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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Ordinarily, for a "bad guy" nation to stick with an agreement is good news. But when the Trump Administration wants an excuse for a war, it really isn't.

Disputed someone's post on whether the President has head problems or is following a strategy. Granted, the movies and TV shows I watch tend to have focused, clear-minded heroes and villains who all have discernable goals and thought-out plans on how to get to those goals, so for me, the burden of proof is on those who feel that politicians are actually acting irrationally.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets some stuff wrong occasionally (though I agree with her on Israel-Palestine) but so do lots of other people in Congress! Nah, she should continue to speak out and should do so without embarrassment.

The Library of the younger George Bush has made 367,000 pages from Judge Kavanaugh's time working for them available. President Trump has decided to withhold 100,000 pages of those papers. Democrats feel, of course, that the administration has absolutely zero business withholding any papers!

Very excellent point!

4 Americans died in Benghazi. Our Republican government investigated @HillaryClinton for 2 years. 2,975 Americans died in Puerto Rico. Our Republican government has done nothing. They have said nothing. They have asked no questions. They have pointed no fingers. Why?

Another excellent one.

Ever wonder why the Republicans refer to themselves as being in the “Party of Lincoln?”
It’s true, Lincoln was a Republican. It’s also true they have to go back 153 years to find the last honest President they had in their party.
Democrats need only date back to No Drama Obama.

On the cancelled pay raise. A $1.1 trillion deficit due to the tax break? Not a problem! Doesn't need to be paid for. A raise of 1.9% for almost 2 million workers? Horrors! Think of the deficit!!!

"Trump Warns Rallygoers Dems 'Want To Raid Medicare To Pay For Socialism'"
This claim makes absolutely zero sense. If Democrats wanted to pay for socialism, Medicare would be one of the main beneficiaries.

The Abigail Spanberger case. It's funny how an entity that received her unredacted security file containing all sorts of personal information went to "a super PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)" and gee, strangely enough, none of the reports I've seen mention any reaction by Speaker Ryan. Hmm. Wonder why that would be?

Update: Good! 200+ security professionals have signed a letter demanding to know the full story behind the release of former CIA operative Abigail Spanberger's SF-86 or her security application.
And no, still no mention of what, if anything, Speaker Ryan has had to say about the issue.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appears to be trying to put the burden of proof on the shoulders of sexual assault survivors. Problem is, of course, that she has absolutely zero credibility in this field. She has not prove that she can be taken seriously as someone who has a deep understanding of any issue.

It is not good news for anybody that Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is weakened by the sanctions that the US re-imposed. That makes anti-American radicals stronger.

It's rare for the FBI to make a declaration like this. No evidence that Hillary Clinton's server was ever hacked.

New tax data shows, yes, the #GOPTaxScam was quite good for the wealthy. For everybody else? Ehh, not so much.

My assessment of the Jared Kushner Israel/Palestine peace plan. Basically, Kushner appears to really, really hate the Palestinians.

Yeah, I had never heard the term "monkey up" something. As a commenter on TV said "That's not a racist dog-whistle, that's a racist bullhorn."
Good! Fox News put out a good statement on this.

Took 10 months, but we finally got a more realistic-sounding estimate of the death from Hurricane Maria. Spoke with a fellow Democrats who agrees that getting supplies from the ports to the countryside was a big problem initially, but as the roads have been cleared, that's not so much of a problem any more.

Good! The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed Bin Salman, appears to be losing power as he's screwed up so badly lately.

A little while ago, we saw that the Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson, is supposed to get 80-year old buildings in Cairo, IL back into liveable shape with a fraction of the money he needs. He should resign and blast the Trump Administration as this fellow does. Our top student loan official blasts the Trump Administation for abandoning students. 

Eh, I'll give the President one cheer out of three for eventually having lowered the flag over the White House to half-staff. He had to be pushed into it.

SMDH!!! Black person gets arrested with injuries. Why? He was sitting in his car.

Update: Happy to say, the "Courtesy Office" James Reynolds, was let go soon afterwards. The Southport Police Department put out a statement saying they thought Reynolds was within his authority to ask Dean for an ID.

