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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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Serious questions about mandates and the popular will. When exactly can a president declare that he has a mandate?

I've taken criticism from further-left buddies who have said it's a waste of time trying to push the Democratic Party further to the left by working within it. Seems to me that the Progressive Caucus was a serious factor in keeping the first big bill intact at $1.9 trillion and our heroine Representative AOC is working to increase the American Jobs Plan (infrastructure) to be even bigger. But yes, I was n Britain back in the 70s and they said that both of our parties would run on the Conservative ticket in their country.

Comprehensive overview of the Representative Gaetz scandal, including why people like Roger Stone and other Congress-people may be sweating bullets right now.

When political opponents are so desperate to find something negative to say!
"POLITICO Playbook PM: How good news could complicate the Biden agenda"

Oh, that's right! QAnon, which has been working closely with Representative Gaetz on various issues, is supposedly, allegedly anti-pedophile. Huh! Funny how Gaetz was apparently sleeping with at least one underage woman this whole time and wow, y'know, somehow those sharp-eyed QAnon folks were completely oblivious to it!

Wow! So happy this guy is out of office and has such a difficult time getting published! [Lengthy list of grievances, followed by] "Other than that, Happy Easter!"

Good! Looks like plenty of impatience to get the 2015 Iran nuclear deal reinstated.

Someone asked why Representative Gaetz brags about his “popularity with women.” I recall that, in a scene from a Fast and Furious movie, one of the characters stands with a group of beautiful women and speaks of the great time they're all going to have. One of the women smilingly corrects him and speaks of the great time he is going to have. Left unspoken is that it's just going to be another Wednesday night for them. Women don't necessarily hate being hired for sex, but when you pay for it, it doesn't mean you have anything to brag about,

Big sea change! For 50 years, Democrats have tried to avoid being called big spenders. The country as a whole realizes now that spending a lot is necessary if we want to have a healthy society.

Republicans appear to be just left behind, out in the cold here. The ol' “tax-and-spend” accusation just doesn't have much zing left anymore.

Again, I'm very unclear as to how McConnell intends for an infrastructure bill to be financed. He says here he doesn't want to raise taxes and has said elsewhere he doesn't want to use deficit financing. And no, the economy was in mediocre shape before the pandemic hit.

Hmm, good point. Representative Gaetz has been showing naked photos of women he says he slept with. Maybe I'm just a puritanical kinda guy but wouldn't clothed pictures have been equally effective in making the point that Gaetz was gittin' some?

Very good question! What exactly is Senator Romney's idea of a constructive response to Biden's American Jobs Plan? The idea of austerity is an obvious DOA. Minority Leader McConnell doesn't like either raising taxes or deficit spending. So what's left?

Again, I really like this administration's Press Secretary! Psaki takes his question, throws it against the curb, steps on it and grinds it into the street.

Gee, I'm so surprised that Ivanka took a look at her daddy and said "Well, if he can do it, so can I," not realizing that, no he couldn't!

Problem with the NY Times and the For the People Act is that this bill is not like the endless Obamacare repeal bills that the Republican House passed around 50 times. The Rs and the Ds are two different parties with two different approaches to governing. Democrats aren't split, either. They've got one member who's not really clear on the concept and wants to bring Republicans along (Spoiler alert: Republicans will not go along!)

*Sigh!* Tucker Carlson of Fox News is desperately trying to gin up his audience about something! Allegedly, Canada is now establishing “internment camps.”

Very cool! Coke and other really big corporations are joining the pro-voting fight!

Yeah, corporations have come on board for the good fight, but it’s clear they’re not doing so for any principled reason. They’ve looked at the numbers and figured they were on the losing side. But yeah, it’s cool they’re on the right side now!


So, essentially what TLG (The Last Guy) is saying is that he doesn't believe in investing for the future. Let's not collect tax money now to improve our infrastructure, so... well then... what? Infrastructure will just magically appear out of nowhere? This is why TLG was such a failure as president!

Update (21 Apr): This isn't just TLG, this is a general problem with the entire Republican Party. They don't like Democratic infrastructure plans, but they don't have any serious, realistic counter-proposals.

