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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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Texas has requested:

...federally-supported COVID-19 testing sites, medical personnel, and increased monoclonal antibody allocations.

Which is cool, but maybe if Texas dropped its continued construction of that $%#@ing wall, they'd have more money for important things like the above!

I understand what the term "'moderate" means in the context of Senators Manchin and Sinema, but yes, it's pretty confusing. We need to find a better term for them.

"The Matrix Resurrections"
Ehh, it's okay. The latest Spider-Man needed to be the length it was in order to fully tell its story. Matrix could have lost at least a half an hour and would have still have made sense. Interesting stuff with the villains and with the whole Matrix franchise.

And speaking of Spider-Man, the blogger takes a good, long look at "restorative justice."


Aww! The actress Betty White passed away a few weeks short of her 100th birthday!

In the first line of Ben Shapiro's second tweet:

1. Cloth masks are ineffective against omicron (Leanna Wen, CNN);

That's true, but Ben's comment lacks serious context. A look at the video made by Wen shows that she recommends certain kinds of masks. Regular old cloth is very porous and doesn't protect very well. There are many brands that are quite good.

Yeah, this is quite sad. VP Harris appears to be doing an entirely satisfactory job, but you'd never know that by the press coverage. She makes for an especially glaring contrast with the last VP, Mike Pence. Pence was put in charge of the committee for dealing with the coronavirus, but I found a piece from April 2020 that described Jared Kushner as being in charge! Did Pence get fired? No, Kushner came in, started giving orders and Pence just faded into the woodwork.

TFG has failed to show that fulfilling the request by the January 6th Committee for his presidential records would be contrary to the public interest. In fact, the public has a very deep interest, overriding any presidential privacy considerations, in investigating the January 6th attack on our democracy.

Update (19 Jan): Supreme Court agrees 8-1 that Congress has the superior claim to the presidential records.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene likes the wildly unconstitutional idea of not permitting people to vote for a period after moving from a liberal state to a conservative one. We don't lose or gain fundamental rights by moving from state to state. 

Hmm, yeah. Biden spends time in Delaware.

Obama played golf once every 8.77 days as president. Trump, conversely, has been at a golf club once every 4.92 days so far.

CNN 25 May 2020

What was President Biden doing in Delaware this week? Talking with Russian President Putin.

Good news to report on unemployment, poverty and man-made climate change.

A popular ranking of our presidents over the past 40 years (since Reagan). In descending order: Obama, Reagan, Trump, Clinton, younger Bush, elder Bush, & Biden.

This piece is about:

...the problems inherent in a big tent. Basically, Democrats collect all voters who aren’t affirmatively in favor of a patriarchal, ethnonationalist, quasi-theocratic, authoritarian state.

With Florida Governor DeSantis being AWOL during a public health crisis, Nikki Fried, the only statewide Democratic official, fills in for the absent governor.

So TFG's lawyer is essentially arguing that if the president breaks the law, Congress is unable to even investigate, meaning there's simply no solution. If the president shoots someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight, with dozens of witnesses, there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Erm, no. This is not an acceptable answer!

"Republicans failed completely in their Christmas predictions"
Lots and lots of dire predictions, none of which came true. Reminds me that in 2009 and up until the ACA/Obamacare was implemented in 2014, there were all kinds of predictions of economic disaster that the ACA would cause. None of the dire, awful predictions came true. Those scary predictions were promptly tossed into the "memory-hole."

Heh! WandaVision wins! It "won" the most pirated TV show of last year!

Oh, good grief! The only thing connecting Hunter Biden to "his laptop" is that it contained lots of emails, photos and film clips that were clearly his. How were these obtained? Phones are easier to hack than computers are. If one of his phones was hacked or illicitly obtained, even for ten minutes, that would explain it. Nothing on "Hunter's laptop" can be considered evidence of any sort.

How did Steve Bannon’s radio show come “to occupy such a central place in the MAGA ecosystemv?” The piece examines that.

Ghislaine Maxwell (helper of Jeffrey Epstein) found guilty on just about all of the counts!

Allegedly, QAnon cares deeply about child sex-trafficking, but gee, for some strange reason, they don't appear to care very much about Maxwell. Very puzzling!

One interesting consequence of the new Texas law on abortion. A number of Texas men have been getting vasectomies!

Understand that vaccine opponents are a threat to us all. If you refuse to get vaxxed, that extends to pandemic.

Aww! Very sorry to hear that the former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has passed away!

Ooh! That'll leave a mark! Dr. Mehmet Oz  was introduced to the public by Oprah Winfrey. Now, she won't endorse him to be the PA Governor!

I dunno, people were concerned about Dr. Oz winning in PA, but he just keeps %^$#ing up!

