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Upcoming GRANNY PEACE BRIGADE Philadelphia Events:

October 15:  Time:  10:45 AM *
Granny Marlena speaks at the Ethical Society
Location: Southwest corner of Rittenhouse Square (a white building with outside steps.)

October 15:**
 Granny Nina will be passing out Granny flyers at the AIDS Walk as walkers begin their walk around Fairmount Park.  If you want to join her, you are welcome.

October 17 6:30- 8:30PM **
Granny, Poet and Performance Artist, Sonia Sanchez will appear on the Travis Smiley Show
at the Constitution Ctr. 525 Arch St.
All are invited. The show airs on PBS in Philadelphia at 11:30PM

October 24:  10:00 AM **
Grannies attend Mural Dedication at Benjamin Franklin High School.  The Mural celebrates nonviolence.
Location:  Benjamin Franklin High School - 550 N. Broad St.

December 1, 2006 9:00 AM
GRANNY PEACE BRIGADE Philadelphia - Court Date

For info go to: or call Nina at 215-528-6130

Philly Beyond Oil 2006 Conference

        Sat, Oct, 14, 2006,  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
        Friends Meeting House 4th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia
Registration $20; with lunch $35. Register online:
Phone contact: Dennis Winters, (215) 988-0929 x 242

        Conference co-sponsors: Energy Coordinating Agency, Delaware Valley Regional
Planning Commission, Sierra Club of SE PA, Perks Reutter Associates, Clean
Air council, White Dog Foundation, Earthcare Working Group of PYM (Quakers),
Henry George School, Farm to City.
        Conference Supporters: ActionPA/Energy Justice Network, Alliance for a
sustainable Future, Green party of Philadelphia, Sustainable Business Network

Six Actors in Search of a Plot(A Palestinian/Israeli Theater Initiative)
        The Painted Bride Theater, 230 Vine St For info: 
        Tickets are $25  For info, email

 Vietnam Resistance Peace Event, 10/15.

On October 15, 1965, the National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam staged the first public burning of draft cards. From 2:00 until 4:00 pm on Sunday, October 15, 2006, 20 peace organizations will demonstrate near the home of Senator Arlen Specter on Schoolhouse Lane (between Henry Avenue and Gypsy Lane) in East Falls. They want Specter to author a bill which will cut off all Pentagon funding in Iraq (the current Vietnam), except money needed for an orderly withdrawal of all U.S. troops.  More information from Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network (PRAWN) at 215-307-7980 and <>.

 NW Peace & Justice will meet on October 17

 You may sign the Declaration of Peace in Iraq at the Northwest Peace and Justice Movement monthly meeting at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 17, in the Parish Center behind Saint Vincent's Church, 109 East Price Street in Germantown. For more information: 215-843-4256 or <>.

Saturday, November 11

All day African People's Solidarity Day Conference (continues through 11/12)
International House, 3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA See

7:30 p.m. Dances of Universal Peace
Villanova University Corr Chapel, Ithan Ave. Entrance, Villanova, PA
Cost is $12 For info, see


Meeting to prepare for the Watada tour coming to Philadelphia on Thursday, November 9th has been set for October 18th.
        Place: 1606 Walnut St, - Time: 6:30-9PM
Contact: Bill Perry-Veterans of America; 215-945-3350, Larry: 215-563-6357

Pennsylvania health leadership committee action conference #1

        November 10, 2006 - 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
        Board Room - Pa. United Church Center, 900 S. Arlington Ave.,17109Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

In 2006 Apathy and Special Interests Combined to Stall Consideration of the Pennsylvania:
Balanced and Comprehensive Health Reform Act- SB1085/HB2722
        With the Election Over, And New Leadership in the General Assembly, 2007 Can Be The Year for Passage of This Essential Universal Health Care Legislation - But Only If We Organize Across the Commonwealth and Pull Together - Join Us.

 Nadine Bean - President, Pa. Chapter, Nat'l Association of Social Workers
 Rev. Sandra Strauss - Director of Public Advocacy, PA. Council of Churches
 Charlie Crystle - CEO - Mission Research Software
 Steven B. Larchuk, esq. - chair -  Pa. healthcare solutions coalition
Scott Tyson, M.D. - President -  Pennsylvanians United for Reform in Health Care
 Chuck Pinnacchio - Co-Founder - Citizen Solutions for Pennsylvania
 Sandra Orr -  Executive Director, Just HealthCare /PUSH
Jeff Garis - Director - Pennsylvania Action
 Complimentary Lunch and Beverages Provided -   Questions and RSVP please - 412-749-1882

