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PRAWN's mission is to:
  • Network groups, organizations, and individuals to stop the repression caused by "never ending wars" at home and abroad, by the US corporate military state
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  • Educate and activate the general public

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North corner of Horsham Air Base
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Anti-Drone Protest at Horsham Air Base.

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Climate March NYC / Comments from reporter Naomi Klein. / The significance of the march

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Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Corbett arranges to meet with students of one of the schools that he's been defunding, but cancels when students, parents and teachers make it clear that they were goingto protest his visit. We all assembled anyway.

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Anti-drones protest

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Syria strike protest

Horsham Air Base

Protest at Horsham Air Base about proposed Drone Command Center

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Last (?) Protest on behalf of Pfc. Bradley Manning

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The 2013 Philly Gay Pride Parade

Brad Manning demo

Demonstration on behalf of Bradley Manning, whose court-martial begins next Monday.


May Day USA 2013
May Day 2013
Horsham Air Base drone protest
Protesting drones at Horsham Air Base
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Vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School
Visual essay on event and on the gun control issue

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Also, same problems that apply to privatized schools apply to prisons as well.

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The "Final Friday" vigil concludes

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Mt Airy Day 2011


Philadelphia's Take Back The Night annual march and testimony

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UNAC opposed to the wars abroad

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Noting the beginning of the 8th year of the Iraq War. Also, protest of how Pfc. Bradley Manning is being treated.

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Two protests in support of the citizens, workers and unions of Wisconsin.
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In support of the Egyptian people against their dictator Hosni Mubarak. Update on situation. Videos of another protest shortly afterwards.

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Veteran-Led Civil Resistance to U.S. Wars
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One Nation Rally Washington DC Oct 2010

Don't [eff] with our activists!
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Fundraiser for US Ship to Gaza

Gay Pride Parade
Philadelphia's second annual Gay Pride Parade

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It's very nice and refreshing to see Rick Perry decrying "indifference" to black voters but in-person voter fraud is a problem that occurs about once in every four to five million votes, and yet the Republican Party considers it to be a major problem and aw, gee, oopsie! Tackling voter fraud in the way they've been tackling it means disenfranchising many millions of black voters>. So-o-o-o, the problem is a bit more complex and the answer is just a bit more complicated than "We've got to try harder."

Greece votes decisively against European bailout. Excellent short film on the reason for the Greek crisis.

Lengthy, excellent piece that appears to confirm what a lot of gloomy lefties say, that the game is hopelessly rigged and we have no representatives in the Democratic Party, but what I think the piece makes clear is that the game of professionals and insiders is becoming clearer to the public and Democrats can't win without an enthusiastic base. Democrats have to solve this problem or be consigned to irrelevance. Seriously, who wants a Republican-lite party? Republicans aren't going to settle for near-beer, they want the real stuff. Democrats have no reason to like it as liberalism is not just a weakened, diluted form of Republicanism, but a set of ideas all their own.

MMFA makes it very clear that the original Clinton email states that Paul Begala was seeking a "briefing" prior to his appearance in a report on Clinton's first 100 days as Secretary of State. The NY Times changed the wording to "talking points." The right-wing media followed suit and also used the term "talking points," but they can hardly be blamed for trusting that the NY Times had given them the accurate wording. The question then is, was this an error due to laziness and sloppiness or was it active, deliberate malice? Considering that the NY Times jumped on the "Clinton Cash" book back in April without having first confirmed any of the details, my bet is on malice. the latest "Clinton email scandal" shows tht the Rep. Trey Gowdy Benghazi commission is a fast becoming a sad joke and needs to be disbanded.

Well, looks like the US and Israel are no longer quite as shoulder-to-shoulder as they once were. Some daylight visible between Obama and Netanyahu. US suggesting BDS against Israeli occupation is okay. Also, Israel seriously losing support among Democrats.

Hmm. Jim Webb, former Senator from Virginia and former Secretary of the Navy (He got there via being a Marine as opposed to being a sailor) wants to run for President, but yeah, being openly nostalgic for the Confederate flag and being indifferent to global warming reduces his popularity among Democrats to pretty close to zero.


