Final Friday demonstration
September 2007

Celeste & Sandy

Once again, we took to the streets in front of the Philadelphia Recruiting Center (A few blocks North of City Hall  and we show up right as they leave for the day) to let folks know how we feel about the Iraq War.  That's Ceeleste with a big photo of her late son and Sandy with her home-made sign.

dove of peace

That's Bill waving the FUMCOG Dove of Peace and Anne holding the sign.  We've kept track and figure we get around 400 honks in the hour we stay there.  And yes, if a bicyclist or a pedestrian rides or walks by and says "Honk!" that counts.  

Anne, Bill & Bill

Anne, Bob & another Bill.  We express our opinion as to how to go about impeaching the pair who run this country. Cheney's the really dangerous one, so he goes first.

out of iraq

The big scandal of the day is Rush Limbaugh's comment about US soldiers who oppose the war being "phony soldiers."  Wesly Clark has called for Limbaugh to be kicked off of Armed Forces Radio, radio talk show host Melanie Morgan has picked a fight with the blogger Greg Sargent, Glenn Beck lied his butt off defending Limbaugh, Limbaugh himself is now presenting an edited version of the conversation that leaves out nearly two minutes, etc.  

Vets for Peace

In its weekly wrap-up of all things concerning Blackwater, the "contractor" (Read: "mercenary") group and their effect on the Iraq War.  We see true heights of absurdity and ridiculousness attained when the State Department arranged for an FBI team to investigate Blackwater.  The absurdity? State arranged for Blackwater to provide security for the FBI team!  Senator Leahy (D-VT) had to point out what an incredibly horrible conflict of interest it was before the State Department relented and agreed to appoint some other group to provide security.  
And the Bush people wonder why it is we don't trust them!