Call for Artists: CHINATOWN IN/FLUX 2009: Future Landscape

Chinatown Neighborhood Tour (optional): Saturday, November 18, 2006
Artist Application Deadline: Monday, January 15, 2007
Initial Presentation & Planning Retreat: Friday & Saturday, March 30-31, 2007
Final Presentation & Project Selection: Thursday, May 31, 2007
Exhibition: April - September, 2009
        Asian Arts Initiative     (215) 557-0455   
How to Apply- Please submit the following no later than MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 2007:
   1. Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
   2. A description of your proposed project concept (1 to 2 pages) that articulates your artistic vision and specific site requirements necessary for your installation/project. The project concept should also describe your approach to engaging local community members, and how you expect your project to impact the local community in the long-term. In addition to a narrative description, please feel free to include any sketches or images that will help us to understand your project.
   3. An artist statement (up to 1 page) that explains your relationship to the Chinatown community and what motivates your participation in Chinatown In/flux: Future Landscape.
   4. An artistic resume (up to 5 pages) that includes your experience working with site-specific installations, public art works, and community-based arts projects.
   5. A CD with up to 20 images (1240 x 1240 ppi/dpi maximum size) labeled with titles, medium, and dimensions formatted in Powerpoint for Mac. DVDs with up to 10 minutes of video documentation of past projects may also be submitted, if appropriate. Please include a separate numbered slide list or work sample description.
   6. A self addressed envelope with necessary postage for return of materials.
* All materials must be received by MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 2007. Please send to:   
Asian Arts Initiative, Attn: Rana Sindhikara, Project Manager
1315 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107
215-557-0455 <>



On Tuesday morning, the President is planning to sign the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which lets him define what torture is and who are the "enemy combatants" who can be tortured, with no recourse to the courts.

So the Washington Region of the Religious Campaign Against Torture (RCAT) is calling for a vigil at Lafayette Park in Washington, across from the White House, at 9 am on Tuesday to mourn the dying of our most cherished values

** In addition, we support a creative initiative proposed by RHR,(Rabbis for Human Rights/ North America (RHR /NA) as well as many groups from other traditions,.For those of us outside Washington: We encourage you to take an hour as near to 9 a.m. as you can and head to your local Post Office, with copies of RCAT's statement for the public to sign. 
                "Don't mourn -- organize!" - "It's time to do both." 

Click or put in your browser: HTTP:// or
Organizers remind us that the White House schedule can change, so double-check the website for the latest information about the vigil at  -- HTTP://


Whether you go to Lafayette Park or to your local community centers, do notify your local press of your plan by submitting a press release to them. Write your own or click to the RCAT sites for a sample press release.

RHR is also gathering signatures for the Jewish Statement Against Torture, which brings the voice of the Jewish community to this national struggle.  For copies of the Jewish Statement Against Torture click to

If you need help to get organized for next Tuesday (including locating clergy participants in your area who are active with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture), please contact Rabbi Melissa Weintraub at
                Ahmeyn, amen, ahmin --Rabbi Arthur Waskow []

Impending War with Iran: What You Can Do , A Project of the Tikkun Community

If the Bush Administration believes that it can shift the elections by attacking Iran, the only thing that might restrain them would be for Democratic Party leaders to say that such an attack scheduled to influence voting, would be an impeachable offense. Could that happen? And how likely is an attack on Iran?

But can anything prevent this? Well, one thing might make a difference. If the Democratic Party leadership (not the Kucinich's and other relatively isolated voices, but the Nancy Pelosi's and John Edwards's and other centrists) were to announce immediately that launching a war in the weeks before an election (when there is no evidence that waiting for another few months would cause any serious damage to the US or to world peace) would be an impeachable offense. It would be very helpful to get moderate Republicans to speak out about the possibility of an attack on Iran in the next 3 weeks before the election being an impeachable offense.

The only thing that could make that happen would be an extraordinary outpouring of public sentiment to their Congressional and Senatorial representatives demanding that they take this position publicly. And that means you and your friends. This is not meant to be a critique of the Republicans, because at the moment the usual timidity of the Democrats is just as much responsible for Bush thinking he might be able to get away with all this. But at this moment, appealing to the Democrats and sensible Republicans is all we can do.

Please read the articles on the possibility that the war is being set in motion right now:
to get a fresh perspective on what is currently happening. One of the articles is by Chris Hedges, whom you may remember as the level-headed NY Times reporter who has become a leading analyst of the war in Iraq and of US military strategy.

To call your Senators or Congressional representatives, dial 1 202 224-3121 and ask for the office
of your Senator or Congressperson. In this case, timing is everything.

Register to vote/absentee ballot/polling place information go to:

To see state by state voter registration deadlines go to:

To see state by state voter registration/absentee ballot/polling
place information go to:

If Rock the Vote's online voter registration tool is busy you
can also find online information how to register in your state by going to:

* Volunteer in the Field -

With just 27 days left until Election Day, now is the time to
get involved
. Just a few hours of your time a week will make a
huge difference in the outcome of this election. There are many
ways union members can get involved with Labor 2006:
        * Volunteer in the Field: Volunteering at a phone bank or
canvass is a great way to make a difference, now:
        * Join the Online Media Corps: As a member of the Labor 2006
Online Media Corps
                *Working Families e-Activist Network at:

A Message from Willie Nelson/ Dear Peacemaker,

I was at a concert this weekend in California to raise money for the National Veterans Foundation. I'm an Air Force veteran, and I have great respect for the military. I like to support the soldiers whenever I can. But I don't support this war in Iraq.

