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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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The whole philosophical basis of the legitimacy of our government is that it's based on the will of the majority of the people.

A majority of the Court was appointed by GOP presidents who took office after losing pop vote

What does the majority of the people feel about Roe vs Wade? By 58 to 32, they oppose repealing Roe.

The deadline has passed without objection by the Supreme Court. The Texas snitching/vigilante law is now in effect. Roe vs Wade is now been effectively repealed in Texas.

Rachel Maddow explained this all last night.

Reporters are in love with “savvy” politicians. But isn’t threatening media companies that comply with lawful and necessary requests for information actually “fascist” instead?

A Republican thought it was a terrible idea to withdraw from Afghanistan. What would her solution have been? We have no idea as she doesn't suggest anything.

The South Dakota Attorney General clearly needs to lose his driver’s license, permanently! He was awaiting trial for a fatal crash and then was caught speeding!


A Republican calls on Biden to resign over the Afghanistan pull-out. These people are utter, absolute, blithering idiots! As with Benghazi, the Biden Administration did the best they would with what they had and what they did was pretty danged remarkable. No one from the administration needs to resign. Hell, they don't even need to apologize!

Ha, ha, ha! Did Biden do as he did in evacuating Afghanistan because of media pressure? Oh, puh-leeze!!! Media preesure had absolutely zippo to do with the evacuation.

Good thread. Through the course of the media's normal operations, it has set up a really horrible set of incentives/disincentives that produce absolutely atrocious outcomes. A rational politician who's seeking to maximize his/her popularity via the media is better off using the Trump model rather than the Biden model.

Until we have a Covid vaccine for children, the best way to protect them is to vaccinate all of the adults the children come into contact with.

Florida Governor DeSantis being presented as a competent governor. Ultimately the reasons really aren't complicated, but are very highly dishonorable to the news profession.

Tucker Carlson’s guest is correct. Afghans who want to come to the US should be vetted first. The Biden Administration agrees with this as well and is vetting them. Will Afghans overwhelm US culture? Erm, there are fewer than a quarter-million of them in a country of over 300 million. I think we’re safe!

Cool! Poison Ivy will be a villain for the Batwoman TV show! Ivy’s an awesome character. In the comics, she’s a buddy of Harley Quinn. Batwoman will resume in October.

I only made it up to the rank of E4 in the Navy, but have to say I’m very unimpressed with what the retired Flag Officers here have to say. They completely fail to account for the ways in which The Former Guy compromised the mission of withdrawal from Afghanistan and utterly fail to suggest any reasonable alternatives.

The Doors – Unknown Soldier
The War is Over!

And finally, with the last C-17 departing Kabul, the war in Afghanistan draws to a close, very close to 20 years after it started.

Update (22 Sep): Four Representatives have filed Articles of Impeachment against Biden for not getting the withdrawal absolutely, perfectly right.

Good Lord! Where does this woman get her information?!?! She's a former Miss USA (CA) contestant and is a fan of Congressman Cawthorn, but somehow she's been persuaded that the pandemic is over. Obviously, she hasn't been to any nearby hospitals.

Well, that's distressing! "Nudging," or offering positive rewards for getting vaccinated, is ineffective at getting people to get vaxxed. The US needs to adopt stronger measures, such as potential loss of employment to encourage more people to get their "jabs" (as the British call them).

Over the past few days, I've criticized the NY Times and USA Today for covering opposition to President Biden's Afghanistan policies. The problem is, they're covering critics as though those critics were making intelligent, good faith complaints. As the blogger pointd out here, they're not. House Minority Leader McCarthy is making a complaint that essentially amounts to "What ever he's for, I'm against."

Again, this is thoroughly confused, bad-faith criticism. Senator Graham is simply against whatever Biden is for, period!

Kind of a problem here is that equipment that was lost to the Taliban by the Afghan national government and not by Biden is a sticky situation. I’m sure the equipment will be sold off, either to us or to other nations. Highly doubtful it will remain in the hands of that Taliban as they have few or no trained pilots, etc.

Senator Romney very usefully calls attention to bad decisions by TFG, but again thinks that there was some sort of middle ground that could have been pursued. Spoiler alert: There wasn’t.

Good answer to a fairly stupid tweet. Not an utterly stupid one, just one that fails to appreciate levels of questions.Yes, Biden had to make an "All in or all out" choice.

