started.

Fox News complains that Trump gets flagged for false tweets all the time while Biden never gets flagged. Um...yeah. Erm, didya think that maybe the legitimate President-Elect doesn't engage in mindless, fact-free drivel that has no basis in reality? Maybe there's no reason to flag any of Biden's tweets?

One of the many problems with the off-going President's claim that he actually won the election is that Republicans are trying to suggest "solutions" to non-existent problems that would help their own party far more than democracy in general.

Yeah, the off-going, one-term President is still in the grip of fever dreams.

Republicans who are paying attention to the Biden proposed appointees are getting all excitable about Neera Tanden, who’s too liberal for their tastes. Here’s a sample entry of hers.
And here's on the people who are getting all bent out of shape about her being appointed.

Blogger cites local Philly paper and a pollster who uses lots of statistics to conclude that the old model of using poorly-educated white people to run for office is obsolete.

Really disturbing that threats against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger are not being immediately and universally condemned.

Unfortunately, a great deal of what motivates Trump voters is not at all mysterious and doesn’t require anthropological field trips to understand.

Yep! Governor Kemp of Georgia chose to meekly submit to the off-going, one-term President and now he's being blamed by that President for not delivering Georgia! Can't win for losing!

More right-wing stuff that usually just stays in my spam folder. Pretty laughable that check stubs would be considered proof of ballot-harvesting. Really? Someone's going to write on a check stub that the money is intended for illegal purposes? In any event, the piece never produces any incriminating images. The Project Veritas video is also pretty laughable.

How does the off-going President view his loss?

“Detroit and Philadelphia, known as two of the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country — easily — cannot be responsible for the outcome of a presidential race," Trump said, citing two cities known for their large Black populations.” (LA Times 5 Nov)

Actually, it was suburban voters that made the decisive difference. But “they don’t fit the narrative he’s fed to his credulous, susceptible voting base.”

Yep, second son Eric Trump just can’t believe the American people have no use for his father. Lots of Twitter responses.

Frikkin’ hilarious! The comedian Sarah Cooper makes up a character, the one who’s mentoring the legal team of the off-going, one-term President and Rudy Giuliani.

It’s hard to get Republican followers to switch gears and focus on the upcoming Georgia Senate elections.

I've been aware of Republican efforts to combat so-called, alleged in-person "voter fraud" since sometime during the second term of the administration of the younger George Bush. I'm aware that it's been a pretty low-profile issue, but it's a scam that's been running for quite awhile. It didn't start with the current off-going, one-term President.

Good comment by Secretary of State Pompeo. It follows an incredibly stupid comment of his, so I’m not going to get too excited about it.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's daughter announces that she's pregnant. Total Covid deaths are now at 888.
This reminds me of Ivanka Trump posting some very nice family photos at the very time that children were being imprisoned by her father‘s ICE at the Mexican border. Just fantastically, incredibly insensitive.

The off-going, one-term President launched about 40 lawsuits, all aimed at proving the assertion he makes here, that Biden's election was due to fraud of some sort. Is there a plot to reverse the election? Or is Trump just trying to create another "Benghazi," another case about which he can rant and rave and collect money off of suckers and an excuse for hearings and testimony?

Update: As of 19 December, the off-going President had raised $200 million in money that was less restricted than ordinary campaign funds are.

The title here is misleading as the blogger adds at the very end that yes, the assassination "attempt" was successful and the Iranian nuclear scientist is dead. This is a very big deal that could lead to provocative actions by Iran.

CodePink sounds off on the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. How many other condemnations will we see tomorrow?

A quickie look at possible strategy behind killing of Iranian nuclear scientist.

Was the killing of Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh intended to kill off the Iran nuclear deal of 2015? “The Iranian government believes that Israel’s Mossad carried out the assassination.”

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies has suggested that the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist is a good thing. Here's a sampling of their track record.

It's good to see these two posts one right after the other to see how disconnected from reality the off-going, one-term President is. In this first, three judges, one appointed by Trump, the other two appointed by the younger George Bush, absolutely trash the ridiculous, meritless case brought by Rudy Giuliani. The next reproduces a rant by Trump where he discusses how clearly obvious and backed up by solid evidence his case is.