A few days ago, the President wondered aloud if he shouldn't do something nice for the Palestinians to compensate them for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. This move here is simply another attack.

To any schoolteachers seeking to get across the idea of narcissism, I think it's hard to improve on the President's "tributes" to Senator McCain.
"Adding Insult To Injury: Trump’s Instagram Tribute To McCain Features Picture Of...Himself"

So how are Republican Senators reacting as their late colleague John McCain gets trashed by the President? Yeah, pretty much nothing.

Yeesh! Compare and contrast how our former enemy deals with the late Senator McCain with how our President deals with him.

A monument on the shores of the Hanoi lake where McCain was captured has turned into a de facto shrine to the late senator since news of his death reached Vietnam early on Sunday morning.
Both Vietnamese people and U.S. citizens in Hanoi have flocked to the grey, concrete monument to offer flowers, incense, flags and other tributes to McCain.

Fight the organizational rot of the Roman Catholic church by bringing females into power? They've tried other ideas since 2002 and pedophilia is still a major problem. I came into the Navy in the 90s, when females were being let into more areas and got the impression that the changes were very largely positive. Yes, I believe the Church needs to start promoting females into positions of authority.

Looking for females within the Roman Catholic church to promote? Start here!

I agree. Democrats are going to have a lot of difficulty impeaching the President as we need a 2/3rds majority in the Senate to make that happen. Doesn't appear we're going to get Republicans to go along with that. Investigations, though! Woo hoo! Representative Maxine Waters will be in charge of the Financial Services Committee!!!! Ya know those tax returns we've been trying to get ahold of? Yeah!!!!

Hmm. Yeah, kind of a problem with saying the President's policy towards North Korea has been "tough." The President basically gave NK everything it could possibly have wanted, got a page of vague promises and is now upset that NK hasn't made unilateral concessions.

Our President's objections to the Iran nuclear deal would have been perfectly satisfactory, if he just needed to make his complaints specific enough to stir up his crowd at a rally. But the Hague doesn't appear to be impressed.

Democrats plan to make extensive use of the subpoena if, more likely when, they take the House.

Senator John McCain, American statesman and POW survivor, has died at age 81.

Just because Senator John McCain and the blogger and myself were all Navy guys

The government plans on spending $1.5 billion in Puerto Rico over the next 20 years. That would be great news if the plan took anyone other than the wealthy into account.

Hmm, so does the President resemble a mobster as this tweet and this whole blog entry suggest, or is he more like Macbeth, an unloved tyrant whose imperial suits "Hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe / Upon a dwarfish thief."

Woo hoo! "Georgia Republicans fail in attempt to close nearly all polling places in a majority-black county"

Hey, but it's not like the Trump Administration has any sort of self-interest in refusing to stop Russian interference in the upcoming midterm election or anything.

Status or remaining separated children and parents. Not much better than it was a month ago.

The President thinks maybe compensating for the Israeli embassy move might be a good idea. If so, Gaza needs action right now. If the President is serious, he can act right away.

"Trump tweets about South Africa, sparks new international incident"
*Sigh* When the President gets his news from TV shows.

"Wind Farms Kill Birds, Trump Gripes, As DOI Relaxes Regs On Wind Farms Killing Birds"
Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing or is it that nobody there could care less?

Rudy Giuliani says "US citizens would stage a revolution against their own government if the commander-in-chief were to be impeached" Uh, actually [YouTube of]  "Martha & The Vandellas - 'Dancing In The Street'"

The author explains how the President has a very sincere, deeply felt gangster ideology.

The President spent a paragraph of a recent interview on his possible impeachment. The blogger makes an interesting point: "At no point in his response did the president make the case that he didn't do anything wrong."

