At 8:30 AM on Friday, Dec. 1, 11 grandmothers will go
 on trial at Municipal Court, 1401 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

The grannies, all members of GRANNY PEACE BRIGADE PHILADELPHIA, were charged with "defiant trespass" on June 28, 2006, when we refused to leave the North Broad Street military recruiting center, insisting that they be taken to fight in Iraq instead of their grandchildren.

"We've lived our lives," we said.  "Our grandchildren have their
lives ahead of them and we don't want them to get killed in Iraq."

Join us grannies--at 8:30 AM on Friday, Dec. 1,
In front of Community Court, at 1401 Arch Street
and show your support for  our efforts to put an end to the war in Iraq.   For further info go to:

                                                             BRING SIGNS OF SUPPORT !      BRING CAMERAS!

Philly CodePink Events!

Nov. 17 @ 7:30 PM at LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave for more info & directions.  They will be showing the Film "El Enemigo Comun" followed by a discussion on solidarity with the people of Oaxaca.  (Massacres in this Mexican state by a militaristic government)

Nov. 21 @ 10:30 AM:  The "Phila. DECLARE PEACE 14" will have a Status Hearing in Phila. Municipal Court, at the Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert St., Room #404, Phila., PA. The Fourteen Declaration of Peace activists are charged with: Defiant Trespass, Criminal Trespass, and Criminal Conspiracy.

Nov. 24: 11AM: Black Friday @ Gallery Market East (9th & Market Sts.)
Join Philly CodePink to distribute the "real price of war" tags to area shops and help with petition signatures.  Contact Z at for more information.

5-6 PM:  Grannies join Military Families Against the War Vigil
 Broad and Cherry Streets from 5 to 6 PM. 

Next Philly CodePink Meeting- December 10th @ 3PM
Currently meeting at 30th Street Station at the table and chairs section along the south side of the station.   Contact Z at:

 TODAY! Mantra Open Mic: Friday, November 17, 7:30 p.m.

Not just any other open mic. It's the Mantra. A journey through poetics and consciousness, the third season hopes to bring together Philly's local artists, activists, and overall good people to share their powerful voices and cultivate a collective vision for justice. Hosted by MANTRA's creator, Rodney Camarce, artist, poet, and community activist. Please show up early to sign up for the open mic!
        The Asian Arts Initiative is grounded in the belief that the arts can provide an important political and cultural voice for the Asian American community in Philadelphia. We serve as a community arts center where artists and everyday people are developing means to express our diverse experiences as Asian Americans.
        1315 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107
        (215)557-0455 | <>

Betrayed: Violence Against Women
With Marjorie Agosín, Samantha Barrow, and Sonia Sanchez

        Saturday, November 18, 2006, 1pm
        Broad Street Ministry, 320 S. Broad Street - Free & Open to Everyone

 PA Women & Influence free Conference Nov 18, 2006 / 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Location: Temple Main Campus Student Center, 13th Street and Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Price: Free - Breakfast and Lunch will be provided
Contact: Michelle Carbonell, 215-985-3322/

Event Description:
Women & Influence 2006 is a FREE half-day conference focusing on the
challenges facing low wage women & families in America. The conference
will feature keynote remarks by Donna Cooper, Secretary of Policy and
Planning for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a panel discussion
with Blondell Reynolds Brown, Carol Goertzel & Jean Hunt and interactive lunchtime discussions
        Parking available:Liacouras Garage, located on 15th Street  between Montgomery Avenue and
Cecil B. Moore Avenue, at a cost of $10.00.
The Student Center is also accessible by the Broad Street subway stopping
at the Cecil B. Moore Station and by SEPTA Regional High Speed Lines  stopping at the Temple University Station.

PEACE PRESENCE :  2PM Nov.19th at Senator Arlen Specter's home

        School House Lane & (4111) Timber Lane in East Falls.
        2:00 pm "every" third Sunday.

FOR MORE INFO PHONE: Jeff Hornstein, 267-250-6480

       ScotlandYard Security Service provides security services at the Municipal
Services Building, One Parkway, and City Hall.  ScotlandYard officers make
as little as $9.01 an hour for keeping our City's most important buildings
safe and secure.
       These men and women have been trying to improve their working conditions and
their lives by exercising their legal right to join a union. In response, 
Scotlandyard has made unlawful threats of reprisal for union support.

 Protest at the Mexican Consulate for the Teachers & People of Oaxaca!

             November 20th meet us at 4pm at 5th and Market.
            Flyers are up at - download, copy and distribute!!

Pennsylvania women and their children need your help!