Wow! I can understand age and race playing a role in a disease, but partisanship? Unfortunately, that's completely understandable under these particular circumstances! 

*Sigh!* Our new Supreme Court Justice and her first decision is to increase the danger of the pandemic by undermining public safety in favor of religion!

Erm, yes, the off-going Pesident most certainly will “leave the White House” because he have zero choice in the matter!

Hmm. Am I “mystified by the loyalty of Trump’s base”? No, not really. He’s the leader of a cult. Trump fans would "drink the Kool-Aid" if it were offered.

Y'know, when you (Secretary of State Pompeo) have to "pad your resume" by lying about and exaggerating your accomplishments, your list of accomplishments was obviously pretty thin to begin with.

"Nearly 2100 died of Covid19 in the U.S." in a single day. South Korea has suffered 515 deaths since the coronavirus first appeared on the scene. Cures and vaccines and therapeutics are all very fine and well, but wearing masks and social distancing can keep the death toll way down in the first place.

This is just thoroughly, utterly, absolutely evil. The Trump Administration has left $455 billion unspent. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wants to make that money inaccessible to the incoming Treasurey Secretary. 

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is concerned that the off-going President is attacking our system of elections. Ryan's not just some disconnected observer. He’s also a member of the Fox News Board of Directors.

The off-going, one-term President pardons a co-conspirator, Mike Flynn, on his way out the door.

Details on Mike Flynn's many, many crimes.

The off-going, failed, one-term President ends the way he began, with wild, self-serving corruption.

The blogger here is pressing for Democrats to adopt a simple strategy. 1. Do good things. 2. Brag about those good things. 3. Repeat over and over.
I'd just add that the mainstream media, the big guys, are not the friends of Democrats. Use them, but use everybody else too! Spread the wealth around, make sure all of the outlets get good quotes.

Curious about a statement that the Secretary of State made:

Pompeo countered her statement, saying the Trump administration had developed "coalitions that actually deliver real results and reflect the reality on the ground."

Erm, what "real results"!?!?!?! The Obama Administration got an agreement from Iran, the Trump Administration got bupkis.

The very reliable Trump voters, White Evangelicals have been suffering major demographic decline over the past several years, with more people answering "none" for religion on surveys.

Ivanka tries to claim credit for a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gases. Kind of a problem with that is that the US had absolutely nothing to do with that reduction and in fact was a contributor to more greenhouses gases! Credit for Dow 30k clearly goes to President-Elect Biden. Nah, anything she might have done right was done behind closed doors with only a few dedicated, that is, unreliable witnesses.

Good grief! This is the most moronically idiotic criticism I’ve heard about the Biden crew yet! But hey, it’s early. "President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet picks have faced criticism for being too elite."

This is pretty cool! Reema Dodin is a Muslim Palestinian and will work as Deputy Director for White House Legislative Affairs.

Hmm. Biden is “just” an Obama repeat? Ha! Bring it! An Obama repeat would be a huge improvment over the past four years!

Yeah, seriously. Who the #@$% gives a rat's ass abut what Ivanka and Jared will do next? They're wealthy and famous. They'll be fine.

More on why? Why is the NY Times trying to get us to sympathize with Jared and Ivanka? Due partly to Jared’s incompetence, over a quarter of million Americans have died from the coronavirus!

Update (19 Dec): Ivanka, along with Kellyanne Conway, was overriding the scientists at the CDC, telling them what to say to the public about the pandemic.

The author of the piece mentions President Ford's 1974 pardon of President Nixon. I was 14 years old at the time and thought it was a terrible idea. Still do. By establishing the precedent that it was okay to pardon a president for abusing his office, Ford made the elderly George Bush pardons of people involved in the Iran-Contra scandal possible. By establishing that "Hey, for the President to abuse his power is no big deal," Trump then felt free to do so. No, I think this piece recommending a pardon is an absolutely awful idea.