The piece also looks at those two idiot Congresspeople who went to Kabul as a publicity stunt. This is partculrly infuriating:

By their own admission [the two Congressmen] shanghaied someone's rest cycle to give them a tour, but that was totally fine because that person "works at night" and therefore had nothing else they'd have rather been doing during the day

And yes, I completely agree with President Biden: “Biden saw no middle ground in Afghanistan between ending the war or endless escalation.”

It would take me several paragraphs to correct all of the Stephen Miller misinterpretations and outright fantasies here. Let's just say that yes, IF the situation even vaguely resembled what Miller describes, then yes, his recommendations would make sense.

Here is a map of Taliban control in Afghanistan as of May 2020. The dark orange provinces are under Taliban control, the light orange provinces were being contested.

Also, the UN reported in February 2020 that:

More than 10,000 civilians in Afghanistan were killed and injured last year, according to a new United Nations report that details record-high levels of civilian harm in the ongoing conflict.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell says that US policy was "working!" Excuse me?!?!?! No, Senator McConnell! The policy wasn't working at all!!!

The NY Times headline here is really bizarre. They try to make taking away voting rights sound brave and heroic.

"Texas House Passes Voting Rights Bill as G.O.P. Nears a Hard-Fought Victory"

Seriously, there's not even any indication that it's designed to take away voting rightts!!! What is their major malfunction here?!?!?!

The problem here is that the reporter asks the Press Secretary what they coulda, woulda, shoulda done several months ago! And of course, it's a rather stupid idea. So yeah. Some reporters are just wasting everyone's time.

It's rather difficult to find any real compromise between allowing continued expansion of Israeli squatter settlements in the West Bank and between an independent Palestinian state.

I find it absolutely horrifying that both USA Today and CNN seem to think it's perfectly normal for a political party to not "rally 'round the flag" in a situation that certainly calls for it! Just as in the Benghazi case, the Biden Administration didn't make any obvious errors.

In a “shadow docket” decision, the Supreme Court decides to end Biden’s eviction moratorium. A shadow docket decision is when the majority issues a decision on an unsigned piece of paper late at night and there has been no formal discussion about it.

Well, yeah, TFG shouldn’t have made the February 2020 agreement, then. He pretty much gave away the store then. How in the #$@% do you “keep” the Bagram Air Base?!?!?! How do you retain that patch of territory when the Taliban have taken the rest of the country?

See, here's the problem, when the boss suggests a crazy idea like "Let's hold Bagram Air Base without any troops against the will of the people who run Afghanistan," and he's just got a bunch of yes-men on his staff, of course they'll say "Great idea, boss!" If the House Minority Leader had people with some critical intelligence, they'd take him aside and introduce him to, y'know, reality!

I found this to a very highly persuasive point. No, it really wasn't possible to have been more clear that the US intended to leave Afghanistan. For anyone who could have left on their own, they had plenty of time to do so. Full list.

The House January 6 Committee sent out a massive documents demand. TFG is, of course, hugely annoyed and Executive Privilege will be central to his opposition to it.

The branch of the Islamic State known as ISIS-K attacked at the main gate to the airport and at a nearby hotel, killing 12 American servicepeople and wounding many others. ISIS-K opposes both the US and the Taliban, plus which it's in the interests of the Taliban for US personnel to have an uneventful last few days, so they are cooperating with the US in investigating and in trying to prevent further attacks.

Basically, ISIS-K is convinced that the Taliban are too soft, weak and decadent for the job of evicting the US from the Middle East. They’re the ones who were behind the attack today that took 13 American lives on Thursday.

Normally, when American service-people are attacked and die, that produces a "rally 'round the flag" effect. That didn't happen this time. Instead, we saw partisan bickering and squabbling. As with the Benghazi tragedy, it's far from clear what the Biden Administration could have done to have prevented ISIS-K from carrying out its attack.

Musical thread starts off with a woman from an 80s band (Bangles) singing a song from a member of a 60s band (Monkees) during the early 2010s.

Woo hoo! I wondered when true justice would be served on the flurry of lawsuits after the election! The judge has officially referred the "Kraken" lawyers to all lose their licenses to practice law!

"Kayleigh McEnany Tells The Biggest Lie Of The Year"
Trump's last Press Secretary says

"When President Trump was president, we didn't see crisis after crisis. You just didn't see it."

