Parade for Peace
Photos by Hal Sawyer
Text by Laura Richlin
& George Stern

parade from above

Yea! What a wonderful parade!

Shakeera Lyons-White's reaction about one block into the parade was, "WE DID IT! Look at all these people! WE REALLY DID IT!"    That about says it all, doesn't it?


The ParkwayNW students and staff are grateful to have worked with such a fabulous team of positive-minded, concerned people.   Let's do it again next year!  While we pray that this year's motivations for gathering might be 'cured',  a neighborhood peace parade never goes out of style!

still more

Thank you to everyone,

Laura Richlin, Peace Program Coordinator
Parkway High School for Peace and Social Justice


church folks

more church folks

Those interested in a general Peace Walk minus political slogans should know that the annual Interfaith Peace Walk, which until now has been held in Center City, will be Sunday, June 3, this year in Germantown/Mt. Airy, starting at Masjid Muhammad (Penn and Belfield) and ending at Germantown Jewish Centre (Lincoln and Ellet), with Christian stops in-between.

in the park

Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (NIM) is helping to bring the walk to Northwest Philadelphia. I held off announcing it until March 17 passed so as not to conflict with the Anti-Iraq March or get people confused. At this point, I would hope that it can serve as a positive event for those who made it to the march yesterday and those who did not.

young girls

There is an important history to the walk that you need to know, however: It started as a Muslim-Jewish rapprochement event, and of necessity avoided political slogans, including direct references to the Middle East. The idea was to find commonalities, not sources of contention. It continues in that vein and is avowedly non-political. 

signer for the deaf

Interpreter for the deaf repeats what our speakers are saying

Signs for PEACE are welcome; anti-war signs are not. It is a walk FOR Peace, not against anything, and not an opportunity to oppose the Iraq War per se (though undoubtedly most participants would agree with that point of view). 

well-dressed dog

We are adding this year the notion of LOCAL PEACE: PEACE IN THE STREETS, or, in the words of a NIM inititaive, INCREASE THE PEACE. Details will follow, and everyone is invited to join.

George Stern
Executive Director
Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (NIM)