IVAW March to Valley Forge
1 March 08

As part of the upcoming Fifth Year of War actions, the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are setting out from central Philadelphia to march to Valley Forge. I and others will meet them there.

me & others
Me with some of the IVAW folks, those are counter-protesters off in back. We decided at that point that we really ought to make a point of carrying flags as well.  Let's not leave the patriotism completely up to the other side (I described them to a radio reporter as "Those who call the President 'Dear Leader' with a capital 'D' and a capital 'L'.")

equipment lined up
Assembling for speeches before the march. They've lined up ther backpacks in a row behind them. That's Gold Star Mother Celeste Zappala with the photo of her KIA son Sgt Sherwoood Baker behnd them.

lined up
The purpose of the march is to help raise awareness for the beginning of the Fifth Year of the Iraq War. We have events scheduled for both Washington DC and Philadelphia. One of our membes explains what the concept of the Moratorium is all about (MS Word).

We got some good media attention. Winter Soldier will immediately precede the March 19th demonstrations (March 13-16) and will "feature testimony from U.S. veterans who served in those occupations [Iraq and Afghanistn], giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground."

A supporter makes his views known.

gathering up
Breaking up and preparing for the march ahead.

marching off
IVAW takes off to Valley Forge, a two-day march. See y'all there at the Valley Forge Visitors Center at roughly 3:00pm n March 2nd, where supporters can join their march for the last two miles. IVAW respectfully requests thatyou bring ZERO signs, and ZERO buttons, because they want the focus to be on IVAW, NOT on other organizations with Doves or tie-dye, or Peace Signs, or that sort of thing.
Point of contact for the march is Francesca Lo Basso, (215) 241-7123, media@ivaw.org