Mary Jane Watson & Tony Stark/Iron Man

A funny cover, but it needs a bit of set-up before most people will get it. Mary Jane Watson, the former love interest of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, was first fully introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Nov. 1966) and played a kind of hippie to Parker's very "square" and rather dull persona.

Mary Jane introduced

This scene was reproduced a few times later.

Cartoon intro

In a cartoon

photo of MJ

A photo of a model playing MJ.

Kirsten Dunst

And Kirsten Dunst played her for three movies opposite Tobey Maguire.

Tony accepts hospitality

How much of a playboy is Tony Stark/Iron Man? In the panels above, he's trapped in the time of King Arthur and despairs because he's really used to being in the modern world. But, he decides that...well, living back in the old days isn't so bad!

The cover

So here's the cover! Dunno why MJ and Peter broke up, but MJ takes up with Tony here.

Spoilers - What happened this issue and the next.