Ann Coulter on Russia hacking of US election.
“There’s no evidence they did it." She's saying there's no evidence Russian hacking affected the election. There is ample evidence for anyone who desires to examine it with any sort of objectivity.
"If they did it, who cares?” [I raise my hand] For American votes to not count because a foreign country is hacking our elections is not something for people to care about?!?!?!?!
“If they did it, they certainly didn’t do it to help Trump." Again, mountains of evidence say otherwise.
"I mean, it’s preposterous.” Don't even know how to answer such an absurd statement.

"NFL and ESPN attempts to appease Trump on player protests are a lose-lose-lose situation"
Didn't we all learn back in the 1930s that appeasement was a terrible thing and that it never worked?

Right-wing commenter Michelle Malkin sheds copious crocodile tears over prosecutorial discretion that, gee, somehow when Kenneth Starr was exercising it, didn't seem to bother anyone on the right wing.

Another hypocritical right-winger: "Trump: 'Flipping' To Get A Plea Deal 'Almost Ought To Be Illegal

A three-week prison strike began on Tuesday over forced labor.

Alan Dershowitz suggests ways to regulate the granting and withdrawing of security clearances, but there already is a procedure for revoking security clearances. It was established under Clinton and changes were made under the younger George Bush. We don't need a sympathetic figure to initiate making any changes, we need for the President to obey the %$#@ing law!!!! John Brennan is not the problem, the problem is that the President took arbitrary and unilateral action.

Boo! Hiss! "Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire"

Amazingly, the President stayed on message last night. "He's got message discipline when he wants it.”

Still more good legal news!
Christopher Steele: Defamation case against dossier author dismissed"

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty on same day as Maafort was found guilty. Haven't heard this term applied to anyone since Watergate, but "Trump is now officially an unindicted co-conspirator to the crime committed by Cohen."

"Paul Manafort Guilty On 8 Counts; Jury Deadlocked On 10 Others" The only reason Manafort wasn't convicted on all counts is because of a single juror.   

I never watched the film "On Golden Pond,"  but I read a review that said the tensions in the film were resolved when the wife stopped protecting the husband. When the wife simply got out of the way and allowed the husband to get the full force of the disapproval of all the people he was annoying, he saw the light and reformed.
President Trump wanted to revoke former President Obama's security clearance. Trump subordinates talk all the time about "You ought to see the crazy stuff we talk him out of!" I think this is a case where it would have been a service to the nation for the American people to have seen just how unhinged and out of control the President can be. No, they didn't do us any favors by hiding this.

"As deficit grows, GOP leaders eye cuts to Medicare, Social Security"
Yeah, it's quite difficult for me to believe that cutting Medicare and Social Security wasn't the plan all along when Republicans passed their big tax cut back last December. .

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, tosses in her $0.02 concerning the Parkland students, now on a tour of the US to register young voters. Thomas is of course, very much in touch with right wing thought. Which is a very sad observation considering how incredibly hateful and divisive her comment is.

"Trump On Mueller Probe: 'I Could Run It If I Want'"
Wow! Just ... wow! How delusional do you have to be to think you can run a probe where you're a major suspect?!?!?!

As the piece here shows, there are two kinds of sexuality. There is the kind that people demonstrate by making love to a consenting adult. This kind is shared by heterosexuals and the entire LGBTQ community. Then there is the rape/pedophilia kind, where there is an attacker and a victim. In both cases, gender is not an important consideration. You're either respectful towards your sexual partner or you're abusing your greater strength and/or age. If a man is forcing himself onto someone, whether they're a boy or girl is not a meaningful consideration.

"Fox's Fake Judge Spins Insane New Conspiracy Lies About Mueller"
Was interested by one of Jeanine Pirro's accusations, that the FBI team took a while to get to Benghazi after the attack in 2012 where four Americans died. The official reason the FBI took so long to get there (When they got there, they only spent 12 hours in Libya) was that the State Department wanted to be sure of their safety. Pirro points out that many reporters managed to make it.
Very true, but reporters knew they were travelling in Libya at their own risk, so she's comparing apples and oranges. Yeah, it's far from clear what Pirro means by Mueller "cleaning" anything up as all of the perps were eventually caught.

As you read this fellow griping about the parade the President almost had, keep in mind that he's a combat vet from the Iraq War.