She's either engaged in some world-class gaslighting or else she's seriously delusional!

ISIL Khursan (ISIS splinter group) hates the Taliban as much as they hate us.

Two Congresspeople visited Afghanistan.
Imagine if these idiots had gotten hurt, killed, or captured by the people who are now in charge of Afghanistan?

"Kristi Noem Vows To Protect South Dakotans From The Federal Government"
Keep in mind, with this rah-rah speech, the Governor of South Dakota here is in charge of a state with an exploding Covid count!

Two weeks after the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota, Covid infections are up 230% there!

Also, Governor Noem is violating the law!

Update (18 Sep): Over 7k cases and 2.1k deaths. Map indicates "High community spread" over pretty much the entire state.

Good! Racist robocalls that went out to tens of millions of Black voters with the intention of keeping them from voting smacked with a hefty fine!

"Foreign Affairs Open Thread: Land War in Asia & Our ‘Savvy’ Pundits"
Heh! In my years of reading blogs, I don’t think I’ve ever read “savvy” as anything other than “Gaah! These %^$#ing idiots!!!”

So we're going to stick with the deadline of August 31st. Seems a do-able as the extraction of allied Afghans has been proceeding at a high rate. Good!

Hmm. Australian folk horror! Could be interesting.

An older veteran who fought in Iraq muses on the young’uns who give us the news and who don’t really understand what it’s like to lose a war.

Some pundits are now trying to convince us that there’s some BS “middle position” that agrees we had to leave Afghanistan, but that there was some clean, neat, easy way to do so. Spoiler alert: There wasn’t.

Got an ad on this in my Facebook feed. Will 8 billion trees solve the climate crisis? Nah, we need to stop pouring multiple tons of carbon into the atmosphere all day, every day. Is a lot of trees a good thing that will help? Absolutely! Not only do they soak up some of that excess carbon, they provide shade that cools the ground and produces less heat to get trapped by the excess carbon.

Electric vehicles are very good and can ultimately save drivers some serious dollars over the long haul, but right now, they’re really only good locally and, as they take an hour or more to recharge, are really suited for rural or suburban homes where they can be hooked up at night. Providing charging stations is a high priority infrastructure item.

Oh, wow! The Cyber-Ninjas who are scheduled to explain what their "fraudit" has uncovered, just happened to come up with an mean, a reason as to why they couldn't make their scheduled presentation today!

Our blogger draws connections between the "But Her Emails..." story and the current press feeding frenzy over Afghanistan.

The people from the former Trump Administration are now frantically trying to shoo people away from examining the February 2020 agreement that paved the way for the recent collapse of the Afghanistan army and government. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is annoyed that "everybody's wanting to go back and talk about Trump."
Well, yeah!

People like to say "Well, that's hindsight. Now we know it was a bad idea!" Here's a piece from the week after the agreement was signed.

Former Secretary of State Pompeo:

"So we continued to pound the Taliban when they violated the agreement..."

Erm, with what did you "pound the Taliban?!?!" In their February 2020 agreement, the Trump Administration gave up all of their meaningful levers of power! They had zero leverage over the Taliban after that agreement!!!

Why is the Senate so completely broken? Senator Cruz is, all by himself, holding up the nominations of dozens of key national security persons because he’s trying to get his way on one particular issue.

Professional Afghan women aren’t sure what the Taliban may allow. One says:

“We are applying to any country, not even choosing the country where our new lives will be. We will go anywhere kind enough to take us and we will start our life again.”

"The moral injury of abandoning Afghan allies" Erm, it's only the 22nd and we have until August 31st to get out as many people as we can. This is a hugely premature assessment!

Update (15 Sep): "U.S. helped at least 36 citizens leave Afghanistan since Aug. 31 - State Dept"

Unfortunately, this isn't the slightest bit surprising. The Sturgis SD Motorcycle Rally last year was an epidemiological disaster, with COVID-19 being spread all through the region. Surprise, surprise, amazingly enough, the 2021 rally is just as bad.

A fellow named Ben Domenech claims:

...Trump would have gotten every single American, interpreter, and piece of equipment out of Afghanistan.

TFG made a deal with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan. That was in Febraary 2020. He could have then pulled translators (known to the Taliban as "collaborators") out of there at the rate of several thousand a month. Instead, the program for getting people out "slowed to a trickle." This was very much under Trump's control. He could very easily have gotten more people out.