So AG Bill Barr knew enough about the Gaetz case as to never be photographed together with him. Not, of course, enough to actually do anything, just enough to keep his distance.

Ahh! So pleasant to see terrible Trump policies crumpled up and tossed into the wastebasket like this! In this case former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wanted to limit discussions of human rights to just things that conservatives disliked. Secretary of State Anthoy Blinken wants to discuss broader concerns.

"On voting restrictions, Florida seems eager to follow Georgia's lead"
The German writer Bertolt Brecht wrote a satirical poem about this called "Die Lösung" (The Solution), which was for the government to dissolve the people and to appoint another as the people "Had forfeited the confidence of the government."

Still not time to re-open yet, folks! Just hang in there a few more months!

For a lot of churches to have set themselves against LGBTQ people and to have allied themselves closely with a political party has benefited that one party in the short run, but may have seriously alienated youth from organized religion in general.

Representative Matt "Gaetz Implodes In Surreal Tucker Carlson Appearance"

There is no evidence to substantiate anything that Gaetz is saying. The interview left Carlson visibly perturbed as he tried to have Gaetz elaborate further, particularly after the Florida congressman repeatedly claimed that Carlson had been accused of sexual wrongdoing.

Grover Norquist, a long-time advocate for lower taxes, speaks up to oppose the "For The People" Act, saying that the left has "correctly decided that this is the way to disable the freedom movement."
He's talking about keeping donors to non-profits anonymous.
This is America and we're at peace! What the hell kind of "freedom movement" depends on secret donors?!?!?

Oh, Good Heavens! Why are people trying to rehabilitate the reputation of Stephen Miller?

Problem here is that it's not hypocrisy when you've changed your mind because the issue itself has changed. The filibuster is no longer treated the same as it was in the 20th Century because it has been so grossly abused.

Ah! Wasn't aware that it was Vietnam Veteran's Day yesterday (29 March, the day was established in 2017). A pair of singers, The Kennedys, very recently sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (1969). I heard that when it came out and recognized that it was a sad song, but didn't really grasp that it was about heading off to Vietnam where the protagonist would likely return in a flag-draped wooden box.

Grievance politics is deadly to real people. When Trump and his party scapegoated AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) people, real people suffered from racist attacks.

Even Republican constituents like HR1! It’s just a genuinely popular bill. When people describe the provisions in an objective way, everybody likes it.

Big story on how TLG (The Last Guy) ignored any responsibility for the pandemic and we lost up to 400k people as a result.

Yep! By taking all the "credit" for all of the decisions concerning COVID-19, TLG (The Last Guy) makes it absolutely crystal clear that he's 100% to blame for the 400k excess deaths.

Good! After far too many years, Judicial Watch is just going to have to let go of "But her emails!" Big problem for the Supreme Court to approve of their request was that it was very clearly just a fishing expedition.

Oh, good grief! I had to LOL when Eric Trump said this:

"I don't even know where to begin," Trump replied. "It's heartbreaking to us. I saw how much time and effort my father put into the job."

Oh, puh-leeze!!! The elder Trump spent his time 1. watching TV 2. playing golf and 3. conducting rallies. Fourth and last was doing the actual work of the presidency!

Problem for Republicans is that calling the filibuster racist is a two-fer. 1. There's actually a good bit of historical evidence that the main beneficiaries of the filibuster ever since it was begun way back in the day has been racists and white supremacists. 2. It's clearly a Senate procedure that has long outlived any usefulness it might have once had.

Woo hoo! The good ship Ever Given is now free! The Suez Canal was blocked for six days and now has about 450 ships, give or take, piled up on both sides of the now-freed ship! 

Detailed piece on how the Ever Given was freed.

"'We're tired of it': Sen. Lindsey Graham accuses Biden of playing 'the race card'"
I feel a little bit bad for Senator Graham, it is a bit of a drag to be accurately termed a racist!

"Biggest East Asian move into Mideast since the Mongol Empire: In Open Challenge to US, China inks 25-year, $400 bn Deal with Iran"
This is why the Trump idea that Iran was eventually going to fold to US pressure was never going to work. Under Obama, other nations joined in on the embargo, knowing that Obama had very specific and well-thought-out objectives. No one was on Trump's side as no one knew what he was going for. Iran felt Trump wanted nothing less than to just crush them and humiliate them.