I was against the war before it started. I always thought it was a terrible decision, badly thought out, badly planned, and then horribly executed.  I want to see our troops come home right away, and so do most Americans. Unfortunately, too many politicians in both parties refuse to listen. So when will the troops come home? When we won't put up with it anymore-when we change our government. And how will we do that? By voting the bastards out! On November 7, you should vote for anyone who's against the war and vote against anyone who's for the war. It's that simple.

When I wrote the song "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth" ( at Christmastime in 2003, a lot of people were for the war, a lot of people didn't know the facts or the truth. But people are waking up now. They're learning that they were lied to about the war. They're feeling lied to about this Mark Foley scandal in terms of who knew what and when. They're questioning the leadership in this country. And that gives us new possibilities for November 7th. If we all go out and vote for peace candidates and get our friends to vote, and if our votes are really counted, it's no contest. There'll be a change in the Congress, and then we'll just have to keep building so we can get a president who won't send our soldiers to fight a war based on lies.
        We should have thrown the bastards out years ago. Let's do it now! Give Peace a Vote! (                                                                                  
CODEPINK was out in force at Willie Nelson's concert, gathering signatures for our Give Peace a Vote campaign and spreading pink messages of peace. Peacemakers around the country have been flocking to concerts and movie openings and family events with clipboards in hand to encourage people in their communities to sign our Peace Vote Pledge. Just last week, a CODEPINK group collecting signatures in Pasadena convinced their Congressman Adam Schiff to change his mind about the war!

We need your support to put peace at the top of the ballot this year.
-- If you haven't signed our Give Peace A Vote Pledge, please do so now (
Ask five or twentyfive friends to pledge, as well (

Iraq War Teach-Ins Gain Momentum! Historians Against the War

With election day on the horizon, Historians Against
the War ( has
sparked Teach-Ins across the country to address the
continuing occupation of Iraq, the threat of a new war
in Iran and the current assault on civil liberties and
international law. Between October 17 and Election Day,
November 7, there is a growing list of scheduled events
in every region of the United States.

Our impressive Speakers Bureau, which lists dozens of
experts on US foreign policy, the history and politics
of the Middle East and civil liberties/international
law, can help campuses think in new and complex ways
about these issues. Among these are: Pulitzer Prize-
winning author Kai Bird, Richard Falk, Blanche Cook,
Lloyd Gardner, Phyllis Bennis, Rahul Mahajan, Irene
Gendzier, and many others. Also included are leading
antiwar activists, notably Hany Khalil and Judith
LeBlanc from United for Peace and Justice, Frida
Berrigan of the War Resisters League, David Swanson
from, Gael Murphy from Code Pink,
and Iraq veteran John Bruhns.

If you have not already done so, consider organizing an
event on your campus. This can be as simple as showing
a film followed by discussion or as complicated as
planning a multi-day conference. Our website has
suggestions for how to organize a Teach-In, a film
list, our Speakers Bureau, and other resources
( Please
be sure to let us know about your event as soon as you
know when and where it will be taking place so we can
add you to our growing list. You can contact the Teach-
In committee directly at

Organize a Buy Local Day in your city on Saturday, November 18th!

Organize Buy Local Day actions as a Global Exchange Chapter 
To join or start a chapter contact

Smokefree law quickly improves health of bar workers

- To send letters urging your elected officials to enact smokefree legislation that protects ALL workers, go to
Scotland Smoking Ban Quickly Improved Worker Health, Study Says By Kevin Orland, Bloomberg

Untold stories: A shadow hearing on immigration

On August 29, the AFSC Denver office held a "shadow" hearing as a
direct response to the exclusion of immigrant voices at a U.S. Senate
Budget Committee hearing scheduled for the following day. The "shadow"
hearing, which received significant media coverage, included the
voices of immigrants, citizens and workers who shared their
testimonies before a panel of Denver civic leaders.
        Please follow the link below to read see and hear more.
( )

 Invitation to the National Conference on Arts and Aging: Creativity Matters  November 3-4, 2006.

 For more info on the conference, see

You are invited to the National Conference on Arts and Aging: Creativity Matters on
Research confirms a direct correlation between creative expression and healthy aging. Yet, despite the growing recognition that creativity matters, older adults lack ready access to the arts. Moreover, the quality of much of the programming that is available is limited. The National Conference on Arts and Aging will bring together for the first time the leading organizations and professional community-based artists from across the country to address these problems and identify steps to their solution.

The Conference will build the capacity for and expertise in "arts and aging" programming of attending organizations and artists by: 1) highlighting research findings pointing to the physical, social and psychological benefits of cultural programming on older people; 2) providing an overview of "best practices;" 3) providing professional artists and organizations with the opportunity to exchange expertise; 4) exploring the obstacles that prevent older adults from having full access to the arts and the steps needed to overcome them; and 5) disseminating the findings of the conference to professional artists and arts organizations through the publication of a Conference Report and an Arts and Aging Best Practices Toolkit, which is a joint effort between NCCA, NJPAC and the National Guild for Community Schools in the Arts (NGCSA).