Former Vice President Pence, former UN Ambassador Haley and the former Defense Secretary (for the last three motnhs of the Trump Administration) offer revisionist histories of their rols concerning Afghanistan.

"Josh Mandel Praises Sick Waitress, Restaurant Faces Furious Backlash"
$%#@ing amazing! #$@%ing blithering idiot failed to realize that people should not come to work sick during a pandemic!!! It's not clear what the waitress was sick with, but whatever she had would probably not help anyone who was unvaxxed and exposed. The politician showed utter stupidity by not recognizing that.

From about two years ago. Clearly, Secretary of State Pompeo took a very rude, dismissive, “eff y’all” attitude towards Congress and the need for oversight. And no, “keeping them apprised” is not “working with” the Afghan government.

The Eternals won’t be in theaters until 5 November, but this the final trailer. One of the questions they answer is why they haven’t appeared before.

NY Times headline: "Biden Ran on Competence and Empathy. Afghanistan Is Testing That."
Terrible headline-writing from the NY Times. Why is "empathy" important here? President Biden is making a strategic choice involving resources and priorities. What can the US usefully do? Are there any truly satisfactory choices available?

President Trump had plenty of time to begin drawing down the number of Afghan allies/collaborators/translators from Afghanistan to the US. The Trump record on this is nothing to be proud of!

This is a picture of a man lying on the floor, in agony, because he's caught the Delta Variant of COVID-19. He's waiting for a highly effective treatment that can only be used within a very short window of time, after one has caught Covid but before it has set in and has really taken effect.
Why is he on the floor? Because the facility where he has to wait doesn't have any spare beds because Florida is overrun with Covid patients.

When the FBI says they can’t find evidence that the “Stop The Steal” rally was organized, it sounds to me as though they were looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. For instance, perhaps they were looking for a travel office that mailed out bus tickets to people who couldn’t make it to Washington DC on their own. But looking at the large number of pro-Trump boat parades, I’d guess no such office was necessary.

The US exit from Afghanistan has become very, very different from the 1975 exit from Saigon. "The enemy gets a vote" is very true and Biden recognizes that it's true! His people are talking to their people and it's making a really crucial difference!

Sounds like a good plan. Talk to the Taliban and get people out vs “We’re too virtuous to talk to terrible people like you!” and then not get anyone out.

Very interestingly, President Biden identifies US strategic interest in Afghanistan as consisting exclusively of trying to deal with Osama bin Laden. Once bin Laden had been dealt with, we might as well have packed up and gone home.

"Afghanistan Reporting Is A Tsunami Of Bullsh*t Not Seen Since 9/11"
My problem with the media in late 2002-early 2003 was that it was absolutely chock-full of eager, enthusiastic war-hawks, with not a single peacenik to be found. They haven't changed.

The problem with Marc Thiessen's thesis is to think that keeping a contingent of US troops in Iraq would have prevented the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS). There was no desire on the part of either Americans or Iraqis to keep US troops there. The problem in both South Vietnam and Afghanistan is that the US built a state that couldn't survive its first real challenge. Iraq survived the rise of ISIS because ISIS was far smaller and weaker than either the North Vietnames or the Taliban was. In both of the other cases, the US client state had plenty of guns and ammunition, but lacked the political cohesiveness and unity and shared, common goals that would have enabled them to carry on their fight by themselves. The US has no idea how to give that to others.

Several people have tried to claim that they foresaw the quick collapse of Afghanistan. Our blogger shows that no one actually foresaw it.

Ooh! I read Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy back in middle school! Could be a good series.

Very interesting. Former National Security Director John Ratcliffe makes it sound as though everybody in the Trump Administration knew that the government in Afghanistan would collapse right after the US departed. So what was done to get at-risk people like translators out?

Well, according to NPR:

The State Department's method to keep that promise was the SIV program, which allowed interpreters and their families to resettle in the U.S. It's been plagued by delays and red-tape almost since its inception, and slowed to a trickle under the administration of former president Donald Trump.

Note the title of a Newsweek article: "Biden to Announce 'Operation Allied Refuge' to Airlift All Eligible Afghans"

Let's especially note the word "Eligible."

Peter Navarro says: "We are going to have hundreds, perhaps thousands of terrorists, Islamic terrorists coming into this soil here in the flood of refugees."

