Lucifer & Mazikeen

Comics Lucifer

TV Lucifer

There are actually two Lucifers in popular culture at the moment. One is the DC Comics version and the other is the TV series version. Though the TV version is derived from the comics version, the two characters aren't quite the same. I'd say the comics Lucifer is closer to the Biblical source, he's proud, handsome, has all sorts of abilities and is quite good at plotting and planning. The TV version borrows a good deal from the TV series Castle. In both cases, our hero (or anti-hero in the case of Lucifer) joins up with an attractive female detective. In this case, she's Detective Chloe Decker

Detective Chloe Decker

and while not a detective or police officer himself, Castle/Lucifer prove themselves to be quite useful and they become the detective's partner. The detective picture above has no counterpart in the comic, nor does another major character


the Angel Amendiel. Lucifer's powers in the TV series are limited to the ability to make people tell him their true desires and is mostly invulnerable to harm. The character Mazikeen

Comics Mazikeen

TV Mazikeen

is more of a bodyguard/partner in the TV series as the TV Lucifer is more attracted to Detective Decker. In the comic, the fallen Angel and a daughter of Lilith, are very much in love.

the lovers confer

Anyway, I just thought the meeting of the two of them after a long absence and many adventures was really sweet.

meeting after an adventure