Toxic mercury pollution from power plants threatens the health of women and their babies. More than 600,000 women of childbearing age nationwide have amounts of mercury in their blood over the level set as safe by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Academy of Sciences. Unsafe levels of mercury in mothers' blood and breast milk can lead to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, problems with coordination, lowered IQs and even mental retardation.

But Pennsylvania's mercury cleanup plan is in danger. Some legislators, taking the lead of industry, have mounted a campaign to kill the plan. Unfortunately, many of those legislators are Democrats, who have kept their names as co-sponsors of a bill to kill the rule, swimming against the tide and refusing to stand behind Governor Rendell's plan.

Please act now to contact Senate Minority Leader Robert Mellow and Speaker of the House John Perzel ask them to protect babies and support our state's plan.      
Visit                                                                        _____________________________________

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES CRAFTS SALE AT WOODS-TOWN MEETING: Nov. 30 - Dec. 3 -  The meetinghouse is at 104 N Main St, Woodstown NJ. Since 1946, "Ten Thousand Villages" has supported the work of many artisans from developing nations, providing fair trade money for their handmade crafts.   Handmade ceramics, textiles, beautiful baskets, jewelry and wonderful musical instruments from diverse cultures around the world. For more information visit or



ACTION ALERT * UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE: Massive March on Washington, D.C., on Sat., January 27,

Please forward widely!   TELL THE NEW CONGRESS: Act NOW to Bring the Troops Home!
Join United for Peace and Justice in a Call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war.

    1) Make a donation right now to support the January 27 mobilization and help give us the funds we need to make this a truly massive         outpouring for peace.
    2) Pass this email along to everyone you know, post it on blogs and websites -- do everything you can to help us get the word out about     January 27th.
    3) Make sure your organization endorses the January 27th mobilization. Click here to add your endorsement:
    4) Start making plans to bring people from your congressional district to Washington on January 27. We will soon have a form on our         website, where you or your group can sign up to be the coordinator for people coming to DC from your area, so you can meet      up, coordinate transportation, housing, etc.
    5) Keep checking the UFPJ website for more details in the coming weeks
Help us continue to do this critical work: Make a donation to UFPJ today --
               | 212-868-5545 -
                To subscribe, visit


Sabeel's 6th International Conference was held November 2-9, 2006 under the theme of the FORGOTTEN FAITHFUL - a Window into the Life and Witness of Christians in the Holy Land.  Meetings were held in various venues starting in Jerusalem and including Bethlehem, Jericho, Ramallah, and Nazareth.  It was a truly ecumenical experience.  The cumulative number of international and local participants in the different settings was more than 500 including from 29 countries. 

Sabeel calls on you and all our friends:
1.      To establish bonds of fellowship with Palestinian Christians and to stand in solidarity with    all Palestinians in their struggle for liberation.
2.      To commit themselves to active prayer, education, and advocacy on behalf of the Palestinian     people
3.      To campaign for truth and justice with the energy and consistency of an ever-flowing stream
4.      To work without ceasing to bring healing and reconciliation to all people with God's joy and    peace in their hearts, especially to the people of the land where the first message of peace    was proclaimed.  
        Sister Elaine Kelley, Administrative Officer, Friends of Sabeel-North America
        PO Box 9186, Portland, Oregon 97207, Phone: (503) 653-6625
* Websites: (U.S.)/ (Canada)/ (Jerusalem)http:

 Support Students Sitting In at Purdue University!

Today at noon, 15 students from Purdue University entered their
President's office, refusing to leave until Purdue University
adopts a policy that would ensure that its licensed clothing is
no longer produced in sweatshops. These students are still
there, and they need our support. Please call and email the
President of Purdue University, Martin Jischke, and tell him
that Purdue needs to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program and
refrain from taking any disciplinary action against the 15 students.

President Martin Jischke 765-494-9708

Phone Script-
Hello, my name is _________ and I am extremely disappointed to
find out that Purdue University's apparel is still made in
sweatshops. I support the students of Purdue University and
would urge you to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program and
refrain from taking any form of disciplinary action against
students for exercising their right to protest.
Take action at:

 Make the Election Matter

Together, we can make sure that the newly elected Congress acts immediately to:
* Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour.
* Restore workers' freedom to form unions: Pass the Employee
Free Choice Act and reverse the National Labor Relations Board's
recent ruling that allows employers to deny workers' union
rights by classifying them as "supervisors."
* Overturn the ban prohibiting Medicare from negotiating with
drug companies for more affordable prescription drugs.
* Stop sending our best jobs overseas. Reward companies that
create jobs at home, instead of giving tax dollars to companies that export our jobs.
* Reverse the cuts in student loans made by the Republican Congress.
* And begin serious work on urgent, longer-term priorities to
provide affordable health care for all, retirement security,
fair trade policies, world-class public education, energy
independence, reasonable and fair immigration reform--and to
bring our troops home rapidly.
        An America that rewards work, respects workers and builds strong
communities and better lives for working families now is within our reach.
        Please sign up now at the link :