Remembering South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

I think Gillian Turner is absolutely correct. Kyle Rittenhouse may have been declared to be officially innocent, but it’s a terrible idea to put him up on a pedestal.

For instance, Charlie Kirk, President of Turning Point USA, actually compared Rittenhouse to Christ!

Examining the complete and utter cluster%$#@ that was the White House response to Covid under The Former Guy.

A look at the vulgar insult delivered to President Biden over the Christmas holiday.

Former President Trump argues that he can't be held responsible if he makes a speech and those who hear the speech then commit acts of violence. Here's hoping that theory goes nowhere!

Yeah, let's just drive through a Palestinian strawberry field with heavy armored vehicles because, y'know, #$@& them!

Interesting way to attract attention. The actor John Cusack decided to block a whole bunch of people, many of whom had never even heard of him! He's been doing a few movies per year, very few of which I've ever heard of.

Yep! There were fears of the mail being super-slow that didn’t come true. Also, the supply-chin disruptions have really eased off.

But if the USPS is working satisfactorily for this Christmas, it’s despite Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, not because of him!

The founder of Daily Kos does a regular feature looking at Covid deniers. In the middle of this post, a denier asks 30 questions, which our blogger answers. I especially liked #7.

7. If public health is worth giving away medicine for free, why aren't medications being given away for free to treat other illnesses?

Answer is “Republicans.” Vote Democratic and they will be.

Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Lauren Boebert post videos that are as different as night and day.

So Representative Jordan is "deeply concerned" about answering questions from the January 6th Committee (I read this as: "'OMG! They know how guilty I am!") and complains of them not understanding the full contest of one of his text messages. Well, there's a way he can explain this "full context,"' he can testify to the committee under oath!

So, many years after the US invasion and lengthy occupation of Iraq, how's Iraq doing? Erm, not an endorsement of US occupation.

With even more people enrolling, the ACA/Obamacare gets even more embedded into the American health care system!

Does the Fox News host specifically instruct people to assassinate Dr. Fauci? Ehh, not exactly. His instructions are couched in such a way that he can deny he really meant that.

See, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is correct when he says "We applied maximum economic pressure to Iran..." but he is not correct when he says "We brought Iran to its knees."
That's not true at all. Iran didn't make any concessions and in fact, were less inclined to make concessions in 2020 then they were in 2018.

Going through this thread, there are indeed concerns with the BBB bill, but at least 48 other Democratic Senators feel that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Good! The BBB bill has gone from being completely flat-lined to having a pulse. Still not up and walking around, still in the ICU, but alive.

Good news! TFG is now openly pro-vaccine! I’m sure he finally realized that he was killing off so much of his base of voters that he realized he was hurting Republican chances electorally!

In what I’m sure is not a coincidence, Biden praises Trump for quick production of the vaccine. Of course, without Biden’s energetic program of getting people vaccinated, having a great vaccine wouldn’t have done much good.

Heh! Problem here is that you can't just turn people on and off like machines. Can't go from an anti-vaxxer message to "vaccinations are good for you" without causing a lot of anguish, hate and discontent.

Just how serious is human-caused climate change? Pretty hair-raising stuff!1

Manchin accused BBB backers of being ‘disingenuine,’ sunsetting social spending early to keep $$ down.

Well, Senator Manchin did not provide any compelling reasons to cancel any programs. He just kept complaining about the top line, the total expenditures. This is where at least 48 fellow Democratic Senators feel he has betrayed them. He now appears to be suggesting that Democrats should have canceled whole programs, just to please him and to convince him that they were serious about cutting expenditures. This is not the way to effectively bargain with anyone!

NY Times runs a piece on Manchin fighting climate measures. Good to have this brought to wide public attention, but the piece could very easily have run several months ago, before Senator Manchin pulled the plug on the Build Back Better bill!

TFGs hysterical lashing out shows us that he knows that he’s in very deep trouble!

This case involves a very serious abuse of power.

Yeah, Representative Jim Jordan was a major supporter of investigations during the Obama Administration, very notably the four-year Benghazi one! Check out the utter lack of self-awareness here:

Jordan, with no hint of irony, replied to Bongo's anti-Jan 6 Commission rant, "This is nothing new for the Left but it's scary because it's the weaponization of government against their political enemies."

Sounds like an incitement to violence to me.
Don Jr.: "We've turned the other cheek and I understand sort of the biblical reference, I understand the mentality but it's gotten us nothing,"

Update (29 Dec): Don Jr. did us all a favor back on by showing us just what the White Evangelical Movement is all about.

Sarah Palin feels that because she's already had Covid, then she doesn't need the vaccine. Generally, that's true. Once you've had a disease, you don't need to be vaccinated against it because you've already developed the necessary antibodies on your own. Problem is, scientists have discovered that isn't true for Covid. Even if you've already had it, you still need the shot.