If anybody ever tries to convince you that the traditional, Beltway media knows politics and that they're "savvy," consider that they had a real "bromance" with Governor Christie, whose “rising star” has now collapsed.
Governor Christie enters the race for the presidential nomination late. From the MSNBC piece: "And it’s true – the governor likes to *talk* about his no-nonsense, straight-talking persona. The trouble is, Christie doesn’t back up the reputation with actual substance, instead ducking tough questions that might lead to politically problematic answers."

A very good decision from SCOTUS! I've long been suspicious of bipartisan commissions trying to do more than they're capable of doing, but re-districting is well within their competence and they promise to do a much better job than a single political party ever will.

A very, very bad decision! At a time when power plant emissions are contributing to global warming and when global warming threatens our very survival as a species, the Supreme Court just ruled that the EPA needs to take the cost of complying with regulations into account. Uh, what's the cost of keeping us all alive?!?!?!?! How does that cost stack up against the profits of power plants?!?!?

Great to get the Confederate flag discredited and to see people voluntarily taking it down, but six black churches have been burned down in the past week.

Very cool! Pope Francis recruits Naomi Klein to help spread the message of resistance to climate change! Everyone know where Ms. Klein stands and it's on the side of human survival.

Woo hoo! Woman gets tired of waiting for South Caroline to bring Confederate flag down from in front of Statehouse, climbs up the flagpole and takes it down herself! It was put back up less than an hour later, but the symbolism was quite enjoyable.

Excellent pair of articles. A blogger shares his knowledge on voter rolls and how and how not to go through them and verify them. Next, we have Jeb Bush's purging of voter rolls just before his brother won the 2000 election. In better world, Jeb would get lots of questions about how he handled this!

"Gaystapo?!?!?!" Yeesh! Fox News is very, very unhappy that same-sex couples can now marry because that means the couple would then be, y'know, happy and love would be triumphant and people would be smiling and cheerful and, gosh darn it, all that yucky, horrible stuff.

Y'know, I'm happy for the younger Palin that she's expecting another child and that she's happy about the prospect, but yeah, it's also a really, really bad case of IOIYAR! It's quite good that Palin has the choice and that she's not facing any social disapproval for, y'know, not "keeping her legs together." Palin says her pregnancy was planned, but her comments after that make it clear that it was no such thing. Ya wanna have the kid? Great, far out, more power to ya! But please don't lecture anyone about how "abstinence-only" is such a great method for teaching about family planning and birth control. Her own behavior has made it clear that it's a seriously inadequate method.
More snarky observations.

First off, woo-hoo and yee-hah for the decision of the Supreme Court that ACA/Obamacare subsidies are good in all 50 states!!! Very pleased to hear it! This was a highly sensible decision considering that the several million people who would have lost their insurance would have waited years to get their health care plans back. That is, if they ever came back at all. Second, the SCOTUS knew full well that they'd share the blame with the Republican Party if millions of people suddenly lost their subsidies. This was not "tyranny," it was self preservation.

Good! Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina says that she wants the Confederate flag taken down from in front of the State House. Now, of course, Republican presidential candidates can say they too, want to see it taken down, now that she's taken the heat for them.
And from the TNR piece: "Haley’s change of heart wasn’t the result of a moral epiphany, or even really an admission that the people who’ve been seeking the flag’s removal for years were right all along."
True. We should take a victory lap anyway, regardless of why Haley made her decision. A victory is a victory and should be celebrated as such. The Republican field disgraced itself by waiting until Haley acted and Haley disgraced herself by waiting for so long to act. And no, this is not the end of the fight over the Confederate flag by any means.
Excellent, heavily documented look at the years before the Civil War and of slavery. No, the South was not just sitting around and minding its own business before the "War of Northern Aggression" commenced.

“Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said Monday she didn’t understand why Republican presidential candidates were being 'peppered' over the flying of the Confederate flag.”
Obviously, Ms. Tantaros has never heard of "Nixon's Southern Strategy" nor is she aware that the Democrats of today have zero difficulty condemning the Confederacy and its symbols. It's Republicans who are making excuses for the Confederate battle flag being prominently displayed.

Chuck Todd of MTP turns in an extremely tone-deaf piece featuring an exclusively African-American group of convicted murderers talking about how guns make them feel powerful. This was shot and scheduled before the murders in Charleston, but would have been grossly inappropriate in any event. Good to see him getting lots of pushback.