Petition to Stop Stoning Forever in Iran

To: His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Cc: Mr. Golam-Ali Haddad-Adel, The Iranian Parliament Leader

We are extremely concerned that "stoning to death" is still practiced as a punishment within the Iranian legal system. As the head of the Judiciary, you ordered a ban on the practice of stoning in December 2002.  However, the practice of stoning has not stopped.  In May 2006, a woman and a man, Mahboobeh M. and Abbas H, were stoned in Mashhad.
        Prior to the stoning, they were treated as if they were lifeless corpses; their bodies were washed in the mortuary according to the Islamic rituals for washing the dead and they were wrapped in "kafan", the white shroud that should cover the body of a dead Muslim. Then Mahboubeh and Abbas were buried up to their shoulders and waists, respectively. The two then became the target for a crowd that had volunteered to gradually kill them by throwing stones. The stones, based on Article 104 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran were not too small to not hurt them, and not too large to kill quickly, but the size to guarantee an extremely painful death.  The stoning was also a show of absolute hatred and humiliation by the crowd that put them to death.
        It is most disturbing to see that at least eleven more people, including 9 women:
are currently awaiting execution by stoning and there may be more cases in other prisons that we are unaware of. we are asking you to use your power and authority in cooperation with parliament to modify the Iranian penal code in order to ensure that your order to ban stoning becomes law and the Iranian legal system will never ever again practice "stoning to death" as a punishment for any crime.
To sign this petition, please click on the link below:     .. Marie Boroli

 Travel to Kenya with MADRE and the World Social Forum January 13-20, 2007

(OPTIONAL: Stay for the World Social Forum in Nairobi, January 20-25!)
Visit with inspiring Indigenous Samburu and Maasai women and youth working to make human rights a reality for themselves and their communities.
DATES: January 13-20, 2007
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotels in Nairobi, Samburuland, and Lake Nakuru
ESTIMATED COST*: $2120 per person (double-occupancy)
COST INCLUDES: Accommodations; breakfast daily; lunch and dinner in Samburuland and Lake Nakuru; celebration meal on final day; ground transportation for all planned activities; experienced guides; translators; and a memorable program including visits to communities, meetings with human rights activists, and safari.
ADDITIONAL COST TO STAY FOR THE WSF: $725 (Includes: WSF registration, accommodations, and breakfast daily.  For more information on the 2007 WSF, please visit     ......*Does not include international airfare*......

Because space on these trips is limited, please send us a deposit of $200 ($100 of which is non-refundable) as soon as possible to save your place, along with a completed registration form (available as a pdf at  To register with a credit card by phone, please call 212.627.0444.  Reservations will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry!  Full payment is due on December 13, 2006.
        NOTE: If you would like MADRE to arrange your travel from New York City, your airfare may be    due sooner (we will let you know when we need to purchase tickets in order to guarantee the     lowest price).
For more detailed information about the trip and the communities and sister organizations we will be visiting, please visit MADRE's website ( or contact Irene Schneeweis at 212-627-0444 or

 The greatest struggle for women's lives in Darfur. Please act today!

Women and girls are struggling for their lives in Darfur. They must find a way to survive in cramped refugee camps, where food is scarce, sexual assault is common, and medical help is almost non-existent.  Tell President Bush to send international aid to Western Sudan before one more woman suffers from the horrors of war.
        It's been over two months since the government of Sudan agreed to send help to those suffering in Darfur. But they have yet to follow through on this promise. This is our chance to reach millions of women who need help today.  The UN Security Council has already authorized a peacekeeping force, but they are not able to reach Darfur until the Sudanese government lets them enter the country. That's why it's so important that our leaders ramp up the pressure and demand that the peacekeepers are admitted!                                                                                               Speak up for the women and girls who have no voice:
                                              , Inc.,

Jimmy Carter on Apartheid in Palestine

Simon & Schuster is scheduled to release President Jimmy  Carter's latest book,
tentatively entitled "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid". The US Campaign urges all
to take action around President Carter's book release to increase awareness in
the United States of Israel's apartheid policies toward Palestinians.