"If you Put an old W. Bush crony in Charge of Iran Policy, doesn't it Signal a War-Like Intention?"
Not good news at all.

This is a large reason we consider the taking away of John Brennan's security clearance to be such a big deal. The President appears to be just making up policy as he goes.

"Poll: Kavanaugh Is The Least Popular SCOTUS Nominee Since Bork"
Good! This guy very clearly has an "Our Glorious Leader" attitude towards the President. We need to gum up the works as much as possible.

It's a very heartening and inspriring story that a teacher needed sick days, so his fellow teachers pitched n and gave him theirs, but the teacher was in a tight community where everybody knew each other. Lots and lots of people are not in that kind of situation. 

"Trump Asks Judge Not to Block Access to 3-D Gun Instructions"

Arguing there’s no legal basis for the State Department to block availability of the instructions on the internet, and no need for such regulation...

There's a $%#@ing public safety reason, you morons!!!!! 

Federal law already prohibits firearms that can’t be detected by metal detectors...

So all someone has to do is pull out the metal parts, mix them in with keys, coins, cell phone, etc. and voilà! The plastic gun in the backpack is undetectable.

"Where are Republicans now that Trump's yanked security clearances from former top officials?"
"Does Paul Ryan still think this is just trolling and what, in his final months as House speaker, is he willing to do about it?"

Awww! Very sad to hear Aretha Franklin has now passed on.

Remembering Aretha Franklin.

Yep. One a them thar big, tough, brave Israeli soldiers is part of a group of soldiers telling Palestinian children they can't get their bicycles back.

Status on the war in Afghanistan - no end in sight.

Very cool ideas on corporate responsibility from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

No apparent evidence that Brennan did anything to warrant losing his security clearance. Of course, he criticised Our Glorious Leader. I guess that's now enough to warrant this sort of action.

I thought Tomi Lahren's rhetoric sounded familiar and looked around the net. Sure enough, Sarah Palin was saying much the same thing right before the 2008 election, basically that because she was a woman, she deserved feminist support.
Wow! White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a feminist?!?!?! I guess it's irrelevant to Lahren that Sanders lies all the time because her loyalty tp her boss is absolute and unquestioned.
Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is a feminist?!?!?! Despite her policies tearing children from the arms of their parents?!?!?!
Lahren has some seriously effed-up ideas as to what constitutes feminism!

Hmm. Gee. I wonder (Ha, ha, no I don't) if there's a connection between former CIA Director John Brennan's criticism of Our Glorious Leader and his loss of his security clearance today.

And as with Peter Strzok being fired, a failure to follow procedure.

Again, as usual, no one in the Trump Administration can identify the specific policies that led to the creation of so many jobs, but in this case, the Press Secretary cited the correct number for African American jobs for the past year and a half. Problem was, she way, way understated the number created under Obama!

Also very peculiar is how the Council of Economic Advisers counted the stats in the first place. They count Obama's numbers from November 08 to July 10 and Trump's from November 16 to July 18, which drags down Obama with a quarter that's actually Bush's and artificially inflates Trump with a quarter that's actually Obama's.

19 months in, a quick review of the President's awesome deal-making capabilities. Ha, ha, ha! NOT!

Seems the PR strategy of prominently placing a token black person in the frame of pictures of the President isn't working out very successfully.

Oh, and by the way, Kellyanne Conway wasn't lying about there being a black employee in the Executive Office Building, What is his rank? Wel-l-l-l...

Smith is a “special assistant to the president,” a more junior rank held by officials who often have their own policy portfolios, but typically are well outside the president’s inner circle. About 80 people on the White House payroll hold the rank of special assistant to the president.

The Washington Post publishes the work of an immoral libertarian, Megam McArdle, who argues that insider trading is okay because, hey y'know I mean, someone would have bought those bad stock shares anyway.

Not a good thing to hear that Peter Strzok was fired. I thought it had been made abundantly clear that FBI persons were permitted to have political opinions, they just couldn't allow their opinions to interfere with their work. Very interesting to see that 

Deputy Director of the FBI overruled the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and departed from established precedent by firing 21-year FBI veteran Peter Strzok.

