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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Someone put up a meme the other day saying effectively that "Gee, if y'all are having a problem getting Hillary elected, maybe you should have picked a better candidate." But the real problem, as Jamelle Bouie points out, is that "Right now, I'd say HRC's greatest danger is bad press (emails and the foundation) and the shockingly low bar the media has for Trump."

All right! The conflct between the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access pipeline make it into the New Yorker! Will our president do anything? Obama didn't do anything about the Keystone XL pipeline until after citizens applied a lot of pressure, so not until we make a louder noise!

Speaker Ryan condemns Clinton for telling the truth, that jihadists, along with Klansmen and white supremacists, are all rooting for a Trump victory.

As someone who likes and respects both Glenn Greenwald and Paul Krugman, I really have to agree with Krugman. Greenwald has failed to convince me that there's any sort of scandal involving the Clinton Foundation.

The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson demostrates that he has no business running for President. He was completely unaware that Aleppo, th Syrian city that's been under seige, was y'know, a city.

Basic assessment on the candidate's National Security Forum: Clinton knows what she's talking about, Trump tries to do the ol' fast foot shuffle and to baffle us with bullpucky.

President Obama is asked about the Dakota Access pieline. Not a very direct answer>. He's clearly trying to put himself on the right side of the issue, but you can tell the administration hasn't made up its collective mind yet.

Ashleigh Banfield openly admits that RNC press releases are worthy of attention and that they create pressure that CNN feels obligated to respond to. Funny, but a Supreme Court blockade where a qualified candidate is kept waiting and a seat is kept empty for no good reason isn't worthy of the same attention.

Good! Because even after decades these bombs in laos are still deadly. Obama pledges $90 million to clar them. Better late than never.

Victory in the Dakotaa Access pipeline fight! Temporarily at least. For the moment, anyway.

Now this is interesting because the question about closing Gitmo was a good one and could have led to a question about the policy of assassinating from the air via drones. The idea on that is that Obama doesn’t want to send anyone to Gitmo, so drones are about his only recourse to taking bad guys off the battlefield.
So what did the reporters report on concerning Clinton? Well, she coughed due to her having hay fever, so she was reported at being near death’s door and reporters are wondering whether that was “really” a press conference, so yeah, I don’t have much use for the “mainstream” press corps.

After expending time and energy on the nothingburger of the Clinton Foundation allegedly engaging in "pay-to-play," now comes the question of what the press will do about a real and actual pay-to-play scandal, that is, of the Florida AG and the Trump Foundation.

Forget all the other reasons to vote Democratic.... This alone should make you reject the GOP. This is nuts. And yet the GOP will not believe that climate change is real. Sigh....on some issues there are just not two sides.

Good! The US and China have their disputes and disagreements, but are in full agreement that global warming is a serious problem that needs to be tackled.

Fox News of course doesn't report on the Trump pay-for-play scandal, that's expected. MSNBC does. That's cool. But it's troubling that there seems to be a real conflict of interest between CNN's financial interests and the friendship between CNN's top executive and a presidential candidate and CNN's abllity to properly report on Trump. I've long thought that news departments should be separated from the rest of networks for precisely this reason.

Oh, so now the Dakota Access pipiline protest is in the national news! Very recently, the Native Americans were permitted to survey the route of the proposed pipeline and found that it overruns several Native American burial sites. Naturally, they aren't very happy about that.

The Earth is a little over 4.5 billion years old. It went through a period of heavy bombardment where any life on the surface was sterilized off of it. Life began very quickly after that period (4.2 billion to 3.8 billion years ago) as we've found evidence of life starting up around 3.7 billion years ago.

Between this tweet "storify" piece and this blog post, any reader should be thoroughly caught up on the FBI-Clinton-email story.

The NY Times makes a very sad attempt to shoehorn Huma Abedin into a Hillary Clinton story. "Ms. Abedin was already a major figure this summer in controversies over Mrs. Clinton's handling of classified information as secretary of state and over ties between the Clinton family foundation and Mrs. Clinton's State Department."
Actually, the biggest part Abedin played in recent Clinton controversies was to testify to the Benghazi Committee. Abedin was working in a completely unrelated part of the State Department when that occurred, so other than her being a Muslim and dark-skinned and an attractive woman (good photo op), there realy wasn't any reason for the committee to interview her.
Nah, the blogger is right. This is disgusting.