Two things about Randy Quaid's ideas on the election: 1. Trumps' legal team filed over 35 cases. No "flagrant irregularities" were found.
2. America's voting system was designed for small towns in the early 1800s. Mail-in voting is the newer and better and more reliable method.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill..."
Jill here very strongly defends her role in the famous incident!
Chloe is 6 and has Down’s Syndrome.

The nomination of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary demonstrates that being fired and bad-mouthed by the currently off-going President doesn’t mean anything.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are anxious to avoid Biden putting back the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, but the last four years have shown that their preferred policy is utterly bankrupt.

The motorcycle rally held in Sturgis SD in August was, as expected, a “super-spreader” event.

Erm, “GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems…” The President had no authority to tell the GSA not to work with the party that won the election!

I’d say she has quite a bit to be defensive about! GSA head Emily Murphy denies that she was being ordered by the off-going President to refuse the oncoming President GSA services, but Trump’s tweets appear to contradict that.

Many in the press would like us all to forget that they played a highly destructive role over the last several weeks by mis-describing the off-going President's actions. Especially infuriating have been the many times that officials were described as having "no choice" but to do as they did. The sympathetic treatment given to the GSA's Emily Murphy was truly revolting and completely uncalled for.

Woo hoo! 'Bout gol-durn frikkin' time!!! “GSA Emily folds, transition begins

So why hasn't the head of the GSA, Emily Murphy done her job yet? Marc Morial of the National Urban League, gives a good answer:

“[Trump]’s a sore loser, it’s sour grapes, and he’s scared to death,” Morial said, adding, “I think he’s a man who lost his courage, he can’t face the American people, he’s holding out some false hope that he can maneuver some manner of victory. I think we’re seeing the last acts of a desperate man.”

"Trump set on veto of defense bill over renaming bases honoring Confederates"
Pretty amazing that the off-going President is willing to make a fight over this and then he sits there and wonders "Why do people consider me a racist?"

Yowza! MSNBC's Chuck Todd got roasted on Twitter for appearing to suggest that Biden was not the clear winner of the election. I was pretty peeved that he was silent on the assertion that the Mueller Report didn't produce any evidence and that the impeachment produced nothing either. Good newspeople have to litigate misstatements by their guests or they risk being seen as agreeing with them.

What we're seeing the off-going President doing now was baked-in from the very beginning of his campaign for the presidency.The Jewish phrase is "sof ma'aseh b'maḥshava teḥila," and it means "the end of something is evident at the start of it."

The off-going President demonstrates a few of the many reasons we voted against him. He remains convinced that reducing carbon emissions would wreck the American economy. 

The off-going President's refusal to concede is having a very real effect. This is no joke, people!

The longer that Donald Trump refuses to concede the presidential election to Joe Biden—and the more he and his minions promote conspiracy theories to claim that Biden won fraudulently—the more the unhinged behavior of their perfervid True Believers, threatening mass violence and more, begins to pile up.

Democrats have to engage in fundraising because Emily Murphyof the GSA still hasn't signed the paperwork necessary to start the transition! Biden is pressing ahead with Cabinet picks.

Yep! Back in July, Senator Cruz swore that once a new president was chosen, the coronavirus would disapper, just like *that!*

In one state, Utah, hospitals are at 100% capacity. Coronavirus shows no sigs of slowing down.

After 15 years, the series Supernatural ends. As the Grateful Dead sang: "What a long,strange trip it's been!"

Trump campaign essentially asks judge to toss out entire Pennsylvania vote. Another "crash and burn" legal ruling.

We have two vaccines on the way, but that doesn't mean we can start gathering in large groups yet!

New ideology on part of Republicans?

The off-going President really, really wanted to have a vaccine ready by Election Day. Might we have gotten one on time by collaborating with China? A vaccine produced through collaboration would have gone through all of the standard FDA requirements and China would probably not agree to hand it over to a private corporation to sell, but I find it had to see any downside.

Mail-in voting is pretty cool and convenient. The public is now aware of it. That might be why Republicans are supporting the off-going President in his tilting-at-windmills opposition to it.

