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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Makes sense that the vaccine-makers would skip this as the only purpose to a "vaccine summit" would be for the Trump Administration to try and take false credit for doing what it had little or nothing to do with.

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NY Times keeps presenting Republican partisans as though they were just ordinary swing voters. As this keeps happening over and over again, this is clearly deliberate, undertaken with malice and forethought.

An examination of the supply-chain problems that the US is going through right now.

Update (30 Nov): CEO of Walmart Thanks Biden Administration for successful efforts on resolving supply chain problem .

Some deepthink stuff on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, due to start soon.

Update (15 Nov):

A jury has found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts in his murder trial connected to the shootings of three people during unrest in Kenosha during the summer of 2020.

Heh! The courts may have cleared Rittenhouse, the public, not so much!

The philosophy of “other people’s money” is that it ignores the Keynesian idea that money very dynamically goes back and forth. Even in a Medieval context, wealth is more in harvested crops than in gold and jewels. Growing crops is a repeated activity. Produce in excess of what is needed for survival is what wealth really consists of. A stable society that regularly produces an excess becomes a powerful one.


Senator Kyrsten Sinema tweets, saying

After months of productive, good-faith negotiations…”

Awfully generou of her, considering that the “negotiations” essentially consisted of Sinema or Senator Manchin holding a gun to the head of the hostage (that is, they suggested thay'd refuse to vote for the final package) and demanding that certain portions of the Build Back Better plan be removed.

TFG recognized, in real time, that the attackers on the Capitol on 6 January were his foot soldiers carrying out his plan.

WaPo goes out of its way to not understand why the attack on the Capitol on 1/6 happened.

Ahh! So nice and refreshing to read about a US President getting along with foreign leaders! These two discussed serious subjects in detail.

Huh! The internet goes as far back as ‘69? Makes sense that it took into the 80s to start to become a thing and started getting popular in the 90s.

"Fox News falsely blames Biden for legal fallout over Trump immigration policy"
Wow! Incredibly heartless, vicious monsters first tolerated Trump’s hateful treatment of migrants who came to this country because their lives were at risk in their own country. The Biden Administration has taken on the many legal cases that were initiated by the Trump Administration’s despicable actions and negotiated reasonable settlements. Of course Republicans are furious and bad-mouth the kids ad their parents who were separated from each other some more!
BTW, I don’t understand the assertion that US authorities “didn’t know who the parents were.” The parents were with their children. There was no reason whatsoever to have separated them in the first place.

Yep! I completely, absolutely, 100% agree with Senator Manchin on this! If we want a liberal agenda, we need to elect more liberals so that we can make his vote irrelevant!

BTW, one of the problems is that in the late 1800s, Republicans founded a number of big, but relatively empty states in order to push back against the Southern states in Congress. Today, those empty states give the Rs an outsized advantage.

Lengthy thread of how women just can’t win for losing with special focus on Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton.

Yep! Comment on Mark Zuckerberg's new project "Meta."

More on that:

Zuckerberg says a “killer use case” of the metaverse is wearing augmented reality glasses when you are interacting with people in real life that allow you to continue text messaging people without people in real life noticing

This reminds me of a scene in an Isaac Asimov SF novel. Our hero confronts the villain. A confederate of our hero whispers into our heroes earpiece. The villain suddenly punches the hero, knocking the earpiece out of his ear. How did the villain know our hero was listening to an earpiece? Our hero cocked his head! That indicated to the villain that he was listening to instructions. Perhaps some people could do what Zuckerberg describes but I really doubt most people could. 

This is why I like the super-hero genre. Hawkeye’s latest trailer, you can see how quickly the two archers shrug their shoulders and decide that they’re better off working together.

Senator Mitt Romney posts a phot showing  how closely he and Senator Kirsten Sinema are working together. They apparently thought the photo was humorous.

TFG had a letter published in the Wall St. Journal claiming the election was rigged. The following day, they published a fact-check piece in another part of the paper. This is a total waste of time! If you're going to correct somethig, you need to do it on the same page or within the same TV presentation.

Update (30 Oct); Heh! No middle ground! You either support Our Glorious Leader or you oppose him! Trump blasts the WSJ for having run the fact-check piece.

I found this particularly laughable. The oil executive Ms. Watkins is asked why the renewable energy research is so small.

"Congresswoman, what I can tell you is that there needs to be both a demand and a supply for clean energy…"

EEP! Wrong answer! There is a demand for "energy," period! We would prefer that it be clean, but energy is what we want.