Down near the end of this column there are four bullet-points that explain why Congress can't pass a Zika bill. Infuriating! Absolutely infuriating.

Good exploration of just how much reality-ignoring and excuse-making is needed to make Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to be equivalents. They're not. Dowd has to go to the extent of saying that a 70-year old billionaire is some sort of wide-eyed innocent who doesn't understand what's going on around him.

The AP disgraced itself stil further by sending out a spokesperson who was called upon to defend an inexcusably sloppy and inaccurate tweet. She apparently didn't even read the tweet before coming onto the show. She defends it anyway and refuses to delete it.

Mike Huckabee sponsored a rally on behalf of Kim Davis, who was refusing to serve gay couples. A problem was both that Huckabee never asked the band for permission to use their song "Eye of the Tiger" and as the band doesn't support Davis, they wouldn't have granted permission anyway. Huckabee was forced to pay $25k for using the song without permission

AP continues to claim, without evidence, that it's story of the "scandal" concerning the Clinton Foundation is correct and does not need to be deleted.

One of the major problems with the proposed crude oil pipeline is that it was originally supposed to cross the Missouri River right near Bismarck, the state capitol, but decided against it as the pipeline could leak and threaten the water supply there. "Hey, let's move it to Indian land instead!" Yeah, you can guess how well THAT went over with the Standing Rock Sioux!

The Associated Press story tries really, really hard to make it appear that there's some sort of scandal associated with the Clinton Foundation. Lots of smoke, not much sign of any sort of fire. Very gratifying to see that there's been a lot of pushback on the AP story that tries to make a scandal of the Clinton Foundation. AP has severely discredited itself with a broadside of unwarranted, unsubstantited accusations.

Andrea Tantaros, a former Fox News personality, is suing Bill O'Reilly for sexual harrassment. Again, as with Roger Ailes and Gretchen Carlson, I'm probably jumping the gun and being overly judgmental towards O'Reilly, but I don't doubt Tantaros in the slightest. I can very easily see O'Reilly being a complete pig towards her.

Former Klansman David Dukes says (words to the effect of): "Bwah-hah-hah! We've won! We've won! We control the Trump campaign and the Republican Party as we knew it no longer exists! Ah-ha-ha-ha"
In the meantime, an op-ed writer in the NY Daily Post is convinced that this is still yesteryear and that Trump is yer standard, basic, right-of-center politician.

*Sigh*, so let me get this straight. 14,900 Clinton emails have already been recovered, the State Department has had their budget chopped by 15% and three judges are each demanding that State put all available resources into recovering still more emails.
Yep. Good priorities there, guys. It's not like there's anything going on in the world that could possibly be a problem now, is there? I mean, the world is completely at peace and there's no trouble going on anywhere, amirite?

The first of Trump's economic ideas that Dr. Ben Carson presents, enterprise zones, was tried starting in the 1980s. Not completely worthless, but hardly the magical answer America is looking for. Repatriation of money that businesses hold overseas was something G.W. Bush tried. Oh, you don't remember that? That's because it had zero economic effect.

Well THAT'S pretty cool! New fuel economy regulations on the trucking industry pushed by...the trucking industry! They figure new standards will pay off in lower fuel costs. Works for me!

Lots of right-wing media compares the public reaction to Bush's response to Hurricane Katrina and the reaction to Obama and Louisiana today. There's no comparison because in 2005, FEMA was nowhere to be seen in New Orleans for the first several days. FEMA has been active and available and working hard in 2016. That's the essential difference, not what the two presidents personally did.

Heh! After seeing Trump say he'll get 95% of African-Americans on his side, the Trump person here disputes that Trump is down to 2% with blacks, but doesn't present his own estimate. Demonstrating how close to blacks he is, he suggests that maybe a backdrop with a burning car would appeal to them.

Yep, sure enough is a very mysterious mystery, a state actively chooses to downplay women's health so that they can have more babies and wow! Mysteriously enough, women's death rates go up! Very odd how that happens! [/snark] From the piece:

The rise in pregnancy-related deaths in 2011 coincided with the beginning of major budget cuts in Texas. In September of that year, health care providers across the state began to feel the effects of a family planning budget reduced by two-thirds.

