Technical problem

This was a very annoying problem way back when. The problem doesn't fit under the category of comics that were badly written. This was really just a purely technical problem that comics of an earlie era had and I'm pleased to say that the problem has been fixed.

On one side of the page, we have an advertisement.


And on the other, we have a touching father-daughter reunion between Jean Grey in her Dark Phoenix incarnation and her father.

Dark Phoenix

As we can see, the "New" on the other side of the page bleeds through and kinda messes with the effect of the scene.

Here's a really horrendous example. Scott "Cyclops" Summers decides to go on a psychic walk-about via a rapport that he and Jean share.


Now, here's the ad on the other side of the page.


And the next panel, which is obviously supposed to be an all-white panel with Summers being the only figure in the panel.



Fortunately, the problem was entirely one of the paper that the comics were printed on (Comics were $0.40 back then, $0.88 in today's money, and are either $3.99 for a Marvel or $2.99 for a DC today) because here's the ad on the other side of the next following page:


And the next following page:


Woo-hoo! Despite the ad being bright red, it doesn't bleed through at all! I also find it very impressive that the picture here spans two pages and the match-up between the two sides is pretty darned perfect.