Update (17 Dec): Senator Rand Paul appears to confirm that mail-in ballots are bad because they're popular and easy to cast. The GOP does well when voting is light.

Voter fraud’s a big issue with the GOP, not because there’s any actual voter fraud of any significance, but because Republicans, especially the off-going President, have been hollering about if for well over a decade.

More on how voter fraud is a story that Republicans have been pushing for a long time!

Biden's lead is now over 6 million.

Hmm. So if your crazy right-wing uncle says he follows "the news," you can ask him whether he follows the more "Reality-based Community" brand of Fox News and Drudge or whether he goes for the really crazy stuff of OAN and QAnon!

Someone on my news feed has complained that Speaker Pelosi didn't take the "deal" that was offered on a stimulus package, arguing that it was better than nothing. Problem is that the "deal" included legal immunity for precisely this sort of thing that was carried out by Tyson Foods.

Wow! Yeah, Senator Ron Johnson of the Homeland Security Committee has gotta take the award for the most utterly useless member of the team during a public health crisis!

Just as the anti-pornography feminists of the 80s would have caused collateral damage to the First Amendment, Secretary of State Pompeo, in aiming at the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) movement,  is threatening to damage civil rights generally.

Rachel Maddow has been away from her show because her partner Susan caught COVID-19. Susan is over the worst of it and is recovering, but Rachel pleaded with her viewers to please not take any risks with the coronavirus! She wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy. It's no joke. Directly from her.

As the country crosses the quarter-million mark for deaths, VP Pence engages in happy talk:

Pence said the task force sees “The light at the end of the tunnel" before repeating Trump’s unfounded assertion that the country is rounding the corner.”

Pence did not take any questions.

The head of the GSA is suffering from a “faux dilemma.” From the piece about Ms. Murphy’s career:

She should’ve remembered: Everything Trump Touches Dies! — especially careers.

Trumps legal team has lost 30 cases at this point. They keep trying to prove that the off-going President should've gotten a second term, but have yet to provide any proff of that.

Hooo-weee!!! Pretty insane press conference! Think my favorite accusation was that votes were being sent over to Germany and Venezuela to be counted.
Oh, and Hugo Chavez died in 2013.

A Republican official asked about the off-going President's refusal to concede: "What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time?" Well, the downside is that if Biden's presidency is delegitimized, it'll be harder to get anything done.

I normally don't have a lot of use for bipartisan committees, but voting is an area where they would be very highly useful.

The off-going President produced several estimates of how many American citizens would be lost to COVID-19 and if the number stayed below certain benchmarks, he would have done a decent job. Oops! His latest estimate was 240k at the absolute maximum and we've now hit 250k with absolutely no slowing down in sight.

Rudy Giuliani is demonstrating how rusty and out-of-shape he is. One of the more abstract legal concepts that he screwed up on was levels of scrutiny. Just how closely is the court going to examine the arguments that are made?

The CNN piece here is a truly awful, horrible, revolting piece of "BothSides." The writers and editors should be fired for putting out this unmitigated crap! The head of the GSA is refusing to do her job. The piece presents her as being pressured from "both sides," but only one side has a reasonable case!

Very good point! If the head of the GSA is really that torn and agonized over whether or not to do her job, she could just $%#@ing resign!

Wiping out student debt could be a very, very good thing for the economy. Saddling new graduates with massive debt means they can't get started on buying homes, starting families, etc. Never understood why the federal government needs to make a profit on anything in the first place.

This is very, very bad. When all 50 of our states are having increases in Covid cases, that means overwhelmed hospitals can't send patients off to bigger hospitals.

The Press Secretary thinks we need to be concerned about freedom and liberties and avoiding too much repression. Erm, does it look as though the old strategy is working?

Ooh! Good point! The wrongfully-fired Chris Krebs is now free to talk to the Biden team!

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee explains who Chris Krebs is.

