Visually jazzing up a narrative

law & order

Law & Order (Pictures are from L&O Special Victims Unit, Season 14, Episode 22) has many scense that could threaten to be visually boring, Here. two detectives discuss a case. They could very easily have done so over a desk, but it's more visually interesting to have them walking somewhere while doing so.

confronting prisoner

Here, the detectives confront a prisoner. They could be sitting at a table, but by having them all stand, they can move around more and we get more interesting shots.

same here

A senior official briefs the detectives. This could have been done in the official's office, but this way makes for better visuals.

female detective

A female detective interviews a witness at a playground where the witnesses' son is playing. Again, this could very easily have taken place indoors with the two people sitting over a desk.

danger room

Just as the X-Men do (See Update 3), the Avengers have a "Danger Room." Here the Uncanny Avengers (Issue 9 of a combination of the Avengers and the X-Men) prepare to face off against simulations of the Spiderman villains Doc Ock, Venom and Green Goblin.


The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) focuses on zapping the simulations while carrying on a discussion with Rogue (First and middle names are Anna and Marie, we don't know her last name).

more discussion

As the discussion gets more heated, Wanda's attention is diverted away from the simulations and turns more towards Anna Marie. Fortunately, the men have the remaining villain simulations under control and when the women's discussion got really loud, Captain America (Steve Rogers), cut in over the public address system and calls everyone to a briefing.

As with the Law & Order scenes, the comics find ways to jazz up discussion scenes so that they're more visually interesting. Of course, the comics have unlimited FX budgets, so they can find more amazing ways to pump up the visuals.