march begins

The news over Pfc. Bradley Mannings' imprisonment and torture has been noted by a group of "more than 250 of America's most eminent legal scholars." Laurence Tribe, a constitutional lawyer who has worked closely with President Obama, is among those who joined in on the complaint. The Obama Administration's treatment of Manning appears to be part of a war on whistleblowers and Manning appears to be serving an educational purpose for anyone else who wants to expose secrets that make the US look bad. China notes esecially that the US position on Wikileaks and Internet freedom for the rest of the world are in very sharp conflict. They've asked the US to stop judging the human rights policies of other nations.


Serious problems with distinguishing enemies from innocent civilians.

The Americans were using some of the most sophisticated tools in the history of war, technological marvels of surveillance and intelligence gathering that allowed them to see into once-inaccessible corners of the battlefield. But the high-tech wizardry would fail in its most elemental purpose: to tell the difference between friend and foe.


Some cheerful news: Glenn Beck is being released from his contract at Fox News. Poor ratings, paranoid rants, less urgent economic situation resulting in less appetite for radical conspiracy theories and an advertising boycott all work to convince Fox execs that Beck is expendable.

Florida state legislators inadvertently reveal their anti-woman views by insisitng on banning the word "uterus" from being spoken aloud within range of their oh-so-delicate ears.


I though this was just a classic picture of both of the groups I saw on the march. The determined, serious peaceniks and the oblivious shoppers.

your reporter

Your loyal author/photographer, photo part of a Facebook album on the march taken by fellow Delaware Valley Veterans for America member Bill Perry.


Chillin' and relaxin'. Good march, held in nice weather. Well worth doing.