Pennsylvania's doing well. Got a notification from my Congresswoman the other day. Vietnam vets are eligible for their vaccination shots. Ehh, pretty close! I was 15 when that war ended.

Various news outlets like CNN are trying to rehabilitate various Trump Administration people. Dr. Redfield is one of those who do not deserve to be rehabilitated!

Would have been nice had Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator under TLG (The Last Guy), said something at the time, instead of waiting until TLG was safely out of office!

In fact, "Dr. Birx began using versions of the phrase 'putting out the embers,' wording that..."
That was in mid-Summer. It was obvious at the time that we were nowhere even close to putting out flare-up and embers! We were still in a raging fire that was swallowing tens of acres a day!

President Biden says that the new Georgia voting law “heightens ID requirements for absentee voting, limits drop box use and prohibits the distribution of food and drinks for voters waiting in line, “’Jim Crow in the 21st Century.’”

Georgia Governor Kemp replies that “You obviously haven’t read the bill. SB 202 expands voting access, streamlines procedures, and ensures election integrity.”

Best case scenario for the Governor is that Kemp and his allies have done an incredibly piss-poor job of explaining their bill. The fact that a Georgia State Representative was arrested for trying enter the room where the bill was being signed leads me to thinking that Biden is probably the one who is correct.

Update (8 Apr): "Charges Dropped Against Georgia Representative Park Cannon"

The attack on the Capitol on 6 January will not be investigated in a bipartisan manner (Hint: One side is guilty, the other isn't), but it will be investigated!

The Ever Given, the ship that's blocking the Suez Canal, is costing world trade $9.6 billion a day! Round-up of news on that.

Senator Cruz cries great crocodile tears about the treatment and living conditions of migrants who are in US Government custody. Huh! Funny, I don't recall him caring so much when it was a Republican president who absolutely violated their human rights!

The Independent confirms my suspicion that not only does Cruz not have any legislative solutions for problems at the border, but he had nothing to say about problems there throughout the Trump Administration.

TLG (The Last Guy) is concerned about where the John Durham Report is. Actually, we're concerned as well. Durham was charged with reporting on how the Mueller investigation started. That, of course, is so obvious that Durham has a hard time coming out and saying it (Hint: TLG is guilty!)

The title in NYT Politics is full of weasal words:

"Democrats say that Republicans are effectively returning to one of the ugliest tactics in the state’s history — oppressive laws aimed at disenfranchising voters"

“Democrats say?” “Republicans are effectively…?” Why not just say flat-out that Republicans are using racial appeals and disenfranchising voters in order to try and gain political traction?

Wow! TLG (The Last Guy) is gone wa-a-a-ayyy off into fantasy-land!

Trump on the January 6 insurrection that left 5 dead, including a police officer: "It was zero threat, right from the start, it was zero threat"

Yep! Many reporters are upset that Biden is slow and boring compared to TLG (The Last Guy), but y'know what? That's what we voted for and we love it!

Quite the rags-to-riches story! (Charles II initiated England’s Restoration in 1660 after Oliver Cromwell died) Neil Gwyn started off by selling oranges at the theater, worked her way up to being a comedic actress and eventually started sleeping with Charles II (with whom she had a son) during the Restoration period.

She actually has a pretty extensive set of films made about her from 1900 to 2004.

Very interesting. Missouri legislators are putting rural voters above urban voters, even though there are more urban voters. "Real" Americans vs a more demographically-mixed group?

Some CNN reporters are good at their jobs. Poppy Harlow asks the important question: Do AR-15s serve any useful purpose? Her guest dances all around that question but never answers it.

Problem with Hannity's speech here is that no one needs an AR-15 to defend themselves. A six-round pistol is quite sufficient for that purpose. Hannity never gets around to explaining why anybody needs the kind of high-powered guns that have been used in massacres since the shooting at the Columbine High School back in 1999.

Also, Hannity doesn't think Seth Myers is funny. The IMDB run-down on Myers' career says otherwise.