Rolling Stone speaks the truth. The killings in Charleston, SC, were terrorism as they were highly political. Our local newspaper leans a bit to the right wing, I put up a comment there yesterday to that effect and no one has taken issue with that statement. Oh, and good! I don't usually have much praise for Mitt Romney and it would be nice to see an active Republican presidential candidate visibly agree with him, but I heartily approve of his message of “Take down the Confederate flag.” And yes, I agree that Senator Cruz's oratorical debating skills are hugely overrated. Allegedly, the Confederate flag represents heritage, but it only started becoming popular again in the South when black veterans came home from World War II and started agitating for their rights. So no, in the modern era, it has nothing to do with heritage or state's rights and everything to do with reaction to the Civil Rights Movement.

Not only does Rich Lowry completely lack any credentials to speak about the South Caroline killings, but Lowry refers to the Isla Vista killings of 2014 in California to claim that left-wingers jumped to the unwarranted conclusion that the killer was a misogynist who hated women. Actually, as Wikipedia points out, "Before driving to the sorority house, Rodger uploaded a video to YouTube, titled 'Elliot Rodger's Retribution', in which he outlined details of his upcoming attack and its motivations, which he described as a desire to punish women for rejecting him and also a desire to punish sexually active men for living a more enjoyable life than his."
So yes, the lefties who said the killer was motivated by misogyny were entirely correct in diagnosing at least part of his motivation. Why was Lowry used by Fox as being some sort of expert?!?!?!

No, the South Caroline Statehouse is not deliberately keeping their Confederate flag at full mast while all of their other flags are at half-mast, that flag is not on a standard pulley but is instead locked into place. Still, it makes for a shocking and horrifying symbolism as the murderer of nine African—Americans was a real fan of the Confederate flag. Also, remember that, back in 2009, the government attempted to put out a study on right-wing terrorism. Right-wingers screamed and yelled and jumped up and down and banged their fists on the table and the study was withdrawn. Too bad, because the shooting in South Carolina was a clear case of right-wing terrorism. Oh, and Jeb Bush plays dumb on the motivations of the South Carolina killings so as not to indict his fellow Republicans.

Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! speaking about Pope Francis' long-awaited encyclical on climate change and the environment: "A lot of the language of the climate justice movement has just been adopted by the Pope."
How is the science in the encyclical? Couple of minor quibbles, but it's all essentially correct and on-point. So no, the right wing complaint that the Pope is not a scientist (He actually has a degree in chemistry) and should stick to non-scientific topics is really not germane.

21-year old white fellow commits mass murder at historic church in Charleston, South Caroline. Details on the shooting, the pastor who died had spent the morning campaigning with Hillary Clinton and the shooter had apparently spent at least a hour talking with the group.

Got a Facebook buddy who's taken to quoting from the group No Labels. NL has announced that they'd like to see America add 25 million new jobs over the next decade, kind of like how Jeb Bush would like to see sustained 4% growth each and every month for his entire eight years in office. The idea sounds great, but how are they gonna do it? I don't think NL is completely useless, but as they say "The Devil is in the details." Distressingly, many media outlets are uncritically reporting Jeb's economic goals as if they were realistic.

First off, why would Jeb Bush (Who is now, BTW, an officially announced candidate for president) have to speak at town hall meetings to learn that Social Security is not an entitlement? Second, it's not a "supplemental" program for many millions of people. For many, many people, it's their only retirement program. Not "actuarially sound"? It could be made sound very easily, just raise the payments made by the wealthy into it. Finally, I dearly hope that IF Jeb become president, his attempt to destroy SS will be just as disastrous for him as it was for his brother.

The "Davos Democrats," people who go to big international meetings about the economy and come back saying we have to slash Social Security, etc., had credibility back in the 90s, but they've lost that by making lots of predictions that just didn't come true. They can't just get up on a pedestal and expect fellow Democrats to listen with any real attention or respect.

This is a charge we're sure to see much more of (and that will never be disputed or challenged on Fox News), the idea that because Clinton is rich, she can't possibly favor the non-wealthy. Erm, there was a family that was very, very wealthy, yet did quite a bit for the non-rich.