Representative AOC takes a deep dive into the BIF (The first of two nfrastructure bills). The text of the bill is publicly available, but reporters need to publicize it!

Conditions in meatpacking plants in May 2020 were well...about what a lot of people thought they were at the time. It’s good that a subcommittee is examining those reports, though.

Various people on the right wing have argued that BLM actions after the brutal murder of George Floyd amounted to a "Civil War" and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has argued that $1 Trillion in damages were caused (insurance claims amounted to $1 to $2 billion). and that Representative AOC enabled them all. Our blogger goes into great detail on those charges.

Not a fan of Dr. Birx at all, I think she's at least derelict in her actions during 2020, but yeah. She noted at the time that if two similar metropolitan areas had different policies, like mask mandates, that would make a difference in the Covid death rate of 10 to 15 percent.

Personally, I stopped supporting Julian Assange when the Democratic National Committee emails were released in 2016, as that struck me as a non-journalistic, entirely political act.
Issue in this piece is whether US prison conditions are so hard that Assange's life is at risk. Seems kind of doubtful.

"Biden's refusal of executive privilege claim ignites a new firestorm with Trump | Analysis"
CNN seems to be trying to make it sound as though Biden shares even a tiny smidgen of blame with The Former Guy. Had I been writing the headline, I would have emphasized that the fault is entirely that of Trump!

The Senate is a suit & tie kinda place. Was Senator Sinema basically saying “eff y’all” by wearing a blue jeans outfit while presiding over the Senate for the day? One blogger in another piece suggested she’s showing off lesbian culture.

Carbon levels in the atmosphere surged to 413.2 parts per million for 2020. 350 ppm is the ideal we’d like to get back to.

Facebook took down an ad that made a plainly false claim. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and two other Republican senators complained. Problem is, Mark Zuckerberg initially ruled in favor of the false claim.
Facebook needs federal regulation and probably to be broken up.

Is the press corps "soft" on the current Press Secretary Jen Psaki? Are they disinclined to ask her tough questions? I'd say that dimwits like Peter Doocy provide liberals with all sorts of comedy as their toughest questions are turned against them and they're made to look like idiots.
At the end of the interview, Sean Spicer complains that the Biden Administration has people in it that aren't qualified. Bwah-hah-hah! As though Jared and Ivanka were the slightest bit qualified to be where they were!

There are 5k discovered exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) and 28 million light years away, an exoplanet outside of our galaxy. Diameter of our own galaxy is estimated to be 100k to 200k light years. 

The meetings ahead of 6 January.

Excellent piece on abortion and birth control and the right to privacy.

We told you! When Texas turned against abortion, we said it wouldn’t be long before other “deviant” behavior was tackled as well.

Generally, paying attention to the views and arguments of both sides of a dispute is a good thing. But liberal critics (of which I'm one) have noticed that many press outlets have taken "BothSides" to a ridiculous extreme. Vaccine resistance is an example of that. The number of anti-vaxxers is under 5%, but the media is now insisting that we should sympathetically consider their deranged nonsense.

Mike Lindell promises that he's really got the evidence now, that the Supreme Court will unanimously declare that TFG has to be returned to office, etc. If that sounds familiar, it's because he said the same thing back in August and produced bupkis.

Update (29 Nov): Bwah-hah-hah!!! Lindell's telethon was a complete, utter and absolute flop! Fellow figures the audience for Lindell on YouTube was about 90 people.

"Mike Lindell goes completely berserk as it all falls apart for him"

Heh! A pro-Trumper makes the case that the head of the RNC is the culprit that made Lindell look like an idiot!

Billionaires with grand visions of new cities dancing in their heads. Meanwhile, the state pf Mississippi has a 20% poverty rate, meaning the rich guys could improve on what’s already there instead of building something all-new, fancy and glamorous.

Where were these oh-so-helpful billionaires during April of last year, when food lines were stretching for miles? Yes, it was wonderful that the government purchased excess food that farms couldn’t sell as the restaurants were all closed down and then distributed the excess food to those in need, but it sure would have been nice to have had the billionaires pitching in to have set up new food lines so that the few that were operating wouldn’t have been so crowded.

At 127 meters, the new yacht belonging to Jeff Bezos is a bit smaller than a Navy frigate (which are generally 130-150 meters long). A frigate is a bit smaller and less capable than a destroyer. Both are used as escorts and patrol craft.

What exactly is the point of this story? Is the NY Times trying to get us to sympathize with these ignorant, self-centered idiots?

