Protest in Central Philadelphia
15 February 2003

protest in Philly

PRAWN, the Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network, decided on this protest in early January.  I was representing FUMCOG, the First United Methodist Church Of Germantown and helped prepare the event by working on the Outreach Committee.  I’ve volunteered to be the guy who answers the URL and have done work on their membership lists.

starting off towards City Hall

 PRAWN held their first march in December with only 3000 people.  We estimated this march was about 10,000 at the beginning and grew to about twice that size as it went.  Here, we’re marching from the corner of Broad and Spring Streets toward City Hall.


This is a small component of what has been called the largest, most extensive anti-war demonstration ever.  Over 600 demonstrations were held in cities all over the world.  The largest 20 demonstrations from Toronto, Canada which featured “only” 15,000 people to Barcelona, Spain which featured 1.3 million (Our immediate neighbor, New York, had 100,000) have caused real consternation in the Administration, though it will be impossible for many years to say just how much of a cold slap in the face it’s been to them.