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Subject:    Local VVAW / VFP escort KIA Mom Cindy Sheehan to Bush's Crawford Ranch
Date:    Aug 9, 2005 10:47 PM
  A Bucks County couple had the honor of escorting
Gold Star Mom, Cindy Sheehan, to George Dubya's
ranch in Crawford, Texas. 
    Bill and Terry Perry were attending the 20th Annual convention in Dallas,
    Veterans For Peace convention was addressed by
Cindy Sheehan, mom of KIA Casey Sheehan, on Friday
nite, Aug 5.
    Cindy made it quite clear that she was  ready to camp
out at Crawford until she got some answers from Dubya
Bush on why Bush killed her son. is a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt
organization, NOT looking for an IRS battle on whether a
Crawford Demo was "political", or "policy", so our VFP battallion
gathered in Dallas could not endorse Cindy's action, but a
PLATOON of hard core anti-war activists volunteered to
escort ( read run interference ) for Cindy. 
    Our caravan included the VFP IMPEACHMENT TOUR BUS,
and a dozen other vehicles.
    We crossed the Crawford RR tracks, went thru the only light
in town ( a flashing Red light ), then drove another 3.5 miles
into the countryside, on Prairie Chapel Road.  Fans of the
Patriot Act should note that after passing the Tonk Creek,
then the North Tonk Creek, we passed the Bluff Creek, then
Old Buelah Rd. 
    There is a Gummint Motor Pool on the North side, w/ lotsa
Black Chevy Suburbans, and GMC Envoys, and Lord knows
what sort of armored vehicles in the barns and corrugated
metal sheds.
    A few hundred yards further up North Prairie Rd., @ the
"tee" of County Route 450-A, which seems to be a staging
area for Secret Service, Texas Rangers, and the County
Sheriff Dep't., they've paved an equilateral triangle, designed
to impede "outsider" traffic. 
    We were told we had to dismount our vehicles, and walk
the final mile.  It was 98 degrees on Saturday, and trees
are few and far between.  Cindy and her Marauders traipsed
about halfway the final mile, when the Texas Rangers made their
    We broke thru their ranks twice, then they got plenty
reinforcements, and it was obviously we had better play nice.
    Cindy, and the rest of us plopped down between the
road, and the fence of the next door neighbor of Dubya.
    The neighbor had a 4' wooden fence that the Gummint
made into a 6' barbed wire fence, and he drove out to
talk with us in his 6 wheel "dualie" Ford F-350.  He has 2
sons who have been "stop lossed" back to Iraq a second
time, and he hates his neighbor, the Prez.
    He said Cindy and her sister, DeDe, and others could camp
on his property.  About 50 of us hugged Cindy, and went the
110 miles back to Dallas.  About 10 stayed to pitch tents, and
set up a support system.
    We went back to our Convention, and syndicated radio
personality &
author Jim Hightower ( picture Molly Ivins
w/ moustashe & cowboy hat ), and the True Majority peeps
pledged $$$
support, and our own SUE NEIDERER, the
Mom of KIA Seth Dvoran, and Philly's Celeste Zappalla,
Mom of KIA Sherwood Baker, are on their way to join Cindy,
as I type.
    The network news teams that broadcast from nearby
haystacks were all slumbering, because it was about 1:20 pm,
well between their noon and 6:30pm "live" shots. They missed
all the initial action.  Seems they didn't even want to have their
camera crews cover us, 'cuz it "might jeopardize our access"
    Agency France-Press, and Rueters got the story, and
"Indy-Media" sold their limited film & stills to the Big Boys.
    We did this without any media heads up , because we'd
never have gotten as far as we did if we had contacted the networks. 
    The Texas Rangers, and the Sheriff's Deputies were
visibly moved by our chants of "Bush killed her son, Bush
killed her son", but the Secret Service had heard it all before.
    The story is ongoing, and my wife & I just drove the 1,700
miles back home ( we got in @ 6pm, Tues, and it's 8:11 pm
now.)  Here's some background...
    Cindy co-founded:
Gold Star Families For Peace
    and this saga can be followed @: is  a coalition of
Iraq Veterans Against the War
VietNam Veterans Against the War 
Military Families Speak Out
and Cindy's
    If you don't see the value of this historic moment, with
Gold Star moms explaining that it's racist, arrogant elitists
who think that Harvard, Yale, and Princeton educated Iraqi's
can't put Iraq together again w/o U.S. help, then you need
to register REPUBLICAN, OR DLC, with the rest of the racist,
arrogant, elitists who want to "STAY THE COURSE"
    Oooops, sorry 'bout the rant.  Been with so many lefties
lately, the truth just spills out. 
    I gotta tell ya, it was mighty encouraging to pick up the
newspapers on the way back home.  When you see good
coverage in the Shreeveport, Louisianna Times, the
Jackson, Mississippi Clarion-Ledger, and assorted BLURBS
in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, ya know ya reached
a lotta peeps with the RIGHT message.
    Anyhoo, Cindy is also an integral part
of too.  Resolutions of Inquiry
MUST be backed in BOTH House Foreign Relations
Committee, and Rep John Conyers Judiciary Committee. 
    Tell Mike Fitzpatrick to support Barbara Lee's Res # 375
Follow the links, especially AND
Iraq Veterans Against the War
VietNam Veterans Against the War 
Military Families Speak Out
and Cindy's
ALSO, JOIN CINDY & us on September 24, 25, & 26 in D.C.
     bill perry