Parade for Peace
Stop the Violence, Here, There and Everywhere
07 Mar 17


We decided againt doing one great big march today and to instead do lots of modest actions all around town.  This action was the Parade for Peace and it concentrated on both violence here in Philadelphia and overseas against the citizens of Iraq.  


Despite freezing rain from the night before that deposited several inches of snow, turnout was good and spirits were undaunted.  


We also had some, well, pretty horrifying testimony about life in the more violent sections of the city.  A lot of hope and perseverence and determination were needed just to live one's life from day to day.

coming in

Coming into the park.  A letter from one of the participants:

Dear Neighbors,
It was a wonderful parade today, being together, walking down Germantown Avenue. The local and global violence is so painful;it felt important to be together voicing our profound commitment to end the violence.
I want to especially thank the folks that inspired this gathering, who met on Tuesdays to generate participation and do the  planning ,and the wonderful outreach of Stelle, Gayle and Chris R in mobilizing all our efforts.


(Letter continued)
Yes it would have been much larger had the weather cooperated.  But it was wonderful to see all the folks who came today in spite of the weather,; to see the banners and doves, to hear the songs and remarks.  Everyone who was there felt like they were in the right place.
I enjoyed giving Granny Peace Brigade buttons and flyers to folks in cars along the parade route.
What a welcoming community we have in the Northwest!  Gave out many Neighborhood Network flyers as well along the route.
Paula Paul