Gay Pride Parade

9 Jun 2013

VFP buddy

Veterans For Peace (VFP) buddies before the Gay Pride Parade. 160 organizations sponsored the parade's 25th year.

our leader

The VFP leader for the Gay Pride Parade, R.W. Dennen. From the current VFP Chapter 31 events page:

In 2011, for the third year in a row VFP Chap. 31 won the 'Best Public Statement' prize in the Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade; click here for more pictures from the 2011 parade and here to access a slide show of the Parade that includes VFP member Robert Dennen reading his poetry at the Parade.

Click here to view a video that includes VFP Chap. 31's participation in the 2010 Gay Pride Parade

Click here for the 2009 Parade video.

colorful float

A colorful float takes off. Boston's Mayor Menino comments on past parades where he's from:

“I remember the first year that I ran, it was not popular to walk in the parade,” recalled Menino. “And today it’s so popular, everyone wants to be in the parade. But 20 years ago, no, ‘I’m afraid to be with gays.’ We’re a different city today.”…

I walked in the parade and briefly thought "Do any of the participants/spectators think I'm gay?" Then I thought, "I don't think anybody really cares. We all realize that our sexuality belongs to us. What a stranger thinks my desires are isn't my problem." Oh, and Boston conducted its 43rd Gay Pride Parade today.

more colorful stuff

College kids carry out cool, impromptu protest. A lady preacher is carrying on about how awful marriage equality is in front of a small crowd (Maybe 20 people), when two lesbians jump up on the stage and start a kiss-in! You can tell by the crowd's reaction that they weren't cheering the preacher to begin with.

FUMCOG banner

There's the banner of my other group. First United Methodist Church Of Germantown (FUMCOG) was a few groups behind the VFP group.

twirling flags

These guys did a lot of cool twirling and tossing around of flags.

Americablog says this video is: "just so warm and fuzzy, and educational, I love it."


Interesting! One-rider chariots!

Washington Blade covers Washington DC Gay Pride Parade.


Better picture of VFP marchers.

Bay Area Reporter says that Pride Month is catching on in places as small as El Cerrito and San Jose.

more vfp folks

More VFP folks.

Hey, very cool! Our Secretary of State, former Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, makes videotaped remarks celebrating LGBT Pride Month!

another colorful float

Washigton State celebrates "six months of love" as marriage equality was instituted a half-year ago.

And FUMCOG again!

And FUMCOG again! That's our pastor holding up the (her) left side of the banner.