The recordings that Omarosa Manigault Newman made are causing serious concerns over how secure this White House is. How many other people have been able to make recordings?

Out of 900,000 pages that are relevant to the request of the Democratic Senators, the Trump Administration proposes providing only 5,700 pages. Unacceptable!

The US Ambassador to Britain attempts to convince them to join the US in bailing on the Iran nuclear agreement. I found his arguments extremely unpersuasive and suspect the British do too.

"Counter-protesters face down far-right activists marching in Washington for ‘white civil rights’"
Woo hoo! Counter-protesters outnumbered right wing fascists and KKK members 10 to 1! And yep - “White civil rights is not a thing!”

The President's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, tries to shrug off questions about his mental health and to suggest he's so obviously sane, the real questions are about his critics. This would be convincing, but he's said things he shouldn't have said, for instance back in early May, that Stormy Daniels was indeed paid $130k by Trump via Michael Cohen.

"Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis Stage Huge Protest against Apartheid Law"
Good! Many Israelis don't like the new law!

In Norfolk during the early 90s, we had a housing project that was very similar to the project in East St. Louis. It was built in the 40s and had suffered serious deterioration. The Navy just tore it all down and started over. What HUD needs to do here is to obtain a new lot, build enough units to hold the people who can't move, tear down the whole of the old units and start over. Of course that would cost a lot and of course if HUD Secretary Ben Carson can't get that money, he needs to quit and say the Trump Administration just doesn't care.

I cited a piece from this past Wednesday to show that ICE couldn't be trusted (ICE Crashed a Van Full of Separated Mothers, Then Denied It Ever Happened) and yesterday, we saw exactly what I meant. "ICE held back vital information for reuniting deported parents and their stolen children, ACLU says"

So first off, Donald Trump Jr. compares economic statistics from the first year of Barack Obama and of his dad's presidency concerning their stewardship of the economy. Obama took over mid-way through the Great Recession, the worst downturn since the 1930s, while Trump Sr. took over during good economic times. Don Jr. then sloppily covered over the most embarrassing part, the fact that his dad got lower approval ratings even though his economic picture was much better.

Documents on CIA Director Gina Haspel's tenure at a Thailand torture site are finally being made available long after, of course, she's been made the Director. What the document reveals is what liberals knew about torture to begin with. Torture is useless for getting good information.

Saw a fellow being interviewed the other day on the "Space Force" and he said that not a single member of the military, with the exception of the Commander in Chief, considers this to be a good use of time, attention or money. The Air Force is handling everything to do with space, they do not feel a separate service is required.

Good heavens! Laura Ingraham makes a white supremacist statement so blatant she might as well just wear a Nazi uniform or a KKK white hood!

Laura Ingraham tries to walk back her statement of the night before. Kind of a problem with that is that she spoke of "demographic changes" then and gee, amazingly enough, said nothing about demographics last night.

AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III wants to eliminate domestic and gang violence as reasons to seek asylum. But this is not a monarchy and bureaucrats can't simply issue a decree. A court was about to hear a case on that issue and the judge was informed that the defendants were already on their way back to El Salvador! "'Turn The Plane Around': Federal Judge Threatens Sessions With Contempt"

Very good news in the recent elections for unions!

"World’s biggest oil exporter is betting $2 billion on electric cars"
Cool! Definitely a hopeful development!

Yeah, this is a pretty mindless take on the arrest of Chris Collins. The newswoman Dana Bash feels that Democratic corruption under the Obama Administration led to the rise of Trump's corruption. Whuuh?!?!?!?! Was she paying attention during the Obama years?

"Culture of corruption" is a very easy case to make against the current administration, though.

What are the stakes in November? Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) makes it crystal clear. If Republicans lose the majority in the House "all of this goes away."

Republicans set the precedent with Justice Sotomayer that all papers from their career had to be made available for inspection, but now Democrats are having to use the Freedom of Information Act to get some of Judge Kavanaugh's papers.