Would the American experiment have survived another Trump term? Unfortnately, that's doubtful

My concern is more for several election cycles from now more than for now. The “stab in the back” theory that the Nazis used became popular many years after World War I was lost.

Now here's a reason to go back to the Moon! We could put a really big telescope up there and, there being no atmosphere there, it can take super-clear pictures which might reveal the first stars!

Do we have a better American than Dolly Parton? Mr. Pierce makes a pretty strong case that if she's not at the absolute top, she's well within the top half dozen.

Did the off-going President fire Secretary of Defense Esper because Esper was expressing a lack of enthusiasm about attacking Iran?

By refusing to concede even in the complete absence of evidence that there was anything suspicious about Biden's victory, the off-going President has encouraged various "militia" groups to "resist." This was always the danger of "Letting the President have his day in court."

Dr. Scott Atlas, who is a radiologist, not an immunologist, said “The only way this stops is if people rise up.” Heard he said he wasn’t suggesting violence, but I have a really hard time thinking of what else he could possibly have meant.

Infuriating! And, as people in the comments point out, newspapers did ask both Nixon and Clinton to resign! Nixon’s crimes were far more serious than Clinton’s, but remember, the Senate in Trump’s case never carried out any sort of investigation on their own. 

It’s so strange that with all of the bad craziness and criminal behavior over the last four years, not a single mainstream news outlet (that I’m aware of) has called for Donald Trump to resign.

Uh. Mah. Gawd!!! The President was upset that Iran is moving nuclear production underground and asked for military options! Fortunately, he didn’t like any of them, so we all dodged a bullet. The question is, why has Iran been carrying out provocative actions? Duh! Trump’s incompetent diplomacy!

More on Trump’s thinking about bombing Iran.

I remember someone telling us of the conservative creed: "Conservatism cannot fail. It can only be failed!" The blogger here makes a good point, the Trump Presidency, and especially the first two years when Republicans ran everything, was a disaster because conservatism can no longer answer the essential question or provide any solutions.

"GSA Leader Consulted With Predecessor Who Faced 2000 Recount"
On the one hand, I can understand that the off-going President may have given the head of the General Sservices Admiistration (GSA) strict orders not to help out the incoming President with the transition. We know that Trump is fond of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), so it's likely she's been sworn to secrecy. I can also appreciate her being nervous because very few Republican senators have backed up the obvious decision to begin the transition process.

But the 2000 action by the GSA is not relevant here. Then, the decision really did hang on a knife-edge. Here, even though the President is fighting the obvious decision tooth and nail, there just isnt't the slightest question tha Biden won this by a large margin, fair and square.

Lengthy piece on the "stab in the back" theory that der Fuhrer used so successfully in his rise to power. As the mid-80s were a time for Vietnam books, the mid-70s was a time for World War II books, so I'm very familiar with what the blogger describes. And yes, I have long been concerned about the media bubble that made the conspiracy theory so convincing back in the 20s and 30s and the very similar bubble today in the US.

Fox News vs Newsmax/OANN/QAnon or whatever the off-going President cobbles together could be amusing, but yeah. I'd put my money on Fox surviving.

Problem with COVID-19 these days is it's everywhere!!! Hospitals can't call other states or even other regions to provide spare, staffed ICU beds.

A church buddy of mine pointed out that the Los Angeles Times had printed a whole page of right-wing comments. Worth reading, but I had lots of commentaries to make on them.

Governor Whitmer of Michigan is exactly the kind of Governor America needs more of! She's willing to take sides against a corporation to protect Michigan.

The Texas Lietenant Governor is just talking complete and utter fantasy. Biden won, period! That cannot be reversed. Numbers are much too large for that.

Heh! Gotta love it when the opposition splits!

Trump supporters are now marching toward the Supreme Court, chanting "Fox News sucks!’

Vote count is showing Biden's lead over Trump is approaching 6 million at this time. Biden won Pennsylvania by a full percentage point, 49.9% to 48.9% or 3,418k to 3,352k. In Georgia, it was slimmer, with only 0.3 points between the two, 2,472k to 2,458k, but that's still about a 14k vote difference. Only about 10k votes different in Arizona, but because of their smaller population, that's 0.3% again.