Maggie Haberman was the NY Times reporter who specialized in reporting on the last guy in the White House. She was generally pretty worthless in that role. Were Trump officials expanding capacity during a border surge? A real reporter would have taken the time and effort to find out! Even if that meant just finding repoters who was on that beat and asking them about it.

Gotta wonder about his wording here:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during gun violence hearing:
“Every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater..."

Erm, wait a second, doesn't that suggest that there sure are a lot of shootings!?!?! We've been unable to get serious measues aganst gun violence passed for decades thanks to GOP obstruction/lack of action. I think we need to give up on NRA/Republican solutions.

I remember people having lively debates over this question back in the 70s. Basically. if a Black person was holding a position that required some degree of skill, it "must be" that the person was an unqualified Affirmative Action hire. I think what people also realized was that paper qualifications don't always tell you everything. They're not irrelevant, but they're not determinative, either.

Good! Speaker Pelosi makes it clear that Postmaster General DeJoy's plan is DOA!

Again, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy doesn't appear to grok that the USPS is a service! If it costs a lot of money, then we put more money into it. It's not a moneymaking, private enterprise institution where we the public have to do without certain things because those things cost too much!

The Senate Minority Leader, obviously desperate to maintain the filibuster, claimed that it had no racial history. This is untrue. In fact, from 1917 to 1994, fully half of all filibusters were used to maintain white supremacy. Democrats have been using that history as a cudgel against the Senate procedure.

Hmm, should we laminate our vaccine cards when we get our shots? Some thoughts on that. I'll just take a picture and have that available on my phone. 

There were indeed people who died in the BLM riots after the murder of George Floyd, but the focus was very largely on property destruction, not on killing. So this hearing saw a lot of apples and oranges comparisons.

The shooter in Boulder CO was a Muslim. Based on preliminary reporting, there's no indication of any political motive. Maybe feelings of persecution exacerbated by his being Muslim perhaps, but no, he didn't appear to be carrying out any sort of political agenda.

Representative Boebert isn't completely stupid. In the wake of a mass killing, she's switched out her previous background (pictured) for one without guns.

We're getting the narrative (and unfortunately, many mainstream news sources have swallowed this line wholesale) that there's a "surge" or "crisis" at the border with Mexico. Erm, no. It's actually just the usual seasonal increase.

And what exactly is the solution that the GOP is proposing for the border "crisis?"

The commenter here appears to believe that because the shooter in Boulder CO is named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and is Muslim, that somehow he didn't count to police and other people at the grocery store as "white." But all people had to go on was his appearance and he looked white. So I really don't think he's making the point he thinks he's making.

For four years, Republicans controlled the Senate and the Presidency. For two of those years, they also controlled the House. Now Senator Cruz says they have solutions to gun violence!

We carried out two demonstrations this Saturday.

I mentioned before that the younger George Bush told people during his 2000 campaign that he'd get smart people to advise him, so his being kinda dim wouldn't really matter. Jared Kushner chose Peter Navarro as the Trump Administration's economic adviser because Kushner browsed books on Amazon concerning China and was really charmed by the title of Navarro's book "Death by China."
Similarly, Donald Trump, when he was president, described Dr. Scott Atlas as "one of the great experts of the world." Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks Dr. Atlas is really awesome, too.
People who aren't all that bright can't distinguish between charlatans and actual experts.

The list of ballot irregularities “goes on and on” the fellow says. True, but the list is all lies. None of these irregularities existed in real life.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accidentally makes strong case against filibuster.

Over the years, many Republicans have referred to the President as their Commander in Chief even when it wasn't appropriate to do so. It is military protocol, worldwide since forever, for subordinates to be there when a higher-ranking person comes to their theater of operations. Vice-President Harris came to Florida and none of the Florida Senators, Representative or even Governor came to meet her. Granted, unlike the President, the Vice-President is not considered part of the chain of command. Still seems pretty insurbordinate to me.

OMG! This is $#@%ing hilarious! The lawye Sidney Powell has to argue simultaneously that her accusations concerning voting machines were so ridiculous that no one could take them seriously, but at the same tme, that she herself believed them! 

So I guess this is the preferred style for at least some reporters, to simply have the person state what his position is without the slightest pushback. I guess that if this kind of challenge-free interviewing isn't done, then we just won't hear from these people.