Extensive piece on the shooting at the film set for Rust. Was the shooting Baldwin’s fault? Ehh, as an actor, no. But, as a producer, his being cheap was part of the problem.

Meet The Press is a relic of a lazy, low-stakes era. They bring on sides A and B, ask them both to state their positions, then wrap it all up and go home with no attempt to reconcile who's telling the truth and who's lying.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News appears above a chyron statting that "Mississippi is the roadmap to freedom and prosperity"
Erm, Mississippi is the poorest state in the country! They’ve got a poverty rate of 20%. How the hell is MS any sort of "roadmap" to anything good?!?!?!

Back during the Reagan Administration, I agreed with a piece that said the word "terrorist" essentially just means "bad guy." It's a vague, fuzzy term that has the same meaning that "bandit" did back when the US was chasing down Pancho Villa (bad guy during the 1920s). Israel has now adopted the term for six human rights organizations.

Good! Israel has tried to classify peace groups as terrorists. They're getting lots and lots of pushback on that!

With the filibuster, 41 senators, representing 21% of the population, can block legislation that the rest of us want.

Huh! Funny. Ya treat workers like disposable commodities, not caring whether they live or die and (*enraged splutter*) they up and quit on you

"Why Mitch McConnell's celebration of Clarence Thomas matters"

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

- Maya Angelou

Coal hit its peak in 2008. It's highly unlikely to ever return. Senator Manchin could follow the example of a previous West Virginia senator, Robert Byrd, and get piles of cash for his state to transition away from coal.

Five of Senator Sinema's aides quit over her refusal to support the Democratic Party. They confirm what a lot of us thought, that she's devoted to getting donor money, regardless of how that might hurt her constituents. Her response was a lot of gibble-gabble that effectively said nothing.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema in March of this year not only voted down an increase in the minimum wage, she very emphatically did so, using a highly theatrical thumbs down gesture. Now she’s calling attention to “women still do not get equal pay for equal work.” Kinda difficult to 1. Claim that women should be paid equal to men, while at the same time 2. Claiming that all wages need to be kept down!

The other members of The View sound as though they're talking from lived experience. When Condoleezza Rice talks about teaching about race so as to not make white children feel bad, she sounds like she's just repeating buzzwords that some PR guy told her to repeat.
For white children to not feel bad when taught about slavery, seems to me that's a "micro" issue, one that should be handled at the level of the individual classroom.

Right-wing anti-vaxxer Dan Bongino has challenged Cumulus Radio to fire him over his moronically idiotic stance that his vulnerability to Covid (and thus his capability of spreading it to others) is his own private, personal business. I've included the email address to Cumulus Radio below so that y'all can urge Cumulus to do the right thing.

Update (5 Nov): Not only did Cumulus Radio blink and keep Bongino on, he's now "...Creating Fund for Cumulus Radio Employees Who Lose Job Over Vax Mandate."

Meghan McCain, let go from The View, considered it an awsome accomplishment for her to have "held her own" while there. Others feel that

...she contributed to a toxic work environment and I think you let her off the hook. She pushed racism, disinformation, and she defended insurrectionists in Michigan.

There's no question that a majority of the House will vote to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt. But there's a potential long-term danger. If most Republicans do not vote to enforce their subpoena, then further down the road, they'll find that Congressional subpoenas are considered just political footballs, to be accepted or rejected as people see fit.

Update (21 Oct):

In a rare show of bipartisanship on the House floor, the committee's Democratic chairman, Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, led the floor debate along with Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, one of two Republicans on the panel. Still, the vote was 229-202 with all but nine GOP lawmakers who voted saying “no."

The effect of Senator Manchin’s veto on the US development of green energy is very bad in and of itself, for the entire world. But in market terms, China has long since decided on a green energy strategy, so US producers are going to fall behind in green technology.

It’s important to keep in mind that Manchin is not acting alone. The Republican Party, by refusing to take any role is passing the Build Back Better plan, makes Manhin and Senator Sinema far more powerful than they otherwise would be.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell puts himself firmly on the side of Senator Manchin and of course, on the side of destroying human-kind through human-caused climate change.

The world respects us once again. Under TFG, our approval rating crashed down to 30%. Under Biden, it’s climbed to 49%!