1. Organize or participate in an event during the US Campaign-endorsed
Fourth Annual International Week of Action against the Apartheid Wall,
called for by Stop the Wall: The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall
Campaign. Click here for an action alert and suggested ideas.

2. Contact your local bookstore and ask them to stock this book. Ask your
friends, colleagues, and family to purchase the book and host a book club to
discuss the issues raised in President Carter's book and what you can do
change the situation.

3. President Carter's book is likely to generate significant media attention
and debate. Call your local talk radio programs and write a
letter-to-the-editor to your local paper affirming that Israel's policies
toward Palestinians are apartheid. Click here for contact information for
your local media. ttp://

4. Democratic Party leaders such as Reps. Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers and
DNC Chair Howard Dean have criticized President Carter for using the term
"apartheid" to describe Israel's policies. Pelosi denied that Israel
"institutionalizes ethnically based oppression" and Dean "fundamentally
disagree[s] and do[es] not support his [Carter's] analysis of Israel and the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Conyers even called on Carter to change the
title of his book. Send a message to your Members of Congress and the
Democratic Party stating that you support President Carter's use of the term
"apartheid" to describe Israel's policies. Click here for contact
information for your elected officials.

Once I figured out I was wasting more than 2,000 gallons of water per year by allowing it to run while I was washing my hands, I changed the way I do it. Now, I simply put a dot of liquid soap on my hand, turn on the water for a second to wet the other hand, turn the water off and take my time washing -- concentrating on washing for a full 20 seconds, the time experts say is required to kill germs. Then I rinse as usual.                       -- Lenora R., Florida


  1ST:       Bush video -   Hilarious!!!!!

On April 29, 2006 at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, Bush invited a Bush impersonator named Steve Bridges to share the dais with him.  The premise was the impersonator was Bush's conscience, interpreting Bush's words with what he really meant.  


In a plan revealed November 13th, less than a week after the historic election of a new Congress, America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) called for more hundreds of billions of dollars to be provided by the federal government to pay for the uninsured - and to pay for them in ways that would continue to line their own pockets.  They call it "Hope for Millions."

Here are some of the questions that were not addressed.  Why would the insurance companies who are raking in hundreds of billions of dollars in excess profits and basically standing in the way of a national non-profit healthcare program for all create a new plan to cover the uninsured?  Why haven't they done it before?  What do they stand to gain?  What do they stand to lose? 
        The follow-up story should explore the fact that a national healthcare program is the number one domestic priority of the voters.  According to some statistics, 83% of the people want such a program and recognize that we are the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't have such a program.  People expect Congress to take decisive action to provide a national healthcare system. 

Most of the people want such a program because the healthcare crisis isn't primarily about the uninsured.  We are all close to being uninsured, and even when we are insured we face the growing costs of insurance policies, the co-pays and deductibles, the potential of losing our job, and worst of all, the fact that insurance companies cancel insurance policies when people get really sick.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Reporters ought to talk with Congressman John Conyers whose bill, the United States National Health Insurance Act, H.R. 676, was introduced during the last Congress and has 78 co-sponsors on it.   There is a growing constituency of millions of people who understand and support this bill. It would provide comprehensive, quality healthcare for all residents of the United States including payment for all physicians and hospital costs, dental, optical, mental health, prescription drugs for all and long-term care, among other benefits.  You would never receive another healthcare bill.  There would be no co-pays, deductibles, or denials.  There would never be any more bankruptcies caused by healthcare costs. 

It would be good for reporters to check out Conyers' bill and see how it would be financed by all of us, employers and employees,  paying a small premium based on our income, and that all of us except 5%, the ultra rich, would be spending less money than we are now paying for healthcare.
        The cost of high-priced insurance companies would be eliminated because we wouldn't need them.  They don't provide any healthcare at all.    This would save almost $300 billion each year.   Insurance companies just take the money, make a huge profit, and pay out a reduced amount, too little for the healthcare of the people.  They are money-managers, not healthcare professionals.  They even invest our money in tobacco and other detrimental corporations. They control the doctors, the Congress, and our healthcare at the moment.  They want to keep that control.  So they are scurrying about to try to get their own survival plan firmly entrenched in Congress.

President Bush's Health Savings Accounts and ownership plans are also promoted in the AHIP plan.  These would provide money to managers and put more money into Wall Street.  The affluent who would then get tax breaks for saving money for future healthcare needs. Because of their tax-breaks, government money sorely needed for a healthy society would be used to further enrich the money managers.  People would be urged to pay as much as possible out of pocket into the system before accessing their Health Savings Accounts. 
        The uninsured must be covered.  It is a mandate.  But the rest of us need a good healthcare system too. It could be so simple and so beneficial if we went for a single payer national non-profit healthcare system instead of more money to the insurance companies.  