In contrast, here's a sterling example of good, energetic pushback (after the Congressman had previously spoken within the safe confines of Fox News).

Saw the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Good stuff! The whole first episode is just setting up the conflicts with deep looks at the characters and their backstories.

When I worked at a mall department store in my early 20s, I saw the danger of confusion and lack of coordination between employees. This idiot, the current Governor of Aransas, clearly never learned those lessons. The people of his state are made more vulnerable to the coronavirus because his policies are confusing and contradictory.

How goes the race between vaccines and variants? Far too even. We need to keep up masking and social distancing.

Y'see, you have to understand what Representative Greene means by "the people." She doesn't mean what you and I might mean! She's referring to very specific groups of people, not just people generally.

Further thoughts on who exactly is "The People."

Judge Laurence Silberman makes a really good argument for judicial term limitations.

"No end in sight: Inside the Biden Administration's failure to contain the border surge"
This WaPo story is an excellent example as to why we have an alternative media! These kinds of stories need strong and immediate pushback! Shame on the WaPo for publishing this bilgewater!

"Biden admin brings in Red Cross as asylum-seeking kids continue to be held past legal limit by CBP"
Facilities for accepting migrant children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are overcrowded and the Biden Administration is straining to keep up. They're trying not to use really big, impersonal facilities and to use smaller ones where the children can feel cared for. The main problem is not any sort of sudden surge, the problem is a steady stream of migrants combined with the children who were being held back in Norther Mexico.
More on that.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans thinks we liberals are just too gosh-darn sensitive to having a bust of the fellow who founded the Ku Klux Klan in the Tennessee Capitol building.

Contrary to what this "faux hillbilly" maintains, the training of military officers and the liberal arts had everything to do with each other, going back to Medieval times.

"Trump's House GOP devotees threaten to tear down party and country alike"
I found this statement to be so sad!

“If we won’t use every procedural tool in the toolbox we have … yes, that frustrates me. ... You’ve got to get in the way and try to slow things down as much as you possibly can.”

Yeah, forget about country over party, about Congress being there to solve problems. Burn it all down! Never mind that there are people who live here!

Just as the last guy once wanted to go to the site of a school shooting and to be the Healer-in-Chief, Senator Rubio can't play the part of a crusader against Asian-American racism because he's part of the problem! He had earlier blamed China for coronavirus.

The fellow who shot several Asian women around Atlanta claimed that he had a "sex addiction." This concern is a very old one. In 1875, Congress kept Chinese women from immigrating, because they might be traveling “for lewd and immoral purposes,” including “for purposes of prostitution.”

New Dead Sea scrolls from around 100 AD reveal details of Jewish anti-Roman revolts at that time.

The Intelligence Community assesses that China considered but did not take any action, to interfere in the 2020 US Election. Which completely contradicts what AG Bill Barr told CNN.

And yeah, looking at the two unclassified Intelligence Community reports that have been released, the bloggers on this site were pretty much 100% right from the very beginning.

The Intelligence Community report states that Russian operative Andriy Derkach felt so comfortable sending Representative Devin Nunes information, Nunes received a package from Derkach at the House Intelligence Committee! Nunes has refused to disclose what the package contained.

This is very big news. What our President would call a BFD. This is a UN draft resolution that essentially gives Palestinians everything they’ve asked for since 1967.

Happy to see Senator Collins reject racialiized language against Asian-Americans. Ya know what would've been nice? If she had spoken out against a president and his people when they used terms like "China virus" and when people joked about "Kung-flu."

I agree with Senator Toomey that debt collectors have "valid legal claims," but FFS, people also need to survive! Millions of family members haven;t worked in months, for good reason!

The Saudi war against Yemen has been both cruel and ineffective. The US needed to stop supporting it a long time ago!

Donald Trump's belief that Democrats can secretly cast fake ballots in the millions was clearly there in 2016, survived his establishing and then disbanding of the voter fraud commission and is clearly still going strong.

Limited transport to and from the Space Station could delay someone's return trip home for six months.

