Mars is a pretty obscure work. The group known as First Comics (That was apparently relaunched back in 2011) was only in operation from 1983 to 1991. Mars, created in 1984, is an interesting work.

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The artist tried for a generally cartoony sort of style. He did some really cool stuff.

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Here's a straigtforward narration page, where two characters just talk for a bit.

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Here's a more psychedelic scene where two characters get transported.

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Here's a cool page that featres some cameo guest stars. In the center is John Carter, Warlord of Mars (The first book was published in 1917, the movie came out in 2012.

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Our protagonist deals with an odd, sentient creature.

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Meets up with the only other fully human female in the series. Learns that the guys have gone all "Lord of the Flies" and have tossed aside civilized behavior while she was separated from them.

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A scene that imparts some biographical information on Morgana, our protagonist.

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One of the rather irritating sub-plots is that, as Morgana can't feel anything below the waist, she doesn't have sex with anyone (She uses leg braces to walk). I found her reactions and the fact that the men kept commenting on that to be pretty offensive. There's simply nothing for her to apologize for or to get defensive about.

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Fawn is a major character in the series.

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Rather top-heavy outfit here.

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Personally, I tend to go for the more bottom-heavy look of hoopskirts, but hey, I'm sure a lot of people went for Morgana's look.
Not a bad series, certainly wouldn't rank it up there with any real classics. I did an image search and saw the stories on First Comics and neither mentions the Mars series at all, so it hasn't made a serious impact.
And yeah, I find the whole premise of the series to be pretty problematic. Two women on a lengthy mission with five men and one of the women is inclined to remain celibate. That's a pretty guaranteed recipe for trouble.