Woo hoo! Supreme Court reaffirms its ruling of 1905, that for the government to impose a vaccine mandate is perfectly permissible.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was concerned by a poll she saw saying that nearly 10% of Republican Georgia voters were planning on skipping the next election if Georgia did not hold a "forensic audit" to reassure them that the 2020 election was conducted fairly. As the blogger says, the number of people who stay home in 2022 is probably exaggerated, "But they're not zero, either." So yes, Taylor Greene is right to be concerned.

Fox News guy loses it over DC Comics changing its Superman slogan from “Truth, Justice and the American Way” to 'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.”
Wonder Woman changed her costume from a very American star-spangled one to a plain red and blue one in 2016, specifically to be less American and more of an international figure.
Ehh, Fox News probably complained about that as well.

Sorry to hear this. My immediate thought on hearing that Colin Powell had died was of the multi-volume treatment on how to occupy Iraq after the victory. The younger George Bush and his people were so intimidated by the size of the report, they promptly filed it away.

And then there are those who aren't so star-struck by Colin Powell. This fellow is the one who tossed his shoes at the younger George Bush during a press conference in 2008.

An assessment. Yeah, I heard about them after his speech on how dangerous Iraq was, but I was very highly skeptical of the "mobile weapons labs" when I first heard about them.

Hoo boy! Now that Colin Powell is reported to have died of Covid complications, right-wingers are saying vaccines are useless! Keep in mind that people over the age of 65 need a booster shot. Powell was 85. Powell also had other physical problems that contributed to his death.
For instance, Powell had "multiple myeloma, or blood cancer."

Good piece, but I think they go overboard in blaming the recently-deceased Colin Powell for the Iraq War. Congress had, months earlier, authorized the AUMF, which then served as the functional equivalent of a declaration of war. Certainly there were members of the press who took Powell’s presentation as absolute proof positive that Iraq was a deadly menace that had to be stomped on immediately. Could Powell have resigned? Would that have prevented the war? The piece makes a strong argument that could have been the case.

Politico twists itself into knots trying to ignore that it's only Republicans who don't care abut vaccine mandates.

The actress who played Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones will play Lucifer on The Sandman. Lucifer did not have a very major role in the comic. They’re expecting to release that as a series in 2022.

Wow! The priorities on these people! Sure, it’s important for people to work at their jobs, but y’know, it also kinda helps if they survive and don’t catch Covid! Sure, the price of bacon is important, but so is y’know, not burning up the planet!

Supreme Court shadow dockets are a truly serious threat to justice.

Both parents die of COVID-19, leaving four children orphaned. Yeah, this is a sad story, but the shot was free and as time went on and the lines shrank, became easier and easier to get quickly. I got mine in April and there were some crowds, but by June, the shot took maybe a half-hour or less out of your day

More on Senators Manchin and Sinema. Yeah, they fit the definition of “mercenary” pretty well: “serving merely for pay or sordid advantage: venal also: greedy.”

Whoa! Shazam 2 won’t be out until June 2023! That's a ways off!

New York Magazine interviews Stephanie Grisham, the Press Secretary who never gave a press conference. I didn’t know this tidbit from her tell-all book:

Trump called her “to instruct her to defend the size of his anatomy after Stormy Daniels claimed he was penilely deficient.”

Uhhh, granted Grisham and Trump were both mature adults, but why on earth would she ever have seen his penis? Remember, she was working directly for the First Lady!

An excerpt from Stephanie Grisham’s book, showing why nepotism and good government can’t co-exist:

Ivanka was also doing her "my father" wants this and "my father" thinks that routine, making it impossible for staff members to argue a contrary view.

Grisham goes to describe the complete and utter cluster$%#@ that results when an administration tries to put together a major speech in just a few hours with no clear idea as to what they’re trying to say and no coordination between agencies.

Maggie Haberman: "Bill Clinton’s office calls him President Clinton too."
True, but Clinton is fully aware of the fact and accepts that he's no longer president. Trump? He sounds increasingly delusional, claiming to have mountains of evidence that he was cheated out of a second term. There is, of course, no such evidence.

Why is Senator Manchin, who owns a coal company, able to make decsions on a legislative issue where he has a direct conflict of interest?

Problem is that Supreme Court Justice Breyer doesn't mention that Obama should have appointed the successor to Antonin Scalia and Biden should have appointed the successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The fact that they were both appointed by Trump has seriously unbalanced the Court. No, the current Court does not represent all Americans properly!

This is good to hear! Iran has long been involved in the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, though it’s never been clear that Yemen was so dependent on Iranian aid that it would collapse without it. Iran’s new president has resumed talks with Saudi Arabia after the last president transitioned out of office.

