Howard The Duck and Beverly Switzler

Mixed feelings about this series. I was always impressed by the artists and inkers who agreed to work on it, but when I skipped an issue, I didn't bother to try and rummage up the back issue. I remember getting pretty much all the issues 1977 through 1979 and I did look up and purchase the first two issues. I passed a lot of them on later as they weren't very valuable, either monetarily or to me. Definitely an "off-beat" series.

Howards' and Beverlys' relationship in the comic wasn't at all like the relationship as it was presented in the 1986 movie (I did like the final song in the movie). In the movie, Howard and Bev are openly lustful towards one another, and yeah, I found the bestiality concept of ducks and humans playing footsie with each other pretty distasteful. In the comic, the relationship was competely chaste, though Bev was every bit as attractive as she was in the movie.

Their first meeting:

1st meeting

She's shocked, but she and Howard quickly prove to be a good team:



Turns out in the second issue that Bev has a boyfriend, but it's clearly not a deep, true love relationship. I actualy started buying the series with issue #7, so am not sure how Bev and her boyfriend split up, but he was clearly long gone by the time I started reading the series.

not love

After Howard and Bev are seen in a manipulated photo taking a bath together, she lets us know she's worked hard to get a "good girl" reputation.

Bev and morality

She certainly had to undergo her share of sexual harrassment.



Here, Howard is having a nervous breakdown. Bev is featured mainly in cameos, but here gets a full page.


I did find Bev's attitude towards material goods very attractive. It's "easy-come, easy-go, back to business."

easy go

Howard is possessed by the spirit of the Son of Satan and becomes very mean, nasty and abusive towards everybody. Here he slaps Winda around.


Bev and her new fellow are talking about how she misses Howard.

new fellow

Howard, under the possession, reveals that he has some deep, if confused feelings about Bev.


Bev, having been kidnapped by Doctor Bong and having traded her freedom for Howard's life, decides to make the best of a bad situation.


demands attention

The serie ran for another half-dozen or so issues, but I'm not sure how the Doctor Bong situation was ever resolved.

The Howard-Beverly relationship was certainly an interesting one. It was always an asexual one, but it's pretty clear their feelings for each other ran pretty deep. Beverly was very clearly not a 1950s Doris Day-type character who never let the boys touch her, but neither was she wildly promiscuous.