More problems with having an amateur president who really doesn't understand what he's doing. Subject this time is tariffs. 

Again, as usual, the go-to argument for right-wing supporters of the President is the economy. Yes, the economy is looking good. But that doesn't change the fact that the President is a fascist who clearly doesn't have any use for democracy. Had Ms. Owens acknowledged that, I might feel a smidgen of sympathy for her plight in being heckled in a restaurant.

I agree with the Morning Joe people and with their Ivanka Trump example. Extremely unimpressed with stories of brave, behind-the-scenes battles. Really, who gives a crap? The fact is that if you don't do it in public, it doesn't mean diddly.

Good heavens! 43% of Republicans think the President should have the power to shut down news outlets "engaged in bad behavior.”
Who would define "bad behavior”? The President, of course!
How rigorous would his definition of "bad behavior" be? Well, consider that his definition of "fake news" is just plain news he doesn't like. Yeah, they're completely in favor of Stalinist behavior.

Jared Kushner's latest peace plan for Palestine/Israel

"Federal judge smacks down Trump admin's effort to rescind DACA"
The Trump Administration tried to rescind DACA in an incompetent manner. They have a little time to respond, but have been ordered to restore it in full, barring a really good explanation as to why they can't.

It's a nice idea that special ops forces and drones can do the work of occupying armies. Evidence that they can, 16 years after the invasion of Afghanistan, is pretty unimpressive.

Essentially, the only people who take Ayn Rand's works seriously are college kids,  recent graduates who don't yet have enough life experience to know any better and the political donor class that is so protected and insulated from reality. The Ryan budget blueprints, endorsed by the entire Republican Party, were exercises in fantasy. The problem was that the Tea Party people actually believed what Ryan was selling and actually tried to enact it. The problem got even worse with a President who also believed in the Ryan/Rand fantasy. The fantasy has produced trillons in debt with no apparent solution in sight. 

Truly sad that the US thinks it's going to get anywhere with these sanctions on Iran. A blogger took part in a study on sanctions. Sanctions can work under some circumstances. None of those circumstances apply here.

Lovely! Thanks to our $%#@$%#!!! President rattling his sword, making wildly unrealistic demands and leaving no diplomatic alternative, Iran is building up its defenses! If war breaks out, it'll be 100% Trump's fault.

It's a very good thing that our national security people made a joint announcement that Russian cyber-meddling was and is a serious problem, but true seriousness would have involved appointing a single person or department to counter that threat. NSA Bolton didn't say anything about what further steps the Trump Administration will take.

A Kellyanne Conway interview. No, people in the news media are not robots and they do have human reactions to what they report on. Conway cherry-picks a few over-the-top reactions and tries to suggest they and the President's use of Twitter are equivalent. They aren't.
Yeah, as the blogger says, the President's ideas of "good journalists" are "Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Ainsley, Doocy, and Kilmeade."

So for the rest of the President's term, we'll have sanctions on Iran. Yep, awesome diplomacy there.

Will the sanctions work? Nah.

Heh! Theory here is that Trump people are saying "Hey! If we just get everything out now, we can avoid an interview with Mueller!"
But seriously, the President didn't know about a meeting between his son, son-in-law and campaign manager and foreigners?!?! That would make sense if they were trying to give him plausible deniability. But they wouldn't need to do that if the meeting was "totally legal and done all the time in politics."

Very good to see plenty of divisions in the conservative camp on going to war with Iran.

Heh! Ivanka Trump says her biggest, proudest moment of her daddy's presidency was during December's tax break legislation. Erm, Obama's main job during the ACA/Obamacare was to sell it to the American people. Where was she during the selling of the tax break? For that matter, where was her daddy? Making speeches at rallies of people who already support you doesn't do anything to move the needle outside of base voters. His (and her) job was to sell it to the American people in general and they were both MIA in that regard. 

The statement by Ivanka Trump that no, the press is of course not, the "enemy of the American people" was very little, very late and didn't go far enough, but her statement went farther and was much better than that of anyone else in the Trump Administration.

