May Day 2013

early on, looking at stage
Early on in the May Day USA celebration at Elmwood Park, Philadelphia. We got some good speeches about how May Day got started back in the late 1880s and how it, and the need for labor unions, continues today. The lefty website Daily Kos started up a labor section in 2011, reflecting the growing closeness of the two groups.

young folks
We had a group of schoolchildren with us.
Ideally, the Disney corporation would work to improve conditions for workers in Bangladesh, where there have been a number of terrible incidents lately, but their labor conditions and labor laws are at too low a standard for Disney to work with. 

Star Spangled Banner
Maryta Fields did a great job singing the national anthem.
Gee, I wonder why there's such a strong push for school privatization? Hmm, could it be that the
National Education Association was the top labor contributor (with nearly $15 million) to political parties in the 2011-2012 election cycle? From the Wall Street Journal:

Charter schools have spread across the country while generally keeping organized labor out, with operators saying they can manage schools better when their staffs aren't unionized. But labor groups are now making a big push to get a stronger foothold in this educational realm.

an even bigger crowd
Our crowd grows even bigger. Large group lines up for hot dogs.
May Day is a big tradition in Russia of course, given the labor roots of the Communist Party. China, also being (at least officially) communist, also recognizes May Day. Iranian workers are not at all pleased with their government.

view from way back
View as I took off around 4:30. Very nice day with good weather!