Oh, okay. So Hillary Clinton should not be asassinated, she should just be placed in front of a firing squad and shot. Oh, gee, that's SO different and so much better! [/snark]
Ooooh, well, when ya put it that way...
But seriously, Baldasaro's reason for this recommended punishment is "her use of a personal email server when she was secretary of state." This is still an extremely overheated and excessive response on his part as the FBI confirms that Clinton never sent out classified information to begin with.
Update; Can't find anything more current than the 25th of January of this year, but members of the President's staff were also using privat eemail servers.

CBS News reveals a very deeply confused and contradictory Donald Trump who is all over the place on a great many issues. At one point, he supports Russia's assistance against Daesh (ISIS), but also supports gay rights, but overlooks Russia's 2013 law that was aimed at persecuting gays. And Trump repeats a claim that he opposed the Iraq War and opposed the 2011 pull-out. He's on record as having supported both at the time.

Manbij is liberated from Daesh (ISIS)! Men can shave again! Women don't have to wear the veil anymore!
But...wait a sec... we celebrated the Olympic volleyball players who wore trousers, long sleeves and hijabs. Yes, because we celebrate choice. We celebrate people not being forced.

Awesome! Proxima Centauri, a mere 4.25 light-years away, may have an Earth-like planet in the habitable zone!

Very good news on the renewable energy front, not only are renewables popular with voters by a 5.5 to 1 margin, but renewables combined with conservation efforts have saved $460 million in electricity costs since 2011.

Hmm. Yeah, I have to agree with this. Donald Trump is "losing to a girl" and it's driving him nuts.

Judge Napolitano of Fox News (!!!) explains why the Benghazi lawsuit is complete nonsense and an utter waste of time and money for everyone involved.

This is really quite serious that 50 national security rxperts oppose Trump for president. There are many good reasons to oppose Hillary Clinton, but Trump presents a whole new level of danger to the entire world. As people have half-jokingly remarked, if Clinton launches a nuclear war, it will be due to a carefully-thought out plan. If Trump does, it wiil be due to someone unfriending him on Facebook or some other equally trivial nonsense.

Back during the Republican convention, Ivanka Trump earned a lot of points by advocating paid parental leave and other liberal policies. It was unclear at the time whether her father shared her beliefs. Well, now it turns out she doesn't even believe in those polices herself as her own company doesn't offer paid parental leave.

Poor Angela Rye tries hard to get a word in edgewise, but the moderator permits Giuliani to run roughshod over both of them. Giuliani claims at one point that Hillary Clinton allowed Russia to get a foothold in Syria. Actually, the Soviet Union had a base there in the 1970s and Russia was actively began to pursue better relations with them in 2006. There really wasn't a whole lot the US could do to prevent a close Russia-Syria relationship.

I'm sure the moviegoers among have seen ads for both "Nine Lives" and "Hillary's America." The cat movie got 7% on Rotten Tomatoes (7 out of 100 people liked it), the Clinton movie got 4%.

Just because I was having a exchange with someone about the hacked DNC emails, here's a lengthy piece about the whole issue that's quite certain that the Russians did it. I've followed the blogging of the groups founder and consider him to be a highly credible source as he was a supporter of Edward Snowden.

Trump announces his economic policy team - 13 white guys, mostly CEOs and hedge fund managers, one professor, one "Heritage Foundation scholar," and one retired guy. Yup, real cross-section of America there!

Local conservative columnist/lawyer asks serious questions about Melania Trump's visa. No question she was in this country legally, but was it legal for her to work in this country on the type of visa she had?
Lots of long-winded introduction, serious part of the column begins at 10th paragraph.

Good! Governor Brownback's "experiment" is running into real resistance. The economic disaster that is Kansas has been very undercovered for the past six years.

A plea to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline. The pipeline is a risk to the water supply, the health and safety of people up in North Dakota, but more to the point, why are we taking such risks? We shouldn't be building for oil at all!

Six months ago, the Obama Administration requested funding to tackle the Zika problem. Congress sat around twiddling its thumbs and making excuses. Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine stepped up and demanded action.

Encouraging signs tha the switch-over from fossil fuels to renewables is well under way.

A co-congregant of mine, Celeste Zappala (mother of Sherwood Baker, KIA Iraq, 2004), appears in this segment to talk about Army Captain Khan and his parents. WaPo disgraces itself by taking Trump's side of the issue. WaPo notes Trump's vile and disgusting attack on a Gold Star family, but dismisses opposition to his remarks as "elite-driven political correctness." Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson makes really stupid statement about Obama having something to do with Captain Humaya Khan's death (that occurred in 2004 when Obama was still a state senator), but Wolf Blitzer is the real moron here as he completely fails to correct her.