Many people not at all impressed by NY Times piece. They charge it's a highly selective history that exonerates the fossil fuel companies.

"Jared Kushner Tries to Strip Refugee Status, Aid from Millions of Displaced Palestinians"
Ah, I had been wondering how Jared Kushner's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan had been coming along. I can see why Palestinians have no interest whatever in it.

I look at Dinesh D'Souza's latest film. It makes a not-very-convincing claim that Donald Trump Jr. swalllows whole.

First off, bravo to Judge Dana Sabraw for keeping the pressure on to reunite the 500 remaining parents with their children! Second, bravo to the ACLU for keeping up the fight and representing the parents! Third, the government appears to be dragging its feet and it sure sounds as though they're trying shift responsibility from themselves to the ACLU for reuniting families. Fourth, Ivanka Trump expressed regret and said the family separation policy was a a "low point" for her daddy's administration. The piece doesn't mention her at all. This is an ongoing problem. It isn't dead and gone history. What exactly is she doing about all this?

So after the Press Secretary refused to say that CNN's Jim Acosta was not spreading "fake news," the Communications Advisor says, yes, Acosta is spreading "fake news." Her proof? 90% of the news is negative. Gee, ya think maybe that's because 90% of the news under this president is negative?!?!?!

"Pompeo Confirms That North Korea Is Far From Denuclearization" So much for the idea that for our President to meet with Kim Jong Un was the start of significant disarmament.

For Ivanka Trump to say the family separation policy was a "low point" for the Trump presidency raises the question of complicity. As the policy was clear from the time it was first considered and they had a year to implement it and there was no plan to ever reunite parents and children, then precisely how much of a role did she play in composing this policy? Keep in mind that her official portfolio includes women and family policies.

Yeah, there's never been any question that a plastic firearm is good for only a few shots. There's a reason guns are usually made out of metal. Still, if someone just wants to make a really dramatic political statement by getting a plastic gun into what is normally a secure location, there we go.

"Dana Loesch Defends 3D Gun Printing As Hobby, Like Knitting" Did a bit of research on this claim of Loesch's yesterday. Yes, legally, you have to have some metal in the gun in order for it to be legal. However, that component is removable. What that means is that if you wanted to assassinate someone (you're a spy or a jilted lover or a teacher gave you a low grade, etc.) or to hold them hostage (the gun may not fire or may blow up in the hostage-taker's hands, but how many people want to count on that?), you can place the gun into a backpack, keep the component in beside other metal (keys, cell phone) and you have a weapon that can fire enough shots to fulfil your mission.

Good summary of the Steele Dossier/Fusion GPS situation.

Allegedly, there's still money available for election security that hasn't been spent yet, but I agree with the blogger. Is this really the time and place for bean-counting?!?!!?!

I do an evaluation of a US invasion of Iran.I'm not very optimistic that it would turn out well or be a short war.

So according to Press Secretary Sanders, freedom of the press is something the Trump Administration supports BUT, and then she has to go back two decades to come up with an example of an irresponsible press.

Okay, so Politico reports that "Senate sends $717B defense bill to Trump" because hey, y'know security. Protect the country. The Pentagon says the budget is "Critical to Rebuilding, Restoring Readiness" Okay. Democrats asked for, and voted unanimously for, one quarter of one billion to safeguard our election process. That's adding up what the states have requested for election cyber-security. The Republican Party has more or less unanimously voted against spending that relatively tiny amount of money. There is of course, the obvious explanation, that Russian interference will favor Republicans. Is there a more innocent explanation?

"Trump to Sessions: Shut down Russia probe"
1. There's nothing "rigged" about the Mueller investigation 2. Mueller's not conflicted 3. Even if there were "17 Angry Democrats" on Mueller's staff, who cares? They still have to present a good case. 4. if our country is "stained," that's because we've got a president who is incapable of doing the job and is a tool of a foreign power. No, the probe should contninue.

The family separation policy is a crime that will be forever associated with this administration.