White House puts out a tough message on Omicron and the un-vaccinated. Essentially, the message gives Democratic voters permission to disregard the precious fee-fees of the people who don't enjoy being blamed for the continual drag on our medical resources.

Fox News is very upset that they’re being described (accurately) as a propaganda network.

Looks like the Build Back Better bill is pretty much dead.
Progressives were, of course, correct:

"We all knew that Senator Manchin couldn’t be trusted,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a leading member of the House progressive caucus, said on MSNBC soon after. “The excuses he just made, I think, are complete bullshit.”

Reaction to Senator Manchin's statement from Democrats.

As usual, Representative AOC is exactly spot on!

Speaker Pelosi wonders: Is Senator Manchin really so incompetent that he can’t explain to the people of West Virginia what the Build Back Better bill is all about?

Democratic House moderates are placed into a hard position by Senator Manchin’s betrayal.

As to the other obstructionist, Senator Sinema.  

This confirms what I've been reading on the blogs. We made a good deal with Iran in 2015. Israel encouraged The Former Guy to dump the deal. They're now regretting having done that, but it's not clear the damage can be repaired.

As TFG is the Republican Party's largest draw and biggest fundraiser, they're pretty much stuck doing whatever he insists they have to do.

Wow! The election was well over a year ago, the skeptics have produced absolutely zero evidence of any irregularities and still TFG is absolutely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was cheated out of a second term! Problem is, many millions of our fellow Americans are also convinced of that!

And yeah, that “Lock Her Up” chant.

How does the press decide from day to day what to cover? Apparently, their go-to sources are all Republicans! Did the press really care about Critical Race Theory or were they simply writing about it because all of their Republican sources were talking about it? When the last election was over, the GOP lost interest in the story and wow! Amazingly enough, the entire press corps followed suit!

Woo hoo! Awesome stuff! Latest Spider-Man film is awesome! About two and a half hours, but it’s such a big story it needs that much time to tell it properly!

And their box office is doing extremely well!

Ahh, “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” People who made lots and lots of money by selling OxyContin face accountability.

"Eric Clapton Successfully Sues Woman For Bootleg CD Worth $11"
Ah, so this is why I was seeing "I hate Eric Clapton" messages on twitter! I
was never a really big fan of his, though I did buy his big compilation album back in the early aughts.

The Fox News “comedian” (you know he’s a “funny” guy because he twists around his mouth a lot) advises more death. Vaccination may indeed be slightly less effective (he doesn’t cite any real science to back up this assertion) than actually catching the virus, but getting vaccinated won’t run the non-zero risk that it will kill you! We don’t know enough about Omicron to say it’s non-lethal.

BTW, here’s some real science from the White House!

Unfortunately whether or not you get COVID-19, regardless of what variant, depends very heavily on whether you're a Republican or a Democrat. As the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly and as it takes time for vaccines to become fully effective, our Republican friends, buddies and pals may be SOL (%$#@ Outta Luck).

Former CDC Director Redfield gives a very wordy answer, but essentially agrees with the assertion that the CDC was muzzled on his watch.

I agree with Senator Sanders. When it comes to human-caused climate change and a whole host of other issues, the Republicans are completely AWOL, they're doing nothing. But Senators Manchin and Sinema aren't any better. They're demonstrating arrogance by standing in the way of solutions.

If 1. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer dies (he's 83) and 2. The Senate goes to the Republicans in the 2022 midterms, we might have to wait until we either get a Republican president or until the Senate is back in Democratic hands. It cold be a long time before either happens!   

The term “squaw” to describe Native American woman is now officially disapproved of.

The now-14 year siege of the Gaza Strip, home to some two million people, has turned it into “a place unfit for human life, in the words of former US President Jimmy Carter.”

Nah, the Build Back Better bill won’t have any effect on inflation.

Right. So TFG was basically talking like a mob boss. He spoke in a way that he could claim later was perfectly innocent, but his subordiantes understood his real meaing perfectly. Organized crime figures do this All. The. Time! This is standard, routine practice for them!

It's kind of amazing that Senator Manchin hasn't been able to agree to a plan to fix the filibuster as it's very obviously a broken instrument that doesn't work properly.
But what's truly amazing is that Senator Sinema doesn't appear to have the slightest clue as to how to even approach the problem! Her "solutions" are all over the map!

I agree with Senator Sanders. When it comes to human-caused climate change and a whole host of other issues, the Republicans are completely AWOL, they're doing nothing. But Senators Manchin and Sinema aren't any better. They're demonstrating arrogance by standing in the way of solutions.

Human-caused climate change and the food supply. Not working well together.

Britney Spears ended her father’s conservatorship over her. So what’s a free Britney like?