When you have "problems with signatures, secrecy envelopes and postal marks on mail-in ballots, as well as the potential for a small number of ballots miscast or lost," then sure, there's a likelihood that the final vote tally will be a bit different, but there is no likely "path to victory."

About 5k people show up for the "Million MAGA March." Press Secretary tries to pretend that a million showed up.

Meanwhile, the credibility of the cases that attack the election process have so little credibility, law firms engaged to fight them are dropping out.

One of the major problems with the conspiracy theories that the Democrats rigged the election is that lots of down-ballot Republican candidates won their races. Wouldn't a conspiracy have taken all the races?

Follow-ups from local news stations keep proving conspiracy theories to be baseless.

As the off-going President continues to complain about voter fraud, judges are getting annoyed with all of the plainly-frivolous lawsuits that are being launched to prove that fraud.

Restrictions work. Britain provides a real-time experiment. The coronavirus was getting bad, so restrictions brought it more under control.

Yeah, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the Secret Service folks. They’re supposed to take a bullet to protect the President. They’re not supposed to take a bullet from the President!

Yeah, it’s a luxury to be unaffected by politics. Most people can’t afford to ignore it.

This is a book about a very unappreciated part of people's lives, from before written history to today. Probably because spinning is normally done by women.

Yeah, this is really sad. The WaPo uses the terms "compassionate and intelligent" to refer to Melania and Ivanka Trump.
What's the color of the sky on their world I wonder?

Ah, poor VP Mike Pence! As his boss has suggested that he wants to run again in 2024, that leaves absolutely zero room for him to run!

Examining the off-going President's latest tweet.

Clearly, there was no plan as to how to proceed if the President lost. Nobody there has any idea of what to do now. The Trump Administration is just drifting now. The relevant term is "Malignant Narcissist." "What, the American people do not love their Glorious Leader?!?!?!"

Oh good grief! Trump Administration in serious denial!

Good! China isn't waiting for the offgoing President to concede. They're congratulating President-Elect Biden right now.

Lack of action during the summer is kicking our collective butts now. The time for coordinated federal action was a long time ago. The US is badly behind the curve.

Texas Senator Cornyn wants “all legitimate votes to count.” Fine. The problem is showing that there were any illegitimate votes! It’s been over a week since the election and we’ve seen lots of accusations, but zero proof. As of 12 November, 11:30pm the Presidential vote count, Biden to Trump, is 77.5 million to 72.3 or 50.9% to 47.5%. This was not a close race!

Yeah, I very strongly object to the idea that the President is engaged in “street theater” or “performance art” or any other such thing! His actions are profoundly damaging to democracy. He simply has no case that he actually won or that there was any cheating. The margin by which he lost is far beyond any possible explanation other than that he lost fair and square!

Our election security was the most secure it’s ever been.

Pretty cool! Voyager 1 was launched 40 years ago today. Is it a "Light-Day" away? Not quite. A light-day would be 1,440 light-minutes and Voyager is now 1,252 light-minutes or about 14 billion miles away. 

Lengthy Twitter thread about how truly rare voter fraud is and how profoundly offensive it is to suggest that he and his fellow elections workers are casual with the security of the votes of the people.

Woo hoo! Very cool! International group scolds Trump Administration for not conceding that it lost the election!

Well, there we go! Talk about solid and reliable sources: "[Trump] tweet Thursday amplified a 'report' built on empty claims that originated in anonymous comments on a pro-Trump blog."

This is rather disturbing.

US military fatalities just increased by one in Sinai helo crash today. Now 6 US servicemembers killed. Fact: not one word from Pentagon, State or WH. Six Americans died today in service of the Constitution, the country and peace. May their memories be a blessing.

Hmm, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appears to be very confused as to whether she's a Trump campaign official or a taxpayer-paid White House official. The legal reference is called the Hatch Act and it says everyone below the President and Vice-President is supposed to be non-political.

Good thinkpiece about the differences between Rs and Ds.

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