[headdesk] $#@%!!!!

Rather interesting, that after the Secretary of State, the UN Ambassador is arguably our top diplomat. But here we are, a former UN Ambassador (Nikki Haley) says that, as a matter of principle, she's against negotiations (in this case, with the Taliban)! SMDH!!!

After saying that dealing with the Taliban was like dealing with the Devil, yeah, it turns out she was pretty deeply complicit in dealing with just those folks.

The TV miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier established that The Falcon will take over as Captain America for the fourth Cap movie. He'll keep his mechanical wings, but he'll also have Cap's shield.

Insane! There really are governors who seem really, really determined to see more of their population die from an easily preventable disease.

Did TFG achieve a rate of getting a million shots into people a day? Not even close. In all, his administration managed to get three million shots into people by the time he left office. Not terrible, but he failed to construct a good system for getting people their shots.

Bravo! Very smart of them! Roman Catholic priests from Philadelphia are urged not to assist those seeking an exemption from vaccines.

Yeah, the statement "Just find 11,780 votes" is not something that an honest person who truly believed that he had won the election would say!

From 2011 to 2016, the Republican House passed a bill to repeal the ACA/Obamacare 50 or so times. When in 2017, Republicans found themselves in charge of the House, the Senate and the Presidency, they realized that the bill they passed so often was completely unsuitable. It was just designed for propaganda purposes, not to be an actual blueprint for action.
I fear that if Republicans ever get the trifecta again, they'll suddenly realize that Senator Paul's budget proposal is worthless.

Is the Taliban Islamic? Yes, in the same sense that the Ku Klux Klan is Christian. They use the same book as more mainstream groups use for their source document, but they're a way-out, fringe group.

The Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke weighs in on civil rights vs the filibuster, saying civil rights are a far greater priority.

Yeah, it's not like "All of the sudden, Biden just abruptly turned everything over to the Taliban." The fellow we see standing next to the former Secretary of State is expected to become Afghanistan's next president.

The younger George Bush needs to just STFU about Afghanistan. I could see at the time that the Bush Administration had not made a serious attempt to get Osama bin Laden through any sort of diplomacy, meaning I don’t think it was necessary to invade. Did Gee-Dubya figure that Iraq would settle down and then he could turn attention back to Afghanistan? If that was the plan, the guerrilla war in Iraq certainly made that an impossible plan to carry out.

Looking back at the NY Times and WaPo during the late 2002 to the early 2003 period, yeah. These two need to sit down and STFU. They are both way too guilty of enabling the Iraq War in the first place.

No, the policy in Afghanistan wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, “working.” The collapse of the Afghan army, like that of the South Vietnamese Army, was far too rapid and too complete to be explained by anything other than a hollowed-out force that would never have been able to stand on ts own.

Heh! Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigeig's husband finds out everybody wants something from his husband!

Good speech by the president! He'll try to get as many Afghans who worked with Ameicans out as possible, they certainly deserve it, having risked their lives to work wit Americans. But no, no regrets about ending the war there.

Will there be any long-term political impact from the fall of Afghanistan? Will this be an issue in November 2022 or 2024? Doubtful. I recall that the WaPo columnists David Broder called for war with Iran in order to boost the economy, apparently oblivious to the fact that we were already at war with Iraq and Afghanistan (this was in 2010).

And hey, for more "balance," let's hear from one of the guys who got us into Afghanistan in the firs place!

Why are there so many more migrant apprehensions this year? Border Report suggests:

The large number of expulsions during the pandemic has contributed to a larger-than-usual number of migrants making multiple border crossing attempts, which means that total encounters somewhat overstate the number of unique individuals arriving at the border.

Of course, Representative Jordan would have you believe that it’s due to Biden Administration incompetence/immorality/what have you.

Just watched a video where the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blames the Biden Administration for "losing" Afghanistan. This is a map from May 2020, a little over a year ago. The dark orange areas are areas of Taliban control. No, the Trump Administration would not have held onto Afghanistan had they won reelection. They were not prepared to allocate the resources necessary to do that.

Biden makes a very strong argument against "imperial overreach." Back in the 90s, I saw a right-wing ad that encouraged the US to protect the Christians of China. I thought "Now there's a strategy that will quickly bankrupt us!" Biden makes a similar argument concerning the Uighurs. Yes, what's happening to them is terrible, but we have no leverage and no way to reach them.