Kind of a problem with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s thought that America should “have a national divorce.” If states like Texas were secure in the belief that most of their people would agree to join a rebellion, then why is that state so energetically pursuing voter suppression?

Mainstream media guy asks really stupid question about what’s in the Build Back Better bill. Good answer from a commenter:

I’m confused. Are you not a journalist with access? Isn’t it your job to find this out and report it and not snark tweet?

Well, that's good! A Texas school superintendent realizes, there really aren't "two sides" to the Holocaust!

Senate Minority Leader McConnell uses the 1987 Robert Bork nomination to justify the 2016 embargo of Merrick Garland. Nope! Wrong answer! I paid close attention to the Bork nomination as it happened. I agree withe the blogger. Bork was "manifestly unfit" to serve on the Supreme Court.

Yeah, I'm not the slightest bit impressed by the Biden Administration on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The conflict this past May has produced a real sea change in that issue that they don't appear to have really understood.

Ah. I had seen #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb trending on twitter. That's why! Her question was: Are "edge" weapons (Bows and arrows, swords, knives, etc.) lethal? Of course they are. That's how people fought from well before the Egyptian pyramids were built and still do today. Problem is, guns today are considerably more lethal! There's also a big difference between kinds of guns! An AR-15 will kill vastly many more people than a six-round pistol will.

As with the whole problem over Democrats fighting over infrastructure negotiations, where Republicans had no role to play, journalists from mainstream media are heavily dependent of Republican sources. Why don't major newspapers quote Democrats on stories involving Democrats?

New UVA study finds...well...what a lot of people already knew. That the lynching of Black people and Confederate monuments were deeply related to one another.

This reporter shares my alarm at recent developments. A real problem is that with the press “They focus on optics and strategy rather than policy and people.”

This is very, very disturbing. An elections official is forced out office by a raging mob and zero evidence of misconduct.

William Shatner/Captain Kirk looks out at Earth from space. BTW, Shatner was not the first Star Trek actor to make it up into space!

After having done more than any other single person in America to degrade our democracy and to pave the way for Trump's authoritarianism, Senate Minority Leader McConnell is finding his star fading badly and his power dissipating.

Good thread for those thinking about Civil War II. It's a whole lot more complex than just who has the guns.

Twitter thread on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and how he appears to see himself as just applying common sense while everyone else sees him as being very highly political.

When Biden took office,he promised to stop aiding Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen. Has he? Ehh, to some extent, yes. Lots of ways the Saudis are still being assisted.

For the first time in 40 years, lunar rocks are collected and returned to Earth. They show that lava flowed only 2 billion years ago. The age of the Moon is 4.5 billion years.

Another broken aspect of US policy. This reminds me of reading that officers were rotated in and out of Vietnam every six months. It took an officer about four months to learn what he was doing and for the casualty rate for his unit to go down to what experienced officers usually had. As a result, units had competent leadership for only around four months a year. Sounds from this piece as though we'll soon have a gap of at least a year between the time a president takes office and when we have a fully-staffed foreign service team!

Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks:

...Make America Great Again, Again PAC is now calling for 2020 election audits of all 50 states.

Complete and utter horsecrap! Months and months of investigations have shown pretty much zero irregularities and even less fraud. This is a completely fake "concern."
And yes, it's quite interesting that she's being filmed with a filter that makes he seem like a white person.

Why isn’t there a NY Times on the right wing? A fairly intriguing question that only someone who doesn’t understand right-wing media would ask. The NY Times is what I’d call “Conservative Democrat,” a paper that like politicians like Joe Manchin or a bit further back, like Joe Lieberman.

Amazing how connected and interrelated the ancient world was!

Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News is constantly citing the opinions or obsrvations of friends of hers. Very interesting just how many friends she has!

Pretty sure that Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland was the first US Secretary ever to do a fashion photo shoot, now she's (I believe) the first to run a Boston Marathon!

Former Representative Michele Bachmann thinks that because the government is enforcing vaccine  mandates, that makes this the worst government of all time!

Representative Scalise complains that Democrats aren't working with Republicans on their big infrastructure bill. From 2011 to 2020, the Rs have held the House, Senate, Presidency or some combination or even all three. They never produced an infrastructure plan because they just didn't care! now they want to be treated as full partners, because...I dunno. Why DO they suddenly want to join in on the project?

Facebook continues to make the case that it needs government oversight.