Getting The Wall on the border with Mexico partially-built has had the perverse effect of aiding smugglers. The first step in construction of a large structure is, of course, roads! Those roads are now making for easy passage for illegal users.

This is kind of a problem. The just-passed American Rescue Plan is paid for via deficit financing, but there's a consensus that an infrastructure bill should be paid for with increased taxes. Senator Collins finds that idea laugh-out-loud funny.
So her party doesn't want to raise taxes. Okay, but infrastructure wears out. Roads and bridges and railways and airports get old and worn down. What exactly is their plan?

Update (18 Apr): Republicans have agreed that the US needs to do something about our infrastructure but they only want to spend $600 to $800 billion as opposed to the $2.3 triilion that the Biden Administration intends to spend. Also, they have no idea how to pay for it! They especially don't want to tax the wealthy!

Very true! For years and years, four dead in Benghazi was a cause that conservatives cried and carried on about. Half a million Americans died of COVID-19 and Fox & Friends wants us all to forget even before the pandemic is over!

Yeah, the assertion that Middle East terrorists are coming into the US via Mexico is something I've always found to be extremely dubious! House Minority Leader McCarthy doesn't provide any evidence.

At the 1:30 mark in this interview, voting activist Cleta Mitchell talks about “cleaning the voter rolls.” Not really sure why that's important. In order to take advantage of a voter who is no longer alive or in the district, you’d need a great deal of specific information in order to pass as that voter. You’d also need to get someone from another voting district to pass off as the absent voter as voting stations are covered by people who work from 7:00am to 8:00pm. Someone coming back twice to vote under two names would be noticed immediately. On the other had, energetically purging voter rolls would ensure that lots of legitimate voters lose their registrations.

"GOPers Smear Migrants As Vectors Of COVID Who Will Take Pandemic ‘10 Steps Backwards’"
Infuriating as the GOP is the party under whom half a million Americans died because the president just couldn’t bring himself to care enough about the pandemic to put out any real effort to address it.

Woo hoo! Historic and very cool! Representative Deb Haaland confirmed as Interior Secretary.

This clip is not manipulated. That's a rocket landing on a ship!

Both Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2020 were sanctioning Iran and neither was at the negotiating table at the four-year mark, but Trump was in a considerably weaker position than Obama was because Trump hadn't gotten any allies to willingly join him.

Senator Ron Johnson didn't feel threatened by the 6 January attack on the Capitol, but would have felt that way if the attackers had been BLM or antifa. We get reactions to that.

Hmm. The Alabama Republican Party awarded Trump with a framed copy of a resolution about what a great president he was. What did they base that on? “for bringing back American manufacturing, cutting taxes, creating best economy ever, building up our military.” Cutting taxes, yes. With the help of a Republican-led House and Senate. The other “accomplishments?” Ehh, not really!

Infectious-disease scientists have warned that only treating some people is an insanely self-defeating strategy! That's why President Biden is working to treat the rest of the world after the US has gotten some degree of herd immunity.

Sent the following tweets out in support of the 18th anniversary of the launching of the Iraq War.

As of this Saturday, 20Mar2021, it will have been 18 years ago that the US started the #IraqWar We’ve now spent about $2 trillion on that fruitless conflict. Texas recently suffered #texasweather after they failed to spend enough on their #infrastructure

The #ClimateCrisis is real and serous. We need to pour trillions into shifting our economy away from fossil fuels. @RenewablesNews #RepealNotReplace #AUMF

@POTUS should uphold the promise to #EndEndlessWars

Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

Everyone knows -- including Democrats in Texas -- have said that one of the easiest ways to cheat in elections is through these mail-in ballots.

Uh, no. no one "knows" that it's easy to cheat using mail-in ballots. Servicepeople have been voting by mail since the Civil War. We've had plenty of time to make sure that mailed ballots are secure.
Of course the host, Bartolomo is, as usual, utterly and completely gullible and just says "Wow!" Is she just pretending to be gobsmacked? Eh, who knows?

More on the brighter side of capitalism! Big companies are coming out in Georgia against voter suppression! A sub-tweet here has a list of companies we can thank.

Does anyone in the country "miss Trump?" Eh, maybe a few older white guys. The rest of us are perfectly happy and content that he's gone from the scene.

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