Serious Democratic pushback on Trumpist criticism/historical revisionism.

Could Afghanistan have been a success? Maybe, but the time to act was during the administration of the younger George Bush.

Which foreign countries have benefited/lost by the collapse of the Afghan government?

Erm, yeah. I was a member of the left 20 years ago and no one that I remember said "Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the good guys actually." That was simply never a thing.

The Sun has a run-down on Obama’s birthday party bash and a summary of the Dowd column. Yeah, I agree with Boehlert. I have no idea where Dowd gets her impressions from! Her writing here is quite poor!

Also, rather interesting that Dowd chose to use a photo of a crowd for her Obama critique. Funny thing, the people in the crowd are all white! In music, this is called having a "tin ear."

Thoughts on Afghanistan.

A run-down on how Afghanistan relates to all of its neighbors and why staying there indefinitely was pretty much an impossibility.

Reporters describes Afghans fighting Americans with such dogged determination that you're just "How do we fight folks like this?"

Just watched a video where the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blames the Biden Administration for "losing" Afghanistan. This is a map from May 2020, a little over a year ago. The dark orange areas are areas of Taliban control. No, the Trump Administration would not have held onto Afghanistan had they won reelection. They were not prepared to allocate the resources necessary to do that.

Heh! TFG asks "Do you miss me yet?" (He put his question in all-caps), to which I can definitively answer, "Not even a little bit.

How successful has the new Palestinian media strategy been? Pretty darned successful!

Moreover, Western TV channels generally assumed to be biased towards Israel have had little choice but to host Palestinian activists if they want to be relevant and maintain their place in the ratings.

The blog post shows a video from six weeks ago with Governor DeSantis, y'know, taking a victory lap on how well Florida was prepared to open up schools in August. Oops! Problem is, even if no on saw the Delta Variant coming, it was still grossly irresponsible to not get everyone vaccinated! 

A guest does some good pushback against the idea that demanding that people be vaccinated is a bad thing. Fox host Harris Faulkner tries really hard to make the subject seem complicated. It isn’t. You can pay businesses to shut down or to operate on a reduced basis.

QAnon is not a harmless group of concerned citizens. They're active terrorists!

Thank Heavens for the people who are waking up to the need to get vaccinated!

Well, that’s pretty cool! Danny DeVito played the Penguin in 1992. DC Comics has now agreed to let him write a segment of the issue marking the 80th anniversary of the Penguin!

A few takeaways from the Census results just released.

Aww! Very sad to hear that the singer Nanci Griffith has died. An appreciation

Latest Census report is showing that the White population shrank by almost 10%, that the Latinos and Asians are growing. Blacks are about the same as they were in 2010. Both NRA membership and Protestant church membership are declining.

But if we don't pass the For The People (voting rights) Act, Republicans could dominate the House and/or Senate after the mid-term election!

Sensible decision by the new Supreme Court Justice (With no dissents from any of the other Justices). She came out in favor of institutions being able to mandate masks.

Also, Roman Catholic theology considers vaccines to be a good thing.

The MAGA people, of course, flipped out!

Update (9 Sep): Rachel Maddow shows that the judicial system has favored those who want to protect public health. The anti-vaxxers have zero chance of winning any cases.

Hmm, yep. Looks like the remaining “friendlies” in Afghanistan will need protection on their way out. As I said a while ago, this pull-out would be like when Americans left Vietnam in 1975. Now, as of 13 August, it's turning out pretty much that way.

Senator Rand Paul's wife purchased stock in a company that made a coronavirus drug. There's no indication they made any sort of profit, but Paul was required to report that he or a family member had made this purchase and he did report it 16 months late!

"Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to COVID surge: 'We can't live forever'"
Ugh! The stupid! It's! Why is COVID-19 again raging across America? Well, people who didn't think they needed the vaccine because their Glorious Leader the Former Guy suggested it was no big thing now that Biden was getting it out to people.
As to the Delta Variant (which would be a much smaller problem had everyone been vaxxed), according to Representative Greene not causing hospitals to be jammed full of Covid patients, what's the color of the sky in her universe?

Yeah, I'm happy that the Governor of Arkansas is regretting that he opposed a mask mandate, but I'm kinda like "Well, what did you expect, you %$@#ing idiot?!?!?!"

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