President tours Kentucky in aftermath of devastating tornadoes. Neither of the state’s senators accompany him. %#$@ing people!!! All politics, all the time!!! If they appear with him, political opponents would accuse them of getting soft on the Biden Administration.
More thoughts on Senator McConnell
BTW, military protocol holds that when a high-ranking person visits a ship or an area of responsibility, that lower-ranking people accompany him or her.

Senator Manchin says price tag for the BBB bill cannot exceed $1.75 trillion. Where in the $%#@ does he get such an arbitrary, completely BS figure?

Liberals believe in the 1930s economic theory of Keynesianism, conservatives prefer the 1970s theory of austerity. Problem is, no one ever proved that austerity was a better theory! The real proof of that is shown by the long-term reaction to Keynesian policies.

In the first of three videos, Sean Hannity says that he's a very consistent person, that he says the same thing in private that he does in public. If that were true, there would have been no story. The whole point of the story was precisely that his public and private statements were the exact opposite of each other!

Yeah, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham of Fox News, who texted White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in a panic that Trump was destroying his legacy on 6 January are totally not upset that their texts were revealed! Yeah, 'cuz it's all just a big, amusing joke, eh?

"Chris Wallace picked the right week to quit Fox News"

The Supreme Court agreed with the Texas law that made legal abortions impossible by relgating enforcement to citizens.The California Governor just put out a law on guns that is similarly sef-enforcing. His gambit is already paying off! A gun-rights group recognizes the danger that the Texas abortion law poses to gun rights and has concluded the abortion law is too dangerous to remain!  And the idea is catching on!

Boo! Hiss! Biden Administration appears to be okay with expansion of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. Keep in mind that ALL such settlements are illegal under international law, whether they were founded right after the Six-Day War in 1967 or just yesterday.

Whew! Back in 1905, the Supreme Court upheld vaccine mandates as necessary to public health. They continued that very good decision this past Monday!

House voted to hold Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, in contempt.

Representative Liz Cheney uses very highly specific wording to refer to a highly specific criminal act that carries a heavy penalty of many years in prison.

Your day's example of "false equivalence." Are Democrats trying to establish a "one party socialist state?" Highly doubtful. Will Republicans, in the event of their winning control of either the House or the Senate in the 2022 midterm, call an end to the 6 January investigations? Very, very highly likely!
"One of these things is not like the other."

Yes, very interesting how Chris Wallace quit Fox News just before the 1/6 Commission came out with its expose of FN hosts and how they reacted to the attempted coup.

Very interesting September prediction last year by Glenn Greenwald, that if Trump just agrees to a peaceful transition of power after losing the 2020 election, that the “Resistance edifice...will collapse…” Well, very clearly, Trump didn't just leave peacefully, he’s still trying to overthrow our democracy, so now Democrats are “still babbling about The InsurrectionTM …”
I guess liberals just can’t win, no matter what we do.

Former Trade Adviser Peter Navarro can voluntarily accept “orders” from TFG, but if he says “Nah, I don’t feel like doing that,” there’s absolutely nothing Trump can do about that as they’re both just private citizens now.

So the US spent lots and lots of money in Afghanistan, but very little of it went to any “home-grown” industries, so after all that, they don’t have much.

"Constitutional Scholar Mike Huckabee: There's No Abortion 'Right'"
In a video at the end of this post, Elie Mystal explains why Mike Huckabee and the Fox News people are all wrong.

One point is that yes, ultrasound has been developed post-1973. Is that meaningful? No, because no technology can alter the date of viability, the date at which the fetus can survive outside the womb.

Interesting thread on, erm, "relieving yourself" in space.

Strong vibes of the Roman Colosseum and the games that were played there under the later emperors.

An arena in South Dakota is holding a “Dash for Cash” where teachers get on their knees and fight for one dollar bills that they can use for classroom supplies while spectators watch and cheer.

Hmm. Is the Christmas tree a symbol of Christianity? Not really. Several different traditions went into making that tree a major symbol of Christmas, many secular and many from other religions.
Piece includes commentary on Senator Paul’s hypocrisy on federal aid for disasters.

Two new groups, Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, are trying out new approaches to forcing governments to combat human-caused climate change. For me, one of the problems with the anti-Iraq War protests in the early aughts was that they were pretty exclusively composed of older white people. It’s good that anti-global warming groups are trying to be more inclusive.

We should be on the side of Julian Assange here. He’s got the First Amendment on his side.

DC Comics is going to put out a comic of Superman as a “super right-wing authoritarian” because they’re concerned that if they don’t do it first, someone might beat them to it.

The California Governor seeks to exploit the Supreme Court ruling that permits Texas to use private individuals to enforce anti-choice laws. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells in detail why Newsom's scheme is likely to succeed, presuming that the Texas scheme is not reversed.

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