Excellent! Not only did a federal appeals court rule against NC's voter suppression law, it did so on racially discriminatory grounds, which affirms that the Supreme Court's gutting of the VRA in 2013 was a terrible and terribly misguided thing to do.

So Assange of the Wikileaks data dump of Hillary Clinton's emails is strongly anti-Clinton. Do we know of his relations with Putin? Actually, we do. He had a show on RT until mid-2012.

Yeah, this is quite sad. The "Freedom Kids" were a horrifying group that reminded me of the Hitlerjugend, but hey, they were a small business that got ripped off by Trump's campaign.

We do a march on behalf of the climate.

Wow! According to the blogger, Trump's acceptance spech doesn't come up to the standard set by Richard Nixon's acceptance speech of 1968.

Wikileaks releases 23,000 emails from Secretary of State Cliton whe she held that office. Curious part of the title of the article, though. It says that all of them are "marked 'C' for Confidential." I'd have to see the classified markings (or someone else would have to witness them and tell us about them) because on Figure 16, page 48, makes it very clear that classified markings must be fully spelled ut and entered on the document multiple times so that there really shouldn't be any question whatsoever as to whether something is top secret, secret, confidential, whatever. Just entering a single (C) somewhere really doesn't do the trick.

"This is not a case of a rogue cop; this is not a case of police abuse."
*Sigh*, okay first of all, it was a case of both abuse and of being a "rogue cop," but it was obviously also a case of idiocy and incompetence!!! There was no danger!!! Nobody was being threatened!!! No guns had to be drawn or pointed!!!

The speech Melania Trump gave where she plagiarized Michelle Obama produces some serious consequences. Point #8 is a very important consequence of the speech. Melania can't be used as campaign surrogates as surrogates are trusted to speak on behalf of the candidate.

Alas! Poor Scott "Chachi" Baio! He gets challenged on his 12-year old boy-type humor and golly gee! His interviewer insists on looking at things through a grown-up lens!

Back when I was in the Navy, we used stuff that was termed AFFF, Aqueous Film Forming Foam or as we more casually referred to it, fire-fighting foam. The foam smothers the flame and cools down the equipment that was on fire. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have been busy spraying AFFF all over the questions concerning police shootings and the sometimes-violent reactions to those shootings.
And on the other side, we have people like the West Virginia House of Delegates member who suggested that Hillary be "...hung on the Mall in Washington, DC."
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is clearly part of that other side that's throwing napalm on the blaze instead of AFFF, making wild,, hysterical, fact-free accusations.

Full text on Newt Gingrich's statement on Muslims. Gingrich doesn't ever appear to have heard of the First Amendment.

The choosing of Mike Pence as Trump's VP. Wow, what a complete cluster$%#@!

Heh! Yup, Trump has got some really top-notch people here! Lt. General Flynn is demanding that the Ayatollah Khomeini apologize the the attack in France. Yeah, he wants an apology from a person who passed away in 1989!

Good! The attempted coup in Turkey was unsuccessful. Fascinating to see role of smartphones in this and other recent events.

50 groups call for end to Planned Parenthood investigation. Absolutely! "This panel was created to investigate something that doesn't exist." Sales of fetal tissues are not occurring. There's nothing to investigate and the commission has endangered lives by, at the very least, a reckless disregard for the safety of fetal tissue researchers by openly publishing their names.

Gotta say, I have enormous sympathy for the Log Cabin Republicans, I'm totally with them and on their side, but as the GOP passes the most anti-LGBT platform ever, I just can't imagine a more useless, ineffectual group that has less influence than them.

Horrors! My prayers and sympathies to the French. vA truck driver ran his truck into a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, with 84 deaths.

A year ago, we heard all sorts of hair-raising predictions of doom, disaster and horror about the nuclear deal with Iran. Today, we have a major success story.

A player of the new game PokemonGO gets hit by a car. Unfortunately, this was an entirely predictable problem that players of the game should have foreseen.

It's confirmed, Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, is Trump's VP pick. Background info (He's very conservative).

Yep, it's been a year since that criminal David Daleiden and his group, the Center for Medical Progress tried to smear Planned Parenthood. Very happily, Daleiden is doing very poorly these days and PP is doing much better!

