Voters March Across Philly

March 21 - 25
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Please join us on the 50th year Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March of 1965.
This was a 5 day March that was approximately 54 miles.
We are honoring our ancestors with
THE VOTERS MARCH (Across Philly)

Itinerary/March Route

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Peparing at the corner of Germantown & Chelten. This is German Parodi (seated) a fellow member of the US Social Forum that will be taking place in Philadelpha, June 25-28.

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Glenn Davis, who ran to represent Philadelphias 190th District on the Green Party ticket, tells workers at McDonald's to "Vote Yourself a Raise!"

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People who marched with us. That's Richard Kanegis sitting down.
I'm pleased to say I saw the movie "Selma" before it stopped showing in the area. Excellent movie on the importance of voting. No, voting is not the only tool in the activist's toolchest and it sure would be nice to have better choices, but it's certainly worth fighting for.

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Glenn with Cheri Honkala who ran as the Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate in 2012.
One of the things that familiarized me with the themes and characters in "Selma" was the book Parting The Waters, all about the early years of the Civil Rights Movement.