Well, one out of three cheers, anyway. Kansas has finally conceded that tax cuts do not have the magical power of growing the economy by themselves, so cutting the tax rate by 1% doesn't automatically grow the economy by any predetermined amount. OTOH, the burden of the new taxes seems to be borne almost exclusively by those with the least ability to pay, as the tax hikes are in sales and cigarette taxes.

Hmm, sexist or anti-Democratic? Ron Fournier and David Brooks had absolutely zero problems with G.W. Bush's base mobilization strategy in 2000, in fact, they were in awe of it in 2004. For some reason, Hillary Clinton is wrong to pursue precisely the same strategy in 2016. Are there maybe special rules for the Clintons?

Raising the retirement age, per Governor Christie, is "not going to stop the world from spinning on its axis." No, that's true, but economists looked at that idea back during the 2012 campaign and y'know what? It's a terrible idea.

Chris Wallace of Fox News interviews Representative Paul Ryan about what the Republican Party will do if the Supreme Court acts to unravel the ACA/Obamacare. Listening carefully to Rep. Ryan, yeah, it's pretty clear that Republican have no plan and that if the Supreme Court rules their way, that nearly eight million people will lose coverage and maybe, possibly, several years down the line, maybe they'll be covered again. Possibly.

See, Chuck Todd is a perfectly adequate interviewer IF all you want is simply to hear the talking points of the candidate. If you want to get any sort of follow-up or questioning, you're wasting your time.

Hmm, so the Iowa straw poll is no more. No biggie. After years of becoming steadily less relevant (Michele Bachmann was the last one to win it), people finally said the heck with it. That restores New Hampshire's role as the first primary.

The Democrats pulled in lots and lots of campaigning money by writing doom'n'gloom "we're all gonna die" emails. But the point of a political operation is not to pull in money, it's to get candidates into office. At that, they stunk.

NBC concludes that TPP is unpopular across the board, with Republicans, Democrats and independents all hating it. The method NBC used, Survey Monkey, is not exactly a poll, but Daily Kos endorses it as reasonable accurate.

Well, reducing the military equipment in civilian hands remains an extremely good idea, but it turns out to be very complicated. Good on the Obama Administration for doing what they can, but there's "less than meets the eye" to the new regulations.

Rather distressing to see Louisiana state legislators begging Grover Norquist to go back on his limited government-no new taxes ideology. What they should do is to simply say "We tried it Norquist's way, it clearly failed, we need to dump his obviously-wrong ideology."

SCOTUS prepares to rule on ACA case in a few weeks. Piece looks at various Republican plans to respond to the ACA being dismantled. In no way, shape or form are Republicans prepared to replace the ACA if the Supreme Court rules against subsidies.

Blatant racism resulting in police manhandlng and waving guns at black youths of 13 to 14 years old. Local homeowner makes pathetic excuses for racism. Police should have simply left the whole party alone or, at the absolute minimum, should have left their guns and tasers in their cars. There's no question that the tweens were being uncooperative and resisting arrest, but if fully-grown men can't handle a bunch of tweens without firearms, they shouldn't be policemen at all. The National Bar Association says policeman should be fired.

So Greg Gutfeld (From Fox News' The Five) is doing a comedy show> and states that a woman was burned alive by ISIS. Is that a bad thing?
Sure. Absolutely. No two ways about it.
Gutfeld's "punchline" is then: “Torching a girl is a true war on women, unless you see it as the next renewable fuel.”
Erm, is Gutfeld trying to suggest that paying women less or letting rapes go unsolved is somehow not part of the "War on Women?"
So yeah, now you can see why conservatives can't appear to be able to do comedy.

By the way, this is an excellent link with which to convince conservatives that not only is global warming real but that yes, we can replace all fossil fuel burners with renewable energy sources. It'll take 30 to 70 years, depending on how urgent we think the problem is, but it will definitely happen. It features Jeremy Grantham, the manager of the $100 billion hedge fund GMO Capital. That's important because right-wingers know that investors are careful about where they spend their money and they do the necessary research.

This is a BFD and I don't mean that in a good way. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to simply ignore his Constitutional responsibilities and to govern however the &%$# he pleases for the remainder of his term as Leader or until a Republican President takes office, whichever comes first. Also, what is McConnell's big priority? What does he consider to be the biggest problem facing the country? Why, over-regulation, of course! Yup, he thinks the EPA is costing business too much.

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