Whoa! In global warming news, North Slope of Alaska is in mid-80s today!

On the Republican platform. Includes video of G.W. Bush dancing at memorial service.
But hey, remember, the two parties are exactly alike. Six of one, half dozen of the other. No discernible difference at all.

Heh! Got some super die-hard Bernie fans who think he can pull off an upset at the convention. Problem: It costs $3,000-$5,000 for a delegate to attend the convention. Easy enough to raise money for it if you're voting for a sure winner, a LOT harder if you're banking on an upset victory. Yeah, lots of luck with that plan. Also, I've seen a few hardcore Bernie fans putting up the meme that FDR arrived at the 1932 Democratic Convention with a minority of delegates after having endorsed his opponent. Nope. Didn't happen. Bad case of wishful thinking going on here. .

I just can't imagine why Republican men think it's a good idea to interrogate Democratic women. It never turns out well for them!
In any event, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is quite clear and specific here. She received a briefing on the Clinton email case, she decided that the FBI recommendation not to press charges was a good one. Okay, done, finished, next problem!

After Alton Sterlin's death, police seize entire store video security set-up. I'm sorry, but to seize the whole security system and the store-owner's cell phone just tells me the police are guilty as sin and every charge against them is true. They got a signed search warrant? That tells ms the judge who signed that warrant was corrupt and in on the deal and no better than the cops were. This is why BLM has insisted that all police killings should be investigated by the federal government. The locals are simply too interested in having each other's backs.

With all due respect to supporters of Bernie Sanders, there were constituencies to which he was just a poor candidate who didn't really connect with or represent them.

Does the Democratic Platform fall short of what we'd really like to see? Well, of course it does. But we've got a good platform and should celebrate it.

Man who posted video of Alton Sterling's death arrested. Hmm, let's see. How legitimate was this guy's arrest?
"The very next day, while trying to get through a security checkpoint to go to his job as an aerospace ground equipment technician at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, LeDay was surrounded and detained by ten military police officers, some of whom carried M-16 rifles.
"...he was handcuffed and leg-shackled.
... "It was just over some traffic tickets from a couple of years ago," LeDay said. "They said my license was suspended."
Nawww! Nothing suspicious about this arrest at all! Move along now. Nothing to see here!

I agree, It's not "Black Lives Matter, but..." it's "Black Lives Matter (period)"

*Sigh*, more "both-sides-erism." Erm, I recall Trump saying lots and LOTS of really, at the absolute minimum, racially insensitive remarks. I recall absolutely nothing of the sort from Clinton. "False equivalence" is the bane of modern American media coverage.

Army veteran Micah Johnson shoots 11 Dallas police officers, killing five and wounding six. Very interesting to see what the NRA says here, but the more interesting question is what they leave out. They can't say victims were unarmed. They can't say killins occurred in a "gun-free zone," can't say "If only there were armed people around," because there were 20 "open-carry activists" present. I did a photoessay on the last three gun-killing events. In a disturbing development, mass shooter was dispatched by a killer drone, a remote-controlled tracked vehicle that threw a bomb at Johnson. And because, of course.

Clinton has the most amazing luck. She is blessed with incompetent enemies. Republicans in Congress drag FBI Director James Comey n front of them to explain why Clinton wasn't charged. Comey made it very clear that her conduct with her email protocols didn't rise to the level where prosecution was warranted. That is, they weren't so bad as to deserve the label "gross negligence."

Another black man murdered at the hands of police. His girlfriend was in the car next to him and recorded herself describing how her boyfriend, Philando Castile, was dying beside her. Their four-year old daughter was in the back seat.

Serious boundary crossed. At a rally, Donald Trump was discussing Hillary Clinton's email issue. Someone in the audience yelled "Hang that bitch!" to which Trump just smiled.

Global warming has a bigger cost than just sea level rise. Problem is, taking steps to stopping it means getting in the way of big sugar growers, so Senator Rubio got all vague and fuzzy on the issue.

With the story of Alton Sterling, pretty much all you all you need to know is "4. Cops immediately seized the convenience store's surveillance footage." Yes, they later obtained a warrant from a judge to do so, but that just means the judge was a fellow "good ol' boy" who agreed on how to define "justice" here. Also, good advice for white people on reacting to the death of black people at the hands of police.

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