A small minority in Israel that apparently didn't receive any consideration in the "Israel for Jews only" law.

Wow! "No one" would turn down help from a foreign country in order to win an election in America?!?!?! As Hollywood Reporter puts it "When Al Gore's Campaign Received Illegal Election Material, He Turned It in to the FBI"

Evidence on the last tax cut is that a huge proportion of it went into stock buy-backs, which raises the price of stock, so sure. Why not another big tax break? Uh, maybe because we have better things to spend that money on?

"In Pitch For Voter ID, Trump Falsely Claims That ID Needed To Grocery Shop"
I wonder when our President last shopped for groceries. Sounds as though he hasn't stepped into a grocery store for decades. Saw the clip on this last night. the audience clapped and cheered when he suggested we "need" voter IDs.


Good! Rather late with less than 100 days to go until the midterm election, but good to hear DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen compare possible interference in our election to a category 5 hurricane. Not sure what she actually plans to do about it, but a very promising start.

It's very good that our President is questioning whether it's a good idea to have unregistered guns without serial numbers free and loose and available to all and sundry. But boy, I sure miss the days when a president would have put some time and thought into the issue and would have consulted with a wider variety of people than just the NRA. Most presidents wouldn't have allowed 3-D printed guns to have existed at all.

Is Rudy Giuliani guilty of witness tampering?

"Trump administration considers tax cut for the wealthy"
I commented on the Inky's page about this: A Brookings Institute study from June (“Effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: A preliminary analysis”) looks at the effect that the tax cut passed last December has had and finds that although the negative impact on government revenue has been and will be very real and substantial, the beneficial effects have been negligible and if it's paid for via cutting government spending, could have an overall negative impact on the US. It isn't like we don't need to spend the money. As just one example, USA Today found in February that 58,000 bridges are found to be "structurally deficient." This is no time to be cutting taxes.

Yeah, so White House Chief of Staff John Kelly now finds himself sidelined and ignored, replaced by Fox & Friends as the agenda-setter for the White House.

So with the family separation policy, the Trump Administration is committing the kind of crime that, like Slavery-Jim Crow, the Trail of Tears or the internment of Japanese-Americans, will live in infamy long after everyone who committed it is passed on. Republicans are upset because 92% of the American population disapproves.

Yep! A president surrounded by yes-men

Kellyanne Conway says, "This president obviously isn’t afraid of questions." Yet Trump has repeatedly sought to ban reporters over questions he felt were disrespectful.

Young Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has now served her eight months for slapping an Israeli soldier, graduated high school while in jail and is now considering law school.

So with everything else that's going on, what's House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) up to? Shadow banning! Which is not a thing. Twitter was trying to limit trollling and several right-wing politicians got caught up in that.

Government people are bitching and groaning because providing information on the 468 parents who were deported without their children would be burdensome to the government! $#$@%&#!!!!

Whoa! Piece talks about wildfires in the Arctic Circle!

"Trump Disses Real NATO, now Wants Unrealistic Arab NATO
I seem to recall our President trying to organize a new NAFTA and a new TPP as well. Not one nation accepted his idea for replacing a multi-national agreement with individual bilateral accords.

Tamimi is freed from jail in Israel. 
"The 17-year old Ahed Tamimi appears less than overawed by her imprisonment of eight months. 'The resistance continues until the occupation is removed,' Ahed said upon her return."

"Trump election security meeting had no coherent strategy, reportedly lasted less than an hour"
Sounds to me as though the meeting was more about justifying the current state of affairs than it was about making any sorts of improvements on them. No national strategy, no one field marshal or czar in charge.

"Shadow Banning" isn't really a thing and doesn't actually occur, but the Republican Party's stance on Net Neutrality makes RNC head Ronna Romney McDaniel's complaints rather ridiculous.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh served in the G.W. Bush Administration from 2003 to 2006. There's a "2004 email showing Bush's Deputy Nat Sec Advisor wanted then-Staff Sec. Kavanaugh looped in on spinning the torture memo." This is very, very important! We need to know what Kavanaugh's views were on that.

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