So what's Mary Jane been up to lately?

In SpiderVerse

Obviously, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker/Spider-Man had broken up by 2015 as Mary Jane did nothing more than a cameo appearance in the big SpiderVerse storyline. I gather from statements she's made that she just got exhausted from all the drama and danger of being the girlfriend of a superhero and looking for a quieter and more normal life.

as super-heroine

It's not like she can't fulfill the role of a superheroine. When there's a real necessity, she can rise to the occasion. Here, Mary Jane's just wearing an outfit that that simulates superpowers. 

giving instructions

She generally a cheerful sort, but can get serious and take charge when necessary. She know how this superhero stuff is done and doesn't need to be sheltered or protected. 

the team

As we can see, she's also comfortable in corporate settings with wheeler-dealers. And yes, the orange woman is Friday, an AI who's manifested as a hologram. As to Mary Jane's SI photos, yes, she was a "super model" for a while. We don't see any romantic interests pop up for her. Why is she not surrounded by suitors? Hmm, good question. I'd say superhero comics tend to be fairly conservative sexually.  

Ironheart's group

And she works well with others, being one of the team that supports Ironheart (Successor to Tony Stark/Iron Man). I'm wondering if she's being groomed for a movie role as more than just Spider-Man's girlfriend. Marvel has a real lack of strong female characters and Mary Jane has been around for a bit over 50 years now. As we see above, she can certainly put on an action outfit and conduct a battle. 

Here's an amusing scene.

AIs talking

Heh! But hey, it's not as though Friday ever thinks about taking over or anything! And she told MJ later in the issue that the difference between her and the Tony Stark AI is that he's taken from an image of Tony's mind whereas she's built as an AI from the ground up.