“Facebook has suppressed content posted by Palestinians and their supporters speaking out about human rights issues in Israel and Palestine,” said Deborah Brown, senior digital rights researcher and advocate at Human Rights Watch.

It’s pretty obvious that Lindell (the MyPillow guy & conspiracy buff) is taking about clerical errors. I mean seriously? Really? Someone deliberately meant to type in that a voter is 850 years old?

Rather interesting to read Senate Minority Leader McConnell's letter to the President on the debt-ceiling "crisis." Reminds me that when the then-Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke in favor of going to war with Iraq, I had missed the speech and asked a family member if it was worth my time to review it. He said that the speech made sense if you had absolutely no other information on the issue.

Same with McConnell's letter. The letter makes sense if you start by having zero information on the issue.

Goo summary of debt limit "crisis."

Good! President Biden is not supporting TFG’s assertion of Executive Privilege!

I'd just like to know what Senator Manchin would do if we arrive at a stark choice between getting rid of the filibuster (or of doing a carve-out) or of permitting a disaster to happen to the world econmy by permitting American debt to be called into question. And y'know, other democracies appear to get by just fine without it. The House seems to work perfectly well without it.

Yeah, the CNN team is a bit too "BothSides" here. The really essential fact here is that the debt-ceiling "crisis" was entirely self-inflicted by the GOP. Senator Manchin is not a romantic hero, he has nothing to despair about and Democrats have nothing to thank Republicans for.

Senator Manchin’s overly dramatic reaction gets the attention of people. Why? Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s reaction was entirely understandable as the debt ceiling “crisis” was entirely unnecessary and reflected miscalculations on the part of the GOP. Seriously, this is theater criticism masquerading as news analysis.

Interesting. Once upon a time, Senator Sinema was an environmentalist. Now she wants to cut $100 billion out of the clean energy part of the Build Back Better plan.

Executive Privilege does not apply to Steve Bannon as he wasn't working in government on 6 January, he was a podcaster. He has absolutely zero legal protection from being subpoenaed.

"The demonization of one faction by the other is asymmetrical."
Yeah, one side does it, the other basically doesn't. A bat$%#@ crazy video.

Awesome! Kathryn Hahn was cool as Agatha Harkness of WandaVision. Will her series be a sequel or a prequel? No one knows yet

The Houthis of Yemen have certainly committed war crimes, but as the Saudis are the invaders engaging in a war of aggression, the Saudi war crimes are more serious. Does Iran play a role, helping Yemen? Yes, but Iran’s role is quite limited. This is not a proxy fight against Iran.

So, threats of violence against school board members, according to one of our political parties, is now officially okay. The threat of Trumpisn is not over!

One of the very deep and serious problems with Senator Manchin’s position is that, coal, like Fotomat and Blockbuster video of the 1980s, is that it's simply no longer a viable economic strategy. Like The Former Guy, Manchin is trying to revive a dead horse.

The younger George Bush and the people under him (Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, etc.) thought they were oh-so clever, manipulating the media to lie us into a war of choice. The long-term effect? A pretty permanent loss of trust. Trust in government/media went down by 10% and has never recovered. This is biting us in the ass as a nation as we're having a hard time convincing people to get vaccinated.

Well, that's pretty cool! People have been trying to develop a vaccine for malaria for over 100 years!

Good! The debt-ceiling fight is over, for now anyway. Haven't heard about it? It's an incredibly stupid fight that can be eliminated in the future.

Aww! Poor Senate Minority Leader McConnell just can't win for losing! He made a really stupid gamble that Democrats would fold to a "trick" so that Republicans would have had an extra talking point for the 2022 mid-terms. When it was clear that Democrats wouldn't fold, he realized there were no good options and folded. Now Republicans hate him, too!

Senator Ted Cruz makes it even harder for Republicans to recover from their own "trick!"

Senator Manchin’s view on the filibuster has gone way over the edge into insanity. He’s literally saying he’s willing to risk the economy of the world rather than risk the loss of the filibuster.

School shootings are no longer news today, but these texts are truly heartbreaking!

Hell, sounds to me like a great argument foe eliminating the filibuster entirely!

Senator Manchin asks that both Senators Schumer and McConnell work together to solve the debt limit problem. Which essentially means that the fireman is asked to work with the pyromaniac because, y'know, both of them are honorable and because the pyromania just needs someone to, I dunno, listen to his frustrations or something.

Now, Fiona Hill’s memoir is one that I’m inclined to respect as she was never a Trumper. Saw her in an interview. She’s very smart about tyranny as she studied Russia for a long time.

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