If you would like more information, please check our website:

Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator, Healthcare-NOW
Co-Chairs: Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworkers (largest industrial union in North America)  Jim Winkler, General Secretary of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society
Dr. Quentin Young, National Coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program

* Father of kidnapped IDF soldier to visit injured Palestinians,  Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondent

Noam Shalit, the father of kidnapped Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad
Shalit, is to visit the Palestinian civilians injured in the bombardment
of Beit Hanun who are recovering at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. Shalit
said he was going to express sympathy for those injured in the terrible
tragedy that struck them, and to wish them a speedy recovery. He will
take the opportunity to call for a cease-fire.
       Shalit said he was not bothered by those who criticized him over
the visit, coming after the Qassam attack on Sderot on Wednesday. "Of
course I also identify with the residents of Sderot and I am very sorry
about what happened," Shalit said. "Clearly violence begets violence and
hatred begets hatred, and therefore both sides should stop the bloodshed
and try to reach some kind of dialogue." According to Shalit, he is
following developments in the Gaza Strip with great concern.

* Protocol Requires Nations to Clean Up Deadly Leftovers of War
                                Separate Treaty on Cluster Munitions Urged
        (Geneva, November 10, 2006) - A law that will enter into force on
November 12 mandating that states clear their territory of explosive remnants of war
will help reduce civilian casualties following conflict, but states should go
further and agree to a treaty on cluster munitions, Human Rights Watch said today.
Press Release:

* Latin America is preparing to settle accounts with its white settler elite By Richard Gott
The recent explosion of indigenous protest in Latin America, culminating in the election this year of Evo Morales, an Aymara indian, as president of Bolivia, has highlighted the precarious position of the white-settler elite that has dominated the continent for so many centuries.

* The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela: Video :
Martín Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago, on "The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela;" and Joel Geier, Associate Editor of the International Socialist Review, on "Resisting US Empire"

* Democrats Must Offer A New Blueprint for Iraq By Scott Ritter
The political astuteness of the decision by President Bush to replace Rumsfeld with Gates has escaped notice by many Democrats, who seem inclined simply to gloat over the demise of their archenemy.

* Worshipping The State: Why They Die By Michael Gaddy
The inboxes at my email sites are constantly bombarded with pictures and articles designed to pull at my heartstrings and make me believe there are troops in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for our freedoms.*

* Don't Look for Much From the "Bipartisan" Iraq Study Group By Ray McGovern
Ret. Gen. John Keane of the "Military Senior Adviser Panel" takes a different tack. He recommends that 40,000 additional U.S. troops be sent to secure Baghdad. And Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., too, continues to press for sending more troops to Iraq as the only way to "salvage" the situation.

* Death Squads Exposed: The reality of U.S. occupation Of Iraq
This shocking film investigates the links between the death squads and high-ranking Shia politicians. It reveals how the Shia militia that these politicians control have systematically infiltrated and taken over police units and even entire government ministeries. It investigates how these units are closely linked to the death squads, indeed they often are the death squads. And the killers act with impunity -- there's little investigation into their activities.     Click to view

* Whistleblowers : Who Are They? By Peter Rost
After blowing the whistle on fraud, 90 percent of the whistleblowers were fired or demoted, 27 percent faced lawsuits, 26 percent had to seek psychiatric or physical care, 25 percent suffered alcohol abuse, 17 percent lost their homes, 15 percent got divorced, 10 percent attempted suicide, and 8 percent were bankrupted. But in spite of all this, only 16 percent said that they wouldn't blow the whistle again.

* Watch Al Jazeera English Live Broadcast
Al Jazeera English, the new international news channel from the Qatar-based television network, has begun broadcasting in English from its main studios in Doha.    Click here to view

* U.S. Soldiers pleads guilty in rape and murder of Iraqi child and her family :
The indictment accuses Green and others of raping the girl and burning her body to conceal their crimes. It also alleges that Green and four others stationed at a nearby checkpoint killed the girl's father, mother and 6-year-old sister.

* She Survived Iraq -- Then Shot Herself at Home :
Her name doesn't show on any official list of American military deaths in the Iraq war, by hostile or non-hostile fire, who died in that country or in hospitals in Europe or back home in the USA. But Iraq killed her just as certainly.

* Annan Demands Climage Change Given Same Priority as WMD

* Mayors Urged to Link War, Climate

* India Social Forum Turns Focus on New Issues